Another story extracted from 'Sleepover Stories 01'

I had just graduated from high school with no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was gorgeous, of course, so naturally I thought, model. But what I quickly found out was that the industry is saturated with beautiful girls like me and I would need some experience or connections to go along with my looks to make a career.

Luckily for me though, my older brother was a model and photographer for an agency, so I asked him to help me get my foot in the door. He didn't want to help me at first, saying his company really isn't that good, or that it doesn't pay well, or that I was too smart for a career in modeling and should consider college, just making every excuse. But I kept pestering him about it until he finally told me the truth - that he didn't think I would want to work for his agency because the stuff they did was erotic. He told me it wasn't always full nudity and it wasn't always pornographic, but still erotic. He then showed me pictures of Jurie, his coworker and close friend, on a website that some other photographer had shot.

The pics progressed from fully clothed, to undressing and showing her in lingerie to nude. She struck sensual poses, flirting with her eyes and teasing with her body. One of the latter photos featured her sitting in a chair with her long legs spread apart, but her pussy was covered by a green apple. Her long brown hair mostly covered her nipples, though you could see through if you tried. A couple photos from a different shoot allowed her to be freely topless. Another shoot showed her with a guy, half naked, then fully naked and all over each other, sensual but still classy. From what I could tell, it could be described as erotica, not smut. "These don't seem all that bad to me, Lincoln," I said. "I think I would love to do something like this. I mean, at least until I get my foot in the door and do some real modeling."

"Really?" he said, sounding surprised. "You don't think it's weird? Or perverted?"

"No, of course not. I think it's really cool. Do you and Jurie like it?"

He smiled at me and gave a chuckle. "We love it. I'll take some shots of you and see what my manager thinks."

He took pics. I posed. He edited and sent them to his agency and we waited to hear from them.

A week later I was on an airplane headed to some Hawaiian island resort to do a photo shoot. The agency had paid for everything and I was going to meet Link and Jurie there. I was so excited, and a little nervous. It seems they had invested a lot in me for my first time modeling. What if I sucked?

When I got to the resort, it was already dark and Lincoln told me we'd start in the morning. He was hesitant to tell me anything about the shoot but he had to eventually. "They uh..., they want you and Jurie to do a shoot together. And not just like, side by side, fully clothed. You'll be kind of all over each other..., and kind of naked." When I hesitated, he went on. "I think it'll be fun for you guys but if you're uncomfortable with it I understand..., but seeing as they already paid for everything..."

From that it seemed as though we didn't have a choice and I didn't want to make him feel like I was being forced to do anything. "No, of course I'll do it. Are you cool with me taking sexy pics with your girlfriend?"

"Not my girlfriend. And it's our job. We're professionals."

I was way more nervous than I let on. I was straight and so was Jurie, at least to the best of my knowledge. Now I was expected to portray making love to her like she did with that other model, all while my brother took pictures. And I would be naked in front of Link. I was so scared, and also a little excited for some unexplained reason, but more scared than anything. According to my brother, the two were complete professionals and would likely not be bothered in the least bit by the shoot.

The 4th floor suite we were given was absolutely beautiful. It was spacious, complete with a king bed in the large bedroom, a full kitchen, dining area and living room. It was basically one floor of a really nice house off the beach. It had a large jet tub in the bathroom as well as a shower, and a balcony off the bedroom. The only thing it didn't have was a second bed. I decided to let them have the large bed and I'd sleep on the couch, at least for the first night. When I arrived, Jurie was already asleep and Link soon followed. We had an early day ahead.

I stripped down to my panties and lay on the couch in the living room area, but didn't sleep yet. I felt I needed to wrap my head around having lesbian desires. I mean, I'd have to make it believable to make the shoot successful. The skillful eye can always tell they're not really into it. I would need to learn how to fake it or actually find this girl sexy enough to want her. So I went on the website my brother showed me and searched pics of Jurie to see if it would spark something in me.

I found a bunch of photo sets, Jurie with a guy, Jurie with a girl, Jurie with two guys, Jurie with a guy and a girl. Then I finally found what I was looking for, Jurie alone. I wanted to know if I could feel it. The authenticity of desire. Just enough to make the shoot as sensual as it should be.

I stopped on a picture of Jurie where she looked particularly sexy. The lighting seemed low and intimate. She glared down at the camera with eyes that said 'I want you'. Her thick tresses cascaded down over her shoulders in lazy curls, a dark and silky brown. She had discarded her bra earlier in the scene and was only wearing a black and white gingham blouse, unbuttoned and open. Her all natural breasts were two perfect grapefruits of taut, sun-kissed coral skin. Her waist was slender but not tiny, curving out lusciously to her feminine hips. Her legs were long, lean and butter smooth.

Her entire body radiated femininity, sensuality and desire - her angelic face, with its subtle Asian features, echoed the same. Her immaculate skin seemed to glow in the low light of the set, a warm and creamy canvas displayed for my enjoyment. I found my eyes falling below her navel to where one thumb was hooked in the waistband of her blue gingham panties. She was pulling them down, teasing the viewer, especially with her heart-warming deep brown eyes.

I nipped my lip and found my fingers in the familiar place between my legs. I caressed myself over my panties as I studied Jurie. I couldn't believe how easy it was to get wet from looking at a girl. Maybe I was always bisexual, or maybe it was the simple forbiddenness of masturbating to my brother's friend while they both slept in the other room. I don't know why exactly, but whatever the reason, it made me cum in no time. I moaned low in my throat, still caressing myself through my undies until my orgasm subsided. I could have easily gone for a second round, but I knew I had to be awake early. I decided to call it a night and fell asleep with my panties completely soused.

I was awoken by a gentle squeeze of my arm. I groggily opened my eyes to see Link standing over me. "C'mon, we're about to start," he whispered. Once I got my wits and sat up, I covered my breasts with both arms, hiding them from my brother's view. His wry smile said it all. He'd be seeing much more of me that day so my modesty was in vain. But still, I was nervous and kept covered as I walked to the bathroom. Even him seeing my butt in panties set my nerves atingle.

I turned on the shower, but then heard a knock on the door a few seconds later. "You don't need to shower yet. Just wash your face and come out. And I have your wardrobe ready so you can leave your panties in there." Lincoln sounded professional and almost nonchalant about telling his sister to strip. I figured it was just him falling into his photographer role.

And I was just another girl he worked with, not his sister. How do girls work with him without being turned on by such boldness? Am I turned on by him? Of course not! I cut the thought before it had a chance to grow. But the roots were still intact.

Denying what was under the surface, I appeared outside the bathroom as naked as I was born. I figured I'd be professional and just as coolly indifferent as he was. Didn't stop me from blushing pink though. He smiled a warm smile that gave me comfort and pointed to a pile of clothes folded on the bed. "That's you."

Jurie had already been dressed, if you could call it being dressed. Her white cotton thong panties were so small and thin I could tell she was clean shaven and her little white cropped top was loose and flowing. My mouth got dry and I suddenly felt the need to cover up again.

I guess I'm attracted to girls now, I thought as I turned away from the beautiful girl and donned my own outfit - a one-size-too-small, blush colored romper. It squeezed me, making my boobs look more luscious as I tried to button up the front. The top button was right beneath my bustline and I could scarcely contain my breasts or keep my nipples from showing. And I was sure half my ass was bulging out the back.

As I struggled with the buttons, Link explained the shoot to me. "You two are a lesbian couple on vacation. You're high school sweethearts and you're deeply in love. Danielle, you're sorta shy and Jurie is really flirty. In fact, Danielle, you were straight until your best friend here turned you out. You guys are here to simply enjoy yourselves. This shoot is kind of a sexy, vacation, day-in-the-life sorta thing. For the first scene, you two are just waking up."

My brother came over to me and inspected my pajamas, tugging it this way and that way to give the maximum effect. His hands on my body were a little alarming but I held my breath and let him do his job. He unbuttoned the top button, and then a second one, causing my breasts to fall out. Then, to my surprise, my brother slid his hand inside my pajamas and pushed my breasts apart and back inside the snug confines to hide my embarrassingly hard nipples but revealing a healthy expanse of cleavage. I didn't stop him. I would have, but I stopped myself, allowing the ambiguously inappropriate touch. I blushed and felt a little perverted for liking it.

We got in the oversized king bed and pretended to sleep on separate sides, on top of the covers of course. I was already turned on by my brother's touch, and now I was in bed with a sexy girl while he took pics. We were like two exhibitionists and he was a sexy peeping Tom. Or was that only my fantasy?

"Now Jurie you open your eyes and kiss Danielle to wake her," my brother commanded, snapping pictures the whole time. I felt her lips gently tickle my cheek. I fell into character and smiled. It didn't require much acting because it felt really nice. I even welcomed her lips on mine when they connected. A little too eagerly, I kissed her back, but Link reminded me of my shy role.

"No, Dani... Wait. Shy away for a bit. Let her seduce you, just like in high school, like your first kiss. There..., good, good. Now try it out, just a little..., that's good, now blush and giggle and resist a bit. Now Jurie, don't settle..., make her want you. You know she'll melt for you. Just like she always does."

Hearing my brother tell this sexy girl how to seduce me made me so horny I almost started touching myself. But I played my role, even though I was weeping between my legs. Link gave more instructions with a sensuous ardor in his voice, instructing her on how to make me hers. And I was. I fell on my back as Jurie's hands swept softly over my body. My cheek to my neck and shoulders, then caressing softly the exposed skin between the buttons my brother loosened.

Before long, all my buttons were unfastened down beneath my navel, my breasts finally free, my chest panting and nipples jutting as Jurie teased them. My brother captured my seduction as he directed it. We kissed deeply as Lincoln sent Jurie's silky fingers around my waist, down my hips and over my legs, finally finding their way in between. I was sure she could feel the wetness even through the cotton of my soft pink pajamas.

"Oh, god yes! You two are so damn sexy," my brother said. "Now Jurie, take your hand and place it on Danielle's tummy... Now very slowly let it sink down inside her clothes." Her fingers tickled the sparse patch of hair on my mound and found their way right below my drooling pussy, between my thighs. I moaned in anticipation of her sliding a finger or two into my slit, but it never happened.

"Touch me!" I whined softly but desperately. It just slipped out.

"That's right, beg for it. She's feeding your kitty with her fingers. She's rubbing your clit so softly but so deliciously. It feels soooo good to you. That's right, arch your back into it. So sexy. So fucking sweet." My brother kept encouraging us, but Jurie's fingers never found my clit, nor my hungry hole. It was all a show for the camera. A show that still made me wildly horny.

"Now suck her breast, Jurie. Keep your hands down there. Yes. Yes, good. Dani, you're so close to cumming..., so so close! Surrender your body. Yes, just like that. Let her have you. Oh, god, she's making you cum! Cum hard on your lover's fingers!"

I mimicked an orgasm, partly hoping it would trigger the real thing. I was so horny! I arched and squirmed beneath Jurie while her tongue tickled my sensitive nipple and her hands moved inside the fabric between my thighs, only incidentally grazing my pussy because of my own writhing. It only proved to increase my thirst, not quench it.

My brother directed me to taste myself off Jurie's fingers when I finished 'cumming'. I licked and slurped the dry fingers until they dripped. Link then instructed me to take control, turning Jurie over onto her back and settling beside her. My brother had me slide the girl's white little panties off slowly. I couldn't help but note the slick spot in the middle when I touched it. She was wet. She was just as horny for me as I was for her.

Jurie reached for the ceiling with her long, smooth legs. I pulled her panties past her gracefully pointed toes and set them down beside us. I admired the cute, puffy pussylips that I had uncovered, but my brother purposely kept her little treat out of the frame. Link told me to separate my lover's legs and satisfy her orally. I set to task, nervously. I made a show of kissing her from knees to inner thighs, giddy and trembling as I made my way to her secret spot.

My brother complimented my slow approach. When I finally made it, I kissed her puffy pussylip, right beside her slit, then slid my tongue up through her hot, wet folds. She gasped and spread her legs further, knees high, and gently buried her fingers in my hair. I thought she was pulling my deeper into her torrid sex, but she turned my head so that my lips and tongue were only inside the junction of her hip and thigh.

I felt so embarrassed. I was so eager to lick Jurie's pussy I hadn't even thought about the fact this was pretend sex. She hadn't actually fingered me to orgasm, so why did I think it was okay to lick her pussy? I was so horny I couldn't read the room. I felt like such a pervert, which somehow made me much hornier. Forbidden things are just so delicious. I savored the taste of Jurie's pussy as I half heartedly kissed her upper inner thighs.

I finished fake eating Jurie's pussy, my embarrassment subsiding slowly. At my brother's direction, I was left on the bed while Jurie walked through the balcony door beside the bed. He got a couple shots of Jurie's naked butt above my luscious mounds. Then, I joined her on the balcony and we cuddled, her bottom half naked and my top half exposed. Link took a ton of shots of us holding hands, embracing and kissing on the balcony with the beautiful blue ocean and white sand beach in the background.

Next, Link directed us through a pretty mundane morning routine. He captured us searching for clothes, brushing our teeth and even using the bathroom, with a kiss and a cuddle in between all of it. We showered together, washing each other's bodies as my brother's camera flashed and flashed over our soapy, naked bodies. "Your bodies are so heavenly together, mmm," Lincoln breathed heatedly, making me flush all over. When he finally finished snapping pics he left the bathroom to look over his work. My body was glowing hot with lust.

"I'm so sorry about earlier," I said, breaking the moment of awkward naked shower silence.

"What do you mean?"

"Y'know, when I..., umm, licked your pussy?"

"Oh, that," she giggled. "It was my fault. I should have shown you the ropes. It's just that when your brother told me you were straight I thought you'd be reluctant to lick pussy anyway. But I wouldn't feel too bad about it. No biggie. I kind of wish I didn't stop you but y'know, professionalism and all that."

I was speechless. Jurie wished I would lick her pussy. I contemplated touching her or myself under the hot water, but it seemed to me that she prioritized professionalism above getting her rocks off. That didn't keep me from at least admiring her delectable body as we rinsed off though.

We got dressed under the watchful eye of my brother's lense. My wardrobe was a little white summer dress, light, simple and almost too short. Lincoln had me go braless, saying he wanted to see my nipples through the fabric whenever Jurie touched me. And the panties he had me wear were Jurie's white little thong, still damp in the middle. I never imagined wearing another girl's undies after her, so I never knew how much it could turn me on. I didn't look down but I was sure my brother had already captured the points of my nipples through the thin dress.

Jurie wore a pair of tight blue short shorts and a small white tank. No bra. No panties. Her ass looked so good in the tight denim and her tits looked even better, her fine nipples jutting out from her ripe grapefruits into the tight white cotton.

We headed out for the day on a nature trail. Lincoln had us do coupley things like hold hands, kiss, cuddle the whole way. After only a few minutes he didn't have to tell us to. It felt pretty much like a real couple on a real date, growing more comfortable with time. We walked through beautiful green wooded areas, on small, wooden bridges over clear streams, and into a small cave off the ocean. We walked through the narrow, twisting corridor of rock and arrived in an open torch-lit cavern with a natural pool of clean water in the middle.

My brother had us undress each other and leave our clothes near the dry part of the grotto as Jurie and I walked into the waist-deep water, hand in hand. Again, I was naked with this goddess as my own brother encouraged us.

"That looks so amazing," my brother gushed. "Dip down in the water and get yourselves wet. Your bodies look so good wet.... Now kiss. Get closer. Closer. All the way. Yeah Dani, let your body caress Jurie's. That's it, there, that's it. Now reach down between like you're playing with each other. Aww, yeah, just like that. So sexy. You're doing so good, Danielle."

Jurie and I had our hands between each other's thighs as we feigned ecstacy. Her breasts slid wet against mine, her dark nipples poking my skin, her fingers dangerously close to my pussy. Link's words made me feel so sexy and so did Jurie's moans. I was whimpering, my body begging to be satisfied, aching for this not to just be make believe but for Jurie to earnestly make love to me while my big brother watched over us, affirming our passion. I ground myself against the other girl, shamelessly trying to get her hand to just graze my pussy.

"That's it baby girl, you're so desperate for her now. You're in love with her body. You'll do anything to please her. I love how you make love to her. Just perfect." Lincoln continued to sweeten the moment with his words as I ground myself against Jurie. She giggled knowingly between her moans but didn't give in to me until Lincoln told me to orgasm. "Now cum for me Dani. Let me see that sexy orgasm fave. That's it, Dani, cum." Surprising me pleasantly, Jurie slid two fingers slightly inside me while teasing my clit. The relief was so sweet, so delightfully naughty, fingered by a woman while my brother encourages me to cum for him.