This is my first story on Literotica. I started writing short porn stories only a few weeks ago. Please note that English is not my native language and there may be spelling or grammar errors in the text. I apologize for that.

My story 'Dunes' is based on a real experience and is about male gay sex involving lycra/sportswear fetish, exhibitionism and voyeurism.

About an hour's cycling from my house, there is a stretch of the North Sea (Netherlands) coast formed by dunes and forests. Once during Summer, I took a bike ride to this area. I guess I like sports as I cycle a lot and do some running as well. Years ago, the trainer of the cycling club I was in told me I had the perfect cyclist's body, tall and lean, almost skinny at 67 kg and 185 cm. I am 38 years of age now and still proud of my body. I especially like my muscled upper legs and ass and I have 6-pack abs as well. I'm not very hairy and I like to keep my balls and sack smooth shaven. I don't have a big cock (about 12 cm) but I like the way it's formed with a thick foreskin. Because of my big testicles, there is a nice bulge to see in my pants. I like to show off in tight cycling gear as well as naked, and today seemed perfect for that.

I put on my black cycling 'bib shorts' and black short sleeved jersey and checked myself out in the mirror. I saw the bulge of my balls inside the tight shorts with the shaft of the penis pointing upwards. Very good, I thought and got on my racing bike and headed towards the coast. By the time I reached the parking spot for the bikes, I noticed quite a number of other bikes. So I was not the only one taking the opportunity to visit this beautiful area, which is close to a nude beach, too. After locking up my bike, I started walking in the direction of the beach. It was getting quite warm now and I was already sweaty from the bike ride. I took off my jersey. The summer breeze felt great on my partially naked body. After about 15 minutes I reached the nude beach and spread my towel in the sand and stripped. That was done quickly since I only had my shorts and shoes on. I left all my gear and ran into the water to swim. There were very few people around on this part of the beach as most of them preferred the clothed section of the beach with some beach houses and facilities nearby. The North Sea water was nice and cool but salty. I returned to the place I had left my belongings and dried my body with the towel. I looked around and watched other naked people walking past. They also looked at me and I already got a bit excited as I played with my cock and nipples. I had to be careful not to get sun burnt so I put on sun lotion on my body, not forgetting the sensitive spots. I turned around and laid flat on my stomach, exposing my naked, firm butt to the sun, and viewers. This position was very relaxing and I almost fell asleep.

After an hour or so, I put all of my gear in my backpack and started walking naked by the shoreline. The sunlight was very bright indeed and I was glad to have sunglasses on. There still weren't many people around and it felt exciting to be naked and completely in touch with nature. The feeling of the warm summer breeze on my skin was just incredible. I could walk for hours like this but at a certain point I walked back to more or less the same place I had been before. I saw a narrow footpath leading off the beach directly into the dunes, which I took. The path went quickly up the dune and was quite steep. I stopped after reaching the top of the dune admiring the sea view. I was still completely naked which felt awesome. There wasn't a single person around. In a nice secluded spot I spread the towel to lay down. It was very quiet except for the sound of breaking waves in the distance.

After a while, I went to explore the dunes further, leaving my stuff in the sand. The dunes were covered with hard grass which went up to about 50 cm height, leaving some spots open where there was just sand. Suddenly I saw a man sitting down in his cycling short with no shirt on. I walked slowly passed him and he noticed me as well. He must have liked to see my naked body as he started playing with his cock through the lycra. I just stood there letting him look at me. I turned around showing off my ass to him. I played a while with my nipples which made my cock half-hard. I started massaging my ass cheeks with both hands, then I licked the middle finger of my right hand and moved it up my pink anus. I bent over so as to give the man a good view. The man took off his shorts, sitting on his knees. Like myself, he was completely naked now, fully erect and jerked himself off. Breathing heavily and moaning, he shot a big load of sperm in the sand. We smiled at each other for a moment and I continued walking. Having gotten horny from the seeing the man coming, my cock was still half-hard when I stopped to admire the sea view. My entire body was vibrating with excitement.

A little further away, there were two other men. One of them, very tall, was standing while the other one, slightly older but almost equally tall, was sucking the tall guy's dick, sitting on his knees. It was a very hot thing to see and by now, my cock was fully erect. I started to jerk off, trying to hide in the grass on my knees, so as not to disturb the sexy scene. I even managed to get a bit closer so I could see the other guy better. He was slightly older but had a fit body and a large circumcised penis, which he was jerking while sucking the other guy's dick. I stood up and now the tall guy saw me and made gestures that I should come closer. They both stopped playing with each other and touched my body and the older guy started to suck my dick while playing with his own. It was incredibly big and had thick veins on it. The other, taller guy had a long cock too, with a delicious foreskin. Before I knew it, we changed positions and I was sucking both dicks one after the other. Then the older guy came with a stream of semen on my chest. We took a pause and he wiped my body clean with his towel. We talked for a while and he turned out to be an American who had lived in The Netherlands for some time. He then left and now I had the tall guy all for myself.

He looked incredibly sexy and lean and we both had fully erect penises. He told me he lived nearby on a farm. After playing with each other and some hugging and kissing, he asked if I wanted to go to his place. Sure, why not I answered. So first we had to walk back to where the bikes were parked, I followed him so I could admire his strong athletic body and sexy shiny shorts. Eventually we got to his house and stripped immediately, being both horny after the intense afternoon and the sunshine on our bodies. I could not help but to suck his delicious cock again, then he played with my nipples. He then started stroking on my cock and played with my big balls hanging loose in my sack. He wanted me to fuck him and he got a condom and lube out of his backpack. My dick was now getting really hard and I put on the condom right away and my new friend bent over the kitchen table so I could fuck him. The sound of my ballsack slapping against his body made me even more horny and I came much too soon. Slowly I pulled my cock out and we both saw the condom full with sperm. He smiled and jerked himself off while I sat on my knees before him. He also could not hold his orgasm any longer and covered my chest with his delicious semen.,dyskusja,1083873.html