In my last story, my wife Amy and our neighbors, Greg and Janet, had our first swap while playing poker. Best card game ever.

We swapped 5 or 6 times after that, different scenarios, While Greg's wife Janet was a very sexy Asian woman, I always seemed to get more aroused watching Greg and Amy. One time, in particular, stood out.

We had gone out to dinner. As usual, I made sure that Amy was wearing a skirt, black stockings and garter belt; black, see-thru bra, and semi-transparent blouse. She looked so hot, I kept grabbing her tits and running my hand up her skirt, squeezing her bare thighs. Of course, Amy pushed me away, saying, "Behave yourself, at least until later."

When we went to pick up Greg and Janet, I could see by the look on Greg's face that he liked Amy's outfit as much as I did. Since I was driving, I suggested that Janet ride up front with me and Amy and Greg could have the back seat. I was sure that Greg would take advantage of the situation, so I adjusted my rear-view mirror to get a good look at the two of them in the back seat.

I was not disappointed. As soon as Greg sat down next to Amy, he put his arm around Amy's shoulders and leaned in for a kiss. I could see their mouths open and their tongues playing together. Greg was on the passenger side, and I watched as he placed his right hand inside Amy's blouse and began to fondle her left tit. I watched as his fingers squeezed Amy's nipple, which caused Amy to jump a little, but she reached up and pressed her hand against his, inviting him to continue squeezing her nipple.

Watching Greg play with Amy's tits made it difficult for me to pay attention to my driving, and it also gave me a very hard cock, which Janet noticed. To make matters worse, she reached over to help me out, making it even harder to pay attention to the road. I kept on looking back and then looking at the traffic in front of me, enjoying every minute of it.

When Greg put his hand up Amy's skirt and revealed her stocking tops and bare thigh, I had to tear my eyes away or hit something with the car. Fortunately, we were just getting to the restaurant, so everyone had to straighten themselves out and act like adults.

Dinner went well. Greg was constantly putting his hands between Amy's legs and playing with her pussy, gently rubbing her thighs and just inserting a finger inside her panties. Amy grabbed his hand and told him that he had to save something for later and she had to finish her dinner.

I was not to be outdone, and I had my hand between Janet's legs, running my hands up and down her stockings, on to her bare thigh. She was wearing smokey gray stockings on her gorgeous legs, which she loved to show off.

We couldn't finish up quickly enough, and the ride back was another erotic adventure, with Greg finger-fucking Amy in the back seat, and Janet giving me a hand job in the front.

When we got inside, we split to couches opposite each other. Greg had Amy sit on his lap, straddling him, with her skit pushed up to her waist, showing just a bit of white thigh above her stocking tops. He immediately began to mash her tits and squeeze her nipples through her blouse

Amy was in heaven. She began to rub her pussy against his now rock-hard cock. She reached down, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Once uncovered, his cock stood straight up, and Amy rose and slid her soaking wet pussy right over his cock, all the time telling him, "Fuck me, Greg. I have been waiting all night for your cock in my cunt." She was completely gone.

Janet, meanwhile, had taken my cock out and was giving me a fantastic blow job. My cock was rock hard from watching Amy and Greg, and Janet took all of my cock in her mouth. I reached under her and began to play with her tits, loved her swollen nipples. Finally, I pulled her head off my cock, pushed her down on her back and thrust my cock between her legs. Janet wrapped her legs around me, telling me how much she loved my cock in her cunt, fuck her hard.

I stole a look over at Greg and Amy, and watched him pounding his cock into my wife, while she kept yelling, "I want your cock. "Fuck me like a slut!."

It seemed like we fucked for hours, but that is just my ego talking. Eventually, all four of us were exhausted and we called it a night.

On the way back to our house, I told Amy, "That was the most erotic night ever."

To which Amy replied. "Yes, it was a great fucking night!" Even though we were both spent, it was such an erotic night, as soon as we got in the bedroom, I pushed Amy down on the bed, completely dressed, her skirt bouncing up to expose her stocking tops and still wet pussy, and proceeded to fuck her, I was so turned on by watching Greg treat her like a slut. Amy even stayed in the role, saying, "Yes, I want you to fuck me like the slut that I am."

It was shortly after that, Greg and Janet moved out of state. Greg was transferred. We still kept in touch, but our extra-curricular activities ceased, since we had no partners.

About a year and a half after Greg and Janet moved, Greg called and said that he was coming back to town on business, and was wondering if we were interested in joining him for dinner, on his company.

I told him I would have to check with Amy and would get back to him.

When I told Amy what Greg had said, she said that she was not sure how she would feel. She thought it might be a bit awkward, after what we had done in the past.

I told her it would just be dinner with an old friend, no strings attached.

Finally, she said okay, but no other expectations.

I called Greg and we made arrangements. I would pick him up at his hotel and drive us to the restaurant.

When our dinner date arrived, I convinced Amy to wear something sexy but not slutty. At first she said, "Since this is just for dinner, I thought I would wear something conservative, slacks, maybe"

I said, "You will probably have wine at dinner, and you know how horny you get after a few drinks, and I want to take advantage of you when we get back home, so, humor me."

She finally agreed.

Amy wound up wearing a black skirt with a slit up to about mid thigh, the usual black stockings, garter belt, a demi-bra, with her nipples just peeking out about the cup, but she said, "No see-thru blouse." As she was dressing she said, "This is for you, remember!"

Amy rode up front with me and we went to pick up Greg.

Greg was waiting outside the hotel when we pulled up. He leaned in, gave Amy a kiss on the cheek, reached in and gave me a hand shake. The restaurant was about a half hour away, and we chatted about what he had been doing since he moved away.

When we got to the restaurant, Greg, ever the gentleman, opened the door for Amy, and I could see his eyes drop down to Amy's legs, as she got out, flashing a bit of stocking top and bare thigh. Same old Greg.

Dinner was excellent, as was the wine. There was a small dance floor at the restaurant, with a DJ, and Greg asked if Amy would like to dance.

Amy looked at me, to see if I was okay with it. I knew she wanted to, the wine had worked its way into her.

I said, "Sure, enjoy yourselves."

It was a slow dance, and Greg immediately put both arms around Amy and pulled her close to him.

I cold see Amy tense for just a minute, but then, when his arms went around her back, she seemed to relax and put her head on his shoulder. As the song went on, Greg slowly moved his hands down until they were resting just on the top of Amy's ass. He did it so slowly that Amy didn't seem to notice. In fact it looked like she was even pulling him closer.

When the song ended and they walked back to the table, Greg had his hand around Amy's waist. As soon as they sat down, Amy downed the rest of her glass of wine and Greg filled it right back up. Amy was beginning to feel no pain.

Another slow song popped up, and Greg pulled Amy up again. This time, as soon as they got on the floor Greg placed his hands on Amy's ass and pulled her into him. She offered no resistance. I knew my night's fantasy was probably going to happen.

This time, when they came back and sat down, Greg placed his hand on Amy's leg and began to rub her leg, right up to the top of the slit. I knew he must have been just about at her stocking top and bare thigh, but Amy did not say a word.

Greg looked at me and smiled.

I winked back at him. We both knew what was going to happen.

Greg asked for the check and we walked out of the restaurant.

When we got to me car, I suggested that they both sit in the back, so it would be easier for them to talk.

Amy looked at me as if to say, "Are you sure?"

I gave a nod and got in the driver's side, with Greg and Amy in the back seat.

Once again, it did not take Greg long before he was kissing Amy. He started slowly, so as not to scare Amy off, but after a few minutes I could see Amy's mouth opening and her tongue and Greg's tongue working on each other.

Greg slowly lowered his right hand to gently rub Amy's breast through her blouse. I knew she had the demi-bra on and he could feel her nipples through her silk blouse.

At first, Amy put her hand over Greg's and moved it away from her tit, but the wine and the kissing wore her down, and soon Greg's hand was squeezing her tit, making her nipple protrude through her blouse.

I was watching all of this as we passed by lights, so I could see what was going on and still pay attention to my driving.

By now, Greg had decided that Amy was ready, and he placed his hand between her legs and worked his way slowly along her silken legs, stopping just temporarily at her stocking tops, rubbing her bare thigh, and then, when there was no resistance, moved his fingers up to her pussy, which by now was soaking wet.

Amy moaned softly, and Greg moved his head down to her blouse. Using his one free hand, he opened her blouse and pulled her tit out from her demi-bar and began to suck on Amy's already swollen nipple.

This broke any resistance that Amy might have had, and she pulled his head to her tit, telling him, "Suck my nipples, make them hard, play with my tits."

Just then, two young men in a hi-rise truck pulled next to us and looked over at the back seat activity and began yelling, "Suck that tit!!"

Greg looked at them, looked at Amy and said, "Let's give them a thrill."

Amy, by this time, was as horny as I had ever seen her, I guess from the wine, the dancing and the fooling around in the back seat, and she was up for anything.

Greg said, "Show them your tits."

Amy hesitated just a second, then unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and pushed her tits, in her black demi-bra, out the open rear window of the car, squeezed them, and yelled, "Too bad, you can't suck my tits, they're only for Greg and my husband."

Greg pulled Amy back in the car and I made a quick left turn, away from Amy's young suitors.

Amy's reaction with the two men in the truck had really turned on Greg and Amy. Greg pulled down his pants, pulled Amy on to his lap, facing me, inserted his cock in Amy's cunt from the back. Amy began to bounce up and down on Greg's cock. Greg had his hands around Amy's tits, with her nipples sticking out between his fingers. All this time Amy is smiling and saying, "Fuck me, fuck your whore."

It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

Finally, Amy came, all over the back seat, as did Greg. She leaned back, kissed him and said, "I love fucking your cock like a whore. Let's fuck again." She turned around, took his limp cock in her mouth, which got him hard again. This time Amy mounted Greg facing him. Amy said, "I want you to suck my nipples and squeeze my tits while you fuck me, hard!"

Which Greg proceed to do.

I had been driving slow, trying to watch all that was going on in the back seat and pay attention to the road, but we were almost back at Greg's hotel. It was time to straighten everyone up, as best as possible.

Greg managed to get reasonably presentable, so no one would say anything when he got out at his hotel.

Amy was still kind of messy, but she got in the front seat with me. On the way home, I could not resist reaching up her skirt and playing with her still cum covered cunt, rubbing her stocking covered legs. I had been able to watch her getting fucked, but I could not get any release while driving.

Amy looked at me and said, "Thank you for that amazing evening. As repayment, when we get home, I am going to fuck your brains out, like the whore that I have become.

And, she did.