The sensations were intense, mind blowing, and almost surreal. Jay sat there, body wracked with pleasure, his chest heaving, the wind softly blowing over the accumulated sweat on his body before he turned his head to the scarlet locked beauty at his side, and with a wicked grin, he asked playfully, "Ready for round two?"


Let me go back to the beginning. It started many years ago when Jay, an average man met Kaylie at his work site and they became best of friends. They clicked almost instantly, despite the age gap, they were best of friends. They were both part of a specific lifestyle and that brought them even closer, though they never dated or played around.

A few years later, Jay went to a pool party with a group of like minded friends. He parked out front and let Kaylie know he was there and she rushed out to see him, giving him a hug even though she was wet from the pool.

"OMG! It's so good to see you!" Kaylie gushed.

"Likewise!" responded Jay. He could feel her pressing against him with the hug and could only imagine what fun it would be to hold her in such an embrace but without the restrictions of clothing. Jay had been thinking these kind of thoughts for quite a while, and they had both talked about such, but always something in the way.

"I'm glad I came," Jay said.

"I am too," she said back, "though someone else is here who wants to see you, just make sure I have time with you."

He wondered what she meant by that, perhaps he might be lucky tonight and finally cross that threshold and see her in all her wondrous sexy glory? He pushed the thought to the back of his mind and they went inside.

Working their way through they house they went outside and talked for a bit. Kaylie then stripped down and jumped in the pool, leaving Jay with a growing hard on he had to adjust, then watched from afar as she swam. The water drifted over her body and he was in heaven watching. When she surfaced high enough to expose her lovely breasts, the water cascaded off and the light hit them just right, he was transfixed. They were so perfectly shaped and large with beautifully perfect nipples. She scooted herself onto a float and leisurely drifted.

Jay looked down at his phone as a notification went off that his friend had showed and he went up the stairs of the deck to meet her. It was an interesting feeling when they got together and talked about the lifestyle. Amber was an older lady but looked very good for her age, amazingly plump and large breasts and a soft round ass. She had some meat on her bones, but that was just right for Jay. As she shed her towel, Jay was ecstatic to find her completely nude. Her luscious breasts fell just right and her mound was shaved and smooth, she climbed on Jay's lap and they continued to talk while Jay found it getting harder and hard to hide the growing bulge. Amber noticed and slowly led her hands down to his crotch and rubbed his pants, making his hard on grow even more than he imagined could happen.

"I'm glad you made it out here," Amber said sweetly.

"I'm glad as well," replied Jay, while squirming under her touch.

"You know, you can touch me back," Amber said coyly.

Jay slowly raised his hands and held her orbs softly, then squeezed.

"See, lots of fun," she giggled.

"Yes indeed," Jay said while squeezing her large breasts, all the while his cock raged.

"My my, look what's awoken," Amber said as she unbuttoned the snaps on his pants, lowered the zipper, and slid her hand under his underwear to grasp his rigid cock. Jay gasped at the touch, and squeezed and kneaded her breasts.

Amber slid off his lap to kneel between his legs and pulled his pants down to release his hard member just as Kaylie came up the stairs. Water dripped off her naked body, Jay caught in a whirlwind of emotions. He didn't know where to concentrate, the hand on his cock or the gorgeous lady in front of him. He reached out to put his hands on Kaylie's waist and ran them up her body until he reached the amazing set of tits in front of him and ran his thumb across the nipples. Just as Kaylie let out a small moan, Jay moaned as Amber had lowered her mouth to his rigid member and slid it in, swirling her tongue across the tip of his cock. Jay held on to the breasts and started to knead and grope with more intensity as Amber started to bob on his cock. Kaylie bent down and kissed Jay on the lips, softly at first, but harder as the kiss went on. Jay moved one hand down her chest to her waist and around her back to move her closer to him.

As he released the kiss, he looked up at her and smiled devilishly, "Stand still," he said as he moved his head to her smooth mound and started tracing his tongue around her lips. Amber picked up speed, one hand at the base moving up and down as she bobbed. Jay knew he wouldn't last long so he plunged his tongue into the folds of the wet lips in front of him. He wrapped both hands around her soft butt and pushed her into his tongue as it moved up and down and darted into her ever growing wet pussy. That sent him over the top and he felt his cock pulse before blasting a load into Amber's mouth. She swallowed as much as she could as spurt after spurt left his cock into her throat. The last spurt was just too much as it dribbled out her mouth, but she never let off and continued to suck his cock to keep it stiff as long as possible. Jay moaned with pleasure, the vibrations of his voice bounced off Kaylie's clit as his tongue darted across it before tongue fucking her wet hole. Kaylie couldn't hold off much longer.

"I'm gonna come! Don't stop, please don't stop! Yes! YES! Oooohhhh! Im COMING!!" She cried as his tongue worked her pussy and she exploded on Jay's face.

Kaylie sat down to get her composure as Amber stood up, her hand never leaving Jays cock. She had worked it up to a rock hard status and smiled, "My turn."

Amber straddled Jay's lap and held his cock to move it to her awaiting wet entrance. She slowly slid down, the tip just moving in, and she smiled. "This feels so good," she said as she lowered herself farther and farther until she had all of him inside. Jay isn't huge or large, but more average in size, around 6 inches, and had a decent girth, but what he lacked in size he liked to think he made up in technique.

"You have GOT to feel this inside you," Amber said to Kaylie as she slowly rose and fell on his hard cock.

"Save some for me then," retorted Kaylie, "he has lots of work ahead of him."

"You bet he does.. aaaaahhhh," Amber tried to finish her sentence before Jay thrusted up just as she was bobbing down.

"Oh my god! This feels great! Don't stop!" Amber whimpered as she bobbed and Jay thrusted to match her motions to increase the pleasure.

Kaylie moved over and lowered her mouth to one of Ambers large mounds and rolled her tongue across the nipple as Jay pounded her. Amber rolled her head back and moaned, the feeling was intense.

"I'm gonna come! Please! Don't.. stop... oh god! Yes! ... Yes!... Yeessssss! I'm coming! I'm COMING!!" She cried.

The bouncing was getting Jay building up, and as Amber pussy clenched tight on his cock and her explosion rocked her body, Jay couldn't hold on any more and launch another assault of come, this time deep into her love tunnel.

Amber slumped off and sat on the bench next to Jay and breathed heavily. "That was amazing," she cooed. "You need to feel that Kay!"

"Say no more!" Kaylie responded as she grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. "How is this still so hard?" She asked in amazement. Jay just smiled, as he thought back to before coming to the party and taking an enhancement pill for longer stamina. "Hop on and see," Jay answered with a grin. She wasted to time and lowered herself onto his awaiting cock, sliding it in her already wet pussy. She slid down easily and took all of him and moaned softly.

"You aren't kidding," Kaylie said as she slowly started to rise and fall slowly. Jay grabbed her amazing breasts and slid one nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue across it back and forth before softly biting.

"Oh yes! Don't stop!" Kaylie cried out as she quickened her pace. Amber moved over and placed Kaylie's other breast in her mouth and hungrily devoured the nipple, driving Kaylie mad.

"! Don't... stop..! You... feel.. soooo... good!!" Kaylie screamed as she bounced faster and harder, Jay matching her thrusts, slamming deep inside.

"I'm gonna come!" Jay moaned.

"Come inside me, I need to feel it!" Kaylie said.

Jay slammed upwards and grabbed her waist to hold her down as his cock pulsed.

"Here it comes!" Jay said as he slammed his cock in as far as it would go and splurged his cock juice deep inside her. Ropes of come came jetting out, rope after rope, filling her so much so it started dripping out. Kaylie leaned down and hungrily kissed Jay hard and then climbed off and sat next to him smiling.