My wife and I live in a beautiful apartment overlooking Sydney harbour. We have expansive 180 degree views from the 25th floor and our only neighbours are those in the apartment blocks opposite, With no more than 50 m between buildings, our views of the neighbouring balconies have led to some interesting evenings.

Due to the great location, many of the apartments opposite are short term rentals usually occupied for a couple of nights to a week by people visiting Sydney.

With our harbour views often described as some of the best and most romantic in the world it is often young couples that rent the short term lets.

From our floor to ceiling windows in the lounge room, my armchair view looks out directly onto a small apartment opposite with a bed in the main room and a balcony leading straight off the lounge/ bedroom.

Often my wife goes to bed before me and I catch the occasional glimpse of guests who haven't closed the curtains properly. The odd flash and bare arse always excites me.

I always hope for more.

One night I noticed early in the evening that the room opposite was newly occupied by a young couple. Both were fit and attractive and spent a lot of their evening enjoying wine on the balcony.

My wife had fallen asleep on the sofa by about 23.00 and I looked across to the new occupants to discover that they were still on the balcony and now kissing passionately with the balcony lights still on.

She was sitting astride him and I smiled at the thought of the two of them shortly having sex. I wish I thought.

I started to get hard.

I wondered over to the window to get a closer look, cock in hand but under my shorts, my wife still asleep on the sofa.

I was delighted to see my new neighbour remove her top exposing a stunning body and far more importantly, amazing breasts.

Surely they weren't going to do it on the balcony I thought?

I also wished my wife had gone to bed so I could actually jerk off to this.

The tension continued. Ten minutes later they were both completely naked and still lit up. It was late and I guessed they thought everyone was in bed, or they just didn't care, but from my view point I could clearly see her beautiful tits moving up and down as she sat on her man.

I got the binoculars.

Looking closely I could see everything. Fuck I wanted to jack off I thought.

I looked back through the binoculars and was shocked when the next thing I saw was clearly a wave in my direction.

She could see me watching.

I don't know why but I waved back. I checked the binoculars. I got a big thumbs up and she returned to fucking her man.

At this moment when I was already hard, my wife decided to wake up. Half asleep she asked what I was doing. I told her the couple opposite were fucking.

Not interested, she had a quick look, laughed and said she was going to bed. On the way past she patted me on my hard cock and said good night, grinning slightly. My wife new I would be wanking within seconds.

Now on my own I returned to my view. My guest now had an ipad in her hands and was pointing it in my direction. She had typed in enormous lettering a message for my benefit.

"Get it out!" it said " We want you to jerk off to us and cum in the window" it continued in a rolling text message.

Not quite believing it, I nonetheless horny as hell stripped off and started jerking at the window for my neighbours and anyone else who cared to watch.

The view below me was awesome. I started filming them on my phone with an incredible zoom trying to keep a steady hand as I wanked my hard cock with the other. They fucked in every position possible and not only did they hide nothing during their fucking, after they finished he turned her around and spread her cheeks, showing her hole as it dripped with a large volume of cum. I exploded shortly after shooting cum all over my window.

I received another big thumbs up, an ipad message that simply read "thankyou" and when I woke up the next day, they were gone.

I love where I live.

True story.