I was picking up my girl Ellie from the train station. She was back from her business trip that took two weeks. I really missed her. As soon as I saw her exiting the train, I began to think what will I do to her today's night. She was wearing a long coat, sheer black pantyhose, and ankle boots with small heel. She's a tall blonde with white skin, and long, beautiful hair. She's got curves and knows how to use them as well. She's got size 8 feet (41 European), I won't describe them there. For me -- they're sexiest I've seen.

"Hello sweetie" -- I picked her up from the ground and hugged real hard. We were both really happy to meet, as we rarely do not see each other for more than 2-3 days.

We left the station and picked a taxi. We were picked up by a handsome arab guy. He was well built and greeted us with a smile as soon as we got into the car. We sat at the back and started our journey home.

"So... how was it?" -- I asked, looking at my beautiful girl, enjoying the view of he crossed legs. She's aware of my foot fetish and satisfies me fully with her feet. She's open to everything and never complains about my new, sometimes unusual ideas.

"Amazing... free food, beautiful view on the ocean, beach..." - she smiled heavenly with closed eyes, probably reminded herself about the amazing time she had.

"I thought you were working there" -- I said, playfully.

"Oh you know how it is... Mark is my good friend, and having boss for your friend lets you work a little less harder on some things..." - she shifted from one leg to another, placing her hand between her thighs. I could see what she means by 'work a little less harder'.

We've been together for 7 years now. We've evolved from extremally jealous couple, into couple, who rarely asks what's the other one doing with other people. And since then, we're bonded more than ever. Everything started when I shared her with my friend after party (story to find on my profile).

I always had a feeling that at some point I will need to share her with the world, in order to not lose her. She's simply too beautiful, too smart, sexy and witty to be only with me, rather average guy. I had a hard time accepting that, but when I learned, that I really enjoy the sight of her pleasure when she's with another man, or women (or both), it was much easier.

We've been talking for a while. At one moment, she reached for her phone. I felt the vibration in my pocket. I took my phone out and saw a message from her.


'No shit' I thought. She was sitting across. The coat was high up her thigh, so her whole legs were visible. She was swinging her foot. I looked her in the eyes, and instantly knew she's in THE mood. She had that slutty look in her eyes. I bet she was hungry for more after her business trip.

'GO FOR IT THEN' I replied. I was hard when I tapped the 'send' button. I knew it will be another experience I won't be able to forget.

"Hey, mr. Driver. What's your name?" -- she asked after reading my message.

"Amir" -- our driver replied.

"Nice to meet you Amir. I'm after very long trip... do you mind if I put my legs up here?" -- she didn't even wait for him to answer, and placed her feet in boots on his armrest.

"Sure..." -- we could see he was kinda surprised, but moved a little bit to the left, to make some space for her long legs and feet.

"Great, thank you" -- she said, getting comfortable. Our trip was meant to take 20 minutes, so I know she doesn't have much time to seduce him. But that wasn't hard either, for such a woman.

"Your boots are dirty, lady" -- Amir said, glancing at the soles of her shoes. Good. That means he's been peeking at them.

"Oh, well... let me take them off then. I just hope the smell won't kill you."

Oh God, when she said that, my heart dropped.

She unzipped her left shoe, got her pantyhosed foot out, stretched a little, then placed back on the armchair. Now the right one. She unzipped her shoe, stretched the material, and placed it next to the left one. Sweet foot aroma filled the taxi. Good thing we were waiting on a red light, because Amir was peeking at her constantly while she was doing that.

Ride went on, Ellie was getting to know our new friend. I could see she's poking him with her toes 'accidentaly', while laughing. They were laughing a lot, I was pretty much excluded from the conversation -- sexual tension between them was rising, just as planned.

"Are my feet smelly?" -- she asked.

"Well... if you ask me if I can feel them... yes. But if you ask me if bothers me -- no."

His reply was another breaking point in our meeting.

"Haha, why? You like smelling feet or what?" -- she asked, laughing.

"Maybe. Not your business" -- Amir replied with a playful smile.

"Haha, Amir!" -- Ellie shouted -- "you're freaky, aren't you?" -- she was touching his elbow with her left sole, this time she didn't even try to make it look accidental. I could see her black nails shining through material.

Just before we've arrived on our destination, Amir's phone vibrated -- destination was changed by Ellie.

"Change of plans?" -- he asked.

She nodded slowly, while still massaging back of his arm on the armchair with her left sole.

I didn't know where we're going, but I didn't care as long as I could be a part of this beautiful scene. I stroked myself through the trousers, in hiding, watching her foot touching him.

We've arrived in our new destination -- we've parked at the deserted parking lot at the entrance to the forest. It was 11 PM already, so no one around.

"Interesting destination" -- Amir said -- "why are we here?"

"To let you do what you obviously wanted to do the whole trip..." - she raised her left leg, pointed her foot, that it almost reached Amir's face. I envied him the view now.

"I understand... but I don't feel comfortable with your friend sitting next to us" -- he pointed at me.

"Don't worry. Pretend I'm not here" -- I replied.

Amir was looking once on me, once on Ellie for a while. Then, she grabbed her left foot and took a big sniff at the middle of her pantyhosed sole. She moved in her seat, getting really horny now. She placed both of her feet at the armchair. He was sniffing between the toes, moving his nose through the whole sole, to the heels. No one was saying anything. I unzipped my pants, and started to jerk off. When Amir saw that, he grabbed her feet once again, then placed her toes in his mouth. She let out a moan, and closed her eyes. He licked few times, from heels to toes. His other hand went into his pants. That grabbed Ellie's attention, as she started to finger herself through the material.

"Mmm I love how they smell and taste" -- he said, trying to catch a breath.

"I know..." - she said, with half closed eyes, in ecstasy.

He caught the material on her feet with his teeth, and then ripped them, letting out her left, and then right foot. As soon as his tongue touched her heel, she started to moan harder.

And here I was, watching this guy that I didn't even knew licking feet of my beloved girlfriend. I was stroking like crazy. I looked at her, and she looked at me, but in this look I could only see lust for more.

Amir took off his pants, and began to stroke himself while sucking on her toes and heels.

"Woah!" -- Ellie opened her eyes wide -- "you're huge Amir" -- as she started to finger herself faster. He definitely was big, bigger than me, and my dick is not small too.

Amir continued on licking her left, bare foot, while the other one stroked his dick. I stopped jerking off, as I was so close to cumming. I leaned and kissed Ellie passionate, while watching as Amir is putting all her toes in his mouth.

"Amir" -- she pushed me softly -- "come and fuck me, please. Both of you."

Oh fuck, I nearly came when I heard those words. Amir, naked from the waist down, pulled the passenger seat, to make some room for himself. Then he entered through the door right next to Ellie. They kissed so wildly as they would have never did that before. He pushed her againts the closed door, she was on her back. He covered her body with his, ripped another hole in her pantyhose, to enter her pussy. He took the panties to the left, and entered her soaking wet pussy. That's what she's been waiting for. She instantly rolled her eyes back, opened mouth wide, and tried to move back from his big dick. He grabbed her and didn't let move.

"Fuck! Amir... you're so fucking big, oh my fucking God" -- she screamed at the top of her lungs, as he was pounding her.

"You're a tight bitch, I love that" -- he grabbed her right foot and put it in his mouth, licking.

"Fuck me harder, please, please" -- my girlfriend turned into absolute slut now, which made me even hornier. I grabbed her left foot and licked it too, as I was jerking off. All I see was Amir's muscular back, and my girlfriend legs swinging on his shoulders. The car was shaking, the moans were getting even louder. I felt the explosion coming -- I grabbed her left foot, and covered her whole sole in my cum. Few drips were running down her leg.

Just as I finished, I saw Amir making his few last, hard pounds, and then cumming inside my girlfriend. After he exited, cum ran down her pussy. She looked used, like a mess, but insanely pleased and happy.

He drove us home after that, I jerked off once again while we were driving back home, sucking my girlfriend feet at the back seat. She had that look of fulfilment on her face that drove me crazy.

She's such a tease.