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This is an Incest story between Mother and her Son.

It is a long story, in a taboo subject. This Chapter might be better if read After Chapter 1 - yin yang and Chapter 2 - rodeo

Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text written in Sanskrit and is not just a sex-guide as it is projected out by many, although sexuality is at its core. The positions associated with Kama Sutra are playful take by the philosopher Vatsyayana who many centuries earlier addressed sexuality as a tool for a better life, better relationships, and emotional fulfillment of society.

I can't claim to be an expert on Kama Sutra, or even close to knowing enough about it and I have taken liberties for the sake of the plot.



Later that night, at the dinner table, Mom imagined it would be the best time to discuss what had happened earlier during the day.

On the drive home, we both were awfully quiet, lost in our own thoughts. I, for one, was giddy.

I was obviously bustling with euphoric energy and excitement, trying desperately hard to hide my exuberance.

Playing with her food on the plate, Mom said, "Adam, can we discuss what happened earlier today." It was more of a statement than a question. As if she had made up her mind what to say.

My answer was rather muted, "sure."

"You are aware what happened earlier was an exception and cannot be considered, by any measure, a standard around here." Again a statement, not a question.

My reply was again straight, "yes, Mom."

"Things did go overboard, but we must ensure this is restricted to the shoot, and then we return to our normal lives." Mom's statement was -- a matter of fact -- but it carried the underlying confirmation, that for the rest of the shoot, we were going ahead with some relaxations.

If I could, I would have been more vocal, but I surmised myself with a silent sigh of relief.

I nodded.

Having said her piece, there was a lot of what she meant but did not say. Yet, I understood almost all of it.

She changed the subject to something more mundane, and slowly we veered back to the shoot and talking about the next day's positions.

Like in the past couple of days, the discussion about the sexual positions for the shooting and their pros-and-cons were par-for-the-course. There was no embarrassment around discussing the positions; it was work.

Later that night, I joined her in her bedroom just as she walked out of her en-suite bathroom in a small negligee. She wasn't surprised to see me, and that meant I was right -- we could go ahead with our supposed practice sessions.

What had started with some harmless hugging and cuddling, in order to practice getting comfortable with each other's bodies, had, with time, gotten hotter and steamier.

Over the past ten-odd days that I had been sleeping in Mom's bed, we had graduated from cuddling and spooning to kissing and then making out. Barring the first night, Mom had worn the bodysuits she had purchased that stuck to her like a second skin. I had made the most of the opportunities that the bodysuits offered. Their extremely-thin and very smooth fabric only added to the experience.

Things had changed over the last two days, especially today. The negligee that Mom wore was apparently a sign of things going to the next level, or probably resigning to the pointlessness of a buffer. After all, we had seen each other naked. Well, more than that, we had played with each other naked. Her negligee reached her upper thighs. It was one with a blue silky fabric and white linings on the edges. Two very-thin straps on her shoulders, holding it up.

It was my turn to change the tone of what would follow. I reached the side of the bed and pulled my t-Shirt off. Around the same time, Mom reached her side of the bed; brought her hand up slowly, and dragged the negligee straps off her shoulders one at a time. I pulled my boxers off, trying not to rush things.

With just one move, our relationship had traveled so far ahead as if Moon was a walkable distance from earth. She voluntarily stripped to get in the bed with me. This was portentous.

Mom kept her panties on and climbed the bed, momentarily turning her back towards me, before getting under the thin covers. I was already halfway in the middle of the bed. My right hand stretched next to her pillow before she laid back, to ensure that she was on my arm as she slowly rolled back.

As soon as she was straight on her back, I rolled my arm inwards and got her to turn into my chest within seconds. My left hand went behind her back to pull her further in, and my leg climbed outside her thigh to shove my hard dick into her panty-covered pussy mound.

If the previous few nights were any sign of how things were going to go, then she would let me play with her body all night long. I managed to do that and much more.

When we woke up the next morning, her breast was firmly within my mouth as I sucked her calmly and luxuriously. Her hand in my hair, rolling her approval and confirmed her love for me.

During the night, I had slipped lower and had made the most of the opportunity to sleep in her bare chest, warm, supple, perfumed, and divine.

Both of us made no rushed effort to disentangle, even as we slowly woke up to the realization of our entwined embrace. I was half on top of Mom, going after her right nipple. My hand way below on her back, cupping her panty covered bun, holding her closer.

Her left hand, which tousled my hair, was coming from under my neck, and her other hand was loosely parked on my shoulder.

Without having sex, we had achieved a level of intimacy that was beyond erotic.

Around noon, we ate a late brunch and got ready for our eventful afternoon. We were very relaxed and at ease. This helped the mood monumentally.

Around 2 pm, we entered the mansion-turned-studio with Mom holding my hand.

In the make-up room, Mom exclaimed, "Hey, Alex," as if meeting an old friend and hugged her lightly along with an air-kiss next to her cheek.

'Hello, to you too," Once done with her greeting cum hug, she stepped back to appreciate Mom and added, "you look beautiful."

"thank you." Mom took the compliment with modesty.

Mom left me with Alex to meet with Megan upstairs. "I'll go check with Megan and join you in a bit."

Alex complimented me only after Mom was out of the room. "Hello, Adam. Let's start."

"sure," I responded.

In about twenty minutes, she was done with me, and Mom joined us back, satisfied with what she had seen upstairs. By the time Mom came, I had already put my robe on and was going to step out.

As Mom got ready, I joined Megan upstairs to inspect the settings for the shoot.

We were in the same room as the previous day; with the same revolving bed, the curtains, the mirror, and the camera and equipment. Apparently, the Female on top and Male on Top versions were to be done in the same backgrounds.

With not much else to discuss, Megan and I went through the positions, one final time, which we were to model for today.

She told me of a change that Mom had discussed with her in the last hour or so. We were to start with a slightly modified Missionary position that was not scheduled earlier. It made sense that we won't have to go for the aspirational shots straight up.

These would be followed by the sequences that were confirmed earlier, the Lowered Lotus, Proffering, and finally, Seduction. Of course, by now, we knew there could always be spontaneous deviations, and we would deal with those on the fly.

Whenever Mom entered a room, it was a moment to behold, every time. More so now that I was in awe of her beauty. Others in the room, I bet, were no different.

She looked radiant, and she was glowing thanks to Alex's handiwork. After some brief prep, Megan signaled that we are good to go ahead. Moments later, I took off my robe, as did Mom simultaneously.

Alex automatically gravitated towards Mom and brushed the little nothings on her beautiful subject. Just as Mom headed towards the circular bed, Alex did the superficial brushwork on my back to take some shine off.

I joined Mom on the bed with a semi hard-on in front. But this time around, I was neither embarrassed nor worried. With the experience of the previous two days, I was confident my dick would be at its hardest today.

Mom had reached her marked position, and I wobbled ahead on my knees. Mom opened her legs almost two feet apart to allow me to come between her legs. Her open legs reminded me to look between her thighs, and I redirected my eyes away from her heaving breasts to her pussy. As she opened her legs, layers of skins parted on her pussylips to reveal the pink insides, sending tingles through me.

I badly wanted to dive into her thighs and kiss and lick her. I wanted to forget the positions and restart our endeavor from the beginning. I was almost drooling, my eyes sparkling. Mom's legs, on impulse, tried to come together. But I was on my knees in between, and that wouldn't be possible. Her legs touched my sides, and I looked up towards her and saw her looking towards me.

She was self-conscious for a moment. Both of us smiled at each other, affirming what was to come next. My dick was now hardening up every passing second.

We both impatiently looked towards Megan, who nodded almost instantly her approval, "yup."

I took a few more steps forward on my knees and firmly spotted myself high, in between her thighs. Then I bent forward, and my palms landing on the mattress on both her sides. I knelt until my head reached above hers.

I pressed my chest downwards, bending my arms on the elbows; our eyes locked, my lips landed on hers. She reached up with her hands circling my neck and pulling me forward into her. The mutual eagerness made our lips squash more than we both intended. Instantly increasing pressure in my palms, I pressed down into the mattress; pulling my chest and head up just a tad to ensure our lips didn't unlock, and we kissed merrily. Mom clung to my neck, and I kept my hands on the bed.

Our first few kisses were urgent, and then we slowed down to enjoy the dueling tongues. Our heads twisting every few seconds to find an improved angle for our tongues. I loved the foreplay.

"mmm," moaned Mom.

My cock had nestled between her pussylips full length. Inadvertently, I was hotdogging her pussy with the length of my cock. My butt moved in a light slow motion on her pussy, trying to find a comfortable channel to plow.

As we kissed lovingly, Mom's moved one of her hands from my neck to behind my back and pulled me towards her. I got the message and released the pressure on my arms to mash my chest into her breasts. I brought my hands behind her, one under her shoulder and the other behind her head, lifting it into my mouth. My elbows holding my weight from off her.

My slow bucking got its desired results down below. Her pussy was now wet and gooey. Without attempting to hold my cock in my hands to make it enter her pussy, I raised my butt on an angle pulling back enough that my erection slowly receded to her entry gates. She realized my intent instantly and tilted up her butt slightly.

Having permission to fuck your mother is the greatest joy in the world. I just received that lottery ticket, pre-destined for a win.

My hips held the cockhead on her pussylips only for a fleeting moment, and then I pressed forward to enter her. Inch after inch, I embedded my cock into her wet pussy and was blessed with the most exhilarating feeling.

My lips left hers as both of us grunted, "mmmmmm."

As soon as we achieved bottom, Mom squeezed her pussy from inside in appreciation, and I twitched my cock inside her to welcome her gratitude.

We reattached our lips and entered into our world of sexual bliss.

I was jerking in and out of her at a slow and loving pace. There was no perceivable reason for me to rush.

Belatedly, I opened my eyes and saw that Mom. looking towards me. She gave a passive signal to move ahead by altering the rhythm we had, and I understood what was expected of me.

Megan was clicking pictures happily. Shooting instructions, which I doubt Mom or I were interested in listening to.

When changing positions, I only took a moment to recollect what was supposed to be my next move as we got into the Lowered Lotus position.

I brought my right hand from under Mom and put my palm facing down on the bed, on her left. I pulled out my left hand from behind her neck and pushed it under her butt, grabbing her buns in my open palm and on my forearm.

Slowly I raised myself to my knees, pulling Mom with me, assisted by my hand under her butt. My right hand supporting the push upward. As I went to my knees, I dragged Mom towards me, my cock still impaled inside her.

As Mom got comfortable, She lifted her legs behind my ass and interlocked her feet to tighten the grip between her thighs. I was kneeling forward towards her, and my hand clutching her butt easily held her in place, my cock immersed in her pussy.

Remembering the referral shot from the earlier discussions, it was certainly easier than it seemed at that moment. It could well be because Mom was light enough for me.

With my head a foot or so above hers, I could see Mom's face flushing as I started plunging into her again, only to pull back slowly so as not to withdraw completely. It sure needed some strength in the arms to hold on to Mom and my own weight leaning forward, but I was high on adrenaline.

Mom was panting, heavily though she didn't make too much movement except for jerking her hips in ecstasy.

By my tenth shove, she was cumming and grunting simultaneously. "aah," "aah," "uuhh." She tried desperately to decibel levels muted, her lungs exulting on their own.

I was determined to let her enjoy her climax and kept bucking and nudging into her regularly, only more vigorously. Eventually, her feet unlocked from behind my back and rested on my sides, though my hand on her butt didn't let her legs go all the way down.

Her feet held some of her weight, and that relaxed some of the pressure from my shoulder. I readjusted my hold under her buns.

As she looked towards me lovingly, she switched towards our next set, Proffering. Still trying to regroup her energies, she lazily moved her feet towards her butt until they were parallel to my legs. The bottom of her feet aligned next to my knees on the mattress, and her butt remained in the air holding on to my cock inside her. Mom nudged her pelvis up a little towards me.

Nothing other than the bottom of her feet and her head was touching the bed. She brought her hands to hold her ankles closer and hefted her hips higher to give me a proper angle. And then it was my turn.

I started jacking into her furiously, losing control of the heavenly figure below me. Mom was leaning away from me, and I had to hold her hips to give me leverage. I pumped regularly into her, and with each jerk shifting her upwards a little. Her face turned beet red from all the blood traveling to her face.

My hands gripped her hips tighter to stop her from getting away from me with each jerk. I pulled her with my every shove, eventually mastering the position of power.

My cock pulsed inside her, besides plunging. Mom felt the commotion inside her pussy. She was looking into my eyes when I started coming into her in droves.

Grunts left my throat, involuntarily, "huh, huh."

After another few shoves, my hips stopped pumping as I just held her hard, pulling her into my pelvis. My cock was spasming, and its juices gushing into her depth.

Responding to my cock spraying her insides, Mom squeezed her pussy to drag on my cock further in her. My half-open eyelids saw Mom smiling below me, looking towards my overjoyed face. Proffering was a success.

Slowly I realized I had to let Mom down. Both of us had been fucking for over the last thirty minutes, and we were nowhere near done. The best of the position was yet to come. We had the Seduction position to complete, and that would require little time to finish that. I had every intention of prolonging every second of that time.

I touched Mom's feet on her shins pushing her to fold them back. As she gladly did that, my cock flopped out of her. She dragged her feet all the way back under her ass, even as her thighs remained open. Her shoulders rested on the mattress easing her head straight a little. Even in a somewhat acrobatic posture, she seemed utterly relaxed.

I straightened my legs behind my back to lay above Mom. I moved forward between her legs, getting my dick lined in front of her pussy. My hands held Mom's and dragged them above her head, stretching her chest. My head came down on her magnetic orb, taking in a nipple. I sucked for a few moments, and I leaned forward and upward. In went my cock inside her pussy, without much ado, and her eyes shut instantly.

Mom savored the pleasure of my entry, her back arched up into my torso. My lips lost her nipple in my upwards move, and I looked down into her joyous face as I entered her from below. My hands held her arms above her head on the bed, firmly but not forceful, stretching her body completely. That made her pussy tighten on my cock, as I tried to plunge deeper.

We had the Seduction position, and I saw Megan right into my face with her camera. Only then did I realize that the bed had been rotating all this while. Mom and I had been so engrossed with each other, at least I can certify I was, that we were oblivious to the presentation factor for our team and audience.

Mom stretched below me had her eyes shut and her lips only open enough to let out mewing sounds, "mmm," "mmm," "mmm," with my every jerk.

I increased my tempo.

Mom's arms above her head were limp and lay on the bed, even while I had them pinned softly. Her head had tilted sideways as if she was too lost in pleasure to respond to background cues being relayed to her.

Mom's legs were folded under her butt, pushing her pussy up into my cock that was playing inside her merrily. Mom's raised butt made her spine arch, pushing her tummy and her breasts into my chest.

My view was the most pleasant. I looked down towards Mom and enjoyed every fraction of every moment, reveling in the fact that the unbounded joy on her face was my doing.

To our credit, we had practiced this position at home because Mom felt it was wildly erotic to look at and was appropriately named Seduction. We both had practiced this a few days back, even as she wore her bodysuit and I was in my boxers. Even the dry fuck session in this lovingly erotic position had us buzzed.

The actual Seduction pose fucking was a hundred times better than our dry fuck session, and Mom's face right in front of me was proof of that. With our edges off, we took our time with this position and gave no appreciation to the audience.

After many rotations of the circular bed and many minutes of bucking, pushing, and pulling, I felt Mom spasm rapidly below me. My cock was rubbing her clitoris even as her stretched body tightened every muscle in her, including her pussy around my dick.

Mom was silently shaking in my hands, too overwhelmed to even making noises other than mewing. I knew her convulsions were a testament to our successful endeavor.

Long after Mom had orgasmed, I kept my fucking going. I wondered if I could go on long enough to make her cum once more, but she eventually went limp. I was going to cum, but I held back. I dropped my head on her and started kissing her. Mom responded very softly. She was inundated with our last bout.

I pulled Mom up in my arms, and in her climb up, my dick popped out of her. I heard a soft purr from Mom. Her body had given up, but her mind and heart wanted me to go on.

I kept going up until I was sitting on my knees, and Mom was in my arms; feeble, and almost lifeless. Just as we both got on the knees, blood circulation into the rest of her body helped her gain back her bearings. Mom opened her eyes and smiled into my face when she saw me looking at her lovingly.