Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. Don't expect realism and you won't be disappointed when you don't find it! Enjoy!

Even though Nick's bedroom was at the other end of the hallway, despite the closed doors and the walls and the street noises from outside, Ashley could still hear them. More specifically, she could still hear her.

"Yes! Yeeesss, Niiiick! Uuhh fuck yeeahh!"

Gritting her teeth and seething in frustration, Ashley rolled over for the hundredth time that night, trying in vain to ignore the faint but nonetheless very much audible sounds of Tessa's unrestrained pleasure as Nick made sweet and obviously passionate love to her butthole. Again. And again. And again.

"Ooowwh Nick! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee! Yeeeaahh, like that! Deeper, harder oohh yessss! Uuunghh fuck my aaaaass!"

Exhaling as she cast a half-annoyed and half-baffled glance at Mia's naked, curvy frame sleeping peacefully beside her, Ashley reached toward the nightstand and grabbed her favorite vibrator. Pressing the toy to her clit and turning it on, Ashley extended her other arm and picked up the double-ended dildo that she had shared until minutes earlier with Mia, and reinserted it into her tingly asshole once again.

Earlier, before they had moved on to playing with the double-ended dildo, the brunette had vigorously sodomized Ashley with her thickest strap-on for a solid hour, caressing her clit and pinching her nipples just the way Ashley liked it, but to no avail. Yeah, sure, Ashley had cum, more than once in fact, but all her climaxes somehow felt hollow, mere conditioned reactions to physical stimuli. In truth, Ashley hadn't been fully there, at least mentally, her attention being always called back to Tessa's incessant yells of true anal joy filtering in from the other end of the hallway. Those blissful vocalizations had been such a distraction and a cause of negative feelings for Ashley that they had sapped the pleasure out of her orgasms, much to her frustration. Still, Mia had managed to give her some reprieve at least. Ashley had hoped that cumming a few times might soothe her into relaxation or even, hopefully, exhaustion, thus allowing her to let go of her irritation and fall asleep, but that plan had failed miserably. Well, it had failed for her, while clearly it had worked like a charm for Mia: now the brunette was out like a light, and Ashley was even more antsy and unsatisfied than before.

"Ooowhhh yeeees, Niiiiick! Cum inside me, yeaaahh! Uuuhh yes, baby, fill meee! Fill my ass, yeeeeesss!

Growling under her breath, feeling her blood pump faster with a mixture of jealousy, anger and unfulfilled desire as Tessa's screams of pleasure made their way across the apartment and reached her ears, Ashley jammed the thick dildo deep inside her needy butthole and switched the vibrator up a notch, holding it right onto her budding clit, hoping for relief.

Unfortunately, not even the humming sound of the toy could drown out Tessa's languid wails of anal ecstasy.

For the first forty-eight hours since Tessa's sudden arrival, Nick and the pastor's daughter had been fucking like bunnies almost non-stop.

Of course they had taken bathroom breaks and he had gone on foraging runs into the kitchen to grab something to eat and drink, but apart from those occasions Nick and Tessa had stayed in his room all the time, engaging in what from the outside sounded like a truly epic buttsex marathon. Manly grunts, kiss-muffled moans and long, loud screams of feminine pleasure became the prevalent background sounds in the apartment, creating a lewd soundtrack of anal delight that only relented when the lovers collapsed onto the bed and napped for a while, recharging for the new round of assfucking that unfailingly would start as soon as they woke up.

While Ashley couldn't help but scowl every time she passed by the closed door of Nick's room, those incessant sexy noises didn't seem to bother Mia at all. In fact, the saucy brunette couldn't stop giggling and smirking and commenting as she tried to guess what the lovers were up to. A couple of times, Mia even resorted to downright eavesdropping, leaning her raven-haired head against Nick's door and pressing her ear to the wood, a Cheshire grin dancing on her full lips all the while, but mostly she just liked to reconstruct what was going on in a sort of offhanded way, just by interpreting the trembling, lust-thick sounds that filtered from inside the room. Of course, Mia's musings became her favorite thing to bring up with Ashley, but those conversations tended to be very one-sided.

"I bet he's boning her missionary now, ramming that fat cock balls-deep up her ass while she holds him tight, you know, with her legs around his back... Yeah, hear that? The bed springs creaking like that? That's the sound of missionary, girl, I'm telling you!"

Minutes later, when a rhythmic slapping beat intermingled with loud meaty smacks and high-pitched squeals of pleasure could be heard in the lewd mix of sex sounds, Mia nodded sagely and grinned at Ashley.

"Oh yeah, it's doggy time! Yep, definitely doggy: he's drilling her ass hard and fast now, and throwing in a few spanks too... There, did you hear that? Nice touch, Nick! And Tessa's fucking loving it too, listen to those squeals! Oh Tessa, you lucky bitch..."

Any time she commented on the lovers' antics, Mia would smile and laugh and find it all genuinely fun, and she would always try to drag Ashley in on the playful aspect of it too, hoping to infect the sulking blonde with her naughty hilarity, but it was useless. Ashley simply wasn't having it. As much as she was glad to see that Mia was rolling with the whole Tessa situation and even having a good time, Ashley wasn't enjoying the unexpected intrusion of the pastor's daughter into their lives, not one little bit. Her mood had been decidedly bad from the moment she had first heard Tessa's orgasmic yells, which had in fact woken her up the very night of Tessa's arrival. A gloomy, volatile nervousness had descended on Ashley ever since, and as they days passed it only seemed to get worse.

In the course of the first day, during which she didn't even see Nick nor Tessa, Ashley had been pulled aside by Mia for a 'serious talk', or so the brunette had prefaced her words. As Ashley just nodded and shrugged, Mia reminded her about the nature of their buttfuck buddies agreement with Nick, pointing out that he owed them nothing and they were in no position to get jealous or needy or upset with Tessa or anything like that. After all, Mia stated in no uncertain terms, being buttfuck buddies was all about having sex and having fun doing it, and sure, there was some intimacy and affection woven into it, but that was an extra, a bonus that they all enjoyed, nothing more, certainly not a reason to get sour now that Nick had reunited with his beloved high school sweetheart. Albeit unenthusiastically, Ashley had agreed with Mia, for she knew that everything the brunette had said was right. At least she knew it on a rational level.

Indeed yes, Nick was free to be in love with Tessa, and he was free to fuck her ass all day long (which he was in fact doing, and then some), and the two of them were totally free to live happily ever after. Ashley's brain knew all that, sure, but her emotions didn't care. No matter how nice and sweet and cute Tessa was (and indeed she was, irritatingly enough), Ashley still couldn't stand her and couldn't stop blaming her for stealing away Nick and, most importantly, she had had enough of listening to Tessa cumming on Nick's cock and begging for him to fuck her ass harder and cum deep inside her again, and again, and again.

Unfortunately, if Ashley had been frustrated and angered by the sounds that Nick and Tessa made during their initial anal marathon, things took a decided turn for the worse once the lovers finally emerged from their den of sodomy.

Doing her best to keep her intense feelings of frustration and resentment under control, Ashley forced herself to be civil with Tessa when she ran into her in the kitchen or the living room, but she still couldn't fake anything resembling friendliness. Aware that she was coming off as cold and dismissive at the very best, Ashley chose to avoid interacting with Tessa as much as possible by staying out of the apartment more than she usually would. Still, even though studying at the library and hanging out with people from class definitely helped being physically away from the source of her irritation, Ashley's mood didn't improve much. In fact, it worsened.

Naturally, the main downside in Ashley's attempt to avoid Tessa was that fact that she had to force herself to stay out of her own apartment, which was irritating enough in and of itself, plus it meant being separated from her two closest friends, Nick and Mia. Also, much to Ashley's dismay, as soon as Tessa started peeking her head out of Nick's bedroom while he was attending classes, Mia began spending time with the pastor's daughter, chatting her up and easily dragging her into naughty, giggly discussions about buttsex and Nick and other stuff, but mostly about buttsex with Nick. Despite her efforts to distance herself from that situation and the negativity that it spawned, Ashley couldn't help but grit her teeth in anger whenever she came home to find Tessa and Mia chilling on the living room couch, laughing and tittering as they compared notes and shared dirty anecdotes about their respective experiences in getting their asses fucked by Nick's awesome horsecock.

Unsurprisingly, even though she loved Mia and considered her one of the coolest people she had ever met, Ashley couldn't help but start resenting her raven-haired friend. To make things worse, beside feeling hurt by the ease with which Mia had become buddies with Tessa in no time at all, Ashley felt doubly stupid for having such feelings in the first place. Once again, her rational side reminded her that she was making too big a deal out of the whole Tessa thing, and that Mia was doing nothing wrong by being nice to Tessa, and it was all perfectly normal, and, actually, it was unfair to even think of Mia's attitude as 'befriending the enemy'. And yet, the sensible voice in Ashley's mind was becoming fainter and less relevant every day, its words twisting and turning into mocking echoes and lingering doubts that added more fuel to the blonde's smoldering, barely contained irritation.

Talking with Nick helped calming Ashley down a little, as it was usually the case, but this time, for the first time, the soothing and grounding effects of his steady voice and of his reasonable insights didn't last long, diluted as they were in the rising tide of sexual frustration and emotional anguish that was engulfing Ashley. But at least, after a few quick passing words they had traded in the kitchen during his two-days-straight assfucking marathon, Nick had finally sat down with Ashley, intent on clearing the air properly.

Looking Ashley right in the eye, hiding nothing and trying to be as delicate and considerate as possible, Nick explained how much Tessa meant to him and how important his relationship with her had always been, painting as clear a picture as he could to give Ashley a sense of what his ex's sudden appearance implied. At the same time, true to his honest and matter-of-fact nature, Nick also apologized to Ashley, much to her joy and surprise. As she listened to him say how sorry he was for upsetting her, Ashley felt her heart flutter with hope and joy, and when he offered to do whatever she needed him to do to help her out, Ashley couldn't held back a few of tears, but she was smiling at him all the while, even when she replied that she was okay, and he shouldn't worry about her.

"I'm fine, Nick," Ashley said, her smile as genuine as the small tears rolling down her sculpted cheeks, which Nick promptly caressed and dried with his long, gentle fingers. "I understand, really. You guys are in love, like, seriously in love, so... Yeah, it's okay. Don't worry about me."

Frowning slightly, his intense scrutinizing eyes boring right into hers from behind his thick-framed glasses, Nick just looked at Ashley in silence for a while before saying: "If there's something I can do for you, Ash, just tell me. I'll do it."

For a moment, as she sat beside him on the couch, alone and closer to him than she had been in days, Ashley was about to blurt out that yeah, there was something he could do for her after all: he could fuck her ass, for a change, and make her cum like he was doing to Tessa. For a moment, Ashley was about to just go ahead and say it, but then, even as her lips parted and started forming the words, her tear-shiny eyes caught something in Nick's piercing stare, something that instinctively made her stop and shrug and say something completely different and not nearly as sincere.

"Thanks, Nick. I... I'll be fine... I'm happy for you."

As her words faded into silence, Nick looked at Ashley for another couple of seconds before smiling and parting his arms, a clear and very welcome invitation for a hug. Immediately Ashley threw herself in his embrace, squeezing his tall, toned frame to her body. As she pressed herself against him, Ashley briefly rejoiced in the feel of her perky tits rubbing against Nick's torso even though their clothes were in the way, her nostrils meanwhile sniffing in his signature scent as she rested her head on his shoulder.

Seconds later, Ashley jumped off the couched, smiled at Nick and left, quickly heading for her room. The gentle warmth that had enveloped her during their brief talk was already dissipating, and her mind was already processing that final chilling detail she had caught on back there, that impression she had had while looking into Nick's eyes: what she had seen was rejection, implicit and maybe unknown to Nick himself, but rejection still. Somehow, Ashley was sure that, despite his offer to do whatever she'd ask him to do for her, if she had gone ahead and asked him to fuck her ass like she wanted to, he would have refused to do so. Out of loyalty to Tessa, of course, which Ashley could understand, just like she understood that, most likely, Nick was being truly honest when he said that he wanted to help. But she knew that he wouldn't help her in that sense, he wouldn't do that, much to Ashley's disappointment.

As she locked herself in her room, crying freely now, Ashley hung her head and laughed bitterly at herself as she considered that, at the moment, the only thing worse than being replaced by Tessa would have been to ask Nick for a pity buttfuck and get explicitly rejected by him. At least, by not asking him that at all, she had avoided an additional and probably unbearable hurt.

As if having Tessa lounging around the house and hitting it off with Mia wasn't bad enough already, other things were starting to happen that would soon make Ashley look back with longing to the first couple of days, when Tessa and Nick boned all the time but at least did so in his room. Indeed, now that they were out of their self-imposed assfuck-centric seclusion, Nick and Tessa had begun having sex all over the apartment, giving in to their passion for each other anywhere they happened to be at any given moment.

The first time Ashley walked in on them going at it was on the afternoon of the third day, when she came back from class. Ashley had just stepped into the apartment when she was greeted by the infuriating sight of Tessa bent over the kitchen table with her huge tits squashed into the hard wooden surface while Nick stood behind her and plowed her big plump bubble-butt like his life depended on it. The image of Tessa's big, fabulously round asscheeks jiggling away in time with Nick vigorous rump-impaling tempo and the pussy-wetting detail of his monstercock sliding fluidly in and out of her dilated little butthole stopped Ashley dead in her tracks for a moment, until her blue eyes focused on the blissful, vacant look of absolute joy painted on Tessa's cute face. Arousing as that scene was, the mask of anal joy transfiguring the pastor's daughter's features angered Ashley into speechlessness, compelling her to stomp away to her room in a huff. To add insult to emotional injury, neither Nick nor Tessa appeared to have even noticed her coming home at all, which only made Ashley fume so much more.

After that first undesired live show, Ashley caught the rutting lovers in the act many more times in the next few days. On one occasion, she casually walked into the living room and saw Tessa kneeling on the couch beside Nick, her glorious ass tilted up and her pretty face bobbing on his lap, deepthroating his massive dick with lewd gusto while he fingered both her twitching asshole and her virgin slit, prepping her sphincter not just by stretching it with his digits, but also by lathering it in her flowing pussy juices. The wet slurping sounds of Tessa's cock-engulfing mouth slobbering away at Nick's dong, along with her muffled coos and his lustful grunts of enjoyment, echoed in Ashley's ears over the grinding of her teeth as she retired to her room, choking on bitter annoyance.

Another such encounter happened later that same day, in the hallway, just outside of Nick's room. Apparently the lovers hadn't even made it to his bed, or so Ashley assumed when she walked out of her bedroom headed to the kitchen only to be treated to the unwanted spectacle of Nick ramming his big fat cock balls-deep inside Tessa's indecently stretched out asshole over and over again. This time they were standing up, or at least Nick was standing up while Tessa was pinned with her back against the wall, her arms thrown around his neck and her legs wrapped around his waist as he pumped away at her ass, drilling his overswollen boner incessantly into her greedy bootyhole. The raw sensuality of that coupling and the sense of intense passion radiating from Nick and Tessa was made even more vivid (and therefore, in Ashley's view, more hurtful to witness) by the fact that, as they buttfucked like there was not tomorrow, they were also locked in a languid, breathless soulkiss that muffled their moans of shared anal joy and added a note of love and affection to the whole scene.

Unfortunately for Ashley, those moments of untamable passion seemed to increase with every passing day, as if the fact that Nick had to leave the house to go to class was making Tessa's wanton asshole and his huge dick even hornier for each other and more desperate to be joined once again as soon as possible. In the three days that followed the end of the lovers' non-stop buttsex marathon, Ashley was forced to see them fuck in every single room except her own, or at least so she assumed, her jealousy-addled brain going as far as conjuring up the possibility that Nick and Tessa might be buttfucking in her bed while she was attending classes.

Paranoid suspicions aside, Ashley had plenty of triggering images flashing before her eyes already, without any need to make up any fictional ones too. She only had to close her eyes to relive the many scenes she had had the dubious luck to witness first hand: there she could once again see Tessa kneeling between Nick's legs on the kitchen floor as he tried to cook dinner, his pants and boxers pooled around his ankles, his cock snugly nestled in the soft, cushiony valley of Tessa's abundant cleavage, his hips pumping erratically as he fucked her big round tits for another handful of seconds before exploding in a geyser-like ejaculation that painted Tessa's smiling, happily squealing face with jet upon warm jet of thick white cum. Or there the two of them were again, fucking in the shower, Tessa's palms spread against the tiled wall, her head thrown back in pleasure, her wet chocolate brown hair plastered to her arched back as she slammed her big round booty back against Nick's groin to force his huge, brutally thrusting pole deeper into her insatiable asshole while his arms embraced her tightly and his hands held onto her large melons, pulling her toward him as he rammed away at her beautiful ass, their bodies glimmering with droplets of water in the vapor-misted bathroom.