"I need time to give this out," Savannah studied his face as he stood in front of the sun. "I know that we weren't fully together but--"

"But what I did wasn't right or fair to you at all," he said, taking her hand. "I want to make it up to you."

Savannah took her hand back and crossed her arms around her chest.

"It's just a summer," she explained. "We're keeping things strictly cordial. I know we'll be paired together during session two of camp but I don't wanna complicate things. I need time."

Emilio shook his head. "I agree. I'm sure that you'll make the best decision for you."

Savannah took offense to his comment, but she kept that to herself. She needed to clear her head.

In the weeks following the incident with Emilio and Luna, Savannah kept her emotional distance. She wore a fake smile like a badge of honor when they worked with their campers and she avoided any and all private conversation with him. She didn't tell Molly about any of it, she just wanted to be alone.

The second camp session started in two weeks, allowing the counselors some breathing room. Molly and the other counselors went to The Anchor, a local bar in town while Savannah stayed back at camp, packing and making sure she had everything before her trip back to her mom's house.

Savannah was making her bed when Emilio walked into her cabin, "Hey stranger," he said as he stood in the doorway.

She offered him a kind smile. "Why aren't you at The Anchor with everyone else?"

Emilio shrugged. "Not really for me. I wanted to see what you were doing."

Savannah threw a sweatshirt over her t-shirt and rummaged through her backpack, in search of her car keys. "I was planning on going home, my mom will get worried if I don't get back by dark."

"Can we spend some time together?" Emilio whispered, taking a step closer. "Savannah," he whispered. "I'm sorry about what happened. I've been meaning to make it up to you but I haven't been able to get a word in with you in weeks."

She shrugged his words away. "I need to get home to my mom, she's waiting for me."

"Tell your mom you're with friends."

Savannah chuckled sarcastically. "You wanna do that after everything that we've been through this summer? Besides, my mom will send out a search party by sundown."

Emilio sighed as he stood near her small dresser near the door. "I'm really sorry about everything that happened, I take full responsibility. You know that I love you, Savannah."

Her heart raced out of her chest. She couldn't deny the feelings that she had for this man. "I-I don't know. What about your daughter?"

"She's with her mom until next week."

Savannah pondered on this for a moment, fumbling with her keys, lost in thought. "I guess I can go. I'll call my mom."

Emilio stood by his truck as Savannah called her mother, leaving a message on the answering machine.

"Ready?" Emilio said as he stood against his truck, arms folded across his firm chest,

"Yeah," Savannah said, "My car or yours?"

"Mine," Emilio said as he opened the passenger door for her, "I know these roads like the back of my hand,"

She quickly leaned over and unlocked his side before he came around the back and let himself in. Emilio put his keys in the ignition and drove down the cemented path, passed the various cabins and underneath the welcome sign, exiting the camp.

Emilio's hand rested on Savannah's knee, she felt her pulse heighten. The two drove in silence, only the radio playing a soft rock song filled the air around them. The town of Everling slowly surfaced beneath the woodsy exterior, leaving camp behind. Various local little shops and boutiques lined the street and it became reminiscent of their first date. Savannah thought about that date often, she thought about Emilio often.

The pair turned down Main Street and pulled up in front of a large warehouse-looking building with a private parking lot. Savannah grabbed her bag as Emilio walked around the truck, opening her door for her.

"You live here?" Savannah asked.

"Yeah, I love it here," Emilio said as they walked through the gravel parking lot. "Got a good deal for this place a couple of years back."

The building was tall, almost industrial looking. The outside was inviting with flower patches near the entrance. When they entered the spacious lobby, Emilio pressed the button for the elevator. Savannah stared at her feet until the elevator signaled its arrival.

A long stretch of hallway met them, keeping with the industrial theme. Savannah was surprised when she entered Emilio's loft, everything was new, updated, and modern.

"This is really nice," she said, setting her bag down on the floor.

"Yeah, I got for a good deal," Emilio replied, taking her bag and placing it on the couch before walking over to the kitchen which faced the living room. "Do you want some water or soda? I think I have some juice in here." Emilio called from the fridge.

"Sure, I'll take a coke."

Savannah found herself fascinated by the large window in the living room that had a beautiful view of the lake and far off, she could see the other end where there sat boat homes.

"Here's your coke." Emilio suddenly appeared beside her holding the can of coke.

She took the soda and sipped it gingerly, enjoying the rich, carbonated taste. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a beautiful view out here."

"I could say the same about you," Emilio took a long sip of his coke, keeping his eyes fixed on Savannah. "Let me give you a tour."

Emilio led Savannah upstairs stopped at the first door on the left.

"This is my daughter's room," he said as he opened the door.

The room was covered floor to ceiling in lavender wallpaper with posters of a young blonde popstar covering the walls. The small twin-size canopy bed was full of stuffed animals and in the corner sat a small desk in the corner with a bookcase. From there, Savannah could see a series of Nancy Drew books, smart kid.

Emilio closed the door and the two walked towards the other side of the loft through a narrow balcony hallway that provided a view of the downstairs living room.

"Here's my room," Emilio said as he opened the door.

The door gave way to a room that could only be defined by modern versatility. A huge, king-sized bed sat mirroring against a tall, glass wall with views of the trees outside. The other walls were a dark, almost black navy blue color.

"Wow," Savannah said as she stepped into the room, admiring the decor and big, comfy bed. "This suits you perfectly."

Emilio stood by the doorway, chuckling. "What do you mean by that?"

Savannah ran her fingers against the cool exterior of the bed frame. "It's just like you. It's dark and mysterious...it fits your vibe. Is this why you brought me here, to get in my pants?"

Emilio pulled back. "Is that what you think?"

"I don't know, that's why I'm asking," Savannah said, staring up at him. "I still have a hard time trusting you."

Emilio studied his feet for a moment before returning his eyes to hers. "There's something else I want to show you,"

With his hand in hers, the pair took the elevator to the rooftop. The moment Savannah stepped off the elevator, her heart sank. The entire rooftop was covered in roses and string lights as they glowed under the sunset.

"Wow," Savannah gasped, almost speechless. "This is amazing,"

A smile spread across Emilio's face, a mixture of happiness and relief. "It's all for you,"

Savannah walked on the graveled rooftop, admiring the night sky and string lights illuminating the area. "When in the world did you find time to do this?"

"I rushed here during lunch and fixed everything up," Emilio replied, taking small steps behind her. "I hope you like it,"

She looked over her shoulder in awe. "I love it. I really love it. It's beautiful."

The two stood underneath the lights, hands clasped around each other like an unbreakable bond. "Savannah, I know what I did was wrong and I know that you'll have a hard time forgiving me, but I want to be with you. I want to continue being in your life and growing with you."

Savannah nodded, admiring his grand apology. "I-I want that too. I think I'm in love with you, Emilio."

"Can we be together?" his hold on her grew a little tighter.


Savannah reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, standing on her toes and before his lips melted against hers. It had been weeks since they'd last kissed. Emilio kissed her with such passion, his mouth exploring hers like an uncharted land. His tongue tracing hers as his hands roamed her body.

Their kiss intensified and Savannah found herself being hoisted onto Emilio's lap, legs around his waist as they stood underneath the lights Her small frame against his as her fingers tangled in his long hair.

"We don't have to do anything that you want to do," Emilio said as he pulled away from her lips as his hard-on grew in his pants. "Tell me what you want."

Savannah stared down at his full lips as she fought with her impulses. "I love you and I want you, Emilio," Savannah whispered, breathless from the kiss.

Emilio carried Savannah back down to his apartment. Their lips continued to lock as they entered his bedroom, safely placing her on his bed.

"I've been wanting to do this for a long time," Emilio whispered as he unbuttoned Savannah's shorts.

Savannah kept her eyes glued to Emilio's as he slowly pulled her shorts down. This had to be the most intense moment of her life, after weeks of pent up hormones and anger for this man, this beast, she was finally giving in to her lust for him. Emilio leaned down and pressed his lips against hers in slow, languid kisses.

"I love you, Savannah," he whispered.

When he touched her like this, all of her hesitations disappeared. They were no longer at camp, they were just two people in love.

Emilio carefully pulled off Savannah's university sweatshirt, exposing her heavy breasts. His lips immediately met her brown hard nipples, sucking on them as his tongue swirled around them. Savannah squirmed with anticipation as his other hand massaged and pinched her other breast.

Savannah reached out and tangled her fingers in his long braid, undoing it and gripping on the loose hair. Emilio's tongue trailed down past the valley of her breasts and down to her navel, kissing it before he stopped at her pink panties.

"Are you ready?" he asked as his fingers anchored at the sides of her panties.

She shook her head, almost frustrated. "Yes,"

Emilio smiled as pulled down her panties over her hips and tossed them aside. He planted kisses along her pelvic bone before his tongue met her swollen clit. He ran his finger up and down her wet slit before he slowly stuck her a finger in. Her pussy clung to his finger and he was still amazed at how tight she was, it made his cock twitch. He leaned down and gave her slow licks before he sucked on her clit as she moaned and whimpered.

She reached for his cock, wanting desperately to suck it, but Emilio shook his head. "Tonight's about you, I'm gonna make you cum."

Emilio immediately started to rub faster on her sensitive clit as his tongue swirled around inside of her, crashing into her soft, velvety walls. Savannah bit her lip and moaned as she looked down at him.

"Fuck, fuck, oh my god," Savannah moaned as Emilio raised her hips off the bed, tongue-fucking her deeper.

Emilio's erection was painfully hard as he looked up at Savannah as he tirelessly ate her pussy as her juices slowly ran down his chin. She was on the verge of cumming when his finger massaged her swollen clit harder, causing her toes to curl at the foot of the bed.

He licked his lips clean of her juices as he watched Savannah catch her breath. She'd never came that hard before, and something told her that this was just the beginning.

Emilio's lips kissed hers as he slowly pushed his hard cock against her pussy.

"Shhh, it's okay," he whispered in a comforting tone.

She tried to focus on his finger on her clit instead of the pain. He quickened the circles he rubbed around her clit the farther he pushed his cock in. When was fully in, he held himself there.

"You're so fucking tight," he whispered at her lips.

Savannah focused on her breathing as Emilio slowly pumped into her, inch by inch. Quiet little sighs escaped from her lips as she adjusted to his length.

"Fuck," Savannah moaned, mouth agape.

His lips met hers again as he got deeper and deeper inside of her, he never expected her to feel this good. Her pussy hugged his cock so tightly, he thought he would cum immediately for her. But looking down at her, completely in pleasure, he knew he was in love. Emilio's lips met the small part of her neck and sucked on it hard, causing Savannah to call out for him. He kept this the same position and kiss as he took hold of her hips and brought her closer to him. He used his free hand to cup her face when he noticed tears in her eyes.

"Are you okay?" He asked as he continued to thrust inside her.

Savannah wept. "It feels so good."

He leaned down and planted passionate kisses on her face, kissing the tears away. Savannah laid back as he pushed both of her legs over to one shoulder and kissed on her ankles. With her legs against his chest, he started to rock his hips against hers a little harder, careful not to hurt her.

Emilio took bliss in watching her breasts bounce beneath him as she let out loud, throaty moans. He slowly pulled her to the foot of the bed as she got on all her hands and knees. She looked back at him as he positioned himself at her opening and bit her lip. Emilio groaned as he slowly entered her wet pussy, causing surges of ecstasy through her body. He took a tight grip on her wide hips as he picked up the speed, occasionally giving her ass a few slaps. The sounds of their lovemaking filled the room with begs not to stop.

When Savannah screamed that she was about to cum, he fucked her harder, nearly driving himself over the edge. His long, dark hair fell onto his chest watched as Savannah grabbed onto the bedsheets and screamed as her walls tighten around him as her cum coated his cock. She fell out of his grasp before she landed on the bed.

"Had enough?" Emilio asked as he stroked himself.

She laid there, face down with her legs still parted."Mhm."

Emilio reached for a new condom on the nightstand. Savannah's ears perked up when she heard him unwrapping the condom, causing her to suddenly face him as she crouched low in front of him on the bed. He gave her a seductive look as she pushed the condom out of her hands, giving him a long stroke.

"Let me take care of you," she said as she kept her eyes on his as she took him into her thick cock into her throat.

In the middle of the night, Emilio and Savannah were awakened by a loud bang. Emilio threw on a pair of sweatpants and grabbed a bat by the bedroom door when.

"What was that?" Savannah gasped, grabbing the covering to cover herself.

Emilio jumped to his feet and pulled on a pair of gray sweatpants. He grabbed the baseball bat in the closet before he fully opened the cracked bedroom door. He tiptoed down the hallway, peeping into his daughter's room, no one in sight. He quickly moved down the exposed staircase that led to the living room. On the floor, he saw that a photo of Xiomara and himself from her last birthday that he kept in his bookcase was shattered on the floor and the glasses that he and Savannah had shared hours earlier were broken. Still, on edge, Emilio stood outside the door of the loft, doing a double-take before coming back inside and locking the door. He could've sworn that he heard a car drive away.

"Emilio?" Savannah called from the bedroom as Emilio stood in the living room. "Is everything okay? Should I call the police?"

He gently picked up the shattered photo of himself and his daughter as a deep fear settled into his gut. "No, it's fine, baby. I'll be back shortly."

Emilio knew that Luna would never hurt their child, but there was no telling what she was fully capable of.

The next morning, Emilio didn't tell Savannah about the broken picture on the floor the previous night, but he was almost certain that Luna was behind it. He'd changed his locks plenty of times, but somehow she always found a way into his home. But he didn't want to focus on that, he wanted to focus on Savannah.

"I think I should head home soon," Savannah said as she took a bite of her green apple. "My mom is probably asking questions."

Emilio took a sip of his coffee. "You should stay, I wanna spend more time with you."

Savannah's lips curled into a smile. "You'll have plenty of time to see me for the rest of the summer."

Emilio pushed his mug away. "Just want you here with me longer."

"So what happened last night?" Savannah said as she turned her body to his on the barstool.

Emilio focused his gaze on the television in the other room, almost in a trance. "Nothing."

"Something happened, Em," she turned her face to his. "Tell me."

Emilio poured himself a glass of orange juice and took a sip. "I think my ex broke in last night, probably saw us in bed together and she broke some stuff around the house."

Savannah's eyes grew wide. "H-how did she get in?"

"She broke in," he explained. "I need to call the locksmith to change my locks again,"

"H-how did she know to come?"

"We used to hook up a lot, that's why," he explained carefully. "But when I ended it, she kept showing up unannounced, so I had my locks changed. It won't happen again, I'll make sure of it."

"Should I talk to her? Maybe I could help--"

"No," he replied firmly. "I don't want you two meeting and getting tangled up in this, okay? I don't want you two coming anywhere near each other. I want to go to court with her."

Savannah sighed with relief. She wasn't sure how much of this her heart would handle. "Good. You need to put a stop to this before it gets dangerous."

After a locksmith came and changed the locks, Emilio and Savannah breathed a sigh of relief. Emilio managed to get an extra lock above the doorknob that would take a lot of force to get through.

Emilio and Savannah spent the afternoon around town having lunch and talking. It felt real for the first time, that nothing else mattered. The two made plans to see each other next week for a possible camping trip. Savannah felt optimistic as she drove away, en route to her mother's. When Emilio got home, he was surprised to see Luna sitting out of his loft.

"What are you doing here, Luna?" he exhaled as he reached for his keys.

"So you get a new little girlfriend and just ignore me, huh?" her tone took a dark tone, something about her made him uneasy.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Emilio said as he tried to get past her, pushing his key into the lock. "Go home."

"We need to be together as a family," Luna explained as she walked into the loft, following closely behind Emilio. "It's what Xiomara needs and what I need."

"It's always been all about you, never about our daughter." he raised his voice, holding the door open. "Leave."

"I'm taking her away from you."

Emilio felt the blood leave his face at that moment, the whole room felt smaller. "What?"

"You heard me," Luna said, crossing her arms. "My mom wants to see Xio more and I want to be there for my mom."

"You can't take my daughter away from me." he hissed, stepping closer to her.

"Watch me," Luna turned around, headed for the door.

Emilio grabbed her arm, Luna pulled back before she could leave. "Stop."

"Be fucking careful." she grabbed her arm back, out of his grip. "I'll tell them that you hit me."

Emilio furrowed his brow, releasing his grip."I never laid a fucking finger on you."

"That's not what the cops will think."

"I'm taking your ass to court," he threatened. "You're never seeing her again, they won't fucking believe you."