This story is a work of fiction and not based on any real people. All characters are 18+. If you don't like stories of reluctant, morally questionable, sexual encounters then this probably isn't for you.

My name is Rob. I am a 49 year old man. I'm no model but I know I'm not an unattractive bloke. I've got a well paid finance job, and an apartment in the city where I am free to live as I please. Unmarried and living the dream, my life is a flurry of after work drinks and pretty, easy women. I will admit though, around 6 months ago it all seemed to be getting a little too easy, and dare I say it? Boring.

It was around that time in the summer, that my childhood mate Harry invited me round for a BBQ. Harry is a nice, but rather dull guy. Settled down with a nice wife and two kids, his life took a different direction to mine and if I'm honest we don't hang out often. In fact the last time we met could have been a couple years back maybe more, and the presence of a wailing toddler and an awkward teenage girl was enough to warrant some polite excuses to leave fairly sharpish. That said, he'd told me some of the lads from the college days were going to be there, his wife was away with the littlest one for the weekend and the weather was going to be spot on. How could I say no to a few beers and a BBQ in the sun?

So that is how I ended up knocking on his front door on a saturday afternoon, sunglasses on and a box of beers under my arm, to be greeted by a very pretty, little blonde thing in a short blue summer dress. She smiled at me shyly. But my eyes were drawn to her breasts which were accentuated by the delicate fabric of her dress. Harry, you dirty dog! Wife's out of town eh?

"Hi.... Ermmm my dad's in the garden....." she said nervously twiddling with her fingers.

Dad?! Holy shit.

"Oh! Hi.... I'm Rob, I'm not sure if you remember me.... You must be...."

"I'm Alice, and yeah I think I remember you -- you wanna come in?"

She stepped aside so I could walk past, whilst I tried to put my eyes back in my sockets. But Alice was just a kid! How long had it been? Bloody hell, she must be 18 by now. She followed me to the kitchen and I tried to make conversation.

"So what you upto these days Alice?"

She leant on the counter in an awkward way, like she wasn't quite sure how to arrange herself and looked anywhere but my eyes as she spoke.

"Oh well I just finished Sixth Form and I'll be heading to Uni next month."

"Wow, I can't believe it. Last time I saw you, you were a little kid! I think you had your head buried in a book or something. You must be like.... 18 then?"

She reddened a little as I spoke to her, it was kind of endearing but showed her awkwardness and lack of confidence still lingered somewhat and made her seem younger.

"Uh yeah. It was my birthday last week -- I...."

At this point, Harry strolls into the kitchen a massive grin on his face and slaps me on the shoulder.

"Bloody hell Rob it's been a long time! How you doing?"

"Yeah, good man. It's crazy how long it's been, I didn't even recognise Alice at the door."

"Ha tell me about it, that's teenagers for you. I don't recognise her from one morning to the next and she lives in my house! Grab a beer, some of lads are already in the garden. I want to hear ALL the gory details of your disgustingly single life!"

I laughed as I let him lead me outside, noticing that awkward Alice had taken her cue to disappear during our exchange. The drinks flowing, the banter naturally followed. It was like the old days again. Harry, although happy with his domestic set up, revelled in my war stories and lived his fantasies vicariously through my hedonistic experiences. I had them roaring with laughter as I told tales of conquest, duplicity and dirty deeds.

"....So, I'm stood there in fucking heaven right, she's got these gorgeous red lips on me and I'm looking down at her thinking "fuck yes". Anyway, it's getting good if you know what I mean. I'm nearly there and then -- I kid you not -- her husband comes home! She drops my cock like a hot potato and I only fucking cum in her eye!"

Roars of laughter and congratulations from the lads who can only begin to imagine such a wild life. As they're all recollecting themselves, it quietens and I'm mortified to notice that Alice is stood on the patio looking at me with wide eyes.

"Jesus, Alice what are you doing there? You shouldn't be listening to this, I thought you were studying in your room?" Harry says, both flustered and cross. The girl reddens, clearly horrified to have all us blokes looking at her. I take the opportunity to run my eye over her again. It's all there, all the womanly pieces of the puzzle.... She's just missing any awareness or confidence and that stops her from being overtly sexy.

"Errr yeah I was dad, I was just wondering if I could grab a hot dog off the BBQ?"

Harry clears his throat and gestures to the meat by me. Shyly, Alice makes her way over and helps herself to the sausages. She has slender but shapely legs, with creamy white skin that are revealed by the short hem of her dress. Her feet are bare, showing pretty painted toenails. Aware that I was probably staring, I glanced away and noticed the blokes had begun chatting again about something boring like house renovations.

"Hey Alice, how are you doing? You should grab a drink and join us. You don't wanna be stuck upstairs on a day like this do you? And anyway, I promise not to be crude anymore. That was bad of me!"

She looks at me through her long eyelashes and smiles sweetly.

"Oh... ermm thanks but I probably shouldn't.... My dad doesn't like it when I drink. I mean I do.... But not around him...."

"Ah but you do drink then? I've never see you out in town? Although.... I'm probably a bit too old for you young things to notice!"

"Oh I don't go out.... Sometimes I stay at my friends and we have a vodka and coke or something.... I guess Uni will be different.... But anyway, I wouldn't say you're that old. I think I'd notice you...."

Oh my fucking god, she was blushing. Was she.... flirting? I mean it was clunky and awkward, but I'm pretty sure I know when a girl is flirting with me.

"C'mon, let's get you a drink. I'll deal with your dad. He's just a boring sad sack anyway" I grinned at her and she giggled. Standing up, I touched her elbow gently to lead her into the house. Once in the kitchen, I busied myself finding glasses and drinks. Grabbing a rather pathetic looking bottle of vodka from the shelf it was clear Harry does not let loose often enough -- it was even dusty for christs' sake. Alice leant on the worktop, shyly biting her lip.

"You got ice?"

"Errrm yeah hold on...."

She scurried to the freezer and I swear to god when she bent down to get the ice from the drawer, my eyes actually rolled into the back of my head. I felt a stirring in my jeans and took a deep breath and held in a groan as I tried to gain some composure. Did she do that on purpose? She must have known that her skirt was short enough to reveal a flash of white cotton. Bringing the ice to me, she looked at me with a face that looked so oblivious to her effect that I started to question myself. You're a dirty old man Rob, you're getting ahead of yourself on this one!

"There you go!" I winked at her as I handed her a drink. "Go grab that book you're reading and get out in the sun!"

She smiled gratefully and headed towards the stairs. I took another deep breath with closed eyes and returned to the group, who were still deeply engaged in the most dull topic. I sat back in my chair and took a long swig of cold beer as I enjoyed the sun on my face. Alice returned to the garden as I had suggested and after arranging a blanket on the grass, lay herself down on her front. Her skirt had creeped up her legs so it ended just underneath her pert young bottom and I silently prayed a word of thanks that I was wearing sunglasses so I could perv discreetly. As expected, Harry soon spotted the offending glass of liquid in her hand and immediately confronted her about it. And as promised, I intervened.

"Harry! Woah. C'mon man. It was my fault ok, I poured her a drink alright? Shes 18 and its a nice day, lets just let her enjoy it yeah?"

He frowned at me and then rolled his eyes.

"You're such a bad influence."

"Well one of us has gotta be the cool one eh?" I winked at him and he laughed before returning to his spot by the BBQ. Alice turned her head and mouthed to me 'Thankyou' and I mouthed back 'You're welcome' with a smile which she returned. I could have been imagining it, but I'm sure her eyes lingered on me a little longer that time.

The drinking and laughter continued for some time and most of us blokes were starting to feel quite merry. Me, I had that buzz. You know the one. Where the tingle of drunkeness has begun, and you're feeling confident even excited about the social atmosphere. This is normally the point where I start eyeing up any potential conquests. Realising I'd finished yet another beer, I headed to the kitchen to grab another. As I closed the fridge door there was a tap on my shoulder. Spinning round, I was met with the prettiest blue eyes I ever saw.

"Hi.... Errrm I just wanted to say thankyou for earlier.... You know, with my dad".

"Oh. That's ok, no problem at all"

I smiled at her warmly, but she was looking at the floor now. We stood in silence for a second. I realised she was lingering. I don't know what happened. My brain left the building I swear. But I reached for her chin and lifted her face towards mine. I kissed her gently on the lips and she stepped back slightly, blushing and wide eyed. I was about to apologise, when she stepped closer to me and kissed me again. Her lips parted and I slipped my tongue inside her warm mouth. Our tongues slid over one another and I noticed she tasted of cola. Her hands rested on my arms as I wrapped them around her waist. My wandering hands soon found those peachy cheeks and I gently gave them a squeeze, causing a very noticeable twitch of my cock. This seemed to break the spell. She stepped back, flushed and catching her breath. She looked as shocked as I felt.

"Errm.... I better go.... My dad...."

I glanced out the window. Harry was very very drunk and loudly arguing with one of the other guys out in the sun.

I grabbed her arm and pulled her to me.

"Your dad's fine, he isn't coming in for a while, come here."

"No.... I'm gonna go back to my room I think.... This is isn't...."

She resisted, pulling away but I had a strong grip on her arm and she couldn't leave.

"Isn't what? You've been flirting with me all day. Just relax ok?"

I pulled her against me and held her tightly against my body. She hid her face from me, buried it in my chest.

"I.... I like you. Like a lot. I fancied you last time you came to visit but you didn't speak to me then."

Holy shit. She likes me?

"So kiss me then. Huh?" I suggested with my most seductive smile.

"I mean, I really like you. But errrrm.... I don't.... Errm I haven't been with any boys before...."

Ok. So this is where I should have stopped. This is where my brain should have said 'Man this is your best mates daughter, shes half your age, she blatantly loves you and she's just told you she's a virgin. Don't fuck around with her like she's a play thing.'

My brain didn't do this.

Instead, overcome with lust, I twisted us round so she had her back against the fridge and I kissed her passionately. Filling her little mouth with my big tongue whilst she whimpered in my grip. My hands were on her waist, wandering until they found her little rounded breasts. I groaned into her mouth as her breasts filled my hands and I felt her nipples start to become more prominent under the thin fabric. Breaking away from my lips, she gasped for air.

"Please don't.... it will be so bad if my dad comes in and anyway can we not be a bit.... Errrm..... slower with it? You know, get to know each other? I like kissing you...."

Internally I rolled my eyes. Get to know each other. Oh we'll get to know each other alright, the little tease has been giving me the signs all fucking day. I know a horny girl when I see one. Glancing out of the window, I noticed Harry still in the middle of his argument and I smiled to myself.

"Ok ok. We'll go slowly I promise."

A look of relief passed over her flustered and reddened face and she smiled at me. At this point, I took hold of her shoulders and span her round quickly before she knew what was happening. I had her pinned against the fridge now, one hand holding her head firmly so that the side of her pretty face was squashed against the cold metal door. With the other hand, I was reaching for her dress hem and pulling it up her back to reveal her plain white cotton knickers. She was whimpering again and asking me to stop. She looked frightened as I slipped my hand inside her knickers and let my fingers run over her smooth pussy lips. I could feel that slick, wetness that let me know that she was just as horny as I had imagined. A small groan escaped her lips and she tried to resist me again, but I pinned her with the weight of my body as I pulled her knickers down to her knees. Quickly undoing my fly, my cock sprang to action and I looked at it proudly. An 8"er and fairly thick, it has never let me down. Keeping my eye on the window at all times, I let my hard cock nestle itself between her soft young ass cheeks. She cried out at this point but was greeted with an angry "sssh".

"Don't make it difficult Alice. You want me and I want you. I'm not going to hurt you. Not yet anyway" I chuckled and kissed her on the cheek. I noticed a solitary tear trickle down her face. "Honestly, I'm not going to hurt you."

I grabbed my cock with my free hand and started rubbing it, the tip still wedged firmly between her creamy buttocks. Every particle of me wanted to go further, to plunge myself into her and feel her tight, hot wetness swallow me whole. I wanted to hear her squeal as she was forced to take the length of me for the first time. A guttural growl escaped my throat as I resisted the urge.


I pumped away at my cock whilst looking straight at Harry the entire time. Look at this Harry, what would you think if you knew what I was doing to your little girl? Wouldn't you like to hear this story! Maybe I'll tell you one day. I glanced back at the tear stained face forced up against the fridge, the mussed up blonde hair falling about her shoulders and the delicate little dress hitched up to reveal the most exquisite little mounds of ass. My big hard cock was purple with lust at the sight of this and the knowledge that I was destroying her innocence with her dad on the other side of a pane of glass. It was too much to take and I felt everything build up inside of me, before my cock gushed hot cum all over her ass cheeks making her yelp. Shuddering and groaning, I fell against her little body, my satisfied cock resting stickily against her smooth skin whilst I recovered my breath. As I stepped back she quickly bent to grab her knickers and pull them up. Silently, I put my hand up to stop her mid-bend. I wasn't going to miss the glorious sight of my sticky load trickling down her ass crack to her beautifully pink pussy and beginning to glisten at the tops of her thighs. I mentally stored that image for eternity. Then I heard Harry drunkenly call out from the garden:

"Alice? Where's she gone? Alice! Toby here was saying he might have a promising holiday job for you.... Hang on I'll go get her."

I took one last look at her beautiful virgin ass before pulling her knickers up the last last couple of inches, catching all of my hot juice inside them. I gave her ass cheek a congratulatory tap before rearranging her dress just in time.

"Good girl."

Harry then appeared round the corner, bleary eyed and swaying. Alice didn't look at me.

"Ahh Alice, come on out here, Toby has got something to ask you."

He put his hand on her back and led her into the garden. She walked uncomfortably, her head down and her knickers full of cum.,,,9476539&pg=1#9476539