Reading the first part of this story 'Going on the game' would provide a basis for a greater understanding of part 2. Also, to those who read and enjoyed my humble effort, I extend my appreciation for their time, here is the second part so many of you requested. The characters portrayed in my stories are works of fiction and any resemblance to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

I stood on the pavement feeling strangely euphoric, which was something of an odd sensation to say the least, considering I had not just broken my marriage vows but shattered them completely, albeit at the request of my husband. Lost in the moment the sound of a car honking as it drove by jerked me out of my musings and back to the reality of the moment, my last words to Liam sitting in our car across the street still fresh in my mind.

Was I really about to continue selling my body? I had done it once, just to fulfil my husband's fantasy and now we could go home, couldn't we? As I contemplated turning around and going back to our car the realisation slowly dawned on me. I didn't want to stop. I had enjoyed playing the prostitute for my husband. I had enjoyed being used by Alan. And most of all I wanted it to happen again. For a moment I let the actuality of the situation sink in before turning to look back across the road. I couldn't see Liam sitting inside our car, it was too dark, but I knew he was there so I took out my phone and quickly typed a text message.

"Shall I stop? Do you want me to come back?"

I held my breath waiting for his reply, jumping when, a few seconds later, my phone buzzed even though I was expecting it.


The one-word answer told me everything I needed to know. He wanted me to be out here working the streets as a common whore.

"It might be a long night then."

I smiled to myself as I sent back a response, one that I hoped would excite him even more, before giving him a little wave as I turned back to start patrolling my small patch of pavement again. Just as before I had a feeling of nervous excitement in the pit of my stomach and my heart was beating faster as waited for my next customer.

After a few minutes of casual meandering back and forth, swinging my hips as invitingly as I could, I stopped and leant up against a wall, one knee bent with my foot up against the brickwork in what I hoped was a stereotypical, classic lady-of-the-night pose, making it even more obvious why I was standing there. It certainly revealed the tops of my stockings to anyone looking so I hoped it would have the desired effect on anyone passing by regardless of its authenticity.

There seemed to be a little more traffic now, most of the vehicles slowing down as they passed, their drivers taking the opportunity to look me over, then moving off to see what else was on display further down the street. Each of these rejections left with me with mixed feelings of relief and disappointment and I began to wonder if anything more would happen when a white transit van pulled up at the kerbside. Pushing up off the wall I took a deep breath before strutting up to the open passenger window.

"Hey honey, looking for some fun?" I enquired, this time taking a moment to study the driver, unlike my previous, initial encounter when I had been too nervous to pay him much attention. He was younger than Alan, my first punter, probably about the same age as me by the look of him and some sort of builder, judging by the way he was dressed.

"Err.... Yeah..... I err.... I guess I am. Ummm.... How much do you..... you know.... charge?" the response to my question told me he was probably even more nervous than I was.

I smiled, for the first time that evening I felt in control of the situation.

"Well honey...!" leaning into the open window and flaunting my tits I recited my price list, "It's £40 for full sex, £25 for oral and anything else is negotiable.".

"I... Err... umm... yeah, that's... umm... great. OK." He visibly blushed as he accepted my prices.

"Great. You gonna let me in then sugar?" I asked, stepping back and waiting for him to lean over to open the door to let me clamber up into the passenger seat of his van.

His gaze dropped down to my legs as I sat down and fastened the seat-belt, my short plaid kilt riding up my thighs to expose the dark bands at the top of my stockings as well as an inch or two of smooth pale flesh above them.

"Like the view." I giggled making him blush again.

"Oh... I.... err.... I'm.... s.. sorry, I... err... I!" he stammered like a schoolboy caught doing something naughty.

His obvious embarrassment made me laugh out loud momentarily and I reached across to place my hand on his arm.

"It's alright sweetie, I don't mind you looking anyway I expect you'll be seeing a lot more than that soon enough" my teasing made him colour up again.

"Take a left at the corner there, then left again. You can park up behind the building where we won't be disturbed." I continued quickly, issuing directions to him, not giving him a chance to answer.

"What's your name?" he asked quietly a few seconds later as he put the van into gear and pulled away from the kerb.

"It's Sara" I lied, keeping to the name I had given myself earlier, "What about you? What should I call you hon?"

"Julian, my name's Julian." He replied without looking at me.

We sat without speaking after that as Julian, following my directions, drove the van into the dark, empty and abandoned loading area at the back of the empty building. Parking in the shadows he turned off the engine and we sat for a moment, listening to the tick of the metal as it started to cool.

"Shall we sort out the money then sweetie?" I turned towards him, breaking the silence that had descended.

"Oh yeah, yeah of course" he fumbled for his wallet, drawing out two £20 notes and passing them across to me. "We can... err could.... You know, if you don't mind... that is.... I err... have some blankets and stuff in the back of the van" he suggested as I tucked the notes into my bag and retrieved a condom.

I looked up and smiled at this perceived naivety "Sure we can, it'll be nice and comfortable in the back.".

Julian went first, climbing between the seats and then holding out a hand to assist me as I clambered through awkwardly in my high heels. The back of the van was pretty much empty of everything aside from a few boxes and a pile of what appeared to be old sheets and blankets and I waited patiently watching as he grabbed them, spreading them out on the floor.

"Would you mind getting naked for me?" he looked back at me questioningly as he finished laying out the covers, "I don't mind paying a bit extra.".

"Sure hon, shall we call it a tenner then" smiling, I joined him on the blanket as he handed me £10 which I immediately stuffed into my bag along with the other notes he had given me.

I didn't wait for any further prompting from Julian and just hooked my fingers under the bottom edge of my top to draw it off over my head, allowing my pert, modest breasts to spill free. Almost immediately the pink nipples began to harden in the cool air, while the dark circles of my areola puckered around them.

"You not getting undressed?" I smiled at him as he knelt there, his eyes fixed on my bare tits.

"Oh yeah right... yeah" he started pulling off his shirt as he replied, revealing an impressively muscular chest.

Watching him start to strip my fingers dropped down to the clasp on my skirt, "You haven't done this before have you?", I asked as I pulled the kilt away from me, leaving me in just my stockings and heels.

"Err... well... I umm... I... No... this is the first time I've.... " he admitted haltingly, pausing halfway through unzipping his jeans, his eyes dropping down to focus on my shaven pussy.

"Picked up a prostitute!" I interrupted him, the sound of my own voice acknowledging his perception of me coming as a shock.

"Yes!" Julian looked down to the floor not wanting to meet my eyes.

Reaching for his zipper I took over the task of undoing it as he laid back and watched me, "It's ok honey, I've been called a lot worse".

I quickly pulled down his jeans and shorts allowing his cock to spring free, the half erect shaft almost hitting me in the face as it popped out over his boxers. My eyes widened in appreciation when I saw his sizeable prick matched his strapping physique and I let my hand close around the hot, thick rod. His earthy masculine scent; a mixture of sweat, stale urine, and male odours immediately assaulted my nostrils as I gently began to stroke it, letting my fingers lightly caress along its swiftly growing length from tip to root until his fully tumescent dick throbbed against my palm.

"Fuck that feels amazing!" he groaned, looking down at me, as I slipped my red lips around the swollen bulbous crown.

"Mmmmmmmmm...... Mmmmmmmm" my muffled moans vibrated along his shaft as I sucked his prick deeper into my mouth, letting my tongue lash wetly around the head tasting his pre-cum.

Julian laid back, groaning appreciatively as, for the next few minutes, I worked my warm, soft mouth up and down on his hard rod until I had completely coated it with my spit. As I sucked greedily, he ran his fingers through my hair and I assumed that a good throat-fucking was coming next but instead he just wound his hand tighter through my locks and held me down on his dick.

"Umm... mmnnghhmmmmm!" struggling to do anything more than mumble with most of his thick cock buried between my red lips and I half expected him to come like this.

Then, without warning, his hands released their grip of my blonde mane and he reached under me to grasp my smallish breasts allowing me to ease my mouth upwards and relieve the pressure on my violated throat. Julian didn't seem to notice my lips releasing their grip however, as he groped my bare, modest tits, twisting and pulling on my sensitive nipples and arousing me even more than I already was.

I could feel his excitement building so, with a sense of reluctance, I allowed the throbbing pole to slip from my mouth, wiping the strands of saliva away with the back of my hand before reaching for the condom I had dropped on the blanket. Ripping the foil packet open I looked up at Julian, smiling naughtily, and started to roll the sheath over his hard, glistening shaft.

"I think it's time to fuck me." I whispered invitingly as I lay on my back, blonde hair fanned out around my head, and opened my legs wide. Julian didn't need telling twice and he was on me immediately, his swollen prick nudging my moist entrance as his weight pressed my stocking clad thighs even further apart.

"Unggghhhhhhhhh!" the feel of his cock made me groan as he thrust up into me, the thickness filling me in a single hard stroke, his urgency obvious. My puffy labia parted around the hard shaft, clinging to it as it drove up into my wet waiting cunt and his pubic bone pressed up against mine. Impaled, I bucked my hips up to meet him as he started to fuck me, his solid prick sliding rhythmically in and out of my dripping hole as my plump lips cushioned each stroke, making the experience even more pleasurable for him.

It might have been the first time Julian had bought a whore but I knew that it certainly wasn't the first time he had fucked a woman from the way he began hammering his cock into me. I clung to him as he used me, pulling my knees up and pressing my legs even wider to give him complete access to my pussy. Again, and again, he drove his length up into me, making me moan with pleasure as I lay beneath him taking every inch of his throbbing prick in my sopping quim.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck... I'm gonna fucking...." Squealing and writhing under Julian as he fucked me, I could hear my voice rising to a shriek as I felt my climax approaching.

Hearing my cries, he started fucking me like we were starring in a cheap porn movie, his arse rising and falling urgently between my spreadeagled thighs as he rammed his large shaft into me as deeply as he possibly could. The van must have been rocking back and forth like crazy as his dick pistoned in and out of my dripping slit.

"YES! Oh yes! God don't stop!! I'm I'm C... C.... CUMMMMMMMING!!" I literally screamed as I came, wrapping my legs around him, my back arching up off the blanket, my cunt muscles clenching tight on the throbbing, hot rod inside me.

Moments later I felt Julian shudder, grunting with effort, his cock buried to the hilt in my pussy, pulsing as it erupted, shooting his seed into the latex sheath protecting my womb. His body jerked again and again and then after a few breathless moments, with my legs still spread wide, he collapsed down on top of me, his bulk pinning me on the van floor. It took another minute or so before he had sufficiently recovered to be able to push himself up and off me, his now soft dick slipping easily out of me with a barely audible plop, allowing me get up myself.

I dressed quickly, pulling on my top and fastening the miniscule skirt around my waist while Julian kept his back to me as he pulled on his own clothes. He seemed to be more than a little embarrassed now he had satisfied his lust and avoided looking me in the eyes as we climbed back into the front of the van. In fact, aside from acknowledging my request to be dropped back at my 'patch' he didn't even speak to me, just stopping to allow me to get out of his van before driving off, without even a goodbye, and leaving me on the street again.

Almost before I had a chance to ponder Julian's unexpected behaviour a car drew up at the side of me and I found myself back in business. However, both this customer and the next punter who picked me up after him proved totally unremarkable. They paid to fuck me and that's just what they did. We parked in the same place, behind the abandoned building, and I lay back, spreading my legs, letting them use me as they wanted. In fact, if it hadn't been for the circumstances, I'm not sure I would have taken any pleasure from the couplings myself.

It was getting late when the second customer dropped me back on the street and I was beginning to feel tired. I had been fucked four times, cumming hard with two of my punters, and with the £170 I had earned in my bag I was thinking that perhaps it was time to go home when a voice behind me made me jump.

"Hello darling, you're new ain't yah, you available?".

I turned around quickly to find myself face to face with a slightly built, ferret faced man, dressed in dirty work clothes.

"Yes, I'm available hon. What you looking for?" the way he sneered at me triggered an immediate dislike of him but I tried not to let that unsettle me.

"You take it up your arse? I know some of you fucking whores won't do that." His coarse language associated with his disgusting request sent a shiver of excitement up my spine.

I wasn't a complete anal virgin, my husband had tried to bugger me on a few occasions, usually when we had had too much to drink but generally it had been a disaster and I had stopped him when it became too painful. It was also something Liam and I hadn't discussed happening tonight and I knew I should say no to the obnoxious little man facing me but, for some reason, I couldn't.

"Yeah, I do anal but it's double the price." I found myself responding tartly.

"So how much?" his leer sent a ripple of humiliation through me which almost made me moan out loud.

"Eighty quid but I haven't got any lube hon, so sorry." Part of me finally responded with some sense of reason.

"Fucking hell that's a bit pricey but I suppose you ain't bad looking, for a tart that is" he looked me up and down appraisingly, "and don't worry I got a jar of Vaseline in my pocket.".

"Oh!" I was lost for a reply as I looked around me, "but where's your car?".

"I'm parked back at work, near the café" he informed me, "but we can use the alleyway, it'll be easier anyway." And with that he took my arm and started to guide me to the darkened space between the two deserted factory units.

"So, what's your name sweetheart?" he continued as we walked into the gloom.

"Sara" I maintained the lie about my name, "what about you?".

"Greg" came his reply as we reached the alley, his hand dropping onto my arse and squeezing none to gently.

"Not so fast sweetie. Let's sort out the business bit first." Stepping away from his grasp I smiled and lifted his hand off my bum.

Greg didn't respond. Instead, he pulled a wad of money from his back pocket and counted out four £20 notes into my hand. I had barely time to tuck the cash into my bag before he spun me around and pushed me up against the wall, sliding his free hand up under my skirt to cup my buttocks.

"Ow! Go fucking gently!" I protested as he roughly groped my arse before pulling my cheeks apart to probe at my puckered entrance with his finger, "And use some fucking lube".

"You've got a lovely little bum darling. I'm gonna enjoy fucking it!" his fingers stopped their exploring for a moment only to return coated in a thick film of Vaseline.

"Oh!" going up onto my toes I gasped, spreading my legs apart, as one of Greg's digits burrowed knuckle deep up my arsehole, slick grease facilitating his penetration. For the next couple of minutes I stood, my hands braced against the wall and my bum pushed back out towards him as he fingered my dark back entrance. At first it was just one finger but he quickly inserted a second and it was only when I protested at the introduction of a third that he stopped.

"Get your mouth around my cock then whore." He demanded yanking his digits out of my stretched backdoor.

I didn't try to protest, just turned to face him and squatted down, my fingers reaching to unfasten his jeans and free his prick into my waiting hand. It was immediately apparent that my latest punter was in need of a shower as the smell of body odour, dried piss and other obnoxious unidentified scents wafted past my nose making me swallow hard.

The fingers that reached for my hair prevented me from baulking at Greg's request, as they twisted in my blonde strands, drawing my head towards his semi-hard erection. Reluctantly, my lips parted and I tried to ignore the stale fetid aroma as I swallowed half of the cock in front of me, noticing for the first time, with a sense of relief, that the shaft was only about 5" long and not particularly thic

It felt like the most humiliating and demeaning thing I had ever done, squatting down in front of this abhorrent little man, sucking his foul-smelling dick. Yet for some strange reason instead of being mortified by it I found it was turning me on more than ever to be used in this way and I could feel my pussy gushing at the mere thought of it.

"Sod me, fucking stop. Before you make me come whore." Greg ordered pulling my mouth off his dick by yanking hard on my hair, "Jesus, you know how to suck a cock, that's for fucking certain.".

Bizarrely his degrading comments and the rough treatment only served to inflame my lust even further so when he pulled me up and pressed me against the wall again, I made no complaint. Looking back over my shoulder I watched as he grinned at me, rolling a rubber over his prick then taking an extra second or two to coat the prophylactic with a glistening covering of lubricant.

Keeping my eyes fixed on him I deliberately leant further forwards, fingers splayed open against the brick wall with my bottom pushed out towards him as I spread my feet apart. With a smirk he moved towards me, hands pulling my skirt up over my waist and prising my cheeks apart while the head of his cock nudged between them. I bit my bottom lip anticipating the pain and wasn't disappointed when the bulbous tip pressed against my tight anal ring. It may not have been that big but I still felt the head being forced into my arsehole.