I recently had my 35th birthday. I have never been one to celebrate my birthday, and in fact I try to ignore it. But this year a few friends from work pulled me out to a bar for drinks and I didn't have to pick up the tab. One actually brought one of those silly balloons, which I found sweet, but very embarrassing. But after a few beers I thanked everyone profusely and made my exit and went home to my condo. I live alone and currently don't have a steady girlfriend. Sometimes I actually relish being alone but the life style of a monk wasn't exactly what I had in mind for a fulltime thing.

I decided I could use one more drink and poured myself a glass of wine, sat down and cued up some Miles Davis while I sipped my wine. I was getting a bit melancholy when my cell phone beeped with a ring tone of a SMACK! and a cry of OUCH! It was my older sister, Jen.

"Hey Jen, what's up?"

"Happy Birthday little Bro," she shouted! "How's my sweet Mathew on his birthday?"

"Thanks, Big Sis. I really appreciate you remembering and I am doing just fine," I said.

"Remembering? Hell, I've been planning something for your big 35." She said. "I have a present for you."

A present? What on earth was she thinking. We don't normally exchange birthday presents. Maybe a funny sarcastic card or a text message that explodes into confetti, or something like that. But a present was unusual.

"That is sweet." I said with real brotherly gratitude mixed with a bit of sarcasm.

It really was nice she was thinking of me. Jen was a few years older and as kids we got along and I always thought she was great. As we matured into adulthood, we did get closer, partly because my Mom and Dad kind of shut the door on her, so to speak. See, Jen is a Lesbian. She didn't come out until she left home, but my parents just never could handle it. I think that made me reach out to offer her some moral support. I really love Jen an she has always been a good big sister, and she really is a sweet person. However, the fact that she is also kind of into a S&M lifestyle didn't help with the family as you can imagine. Somehow it never really bothered me about how she lived. She was still Jen and, well to be honest, sometimes she would share some of her great porno films with me from time to time. Some of the light bondage and spanking films were really great. Just being honest.

"You are going to LOVE my gift," she purred.

"Again, your sweet, but I don't really need a pair of felt lined handcuffs right now," I joked.

"What are you doing right now, this minute?" she quickly asked. I could tell at least she was excited about whatever she had planned.

"Just drinking wine and sitting on the couch," I told her.

"Well, you need to be alone when this gift arrives," she said. "No girlfriends, no boys, nobody. You will want to unwrap this one alone. I assure you."

Now she was getting my interest up. What was she talking about? Alone? Unwrap? I knew she was sweet, but this sounded almost devious or something.

"Are you up for some fun tonight," she asked. I could just see that sly grin of hers.

"Now I'm getting nervous," I said with a tone that was a bit sterner.

"Trust me. It comes with instructions and I promise you'll love it. All I ask it to keep an open mind. I will be a bit offended it you return it before playing with it."

My big Sis certainly has a flare for the dramatic I thought. My next thought, in my current slightly inebriated state, was what the Hell.

"Ok. OK, send it over," I happily replied.

"It's on the way," she gleefully said. "And have fun. Birthdays only come once a year." With that she hung up.

As I set down my phone, I couldn't help but smile. I had no idea what my Big Sis had in store for me, but I did trust her. Well, kind of. I got something to eat in the kitchen even though I wasn't very hungry. Just as I finished the doorbell rang. Damn, that didn't take long I thought.

I opened the door expecting a UPS guy or something and there stood a girl in a little black summer dress holding an envelope. She is a delivery guy? She was a petite blond and was, well, one of the cutest girls I had ever seen. The little black dress was one of those with spaghetti straps and rather low cut. It was obvious from a quick glance that she was well endowed as they say. I stood for a moment a bit stunned.

"I was told to give you this," she said as she handed me the envelope.

"Oh. Thanks." I stammered. I was not sure what was going on but I could always count on my Big Sis to keep things interesting. "Pardon me," I said as I realized we were just standing in the doorway. "Please come in."

She came inside and I invited her to sit down on the sofa. She went and took a seat without saying anything, but she kept looking at me intensely. I sat down across from her and just looked at the envelope. It had my name on it and was sealed. I was a bit nervous for some reason, but thought why not and opened it. It was from my sister.

Dear Little Brother:

The young lady who delivered this letter is named Alice. She is your gift. Before you freak out, let me explain. She is not a hooker. She graduated with honors from UCLA in bio-chemistry and is brilliant. She works as a researcher for a large Fortune 500 company. She is a friend and you might say we play in the same fetish theme park, so to speak. As you know, some folks are just wired differently.

She has been sent to you because she has been bad and as such, she needs to be disciplined. Don't think you are not up to the task, for I know which films you like from my library.

Your instructions are as follows:

She understands she is there to be disciplined and she is to obey your commands. All of your commands.

You need to learn Alice Speak. It is rather simple. If she says "No, please don't make me do that" it means please make her do that. The more she makes a big deal NOT to do it done to her it means she really wants you to do it, or make her do it. She is most likely very wet as you read this letter. Embarrassment makes her wet, humiliation make her wet, spankings make her wet, and of course sex make her very, very wet. I think you get the idea.

So, just to be clear: Please don't make me do that (she wants to do that)/ No, please no, not that (Yes, Yes, yes) / Please I beg you, don't do that (begging means please do that the most) / It's to Big! (it isn't really) / I can't, please don't make me (make her). I think you see how Alice Speak works. You have to trust me. She will look at you with those sweet big blue eyes...Don't Melt!

I doubt you will ever get to her limit, but regardless of how she pleads, or cries a few crocodile tears, don't buy it. Only, and I repeat only, if you hear STRAWBERRY. That is her word. If she says that stop. Stop immediately and the game is over and all will be OK. Really, I know you. You won't push her limits. Not yet anyway. 😊

Nothing is forbidden sexually. But you need to 'warmer her up' a bit first (she has a nice ass). I think you know what I mean. Creativity can be fun. She is ready, if you wish, to spend the night and be your present all day tomorrow. Hope you don't have any plans for Saturday.

Your loving Sister

P.S. You might not tell right now, but she was very excited to go deliver the letter.

I just sat in silence for I don't know how long. I kept rereading the last part of her letter: "nothing is forbidden sexually." I had to adjust my brain a bit to comprehend my sister's letter, and her 'gift'. All I really could think was OH MY GOD! I really don't think I could have made up this scenario. It was a bit surreal. But it was real. The letter in my hand, sweet Alice sitting on the couch across from with a slight apprehensive look on her face. Then that little voice that lies dormant when I'm outside my fantasy life came alive. "Stupid", it said. "Do what your big sister tells you!" I smiled and begin to do some very fast planning on how this was to begin. I just had to wing it once the ball was rolling.

I put the letter down on the side table and took a moment to really look at Alice. She was almost angelic sitting there on the couch. Her blond hair was shoulder length and made a kind of frame for her face. She sat still, upright, legs together with her hands clasped in her lap. She was very tan. I couldn't help but wonder if she had tan lines in certain places, or none at all. I had to stop and look at her breasts and how they fit so snuggly in her little black dress. I was sure she was aware of my gaze, but I just smiled as there was a very subtle outline of her nipples, which made small little dents in the fabric of her dress. Maybe my sister was correct and she was already wet and aroused. Well, there was only one way to find out. This was no regular date. Might as well jump into the deep end of the pool and start swimming.

"Alice, my name is Mat and you know already I am Jen's brother," I said in order to get things started.

"Yes, I know. Jen told me," she replied. "She said you were sweet, and...gentle." I notice just the hint of a smile. Good lord, she was trying to work me already.

"I wouldn't describe me like that. I am fair. But I take my responsibilities seriously." Her smile faded. "You know why you are here, do you not?" I decided to go right to it. Why not?

She lowered her gaze and replied, "Yes Sir."

That took me a bit by surprised. Yes Sir? Well, this was going to be an interesting Birthday. I wished I had some time before she arrived, knowing what I know now, to prepare for this. But here we were. I needed to act and act with authority.

"Stand up Alice," I said in a stern tone of voice. I was a bit surprised how it came out of my mouth. She jerked slightly, her eyes got wider, and her back got very straight.

"Yes Sir," she replied and stood up.

Something in my mind changed when she complied so quickly and with the Sir thing. My confidence, as well as my cock, stiffened.

"You know why you are here. You are here to be disciplined. You have been a bad girl, is that not correct?"

She dropped her head and replied in a rather weak voice, "I don't know for sure."

"Don't bad girls deserve to be spanked?"

"Ah, I guess so," she replied in that soft little girl voice.

"Guess so? You know so."

"Yes," she said is a soft little voice.

"Come here," I said and motioned to my lap. She looked up but didn't hesitate more than a second before coming over and positioning herself across my lap. She knew the drill. My heart began to beat faster. This was it. The moment of truth. I kept telling myself she had no idea of my experience or what I had done to girls before her. Just do it.

The way she was positioned, her tummy was on one leg and her ample breasts were hugging my other leg. My cock was now at full attention and I hadn't even started. No doubt my hardness was apparent to her and I felt her wiggle just a bit. I wasn't sure if it was to get comfortable or to actually rub my cock. God, I loved my sister.

You have been bad, haven't you?" I asked her in my newly found stern voice.

"No, I not a bad girl. Really," she said in a muffled little voice.

"Don't lie to me Alice. If you lie your spanking will only be more severe," I said. "Now, you have been a bad girl, haven't you?"

She slightly turned her head to look at me. And my sister was correct. She had the saddest puppy dog eyes you can imagine. I kept telling myself, "Don't get played!"

"Tell me Alice," I said with a louder stern voice. Something in me, I'm not sure where it came from, made me want her to admit her crime.

"Yes...yes Sir," she meekly said.

I took the hem of her little black dress in both hands and gently moved it up, exposing her panty clad little butt. Her panties were panties in name only. They were more like a translucent gauze covering. I could clearly make out the outlines of her womanhood. Damn, my heart was now jumping out of my chest. I gently laid the palm of my right hand on her butt and she almost jumped when it made contact. I held it here for a moment, just feeling her ass. It was magnificent.

"Please. Please don't spank me," she said. "Pleaseeeee..."

Ignoring her I slowly raised my hand, holding it in the air for several seconds that seemed like minutes. I think both of us were holding our breath. SMACK! My hand came down with a bit more force that I had expected. Alice's body gave a small jerk and you could hear her take in a quick breath. It seemed she was a bit surprised as well. SMACK! My hand came down again on her soft little bottom.

"Oh," escaped her lips as she jerked again. "No, please," she yelled. "Please, please..." she said as my hand descended again. SMACK! I knew that she was realizing she was going to get a good spanking. SMACK! Again, and again I made contact with her beautiful ass. She began to let out a small grunt with each swat. I started a steady rhythm of whacking one check then the other. SMACK! ... SMACK!... SMACK! I let up on the ferocity, but the steady rhythm was taking its toll. She began to squirm, trying to block me with her hand. I grabbed her wrist and held it tightly to her back. SMACK!

"Don't try that," I command as my hand made contact again. Then I stopped the barrage of spanks and took a breath. She seemed to relax just a bit, but was still wiggling a little. I decided round one was the opener, so to speak. Now for round two. I also realized that, as my sister recommended, warming her up a bit worked on both of us. There were no adjectives to describe how hard my cock had become or how horny I was just from doing this. During this lull I looked down at her sweet bottom. Her little, transparent panties couldn't hide the growing wet spot between her legs. I smiled.

"Stand up," I commanded in the new authoritative voice. She turned her head to look at me. We held this gaze for several seconds, then she moved to follow my command as I let go of her wrist. She stood up, breathing a bit harder than when she lay downed before.

"We are only getting started," I said.

"Oh please. No more, no more," she began to plead. 'I've learned my lesson, no more. PLEASE!"

I smiled. I was glad I knew Alice Speak. "Take off your panties and give them to me," I said. Her eyes actually did get big. I am sure this was no real surprise, but she seemed genially apprehensive.

"Oh No," she exclaimed. "I can't. I can't do that."

"Yes, you can," I replied. "And you will. Right NOW, young lady". I still was not sure where my new voice had come from, but it was working. Also, part of me was feeling a flutter in my stomach and a need to control my breathing. My horny scale was off the charts. This was new territory and I was having a lot of fun exploring. I could see Alice was a bit flushed. More warm-up coming, I thought to myself and smiled.

Alice look down and dropped her hands to her sides. She moved her eyes to look at me with that sad girl expression my sister warned me about. Again, it was enough to melt anyone's heart. Thankfully my sister had inoculated me to Alice's ways.

"Now." That was all that was needed. Alice slowly move her hands to the bottom of her little dress and began to push them up underneath the hem. She was doing her best to retain some decorum of modesty as she exposed some leg but was able to reach her panties and started wiggling them down without revealing anything else. She kept her eyes glued on me as she pulled the little soaked panties down her legs and carefully stepped out of them. Holding her panties in her hands she gave them to me. I patted my lap again. She took her position.

"You have soiled your underwear," I said in a stern voice. "You really are a bad, bad girl."

"I couldn't help it," she said in her small, soft little voice. I laid her panties on the floor and once again took both hands and lifted the hem of her dress ever so slowly. "Oh please! Please don't. I don't have on any panties now. You'll see," she cried!

I smiled as I pushed the hem past her sweet little ass to her back, exposing all that was between her legs. She tried to put her hands behind her to cover herself, but I caught both her wrists and held them tightly, and then looked down. She continued to struggle and in doing so her legs spread further apart giving even a better view of her extremely wet womanhood and her little puckered anus. It was almost enough to make me cream in my pants, but I knew that deferred gratification had a wonderful ending.

Quickly this time I began to spank her now naked butt with spank after spank. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She continued to jerk and squirm which only gave me an even better view of the now glistening lips of her pussy. Her display was mesmerizing as my hand continued to rain down on her reddening backside. Then as suddenly as I had started, I stopped. She let out a little sigh and seemed to be catching her breath.

I couldn't take away my gaze. It was just an amazing sight. Almost absent mindedly I moved by hand to her bottom and gently begin to rub her checks. This motion opened up her backside, so even as she tried to keep her legs together, she was totally exposed. I gently took a finger, starting at the top of the valley of her cheeks, and began to slowly move downward with an up and down motion.

"Oh" she squeaked as my finger continued its slow downward path. Then as if a little light bulb went off in her head she said, "No! No! You can't. Please don't. No, please." It is fun when you are driving and all the lights you come to are green. I continued my path downward. I now had a good hold of her wrists and tightened my grip as she started to struggle again.

As my finger reached her little bum hole, I could feel her stiffen just a little. I gently let my finger slip over it and back again, producing a wiggling of her ass.

"No, no", she cried! Then, she let out a small whimper as I begin to gently rub her little hole with my finger, teasing her with a very slight push as I passed her tight opening. This caused even more wiggles. Damn, what a sight. Then I move down to that little part of her valley that led to her very, very wet pussy, and gently tickled it. She actually bucked as I touch this little sensitive spot. I didn't waste time and moved my finger lower, rubbing just the outside of her now swollen labia. My finger became coated with her juices immediately. I slowly, as slowly as I could manage in my current state, slipped my finger into her warm, wet, little opening. It lodged itself as far as it would go. A small moan escaped her lips.

"You've been a bad girl, haven't you," I asked in a very low, even tone.

"Yes," she whispered. "I've been a very bad girl."

I slow started to move my finger in and out. Slowly in...slowly out.

"You deserved to be punished, don't you."?

"Yes...yes. I've been...bad. I deserve...I deserve to be punished," she whispered again. Each time my finger was entirely in her wet little hole she would let out a little groan. I know she was enjoying this digit fuck. But, we had more yet to do. Somehow, I was able to keep my focus on my 'task' at hand.

"Stand up," I commanded as I pulled my finger away. She seemed slightly disoriented and looked back at me. I let go of her wrists and said, "Well, stand up." She slowly slipped from my lap, her little black dress falling back into place. I stood up and faced her.

She looked directly at me seemingly trying to read me. Did she think that was all and were done? No. I was sure of that. She just wondered what was next.

"Turn around," I said. She turned as ordered. I ran my hands down her back to the top of her little black dress, grabbed the zipper, and slowly pulled it down. I waited for her response.