Ron stabbed the last morsel of Canadian peameal bacon, popped it into his mouth then placed his knife and fork on the empty plate. He leaned back in his chair and gave a contented sigh. "Aah, another excellent Andy's All-Day Breakfast, Kerrie," he said to the waitress, as she refilled the coffee cups.

He looked across the table to his wife, Audrey and his pal, Alan who also happened to be Audrey's long-time sex partner in the threesomes they frequently enjoyed. The smile on her face told him Alan was toying with her clitoris under the table and she was playing with his erection. They always chose the same corner table in Andy's as it provided privacy for them to engage in public sex play that Audrey was fond of. It was exciting and Ron was always eager to watch his sexy wife's face as she was sexually stimulated. He had long known that her highly sexual nature required more than one man to satisfy and over the years there had been several. He was happy to share her with his friend and occasionally others if and when the mood struck her.

"We should get away, have a change of scenery and go somewhere for a week, ten days or so," Ron suddenly blurted out.

"Are we bored then? Where do you have in mind?" Audrey asked casually.

"Oh, I don't know, just a change!" he leaned forward and whispered, "and lots of hotel sex."

"Sounds good to me, I'm free anytime," Alan responded.

Audrey perked up hearing this, "Yes, that does sound good. How about Georgian Bay, we haven't been there in years," she suggested.

"Yeah, it's really nice up there," added Alan.

Ron thought for a moment then said, "Great idea, Georgian Bay it is! Let's leave Thursday and take everything as it comes, no planning, no booking, just a carefree trip filled with sex at every opportunity."

"That last bit sounds great to me. Hotel sex . . . I love hotel sex and we never know who we'll meet along the way," Audrey said with a big, sexy grin, a sexy grin that Ron and Alan knew very well.

Ron leaned over the table again, "You just want to slip into Alan's bed during the night and what do you mean by, 'meet others along the way', are you feeling that urge again?"

Audrey giggled, "You know I always slip into Alan's bed in the middle of the night when we are away and maybe I am feeling the urge, we'll just have to wait and see."

Ron looked at his friend and said in a low voice, "She's such a horny slut."

"Yes she is, but she's fun, she's sexy and she's our horny slut and that's why we love her, now let's get out of here before I take her right here on this table," Alan replied.

Ron motioned to Kerrie for the check then stared at his wife, "Good idea, let's go home and do something about our horny slut."

They discussed the trip on the journey home and decided they would go away for up to two weeks depending on the weather, which had been spectacular recently even though Fall was just around the corner. It was the tail end of the tourist season so finding accommodation shouldn't be too much of a problem. They agreed to adopt a leisurely pace and see where the road and events led them, a sort of serendipitous getaway of discovery, stopping wherever they came across something interesting.

Once they arrived home Audrey went directly upstairs. Ron and Alan gave knowing smiles to one another and Ron said, "She's really horny and thinking about this trip will only increase that. Let's wait and see how long it takes for her to yell for us to hurry up." Alan laughed in agreement and the guys sat down.

It only took a few minutes before they heard, "Hurry up you guys, are you coming up or what?"

"Yes Dear, we're on our way, we'll be right up," Ron replied as if her question came as a surprise. The guys made their way upstairs and into the bedroom. Audrey was standing in front of the chair beside the bed and as they walked in she bent over and slipped her thong down to her ankles.

Alan gazed at the sexy sight and thought of the many times she had bent over and lewdly displayed her ass and pussy while dressed erotically for him. She knew how much he loved seeing her like this in stockings, heels and garter belt and his response was varied; he may sit between her legs and ease her pussy onto his mouth or perhaps stand beside her, finger her clit and spank her bottom, other times he would just slide his cock into her and fuck her downward dog, a position they both enjoyed.

"Ah, Ron, do you think she's trying to tell us something?" Alan asked, looking at the erotic pose of the naughty wife.

"She wants to get fucked, let me juice her up then you can fuck her while she sucks my dick," Ron responded.

Both men shed their clothes and as Alan stroked his cock, Ron sat between his wife's legs and ate her pussy. She gyrated her hips, forcing her pussy onto his mouth, intensifying the sensations coursing through her body as she ran her hands through her husband's hair. It was a horny sight for Alan and his cock couldn't have been any harder. Ron got up and sat on the chair, "Suck it bitch," he ordered and pulled Audrey's head down onto his erection. He liked to talk dirty during sex and all three found it sexually exciting. "Here you go, my friend, my fucking slut wife is wet and ready for some cock, so step up and fuck her."

As Audrey slurped Ron's cock, Alan stood behind her and rubbed his cock over her cunt lips and clit. Ron had done a good job and it felt so good to slip his cock into the heat of her willing and wet vagina.

A couple of hours later Audrey was lying between her two men in the afterglow of being well taken care of. They played idly with her nipples and caressed and squeezed her ample breasts. Occasionally a hand strayed to her bottom or onto her clitoris. She sighed a deep sigh of sexual contentment. They drifted into a light sleep and it was well past midnight when Alan stirred and made his way to the spare bedroom.

Soft warmth enveloped Alan from his neck to his feet as Audrey cuddled up behind him. He opened one eye and the bedside clock/radio read 3:10AM. Her hand caressed his thigh then moved onto his growing erection. She expertly teased the head then sensuously stroked it several times until it was fully engorged and ready for her. He rolled onto his back and Audrey's large breasts brushed his face. She directed a nipple into his mouth and he sucked it then she presented her other breast and he did the same. She loved her nipples to be sucked hard, especially while being fucked or using her Magic Wand while Alan thrust a big dildo deep into her pussy. He fondled her lovely bottom and reached around to spread her pussy lips wide apart. She felt his cock nudge against her anus then it found its mark and pushed inside. He kept her bottom cheeks spread as he pumped into her pussy and sucked her nipples. Spreading wide the cheeks of her backside also spread her anus and this added an extra element of stimulation for Audrey. She cooed and cried with pleasure as one orgasm followed another and the sounds Alan's cock made in her pussy, like a boot being pulled out of wet mud, excited both of them. He squeezed her bottom as his ejaculation neared and they both moaned as hot squirts of semen splashed in her vagina. They held each other tight, kissing and enjoying their mutual climaxes to the full as his cock continued to throb against the walls of her pussy.

"I've been having some very horny thoughts these past few months about one particular thing I've never experienced," she confessed as they lay close. "I've discussed it with Ron and it turns him on. He says if I want it so bad I should go for it and he will help me get it."

"And this one particular thing, do you want it badly?" Alan replied with interest.

"Yes, I think about it a lot and the more I think about it the more I want it."

"And what is it?"

"Anonymous sex!"

"What do you mean?"

"I'd like to have sex with a stranger, not know his name, not even see his face, it could be in total darkness and no words would pass between us. I don't care what his age is, what he looks like or want to know anything about him. I imagine I'm tied up and unable to resist, he comes in, fucks me and leaves, it's just primal lust. He must have a big cock and fuck me hard and deep though. I can imagine he is anyone I want him to be. It's that I don't know him and never will but he can see me lewdly displayed for his sexual pleasure and he takes me and there's nothing I can do about it, that's what excites me."

"Umm, I can see why you might find it exciting. It is an erotic thought, purely from and primal urge point of view," Alan said. Some time later she slipped away and curled up next to Ron, satisfied for the moment with another man's seed filling and comforting her and with erotic thoughts of being fucked by a complete stranger.

On Thursday, Alan drove to Ron and Audrey's house, they were taking the SUV because it had more room for luggage and other things they would indulge themselves with along the way. Alan hoisted the last suitcase into the vehicle just as Audrey came out with another one. "Another case! How much stuff are you taking?" Ron inquired.

"Oh, these are some essentials for the trip; lingerie, heels, short skirts and other sexy outfits, garter belts, stockings and, of course, my Magic Wand and favourite dildo, I never leave home without them!"

Ron looked at his pal and shook his head, "Get in, let's get this circus on the road."

Once out of the city they travelled along the highway for a short distance then took an exit to continue on quieter roads for a more leisurely drive. On a quiet stretch Ron pulled over and Alan got in the back with Audrey - the sexual ingredient to their adventure had begun. Audrey wasn't wearing panties and she leaned back against the door, opened her legs and displayed her wet pussy to Alan and watched him pull down his pants and stroke his cock.

They fondled and performed oral on one another, then Audrey straddled Alan's lap. The dark tint on the windows prevented any passing motorists from seeing what was going on inside. Ron adjusted the rear view mirror so he could glance up and watch his wife's lovely ass bouncing up and down on his friend's cock. "You are a slut, Audrey," he commented with a laugh then, "fuck her Alan, fuck my slutty wife, she'll want lots of dick on this trip!"

It was to be a prophetic announcement and if Audrey knew what the future held she would have urged her husband to step on the gas but as it was they continued their leisurely pace through farm land and wooded roadsides along scenic country roads.

Audrey and Alan kissed, fondled and fucked for about 100kms then the guys changed places. Ron was horny after watching his wife being fucked and now it was his turn. Her pussy was very wet after being drilled, as always, and as he ate her he thought how erotic it was to be eating his wife's pussy right after another man's cock had fucked it. He enjoyed that thought, after all, he had watched several men fuck her over the years, she liked different men from time to time and he was happy for her to enjoy them and join in the horny times but it had just been Alan for a good many years now so perhaps she was due to get the urge for more. Audrey's mouth on his cock always felt great and when she straddled his lap Alan didn't need to adjust the rear view mirror to watch them fucking.

Audrey was 17 and still a virgin when she married Ron who was 4years her senior and also a virgin. She learned quickly that she loved sex but Ron was somewhat pedestrian and not creative in sexual matters. They had been married for about a year when she experienced her second cock. She was horny and sitting on the sofa between Ron and a friend when she suddenly pulled the friend onto the floor and they had sex while Ron watched. The following week the friend was back with his wife and they swapped and fucked in separate bedrooms. It never happened again and Ron said he preferred to watch her rather than fuck someone else.

As the years passed, life and kids got in the way and it was not until 25 years later that another man shared sex with them. They visited a divorced friend, Steven, and ended up spending all night in his bed. After that night they saw Steven regularly for threesomes for a couple of years. John was a friend of Steven and Ron and Audrey met him at a BBQ. Everyone in their circle of friends knew John was very well endowed. Audrey was becoming tired of sex with Steven and when John divorced she decided to go after him. At another BBQ she made it clear she was interested in him and he invited Ron and her to see his home that friends said was lovely and beside a lake. The home was everything the friends had raved about and John invited Ron and Audrey to his lakeside home on the following weekend. Everyone knew where this was going, Audrey had left no doubt in Steven's mind and she made the first advance. He was standing beside the fireplace when Audrey went to him and caressed his crotch. He was indeed hung, more so than Audrey could ever imagine or what friends had even surmised and she later measured its fully erect length at 13". He introduced her to many new sexual pleasures including fisting, bondage, spanking and role play.

They stopped here and there along the way and continued their leisurely pace north. Audrey began checking her phone for a hotel or B&B to stay the night. "This looks nice, it's a B&B in Wiarton, lots of good reviews and the place reminds me of houses in England."

"Give them a call, see if they have 2 rooms, adjoining or next to one another," Ron suggested.

She called and spoke for several minutes. "Okay, we're all set, two rooms and they have a connecting door," she said gleefully. "Guy's name is Roy, he sounds very nice."

Ron punched the address in the GPS and they arrived in the driveway of 'Georgian Retreat' forty minutes later. As they stepped from the vehicle Audrey immediately pointed to the motorbike at the top of the drive, "Look Ron, that's a Harley, I wonder if it belongs to Roy or a guest?"

The front door opened and they were greeted by Roy with hearty handshakes and smiles all around. "Come, come on in. Welcome, have you come a long way."

"Not far, near Toronto but we're in no rush. We are on a journey of discovery, it's taken us most of the day to get here," Alan explained.

"Sounds like fun," Roy said and after introductions led his guests upstairs to their rooms. Alan caught Roy's subtle glances at each of them and could guess what he was thinking. Husband, wife and another man, adjoining rooms, uuummm! Audrey looked at Alan and gave him a smile when she saw the king bed and an even bigger smile when she saw the large spa tub in the expansive bathroom. It was a beautiful B&B and Audrey complimented Roy, she had made a good choice. "I'll leave you to get settled, if you would like some refreshment, coffee, tea, just come down to the kitchen," Roy said and made his way downstairs.

"Thank you, Mr. Blaine, I think we could all do with a cup of tea," Audrey said in her most provocative voice.

"Er . . . very good, see you in the kitchen and it's Roy, call me Roy, please."

"Thank you, Roy, we'll be down in a few minutes," Audrey said with a look that said my legs are open for you. The guys gave her that look, "I'm just being polite . . . well. . . and thinking something naughty."

"What?" Ron asked.

"Oh, something!"

"Yes, I know it's something! What!?"

"I think Roy is attractive."

"You know nothing about him, he may be married or gay or not interested in you," Ron suggested.

"Oh, he's interested in me, I can always tell and he's thinking, one woman with two men and adjoining rooms - he knows and it excites him or at least he's intrigued."

"I thought the same thing, he knows what we get up to," Alan agreed.

"Well, I'm sure you'll find out before the end of our stay, you always do. If you want him then go for it, I'm sure Alan won't mind Roy joining us," Ron commented with resignation.

"No, I don't mind, the more the merrier," Alan responded.

Roy poured out the tea and passed it around the table. "You have a lovely home, Roy, does Mrs. Blaine help with the management of the B&B?" Audrey inquired with the obvious ulterior motive of extracting pertinent information.

"My wife died three years ago. She ran this place then when she passed I shut it down. I turned 65 almost a year ago and retired. It was then I decided to reopen the B&B. I had always helped my wife with the business, I was a chef so the meals were no problem for me and the rest came easily enough. I like meeting people and it gives me something to do."

"I'm sorry to hear about your wife, are we your only guests?"

"At the moment, yes, it's been a busy Spring and Summer. I have 4 rooms and they were occupied most of the time. It's much quieter now and I'll close at the end of October, I have a place in Scottsdale, Arizona where I spend winters, I drive down on my bike."

"So, the Harley out front is yours. Ron and I always wanted a Harley, Alan's not interested in bikes, he's a Cadillac guy. Could we take a look?" Audrey asked.

"Certainly," Roy said with pride, "she's my baby." Outside Ron and Audrey admired the bike as Roy pointed out various details. Alan drifted away to look at the several flower beds that skirted the property. "I take it for a spin every evening, just around town past Bruce's Caves and Bluewater Park. Would you like to come along, It would be great to have someone with me, my wife always accompanied me."

"Oh no, we couldn't," Ron said. Audrey was less certain, she was eager to go for a bike ride and when Roy looked at them pleadingly Ron said, "Why don't you go, Audrey, go with Roy, you packed your leather jacket and I know you want to, so go!"

She couldn't hide her excitement and beamed from ear to ear, "I'll go and get ready."

"Me too," Roy said and they went off into the house.

Ron wandered off to find Alan and was thinking that his wife had more on her mind than riding a bike, she was thinking about riding Roy.

Audrey and Roy came out 'Born To Run' and Ron took a few photos before they zoomed off. He turned to his friend, "She wants to fuck him."

"Oh yeah!"

"All the signs are there, she's already made up her mind."

"Should be fun tonight then, three of us with her, I bet Roy hasn't been getting it recently so he will be eager for the beaver."

"She'll love it, all that attention from three guys, should be fun as you say."

Audrey hugged Roy as he drove at a steady, safe speed through town and into the scenic surroundings. From time to time she would subtly caress his chest, hoping he would understand the hint and not think she was just readjusting her hold. Ron knew his wife well, she had indeed decided to seduce this attractive man.

They drove past the caves and stopped at the park. They walked along the path beside the lake and Audrey asked, "Do you have a girlfriend in town?"

"Afraid not, I felt I was ready for some female company but this year has been so busy I haven't had the time."

"Yes it must be difficult but if you are ready for some female company I'm certain you will find someone very soon." Audrey said and looked at Roy in a way that made him think and hope he knew the meaning of some of the cryptic language that had been passing between them. She was with two men and was open to a third . . . him! "I hope it's very soon also, I think I really need some female company," he said, hoping she got his cryptic message. When they got back on the Harley, Audrey caressed his chest more overtly than before, her pussy was tingling and Roy's cock was fully erect and a little uncomfortable beneath his leathers.

Ron and Alan were relaxing on the patio when the bikers got back. "Good ride? Ron asked.

"It was great, thanks again, Roy," Audrey said happily.