Chapter 2: We Try Craig's List

She said no, it was a one time thing with my brother, but that incredibly sensual night the three of us spent together worked like a worm in our brains. We still looked at the photographs all the time: I took over a hundred that night. Not all of them were worth keeping; we did keep about twenty. But it was the videos that really turned us on: his cock sliding into her pussy, her sucking my cock, her riding his manhood cowgirl style. By the time it got to that little pearl of jizz nestled in her pussy, we would be fucking like rabbits. Needless to say, our sex life had gone into warp drive.

"So, do we want to do it. Again?" she asked one evening while we were in the jacuzzi a month or so later. We were fucking. I was sitting on the step and she was riding me, her firm tits pressed hard against my chest.

I didn't answer. My focus was feeling her hips grind against me with my cock buried deep in her pussy.

"You really got off watching me with him, didn't you?"

I grunted.

"Had you ever thought about it before that night?"

I looked at her. She laughed. "You did, didn't you! You'd thought about watching me have sex with another man!" She playfully slapped my face. "You bad boy!"

Her eyes closed as an orgasm swept through her.

"Did you imagine me with your brother?" she asked when it had passed.

"No" I replied quickly, "it was always with a stranger, some guy we met at a bar or something."

"Did you ever imagine me watching you fuck another woman?"

That thought had never entered my mind. "No. Have you?"

"All the time, since that night." Her hips moved faster. I was really close to an orgasm.

"Do you think you'd like to watch me?"

She kissed me before she answered, our tongues dancing. "You liked it so why do you think I wouldn't? I mean, it felt so good, so intense, you touching me, taking pictures, taking video. Like we were porn stars or something. I think I'd like it."

"Would you want me to cum in another woman's pussy?"

"Your brother came in mine and it really got you off, didn't it," a statement more than a question. "And I know he sure got me of!," she said wistfully, "Jeez, that night was magical."

It was as if that thought, the sensual magic of that lusty evening caught us both almost by surprise. We both came hard, white strings of semen soon swirling in the water as we got out.

We talked a little more about it during the following weeks. Going to a bar? Nah, we'd have to be seeking out couples and we had no idea how to do that. Besides, neither one of us liked just 'going to a bar'. Get on an adult dating site? So we tried that for a month but found it populated by weirdos and hard core swingers that looked like too many pairs of worn out shoes.

We finally settled on Craig's List. We could join without having to put our profile out there and it was free. Then we could pick and chose from the list. And there were lists, hundreds of names. We narrowed it down to Napa and Sonoma with couples around our age, maybe a tad older. We were especially aware of things in their profiles like, "First time..." or "Experimenting with...". We culled out people with heavy tats, morbid obesity, or others that just looked sleazy. Very subjective.

We'd narrowed it down to a handful and were going through a few more pages when I heard a quick intake of breath and Amy's eyes riveted on the screen.

"Eleven inches," she hissed, "Eleven fucking inches." Funny. Size had never mattered until she fucked David. It wasn't long after that that we measured me, just for the hell of it: seven inches. But I digress.

Their ad was a panel of five photographs with an introductory paragraph and brief description of the pair in the field below. "Sensual interracial couple looking to experiment with another couple."

Description of her was: Hispanic, 5'4", 110#, brown eyes, black hair, petite, 34-21-34, butterfly tattoo on abdomen.

Description of him was: African-American, 6'0', 185#, brown eyes, black hair, athletic, 11".

The pictures were amateur but good. First was a selfie of the two smiling into a cell phone. It looked like it had been taken at a county fair or amusement park. The other four were more intimate, more graphic. Two of her laying naked on the bed- a full frontal and another of her on her stomach showing off her curvy ass; a full frontal of him lying on the bed with an erection that reached almost to his navel; and another on the bed together having sex.

Amy couldn't take her eyes off of him. "What a hunk, and god, he's huge! He's bigger than David by inches." And he was black. He looked athletic, the kind of body you might expect from someone who worked out regularly with a personal trainer. Every muscle seemed to ripple, even in the photograph.

I was looking at the woman's full frontal. She was on her elbows with her legs slightly parted, revealing just a hint of her womanhood. Her pussy was clean-shaven, like Amy's, with a butterfly tattoo below the panty line with gold, magenta, and blue wings spread between the top of her thighs to the upper edge of her vulva. Its antenna spun in filigree between her navel and just above her clitoris. The artist must have enjoyed his work immensely on this one. She was voluptuous, curvaceous, with full round pillowy breasts, not firm like Amy's; the nipples, a deep pink. Her skin was light mocha, her face framed by long dark hair that came down over her shoulders to partly cover her tits. The smile on her face was seductive, enticing; her eyes said, 'please come fuck me'.

The choice was made: it would be them. I got out the camera, took some shots similar to theirs, and, at the last minute, inserted the one of David's cock buried to the hilt in Amy's pussy. We completed our own bio and sent it with our reply: We'd like to meet you. The wheel was in motion.

It took a couple of days but they finally replied. Oscar and Mariposa, Mary for short. It seems they also lived in Sonoma, more toward the hills and about 15 minutes away. A few more messages and the date was set: it would be this coming Friday evening. But to read their texts, you'd never know the intimacy of our plans. Bring swimwear because they had a pool and hot tub. She was an excellent cook. Cloths would be casual: jeans and tee shirts would be fine. They had bikes and there were hiking paths nearby. They closed with an invitation: we could plan to stay the week-end if things worked out.

"Ok Michael," she sighed as we got into the car that evening, "how're you doing? How you feeling about this?"

"I dunno honey, I'm a little nervous. It's the anticipation I think. I've never has sex with anyone but you since we met." I replied. "You OK?"

"Same," she replied, shaking her hands nervously. "Nerves. Anticipation. All I can think about is 'am I going to be able to take his cock?'" She shuddered and smiled. "He's just so big!" But, as we pulled out of the driveway, we knew nothing would turn us back now.

Their neighborhood was all custom homes on huge lots, the high-rent district tucked away in the hills with wineries dotting the landscape on all sides. Their house was built in the popular California Spanish motif, the last on a cul-de-sac backed up against the hills. A black Mercedes and a midnight blue Jaguar were parked in the driveway. We got out of the car, grabbed our overnight bags, and rang the doorbell.

We could hear footfalls; a moment later Mariposa opened the door. "Hey you two!" she said, her brown eyes smiling warmly, "Welcome! C'mon in". She was wearing tight jeans and a thin baby blue low-cut halter top showing off her ample cleavage. Her long black hair hung loosely over her shoulders. Like Amy, she was not wearing a bra. We hugged then walked toward the patio. The house smelled wonderfully of peppers and grilled meat. "Dinner in about twenty minutes. Hope you like Mexican."

Oscar was on a lounge chair scrolling through his cell phone. He was in black khaki shorts and a gray Sonoma State tee shirt. He set his phone down and stood up as we came out from the house. "Hey Michael, hey Amy, Hope you're hungry. Mary is a great cook and dinner will be up pretty quick." We hugged, his hands lingering for a moment on Amy's firm ass.

"Smells delicious," Amy said pulling away slightly, "we could smell it as soon as she opened the door." They held hands as he escorted us over to a sectional where Mary joined us. She was carrying a tray arrayed with glasses of wine. "From that vineyard over there," she said, nodding toward something in the hills to the right.

We all sat down, Oscar and Amy on one side, Mary and me on the other.

"So what do you do, Michael?" Oscar asked as he draped his right arm comfortably over Amy's shoulder. His fingertips rested just inches from the plunge of her left breast. She smiled at me and nestled a little closer to him. She rested her hand on his bare thigh, a contrast of color: her pale skin against his dark.

I draped my arm over Liz's shoulder and teased a strand of hair behind her ear. She stroked my thigh. "I'm an engineer for CalTrans," I replied, "I make sure the bridges don't fall down in a heavy wind. And you?"

"I manage a ten attorney law firm in Sonoma. We mostly do family law and personal injury." In other words, divorces and car wrecks. No wonder he could live in a place like this.

He looked at Amy. "Do you work?"

"I teach calculus and statistics at Sonoma JC," she replied; their eyes danced in the space between them. "Mary, what do you do?" she asked without breaking her gaze.

"I manage a non-profit... well, actually, the firm funds a non-profit for veterans and I manage it."

And that was what the small talk was mostly about after that: the veterans non-profit. Then a timer went off. "Time for dinner." And it was true, Liz was an excellent cook.

After dinner we sat down outside on the sectional with our drinks, in our previous pairings but with more intimacy. Amy sat crosslegged facing Oscar while Liz and I did the same.

"Amy has a beautiful body, Michael, like a Greek goddess," Mary murmured. I agreed, one hand wandering up the inside of her thigh while the other teased the hair behind her ear. She leaned her head into the palm of my hand.

"All she's been able to talk about since she saw your ad was the size of Oscar's... well, his..."

She laughed. "... his cock, right? Yes, he is well hung." She blushed slightly. "You want to know a secret? The truth? I can't take all of him. He can only get about half way inside of me before it starts to hurt. I like to ride cowgirl and I can't do that with him."

Her hand had wandered from my thigh to the zipper. Mine had slid between her legs. I was teasing her pussy through her pants. We started kissing. She unbuckled my belt, undid my fly, and stroked me until I was even harder, if that were possible. I'd slid one hand under her halter to tease those beautiful pink nipples while the other unbuttoned her jeans.

Oscar and Amy were also kissing passionately, his hand fondling her right breast through the thin fabric of her tee shirt. Her hand was under his shorts stroking him to erection, the head of his cock showing itself below the hem. I was surprised: it was pink and didn't look that big.

"Are you sure you're OK with this Michael? Amy?" He was asking permission to fuck my wife. That she was already putty melting in his arms- as was Mary in mine- well, that was the answer. Still, I nodded my head and went back to feeling up his wife.

Amy lifted her arms up over her head. Oscar pulled the tee up over her wrists. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his head down to her taut, firm breasts. His tongue danced over each nipple, rhythmically moving between them, sucking and biting one before moving back to the other. Amy squirmed and cooed as pleasure washed through her body. His hands slid down her back and under her jeans, slipping them over her hips to expose those tight gorgeous ass cheeks. She slid them further down her long legs and kicked them over her ankles to the decking. Then she started working on his clothes until they were both naked. Except for the brief moment she lifted the shirt over his head, his mouth never left her breasts.

My lips were doing some exploring of their own. Mary had removed her top while I was unzipping her jeans, kissing my way from her cleavage down her abdomen to the top of a butterfly wing poking up from her panty line. Her hands guided my head on the journey. The panties went lower and lower. Soon the whole glorious butterfly was exposed. I kissed the filigree as it mapped the space between navel and clit. She gasped when my tongue teased the sensitive nub and squirmed when my lips nibbled at her engorged pussy lips. I pulled off her jeans, kissed my way up her thighs, ate her pussy some more and finger fucked her until her back arched up off the couch. She had orgasmed.

"Oh my god!" she panted, "I've never cum so fast! It was so intense... your tongue is like magic." Her body quaked with passion.

She spread her legs. I stood up and took off my pants. My steel hard cock leapt out of my shorts when they cleared my hips. She lifted her hips off the cushions. "Fuck me," she commanded, "I want your cock."

My hands went behind her to fondle those voluptuous ass cheeks. I lifted her hips, her wet pussy lips parting like flower petals as my engorged cock slipped between them. A few quick thrusts and her swollen labia and clitoris crushed against my pubic mound. My throbbing manhood was completely inside her wet, pulsing pussy. Heaven. I was in heaven.

We started our primal rhythm. "You're all the way inside me, baby," she cooed, "and it feels so incredibly good." Her eyes were closed and the wings of her butterfly fluttered up to meet every thrust. "Oh god," she moaned and whimpered, "it's so good, so good, deeper baby, harder, deeper, oh fuck," over and over again.

Amy and Oscar were lying on the couch. She was on top and her head was moving up and down; she was taking his entire cock down her throat. He had her legs spread wide, his tongue and one finger were fucking her wet pussy while the other hand kneaded her ass cheeks.

"Lover, baby" Mary said, breaking the trance of watching my wife suck such an enormous black cock, "sit back on the couch, I want to ride cowgirl on that sweet cock of yours." Then she caught sight of Amy on a downstroke, taking her husband's eleven inch cock down her throat all the way to his balls. She had to stop and watch. "Oh my dear god, she's taking every inch!" she said softly, "he's gonna want her here every night! I just can't do that- I gag at about six inches and he loves to get sucked off. Does she swallow? Will she swallow his cum?"

"Oh yeah, she swallows," I replied without missing a stroke, "she gives the best head ever and she loves it," but Mary's pussy was so tight I had to slow down or else I'd shoot my load.

Mary laughed at the thought and pulled away. I sat on a cushion with my back against the armrest. She splayed her legs around my hips, took my cock, slick with her wetness, between her fingers and slowly impaled herself on my staff. She moaned deeply as every inch of it disappeared inside her gorgeous body, her ass finally resting on my thighs. "You know something else, baby, I'm gonna want you here every night," she whispered in my ear as she fucked me. "You're the best fuck I've ever had." We kissed, our tongues passionately dancing together.

She sat up, the palms of her hands resting on my hips. Her legs pumped her wet cunt slowly up and down my stiff member. "How long have you guys been married?" I asked.

"A little over a year." Her tight pussy was stroking my cock in slow motion and it was driving me nuts. "Did you really let... did you really watch your brother fuck her? And take pictures?"

"Yeah," I replied, "and videos, too." Her eyes were closed as if in deep meditation. "We were in the jacuzzi. He was being shipped overseas and, well, it just sort of evolved, sort of happened." My mind wandered back to the jacuzzi, the bedroom, the sounds, her body, his, everything. "I'd had fantasies about watching another man fuck her. I just never dreamed it would be my brother."

"Did you like it?" she asked dreamily, the slow rhythm of her body sending bolts of electricity up and down my spine.

"Hottest thing I've, we've, ever experienced... until now. She loved it, too. It's why we're here, for the sex."

Oscar was going to fuck Amy doggie style. She was on the sectional on her hands and knees ready to take his cock, and he was ready to give it to her. He was on his knees behind her, the black skin of his hands gripping the white flesh of her waist. I have to be honest: I've not seen many men with erections, but the shape of his cock was, well, unique- interesting. It was tapered like a baseball bat. I said before that his head was small in proportion to the rest of his manhood, but from the base of the helmet it became thicker and thicker until, by the time it merged with his body, it was the thickness of his wrist.

"Did he cum inside her?"


"She allowed that? You?"

"Yes, she wanted it," I replied, "she wanted him to cum in her. That was so intimate, such an intimate moment, so intense..."

"... do you want Oscar to cum inside her tonight? That big black cock?" She opened her eyes. "Do you want to cum inside me?"

Amy jerked her head back and yelped with the pleasure of his penetration. He took her slowly, rocking back and forth until his whole member was sheathed inside her wet pulsating pussy. Her toes curled and she cried like a beast as the first of many orgasms swept through her body.

"I think he'll cum in her. And yes, I'd like to cum in you."

She picked up the tempo. "We've never done this before, you know, having sex with anyone else," she said. She focused her eyes intently into mine. "He knew the problems I was having taking his penis. We talked it through and placed the ad on Craig's List and that's when I started on the pill."

"So you want kids?"

She talked as we fucked. "We started out wanting them and tried almost every night for several months but nothing happened. My doctor says I'm fine but his said he's sterile so no kids." Good news: we wouldn't have to worry about Amy getting pregnant.

Mary's long black hair and full rounded breasts were bouncing in waves and I was getting close to my climax. I reached up and fondled each tit, teasing each nipple between a thumb and forefinger. "Cum inside me. I'd like that." She leaned down to kiss me as her tempo increased; it became frantic, uncontrolled. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her toes curled, and a slow moan grew into a siren's wail as she shuddered through her orgasm. Her final spasms sent me over the edge. White streams of semen from my throbbing cock dripped down my flagging shaft onto the cushion. She collapsed on top of me, both of us spent.

"God Michael, that was the best sex I've ever had," she whispered in my ear, "not that I'm a slut or anything." We chuckled, then kissed softly as my manhood slid out of her. She told me later that I was only the fourth man to have had sex with her. She didn't tell me who the first was. I would find out later.

Amy was cumming again and Oscar was close. They'd changed to the missionary position. His black cock was sheathed in white froth from their frantic lovemaking and was pile driving her into the couch. Her legs wrapped around his thighs urging his black cock to get ever deeper into her white pussy. She screamed and moaned with insane pleasure "I'm cumming, oh god Oscar, I'm cumming baby, oh god Michael, oh god oh god," at every downward thrust.

Mary and I caressed, kissed, touched, listened to the howling, rutting animals next to us. "He makes a lot of noise when he cums," she said nonchalantly.