Chapter 37 -- College

Arngeir was able to tell me what I needed to know about Dragonsreach. It was used to capture a dragon long ago. Guess that's where its name came from, but knowing what I needed, I bid the Greybeards goodbye and headed down the mountain. It was dark by the time I walked through the door of the inn, and after a short sleep, left just as dawn was breaking, ensuring I made it back to Whiterun within the day.

The first stop I made was Breezehome, where Aela was very happy to see me, though there was no sign of Lydia. My question made Aela laugh for some reason. "Your housecarl has been decidedly naughty, Ragnar."

"How do you mean?"

"She's at Sky Haven with Delphine."

"You're serious? They're getting along that well?"

"I think it's partly that, partly she doesn't want to intrude on us. I've told her more than once she can have you generally whenever she wants, and I definitely enjoy the three of us together, but they've hit it off, so I figured you probably wouldn't mind."

"So we have the house to ourselves?" I asked rhetorically. Aela answered by grabbing my hand and leading my upstairs.

Clothing was removed rather slowly as I caressed her body with my fingers or mouth. As soon as we were both naked, she wasted no time dropping to her knees, running my hand through her long hair as she pleasured me with her mouth. My cock felt harder than ever before, or so it seemed. I guess going over a week without sex has its effects. I had to warn her rather quickly I was going to cum, though she didn't stop for an instant, happily taking and swallowing what I gave her. I groaned rather loudly, figuring they heard me up in Dragonsreach, already thinking I'd just speak to the Jarl tomorrow.

It was a good orgasm, but one good turn deserves another, picking up Aela and gently throwing her onto the bed. She spread her legs immediately, knowing exactly what I was going to do, though I teased her at first, enjoying some time kissing those delightful breasts of hers, all the way down her body before finally focusing on her sex. And she was just as horny as myself, incredibly wet, and her first orgasm of the evening arrived faster than mine. It must have been good too, as she nearly squashed my head with her thighs. I kept eating her out until she had a second one, and after that, she dragged me up so I could slide my cock into her.

"Aye, far too long," I said to myself.

"Makes it even better when you return though," she whispered.

It was a hard, fast fuck, and I loved it when she begged for it to be harder or faster. The headboard was soon smashing against the wall, Aela with her arms around my back but her legs spread wide, shuffling so my cock felt even deeper inside her. "Fuck that feels good," she moaned. I just kissed her, unable to really form a coherent sentence. "Cum in me... please, Dragonborn," she added.

Like that wasn't going to happen, but I was kind enough to deliver what she wanted only a couple of minutes later. That properly knackered me for the time being, rolling off her as she immediately turned and cuddled into my side. After taking a few deep breaths, I said, "Give me a few minutes to recover!"

She gave me a few minutes before journeying down my body, using her mouth to bring me back to life completely. When she looked up as my cock was in her mouth, the look in her eyes spoke volumes. I caressed her cheek and told her that I loved her. She had to remove my cock such was the breadth of her smile.

Straddling my lap, she teased me a few times, running her pussy along my shaft before finally lifting herself up and slowly sinking down. Fuck, it felt good. Resting her hands on my chest, this was now all about her, so after adjusting my legs and gently holding her hips, I let her dictate the tempo.

"Best cock ever," she stated.

I simply smiled and watched her ride me. I had to pinch myself sometimes, the fact I was with another gorgeous woman who loved everything we shared. I must have had a look in my eye as she leaned down to kiss me, running my hand through her red hair, resting the other one on her arse. I started to thrust up into her at the same time.

"Gods yes, Dragonborn," she moaned, "Fuck your huntress."

She was moaning loudly into my mouth within a few minutes, needing to break our kiss, the change in her breathing suggesting she was getting close. "Holy shit," I whispered.

"Need another release?"

"You do this to me, Aela."

She kissed me again before she sat back slightly, and her body movements suggested her orgasm was imminent. We wouldn't cum together, that was something you read in tales, but once she started to orgasm, she grabbed my hands and let me pump her until I came again.

Collapsing forward onto me, we lay pressed together, hot, sweaty and sticky, sucking in deep breaths but otherwise remaining silent for a while. Running my fingers up and down her back, I felt her shuffle or shudder occasionally, eventually starting to giggle. "Holy shit, I'm sensitive right now," she whispered.

"And that's a good thing," I whispered back. She lifted herself up, my softening cock falling out. She did groan for a second, meeting her eyes as she pouted. "I'm only a man, Aela," I joked. That made her giggle again.

After cleaning up as always, we lay back down under the furs, Aela spooned against me. I'd definitely had enough, as even her perfect arse didn't provoke a reaction. "Did you go to the college?" she asked.

"Aye, I did."


I asked her to turn around before asking. "There's definitely something," I admitted, before grabbing her hands, meeting her eyes, "But nothing like we share."


I heard the concern. I caressed her cheek. "No but. If anything happens, it will be fleeting. And she already knows about Muiri. It's why I'm still hesitant about doing anything. But I have an invite back."

"Do you want to be with her?"

I never lied to any woman I loved. "Yes, I do."

"Maybe I'll come join you then?" she asked with a smirk.

"If you don't mind hanging around a bunch of mages!"

"Hmmm... Maybe the inn, then. Though Winterhold is rather dull."

"It's something to consider. And I'll always be honest with you about things like that."

She turned back around and snuggled into me, making sure I held her nice and tight. After saying goodnight, she fell asleep rather quickly so I guess she was content with everything. I fell asleep quite quickly as well.

After breakfast the next morning, I dressed and headed up to Dragonsreach, stopping to speak to the occasional citizen, many asking about what was happening regarding the dragon situation. I said I was dealing with it but there were one or two other issues that needed resolving.

The conversation with Jarl Balgruuf went about as well as expected. He thought the idea of trying to trap a dragon was insane, but for some reason, he believed I was capable of doing it, and trusted me with the lives of himself, his children and his citizens. But nothing is ever that simple, I'd learned that long ago.

"I want to help you, Dragonborn. And I will. But I need your help first."

"I knew your help would come at a price, sir." I held up a hand to stop an argument. "I mean no disrespect, but I'm assuming the safety of your city is on your mind."

"Ulfric and General Tullius are both just waiting for me to make a wrong move. Do you think they will sit idle while a dragon is slaughtering my men and burning my city?"

I didn't have to think long about an answer. "What do you propose I do?"

"Getting both sides to agree to a truce will be difficult at this point. The bitterness has gone too deep. Maybe... hmm... what of the Greybeards? They are respected by all Nords. High Hrothgar is neutral territory. If the Greybeards were willing to host a peace council then maybe Ulfric and Tullius would have to listen."

"It's a long shot but I don't particularly want to involve myself in the war myself."

"You don't have allegiance to the Empire?" he asked, surprised.

"Not particularly, but I also think Ulfric Stormcloak is picking a fight with the wrong enemy."

I noticed the raised eyebrows. "You mean the Thalmor?"

"I've been into their embassy. I've witnessed what they do. Before that, I didn't give them a thought. Sure, I saw them around occasionally, and their arrogance knows no bounds, but I was live and let live. Now, I won't hesitate killing the bastards. So, Ulfric can preach about independence but, personally, I think he's an idiot."

"So, the Greybeards?"

"I'll talk to them."

"Good. Know the story about Dragonsreach?" Shaking my head, he continued. "According to legend. Although I never thought to put the tale to the test. Jarl Olaf One-Eye it was, who later became High King. They say he Shouted it into submission in single combat atop Mount Anthor and brought it back to Whiterun. Numinex was the dragon's name. That's his skull decorating the main hall."

"Should I leave the letter writing to someone else?"

That made him smile. "Aye, I'll have Proventus write letters on your and my behalf, requesting their presence, though only once you've returned from High Hrothgar confirming the Greybeards will help."

Returning to Breezehome, I informed Aela of what I needed, and she insisted on joining me this time. After quickly packing, we departed directly for Ivarstead though only making it long after it had gone dark. It was a tiring day, so all we did was sleep after taking one of the available rooms, waking early and beginning our long climb up the mountain. Arngeir was surprised to see me again so soon, but when I said I had a request, he was immediately suspicious of what I was about to ask. To be honest, I didn't blame the man.

Taking a seat at the table, I explained what I needed. "I need your help to stop the war," I said.

Arngeir looked perplexed, even amused by my statement. "You misunderstand our authority. The Greybeards have never involved themselves in political affairs."

"The problem is I need Dragonsreach to capture the dragon. But Jarl Balgruuf won't help me as long as the war continues to rage. I understand his reasons, which is why I'm here asking for your help."

He nodded. "I see. This dragon you seek to catch will lead you to Alduin, but without the jarl's help..."

"Despite what you may believe, Master, the people down there respect you and your order. Your words will carry weight. They will listen to what you have to say."

"But will they listen to you, Dragonborn?"

"They'd better, otherwise I'll take on board what you said earlier, and simply let the world end if that is what the gods desire."

He remained silent for a few minutes before nodding. "Paarthurnax has made the decision to help you. This is the road we have to walk. Even the Greybeards must bend to the winds of change, it seems. So be it. Tell Ulfric and General Tullius that the Greybeards wish to speak to them. We will see if they still remember us."

"Things still need organising with them but knowing you agree should make things easier."

"We will begin preparations once we receive word the two sides will agree to meet."

There was no point waiting around, Aela and I heading straight back down the mountain, arriving back in Whiterun the next evening. Lydia was waiting for us in Breezehome, and I first informed her of everything I was involved in. "So you're going to be playing the role of peacemaker as well now?" she wondered.

"Seems so. And, as I told others, I have no interest in involving myself in the war of lords and their lands."

After letting Ulfric know the Greybeards would host the peace council, he let me know letters would be written, requests made, and that he'd let me know when he could. But he figured there would be negotiations before the actual council would convene, so suggested I keep myself busy until he sent word. Waiting was something I was somewhat used to by now, so I headed straight back to Breezehome, where Lydia was busy cooking dinner.

"Enjoy yourself?" I wondered after taking a seat by the fire.

"I did. Delphine is quite the lover."

"You could have stayed longer with her. I wouldn't have minded."

"No, I have my role here, Ragnar." She looked at me, noticing my smile at the use of my name. "Plus, Aela suggested a threesome tonight. I've missed that big cock of yours too."

She didn't actually have to wait, as I stood up and close to her as she cooked, leaning down to her ear. "Why wait?" I whispered.

I grabbed her hand, leading her to the table, sitting her down on it. She kissed me immediately as belts were unbuckled, clothing taken off. Once I had her down to underwear, her panties were quickly removed and I slid my cock inside her. She moaned as I did so, wrapping her arms and legs around me as I fucked her. "Gods yes," she cried, "Fuck me, Dragonborn."

That got Aela's attention, hearing her come down the stairs to find me buried inside Lydia. I felt her body press into mine, understanding she was now naked as well, as I turned Lydia around, bending her over the table. "Fuck that pussy, Ragnar," Aela urged.

Holding onto Lydia's hips, I pounded her hard, our skin slapping together, holding one of her wrists back so she'd look back at me. The eagerness on her face told me what she wanted. A hard, fast fuck. Aela moved so she could get under Lydia and she was soon pleasing her as well.

"By the Nine, I'm going to cum!" Lydia exclaimed.

She came, and she came rather quickly. Feeling her squeeze my cock, that only hastened my orgasm as well, burying myself each time as I unloaded inside my housecarl. Collapsing forward, I left my cock buried inside her as I gently rested on her back, giving her cheek a gentle kiss. "Okay, you are better," she whispered, "Just don't tell Delphine. Nothing can replace your cock."

The idea of dinner was abandoned as the three of us headed upstairs. It was a fun night, each woman taking their chance to ride my cock or face, while I loved having one of them on all fours as they ate the pussy of the other one. One of the best moments was not even being involved but watching the pair eat each other out. Probably one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen, though once they'd cum once together, they insisted I join in.

Lying back later that night, a woman in each arm, I told them that I would be without any real role until the two sides agreed to the council, so I figured I might head north. "What for?" Lydia asked, unaware of what happened.

"Ragnar might be attending the college," Aela stated, hearing the humour in her tone. Lydia laughed, and I couldn't be offended. I was definitely no mage. I couldn't remember the last time I'd even used a basic spell. Everyone was capable of magic but some were more talented than others.

"Do you want to join us?" I wondered.

"Aela is going?"

"Aye," Aela replied, "And I echo the question. You're welcome to come."

She was silent for a moment, probably thinking she'd get in the way. "Lydia, I wouldn't ask you to join us if it was going to be a problem. Aela already knows why I'm going, and she's fine with it. Plus, if I'm busy doing other things, you can keep each other company."

"And I wouldn't mind you using your tongue on me again," Aela added.

Lydia blushed. "Delphine did provide some tips on how to eat pussy. And, I'll admit, I thoroughly enjoyed what she did to me, and I could do it to her all the time." Hearing that just made my cock hard, both girls laughing away as the tent appeared in the furs covering us. "Want to hear some more?" Lydia wondered.

"Definitely," I replied.

Lydia went into great, graphic detail, enough that I lasted all of five minutes before I was eating out both women at once. Aela loved every second while I'm glad to say Lydia had no complaints either, particularly enjoying it when I focused on her arse, considering that is something she mentioned Delphine enjoyed doing to her. "You've got to fuck me there again," Lydia moaned as I rimmed her. I agreed before continuing, eventually giving her quite the orgasm, and she was the first to fall asleep a little later.

The next morning, after informing the Jarl of my intention, the three of us packed some supplies and headed north. As we didn't really have to rush, we made it as far as Windhelm, staying there overnight before completing the journey to Winterhold the next day. Neither woman was interested in joining me at the college, so the next morning it was only myself who headed back across the bridge.

Heading straight for the private quarters, I found Mirabelle in her room once again. When she turned upon sensing my presence, the smile that appeared instantly made my heart flutter, and when she stepped forward to hug me, then kiss me, everything felt right in the world once again. "I didn't think you'd return so quickly," she whispered, resting a hand on my chest as she looked up at me. I'll be honest, when she did that, I saw Muiri. The only thing missing were the faint tattoos across her cheeks.

So I kissed her again. Hard, enough that I forced her back against the wall. She seemed to enjoy it, whimpering into my mouth, and I'm not sure what held us back, as while I wanted to strip her naked and do many things to her, I made do with just holding her close to my body so she would at least feel how my body reacted. "Gods," she breathed upon breaking the kiss.

"Sorry," I said quietly.

"Gods no, don't apologise, Ragnar." She ran a hand down my cheek. "It's been a long time since anyone has shown such an interest."

Kissing her softly, I added, "Guess I should let you know that I'm interested in joining the college."

The smile lit up her face. Lit up the entire room. "Well, I think there would be no finer student than the Dragonborn himself joining our college. How adept are you at magic?"

"Honestly?" She nodded. Gesturing, I said, "I'm adept at wielding sword and shield, or if needs be, my fists. Magic? Not so much."

"Then you will prove to be an excellent student." She put a hand on my chest, gently pushing me back. "Follow me, I think you should join the newest bunch of students. Tolfdir should be instructing them now in the Hall of Elements."

She continued to speak as we made our way towards the main hall. Where students lived was the Hall of Attainment. Mirabelle lived in the same quarters with all the other instructors. She offered robes which I declined, preferring my furs and armour. I did provide evidence I knew at least a couple of spells, but I think she already knew I was no mage. Before entering the main hall, she grabbed my hand and turned me back towards her. "Ragnar, do you plan on remaining here for a while?"

"It's why I journeyed here. The whole dragon crisis has hit a snag."

"Would you like to join me tonight?"

"Gods yes."

"Call me Belle."


She grabbed my hand, giving it a squeeze. "Just so you're... not confused..."

I lifted my other hand to caress her cheek. When she closed her eyes and smiled... I knew I was a lost cause. "Okay... Belle..." When she opened her eyes, I could have kissed her. Taken her then and there. Or burst into tears. So I did the first thing, and when I felt her hands wrap around me, I knew right away that I was already falling in love with her. Perhaps for the wrong reasons. Definitely for the wrong reasons. But that was just to start with, or at least that's what I thought.

"I'll see you tonight, Ragnar," she whispered upon breaking the kiss, my hand still resting on her cheek.

"Part of me already thinks why wait..."

"You should head inside," she retorted with a smile, "Perhaps you'll prove a better mage than you believe."

I didn't believe that at all, but I let her go as she turned and walked away, looking back and smiling before disappearing through the door. I gave my head a shake before turning around myself. I hadn't wanted someone so much since... Well, I guess the first time I'd met Aela, so not that long ago. But there was something else deep inside that I'd buried long ago. Mirabelle wasn't the answer, and it would be unfair on her to think she was. I think it was the heartbreak and regret from what happened, and while I'd mourned her, I don't think anyone can really get over such a sense of loss.