My knees pressed into the soft pink fur of the blanket while my toes pressed against the cold metal wire of the cage around me. The leather of my collar dug into my neck slightly as I shifted to get comfortable; I had, quite literally, reached the end of my leash. I adjusted my position so that I could lay down and rest fairly comfortably. The cage was fairly roomy, about 4 feet by 4 feet and then 2 or 3 feet tall. I couldn't stretch out my body all the way but I could still turn around, straighten my spine, curl up to sleep, and even "stand" on my hands and knees without any trouble.

"That's my good girl," He said as He closed the door and locked me in for the first time. He assured me, "you will learn to love your new home."

I snuggled my stuffed unicorn and cooed at Him, "Yes, Sir." It was but a moment later and the lights were turned out and I was alone in the room.

I thought this would be a fun game but did not anticipate His enthusiasm... or the locks on the outside of the cage. I thought He would stay and play with me. Now I was just confused though. What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to be doing anything? He didn't say anything. He didn't leave me anything either- no laptop, no videogame, not even my phone. In fact, He didn't give me anything to play with other than my stuffed unicorn and my body. He didn't say not to play with myself, but He also didn't say that I could. I chose not to play with myself, positive that He would soon return.

"Suck it, Princess."

I rubbed my dry eyes and tried to focus. Damn it, why didn't I take out my contacts?

"I said suck it, Princess."

"Yes, Sir," I replied, still not exactly certain what I was supposed to be sucking but knowing that I needed to acknowledge His demand.

As I got to my knees, a rubber dildo became visible and I approached it with my mouth half open. I couldn't reach it. I tugged at my leash but to no avail; it was hooked on the door and not coming loose. I whimpered and sat back on my heels while He chuckled.

"What's wrong little one?" He teased.

I just sat there and pouted, feeling a bit silly.

He continued to taunt me, this time in baby talk, "awww, does the wittle swut want her toy?"

This time I bristled a bit. Gah! What did He want? Did He actually want me to suck on the toy or just sit there and pout? I reached for the kennel door to try to free the leash.

"No! Bad girl!" He exclaimed, banging the metal bars of the cage. "Use your words."

Startled, I jerked my hands back. Use my words? Use my words?!! What the hell? I'm an adult, not a freaking baby! Okay, I do need to work on asking for what I want, that's actually pretty fair, but use my words?? Whatever. I dipped my head a little and looked up at Him, "Sir, may I please have more length?"


"...on my leash?"

Still nothing. Think.

" I can reach my toy...?"

Frickin' crickets. What is he waiting for?

"...with my mouth...?"

Finally, He looked at me. Lightbulb!

" I can suck it...?"

"Now, was that so hard?" He unhooked my leash from the door to give me slack, but held the end of it in his strong hands.

I tried not to giggle but was busted anyway. "Mmm hmm, hard, funny," He shook His head, "just get to work."

"Yes, Sir."

I finally approached the skin toned toy and licked at the head of it. It was weird how realistic it looked, even with the base of it jammed between metal bars, with raised veins along the shaft, the rounded bulb at the head, and even the texture of the rubbery balls. I closed my eyes and sucked the head into my mouth, wrapping my lips tightly. I felt a little awkward. Obviously whenever I gave a blowjob, it was always with the goal of bringing physical pleasure to that guy... and getting a treat, but in this situation, there was no guy. It was still fun though and I would just have to get over the awkward part. I pushed my mouth farther down the shaft of the cock, well, more like up the shaft really.

Mmmm, I liked it. I hoped He was enjoying watching but I was getting aroused regardless. I slowly slid my lips back toward the head of the dick until there was a popping noise as I broke suction. I flipped over and laid on my back so that I was looking up at my toy, ran my tongue from the head to the base and then flicked at the balls before trying to suck them into my mouth. I ran my tongue from the base back to the head as I returned to my knees.

I opened my mouth wide and pushed it as far down on the cock as I could. I pulsed my head a few times then closed my lips around the shaft and sucked it into the back of my throat for several seconds. I gasped for breath as I backed off. I couldn't help it; I reached for the balls with my hands. I massaged them in my fingers and gently tugged at them as I pumped my mouth up and down and up and down and up and down the cock.

I felt my pussy tingle and pushed even harder, "gluck gluck gluck gluck gluck gluck," was the sound of the dick in the back of my throat, damn near choking me. "Gluck gluck GLUCK GLUCK GLUCK GLUCK." I was getting excited; this is usually when I get my tasty treat. I opened my eyes. Son of a bitch, that's right, no treat today!

He jerked my leash and pulled me off of the cock. I rocked back onto my heels and wiped my chin with my arm. He didn't say anything, so I just sat there and pouted.

"Good girl. Good job." I beamed at His words. "Tell ya' what, let's move this down a little and let you have a little more fun, how's that sound?"

More fun? Hell yeah! I wiggled my butt and smiled while He slid the toy lower.

"Alright Princess, come on over and fuck it. I know your pussy is wet."

Mmmmmmm, I slowly pressed myself onto the dildo. Oh my god it was stretching me as it slid in. I came up off it a bit and then took in more of it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. I came up off it again and then took in even more, pushing my way down. Oh oh oh oh oh oh. One more time... I pulled my body off of the cock until it almost popped out and then forced myself all the way down the shaft. OHHHHHHHHH.

I rocked my body back and forth and back and forth and back and forth; my ass cheeks hit the metal bars of my cage. My full tits bounced with the rhythm of my body. I tried to pull at my nipples but didn't want to lose my balance. I fucked harder and harder and felt the wet on the inside of my thigh. OH.

Everything tightened as I forced myself on the cock. OHHH. Again. OHHHHH. Again. AGAIN. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I pushed harder while everything tightened. My body was flushed and sweaty. My pussy was contracting and pulsing on a rubber dick. My mouth was dry. I slid myself off the toy and collapsed onto the floor of my cage, wet and spent.

"Thank you, Sir. May I please-"

He smiled, told me I was adorable, and gave me a bottle of water and a juice box through the side food door.

"I'll be letting you out in a while to shower and eat. In the meantime, try and get some rest. I have to go and make a couple of phone calls."

Yup, I thought, I am definitely going to learn to love my new home.