Happy holidays, everyone! I took a break from commissions over the holidays but I wanted to write something for all of you. So, as a gift from me to you and a huge thank you now that I'm about to hit 500 followers, I wrote this, my longest single story ever. This was an old project from a couple months back. I started a couple thousand words and then shelved it. Until now. I really hope you all enjoy this story. I know it's a little past Christmas, (My bad, I just kept writing and writing.) but I hope you all had a great Holiday and have a Happy New Years. Here's to a happy and healthy 2021. Cheers!



Disclaimer: All characters are 18+


"Okay, go right up here and then it's the next house on the left."

Scott set his blinker and turned onto the street that his girlfriend, Lauren, was pointing to. As he straightened the wheel back out, he could see the house she was referring to as it was the only house on that side of the street. The long driveway already had about a dozen cars parked in it, so he pulled up and stopped behind the last one.

He was not looking forward to this. Lauren's family had an annual family reunion of sorts and this year, she had convinced him to join her. Scott had met Lauren during their freshman year at college. He had spotted her at a party with some friends and was enamored with her instantly. After downing a few beers to work up some courage, he spent the night talking to her and telling cheesy jokes. She laughed at all of them, so he had taken it as a good sign. Turns out, he was right because she agreed to go out with him shortly thereafter and, three years later, they were still going strong.

Still, he had never met her family before. Lauren was from southern California and it was a long way from Penn State, where they attended school, so he had never encountered them. He was concerned that her parents were not going to be enthusiastic about his small-town Pennsylvania background. Lauren had mentioned that her parents were fairly well off. Looking up at the massive estate-esque home they had arrived at, he could tell she had understated that.

"Well, we're here!" Lauren said and hopped out of the car.

When he didn't immediately follow her, she leaned back in the door.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "You're not still hung up about meeting my parents, are you?"

"Well off?" he said, sarcastically, gesturing towards the mansion.

"Oh, don't worry." She said, reassuringly. "They're not snooty or anything. I'm sure they are going to love you. Now come on, ya big baby. It looks like we're the last ones here already."

With a sigh, he followed her to the trunk and took out both of their suitcases. He could never say no to her. Her attitude was always so sunny and positive, he was pretty sure no one could say no to her.

"What does your dad even do?" he questioned her as they walked toward the front door.

"He's an executive for Harley Davidson." Lauren answered.

"You never told me all that." He grumbled, his nerves wrapped up in a tight ball.

"I didn't tell you for exactly the reason you are exhibiting right now, buster." She remarked. "I knew you would get all weirded out if you thought I was some rich girl or something."

"No, you could never weird me out." He said.

"Awww, you like me!" she joked, grabbing his head and yanking him down to kiss his cheek.

"Your dad on the other hand..."

"Oh, relax!" she laughed. "He probably won't throw you in the dungeon."

Lauren bounced up the steps in front of him and threw open the front door.

"Moooom, Daaaad!" she called out.

The inside of the house was just as impressive as the outside. The main entry room was incredibly tall, and a staircase wrapped around the perimeter leading to a second floor. An elaborate chandelier hung twenty feet above them.

"Hey, Lauren!"

"Daddy!" Lauren shouted, running to hug the sandy-haired man that had just entered the room.

Lauren's father looked like your typical dad and his smile was friendly and warm. He released Lauren and turned to face Scott.

"You must be Scott!" he boomed. "My daughter has talked a lot about you. Nice to meet you, son."

"Nice to meet you, too, sir." Scott replied, extending his hand to shake.

"Oh, don't call me that." The man laughed, shaking Scott's hand. "I get called that enough at work. My father was a sir. I'm just a Steve. Here, just leave your bags by the stairs. I'll have someone come get them for you. I suppose we better introduce him to your mother, right, Lauren?"

"Yeah, come on." Lauren took his arm and pulled him down a hallway. "My mom has been dying to meet you."

The hallway led to a beautiful kitchen that one would expect to see in a magazine. The countertops were all deep marble and the metal appliances gleamed. Windows overlooked a picturesque backyard, dominated by an inground swimming pool and enough exotic plants to start a nursey.

"Mom!" Lauren called, getting the attention of a woman stood talking to another couple people.

"Lauren, you're finally here!" the woman exclaimed as they embraced.

Lauren's mom was pretty and had the same smile as her daughter. Scott could see where his girlfriend got her cheery disposition now.

"Oh, is this him?" Lauren's mother turned to him. "Wow, you didn't mention he was so cute, Lauren!"

Scott blushed and extended his hand.

"Nice to meet you, ma'am."

"Cute and polite." She giggled, as she shook his hand. "Please call me Tracy."

Scott felt Steve clap him on the shoulder.

"Lauren, why don't you go say hello to the rest of the family. Most of them are outside." He suggested. "I'll show Scott around a little bit."

"Okay, Daddy." Lauren responded. "Don't hurt him too much. I like this one."

Steve steered Scott into another hallway before glancing behind them.

"I just saved your life." He chuckled. "You would've been stuck talking to people for the next twelve hours. C'mon, I'll show you my hideout. We've got the game on."

Scott followed Steve down a staircase to a finished basement. If there was ever a true man-cave, this was definitely it. Comfortable looking couches were all over and a gigantic flat screen was playing a baseball game. One side of the room was a long bar with a series of taps. Liquor bottles were stacked neatly on shelves behind it. Signed jerseys from various teams were in cases along the walls; the LA Rams, Chargers, Lakers, and Dodgers and one Kings jersey. A set of French doors led outside to the back yard where the pool was, and Scott could see Lauren hugging relatives outside.

"Everyone, this is Scott." Steve announced to the group of men seated talking and watching the game. "He's Lauren's boyfriend so try not to scare him off, will ya?"

The men laughed and echoed greetings.

"What kind of beer do ya like?" Steve asked, ushering him over to the bar.

"Whatever's cold." He responded.

"Good answer." Steve laughed. "It's all cold here so take your pick."

He handed Scott a glass.

"You a baseball fan, Scott?"

"Oh, yeah." Scott poured himself a drink from the Budweiser tap. "Baseball, football, Hockey."

"No basketball?"

"Well, Pittsburgh doesn't have a basketball team and I'm definitely not cheering on the 76ers."

"Ah, so you're a Pirates fan then."

"Unfortunately." Scott admitted.

"Well, we won't give you too much grief about it. You probably have a hard enough time watching them play every year." Steve winked at him.

"That's for sure." Scott agreed.

"Well, take a load off. We've got the Dodgers game on so you can see what it's like for a team to win for once."

Scott laughed and they went over to the couches and found empty spaces. The next couple hours were great and he found himself relaxing. He realized he had been worried over nothing. Lauren's father was great and nothing at all like what he had been concerned about. He spent the time alternating between watching the action on TV and asking Scott questions about himself. The other men chimed in with lighthearted jokes and occasionally ribbed him about either the Steelers, the Pirates, or the Penguins. Halfway through the sixth inning, the door to the back yard opened and Lauren stuck her head in.

"Are you guys being nice to Scott?" she asked.

"We're converting him to a Dodger's fan." One of the men, Lauren's uncle Robert answered.

"Yeah, good luck with that one." She rolled her eyes. "Dad, mom wants to know if you want to start grilling the burgers."

"What time is it? Oh, three." Steve mused. "Yeah, I can get them going. Suppose we should all head outside, gentlemen."

Lauren waved at Scott to follow her as they all stood up and she led him through the people standing around outside to where her mother was sitting at one of the tables along with a few other women.

"Everyone, this is Scott." She introduced him. "Scott, this is Aunt Mallory, Aunt Tilda, Aunt Beatrice, and my cousin Margo."

"Take a seat, Scott." Tracy said. "We're going to eat soon."

He and Lauren sat down, and he answered questions from the women until Steve called out that the burgers were ready. Scott realized what Steve had meant when he said that he had saved him from a fate of eternal conversation earlier. He barely had time to eat his food with the amount that the women were talking to him throughout the meal. He didn't mind it, but he was glad when Tracy stood up and suggested they go around and collect dishes and take them inside. He rose and began to take some plates but was stopped.

"No, you're our guest of honor." Tracy said. "We'll take care of it. Just relax and stay seated."

He tried to protest but Tracy insisted repeatedly.

"Don't worry about it." Lauren told him. "We'll be finished soon.

"Yes," Tracy said. "And your sister should be home from cheerleading practice any minute so then you can introduce her to Scott."

Scott sat back down as the women went around the area collecting dishes and then headed into the house to finish cleaning up. He sat there alone, glad to have a break from conversing with people and watched the water spill down one of the decorative waterfalls nearby.

A few minutes later, a girl entered the backyard and went up to Steve and gave him a hug. She was wearing a sweatshirt and a cheerleading skirt so Scott assumed it must be Lauren's sister that her mother had mentioned.

As she greeted her uncles and cousins, Scott noticed her look his way and thought he saw her eyes narrow, but a second later, she was smiling and talking to someone again so he figured he must have imagined it. He went back to daydreaming.

"Hey, what's your name?"

Scott snapped back to reality and turned away from the waterfall he had been staring at to find the girl sitting next to him at the table. She looked like a younger version of his girlfriend. She was slim like Lauren, but her chest was clearly smaller, and she was probably an inch shorter. Her hair was a slightly lighter shade of blonde, but other than that, they looked very similar.

"I'm Scott." He stammered, surprised at how quiet she had been.

"You're not a relative, are you? I've never seen you before." She questioned.

"No, I'm..." he started.

"Well, that's good." She interrupted him, smiling. "I would hate to think someone so handsome was related to me. Can't flirt with family. That kind of thing is frowned upon in most places."

Scott opened his mouth to explain that he was dating Lauren, but he was cut off again.

"So, do you work with my dad or something?" she asked, leaning towards him a bit. "Most of the guys that my dad brings around from work are older and they aren't good looking like you."

"There you are!" came Lauren's voice from the back door.

She walked over and leaned down to give the girl a hug.

"Hey, Lauren!" she said, with a big smile. "I didn't see you inside!"

"Oh, I was helping mom with something." Lauren responded. "So, I see you've met my boyfriend, Scott."

"He's your boyfriend?" the girl asked.

Scott thought he saw disappointment flicker in the girl's eyes, but she covered it up so quickly, he figured he had imagined something again.

"Yeah." Lauren said. "Didn't you tell her?"

"I tried." Scott protested.

"I see. Couldn't get a word in edgewise?" Lauren smirked. "Not surprising with her. This is my sister, Leah."

"You didn't tell me you were bringing your boyfriend along." Leah admonished. "I almost stole him from you."

"Well, that's because you don't read the family group chat, dummy. Besides, he's twenty-one years old. That's too old for you."

"I don't think three years is too big of a gap." Leah argued. "Don't you think an eighteen-year-old and a twenty-one-year-old could date, Scott."

"I agree with Lauren." Scott answered.

"See?" Lauren said. "I'm right."

"Of course he agrees with you." Leah said, rolling her eyes. "He's smart enough not to fall into that trap."

"Yeah, he is somewhat bright for a boy." Lauren winked at him.

"Anyways, I'm going to change and shower." Leah stood up to head inside. "Did you guys already eat?"

"Yes, there's some hamburgers leftover and a bunch of snacks and stuff. The kids were hungry, so mom pushed the food forward."

"Okay, that's fine. It was nice to meet you, Scott."

Leah bounced away into the house, her skirt flapping with each step.

"Here, let me show you where we'll be sleeping." Lauren tugged on his arm. "I need to unpack anyway."

Scott followed Lauren through the house and up the winding staircase. He had never seen a house with so many bedrooms. There must have been at least ten. Lauren stopped at one of the rooms towards the end and led him inside.

"This is my room." She said. "One of the maids brought up our bags for us earlier."

Scott sat on the bed and watched as she unpacked her clothes and put them in drawers. Typically, when he went home on break, he just left everything in his suitcase, but Lauren was definitely neater than he was. Her room was nice. Posters of bands covered some of the walls and a desk was off to one side with a computer on it. A couple dressers were against the opposite wall. The bed was a large queen size and really comfortable. He imagined it was probably an expensive mattress.

"Hey, where is the bathroom?" Scott asked, feeling the beer having gone through him.

"It's down the hall on the left." Lauren answered, digging through her suitcase. "There's a picture of a cat hanging on the door."

Scott left her bedroom and headed down until he found the door he had described. As he reached for the handle, it suddenly opened, startling him, and Leah stepped out. She shrieked as he scared her also. The first thing Scott noticed was that she had clearly just gotten out of the shower. Her hair was wet and hanging down her back and she was wrapped in only a towel that ended in the middle of her thighs. Her breasts weren't large like Lauren's were, but he got a generous glimpse of her cleavage.

"Jesus, Scott!" Leah exclaimed. "You scared the crap out of me! I almost dropped my towel! Or is that what you wanted to happen?"

As he opened his mouth, too dumbfounded to answer, she laughed and playfully pushed his chest.

"I'm just messing with you. Bathroom's all yours. But seriously, you almost gave me a heart attack."

She slipped by him and padded down the hall, her petite body barely covered by the fabric, before going into the bedroom that was next to Lauren's. Scott shook his head and entered the bathroom, which was also incredibly luxurious, before returning to Lauren's room where she was finishing up with her clothes.

"Did someone scream?" Lauren asked.

"Yeah, Leah and I scared each other when she was leaving the bathroom."

"Oh yeah, I forgot she was taking a shower." Lauren laughed. "Anyways, I'm done here. Let's go back downstairs."

They left the room and walked back downstairs.

"Now I get to introduce you to all my cousins. I hope you're good with kids, because there are a lot of them." she teased him, smiling.

There were indeed a lot of them. Scott had seen a few of them around the pool area but he was too busy being bombarded with questions from Lauren's aunts to see all of them as they filtered out to get food. There were nineteen of them and they ranged from around five years old to around thirteen years old. Lauren led him out back behind the pool to the open field of grass where most of them were playing and he immediately got dragged into a game of tag as she took a seat in the shade of a nearby tree. A few times, he looked to her to rescue him as he was being tackled by kids, but she just smiled and waved at him, leaving him to his fate.

Eventually one of the parents called everyone back to the house as it was getting dark. Scott walked over to Lauren and sat on the grass, sore from the onslaught of children. He laid down on his back, groaning. Lauren just laughed and lay down next to him, resting her head on his chest.

"Jeez, I feel like I just got done practicing with the Baltimore Ravens." Scott remarked.

"You did great!" Lauren encouraged him. "The kids all loved you and had fun."

"Is this what fun feels like?" he asked, massaging a spot where he had gotten struck by a stray foot at one point.

"Don't worry, I'll make you feel all better later tonight." She promised, in a seductive voice, kissing him on the cheek before returning her head to lay on him.

"Sounds like it was worth it then." He said, wrapping his arm around her.

They lay there for a while, watching the sky go from orange to purple. Scott could tell by the changed pace of Lauren's breathing when she had fallen asleep. He was about to doze off himself when a voice interrupted.

"Awww, this is adorable!"

Scott looked up and Lauren raised her head, yawning and rubbing her eyes. Leah was stood nearby in a pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt, grinning down at them.

"Dad said to let you two know that we're doing s'mores if you want to join everyone." She informed them. "Should I let him know that you're busy?"

"No, we'll be there in a minute." Lauren replied, yawning again.

"Okay, lovebirds." Leah walked back to the house, her bare feet sinking into the grass.

"I suppose we should head back." Lauren said as Scott stood up and stretched.

"I was just getting comfortable." Scott said, reaching down towards her.

"Yeah, me too." She laughed.

She took his hands and he pulled her to her feet.

They headed back to the house and joined the crowd of people around the large fire ring that Scott had noticed earlier. He typically wasn't a fan of marshmallows, but he made an exception this time and had a s'more. Everyone settled around in chairs after that and talked and drank. As the evening progressed, people filed off to bed, those with younger children leaving first. Several hours later and it was only a few people remaining outside.

"Lauren, you know we're all taking the kids to the water park tomorrow, right?" Tracy asked.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about that." Lauren admitted.

"I figured you two probably didn't want to go. It's going to be a bit of a circus."

"Yeah, we'll find something else to do."

"How about you, Leah?" Tracy turned to her younger daughter.

"Um, yeah I don't really want to go." Leah answered.

"Why don't you girls take Scott into town and show him around?" Tracy suggested.

"Sure, we can do that." Lauren nodded, turning to Leah. "Leave around ten?"

"Yeah, sounds good." Leah stood and stretched. "Anyways, I'm off to bed. Goodnight, everyone. Goodnight, Scott."

She disappeared into the house.

"I suppose we should all turn in." Steve said, checking his watch. "We all have busy days tomorrow. You all head in, I'll make sure everything is locked up and lights are out."

Everyone said their goodnights and Lauren and Scott went upstairs to their room. Scott didn't typically sleep with anything but boxers on, so he just stripped his pants and shirt off and chucked them on top of his suitcase in a ball. He fell back onto the bed with a groan and stretched. Lauren returned from her closet in her typical night shirt with no bottoms and crawled across the bed to lay on top of him. He grunted as her elbow struck a bruise. Lauren tilted her head to look up at him with big doe eyes.