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Part 4 Virgin No More

As I turned around and took a step back toward the living room Julie jumped up and practically tackled me, jumping into my arms with enough force to knock me backward. She planted the biggest kiss I had yet received from her and wouldn't let go until I pushed her back a bit.

"Oh, Rich, I'm sorry. Should I have stayed seated? Should I go sit back down? I just couldn't help myself. I love you Rich!

I couldn't help but enjoy the show of affection. Out of the three women that I now found under my care, Julie was the one who's an opinion I worried about the most. I had to make a mental note to not let that desire for her love and respect get in the way of her training and obedience. Maybe by being firm and fair she would still love me. Beth loved my Dad, and Susan seems to love Roger, so I know it can work. I was just worried I would do something to screw it up. I told myself to put that thought out of my head; it would do nothing but cast doubt upon what I had to do.

"It's ok Julie. There will be a time and place for personal affection like that, but for now, we will get you and your mother prepared for your new life. Please head back in and sit on the couch. Oh, and by the way, I love you too."

When she heard that she broke into a big smile, turned, and almost skipped back to the couch where she took a seat next to her still kneeling mother. Nicole was paying attention to the interaction between me and Julie and seemed to relax a bit more, but never moved from her spot. She was learning.

"Nicole, would you like to get dressed?"

"Yes sir, can I?"

"Yes, you can. Now, we can all talk freely. I'm sure you have plenty of questions and I'll answer them as best I can. As Roger mentioned, I just became an Assassin today. I may not have all the answers, but I promise if I don't know something, I will find out and get you the answer. What do you want to know?" Nicole spoke up once she finished dressing and sat on the couch.

"First of all, Roger mentioned that it's up to you how you use us for sex. Does that mean I will also have to have sex with you?

"Nicole, in a one-word answer: yes. However, let me explain further. Your role in the Assassins is twofold; to serve the company and serve your guardian. Your work for the company is what entitles you the privileges of the life you will live. It brings with it money, a house, cars, and respect from your peers and people that the Assassins deal with."

"Your service to me brings security and protection, both from outside influences and internal issues. Let's say you make a huge mistake at your previous company, costing them millions of dollars. You should expect to be fired, your name maligned within your profession, and you would have a hard time recovering. As Assassin property, and my property, you have all your personal decisions removed from you. You do as I tell you to do. You become obedient and serve me. This shows both me and the Assassins that you are loyal and can be trusted."

"There would be no reason to believe that your mistake was intentional, and the company, from what I understand from Roger, will not be so foolish to just get rid of you. If they did, all your knowledge and experience would be lost, costing the company more in the long run than just the money lost on the mistake. I become the one responsible for your actions, and in the case of the above example, I will be the one administering the punishment. It will not be pleasant, it's meant to correct any behavior that led to the issue, but you will recover from it and return to your job afterward."

"This is why, each, day, you will brief me on everything that happened to you, at work and out in public. This way I stay abreast of everything in your life and will be better able to head off any issues before they become problems. If you are doing exactly what I tell you, you cannot be held responsible for those actions. It all falls on me, as it does every other male member of the Assassins. Do you understand a little better?

"Yes, Rich, I think so. Don't you think it will be awkward to be in a relationship with both me and Julie?"

"I don't think so, Nicole. Julie maybe my girlfriend, and hopefully one day my wife, but that doesn't mean you can't have a rich and fulfilling life with me also. Sex will be part of it. Service will be part of it. You will both be required to be available to me whenever I desire. If you look upon this service as your duty to me, it won't seem so awkward. I won't use you in spite like your old boss. That relationship was toxic, one way, and never meant to return anything to you. Your relationship with me will be, excuse the cold expression, mutually beneficial. I get my needs cared for and have beautiful women attending to me, and you get protection and security. You also get caring and love. I will care for both of you and make sure your needs are also met."

"I think I understand Rich. To be honest, I thought by now we would be having sex. That's what I was expecting tonight, just to be abused more. I'm surprised, even when I undressed, that you or the men didn't take advantage of me. You could have if you wanted. Why didn't you?"

"Because that's not what this is about. I can't answer for all other club members, but I'm not like that. I will not use you maliciously. When I made you undress and spank you, it was to send a message that you will be disciplined if you are disobedient. When I made you kneel on the floor it was to remind you of your subservient position to me. However, I'll have to be honest, a little was also for my benefit. You have a great body Nicole, and I enjoy admiring your beauty."

At this Nicole blushed a bit and looked down, averting her eyes from mine. I may have discovered her trigger. She appears to just want to be respected and appreciated. I should have seen that. She was in an abusive relationship if I can call it a relationship, with her boss for so many years. She just wants to feel loved, and to feel safe. I can provide all of that to her in spades. Julie spoke up.

"Does that mean we have to have sex with you now?"

"Julie, as much as I would like that, I think I'll hold off. I don't want to send the wrong message to you that this is only about sex. That will come, and when it does, it will be with you first. I must admit something; I am still a virgin. Yes, please don't laugh, but I want my first-time having sex to be with you."

I wish I could show you a picture of her face when I said this. She sprouted the biggest smile, and her eyes could have lit up an entire room. She suddenly lost her smile and started to cry. I asked her if she was ok, and she answered:

"No, I'm sorry. I'm happy you would think of me like that, but I'm sorry I can't give you my first time. That asshole took it from me on my 18th birthday. He made it seem like he did me a favor waiting until I was 18. I was tied up and he forced me. It was disgusting and I hated it. I want him dead too! Every time I had to have sex with him, I wanted to kill him."

At this point, her mother started to tear up with Julie. She reached over and pulled Julie closer to her and held her in her arms while they both cried together. Nicole apologized for not protecting her and said it was the biggest regret she had. Julie told her Mom she didn't have a choice and that it wasn't her fault. I just sat there and let the ladies have this moment without any interference. They would need to let all their anger out to eventually get past their abuse. I would have to tread carefully when dealing with it. It will remain a raw nerve far into the future. Hopefully loving and caring for them would help them in a small way begin to recover.

It felt like it must be midnight but checking my watch only 2 hours had passed since we arrived. Beth must already be home. I checked my security app and sure enough, there was Beth, naked with only an apron on, cooking in the kitchen. I quickly called her and told her to expect two more visitors tonight. I explained everything that had happened, and I would be bringing home Julie and her mother. She already knew Julie but had never met Nicole. I also told her to put on her clothes, something sexy with her new panties and bras, and to wear her heels. She is still to kneel in the living room and await our arrival once she's done cooking but clothed this time. I didn't want to shock the women too much on the first day.

Nicole overheard me talking with Beth and inquired about the conversation.

"Did I just hear you give instructions to your mother?"

"Yes, you heard correctly, but she's not my mother."

I explained my history, losing my mother, then my father, and how Beth continued raising me even though she didn't have to.

"So, you oversee her life also? She has to answer to you as we do?"

"Yes, she does. That's why I was telling her what to wear. I will be doing the same for both of you. I will expect you to look sexy when you dress. The only reason I have is that I like it."

"Do you have sex with her also?"

"No, I haven't. That will change, however. She is also there for my pleasure and she also must be obedient to me. We both have needs, and I will see to hers as she will to mine. Just the same as I will for you and Julie. Let me break something to you. Your ideas of what is proper and what is not should be left behind. You are in a different world now. Do not bring with you any preconception of right and wrong, or you will only have a harder time adjusting you your new life."

"Now, ladies, as I said, I expect my women to dress sexy. Head back and change into something that fits that description.

I explained the same requirements I set for Beth, right down to the type of panties, bras, and high heels I required. I also explained that, after tonight, they would both be clean-shaven below their necks. No hair anywhere. Nicole seemed to chafe at that requirement but thought best not to question it. Julie took it all in stride, never looking uncomfortable in the slightest. The ladies left and returned 20 minutes later.

First out was Julie. She had on a dress I had seen a few times. It was a thin sundress with a scooped neck that came down to the top of her breasts. She was wearing a blue bra, but I could see the straps. Her dress came to about 1 inch above her knee, and she was wearing a pair of white heels.

"I'm sorry Rich, but this is all I had. My heels are only 1 inch, and this is the only dress that shows any cleavage.

She seemed ok with telling me this and wasn't bothered that she was being told what to wear by her boyfriend. I told her to remove her bra because her straps were showing and didn't look good. She complied, unclasping it, pulling it down one arm then the next, and pulling it out of the top of her dress. That trick always amazed me when women would do that. I told her the heels were ok for tonight, but we would go shopping to buy her pairs that I liked. Julie continued,

"I'm also sorry Rich, I only have white underwear, and nothing sexy. My mother never let me buy anything like that." I answered,

"Then you will have to take them off, Julie. Remove them please."

She looked at me for a second, then reached under her dress and dropped her panties to the floor. She stepped out of them and picked them up. I told her to put them back and never to wear them except to school, that we would also go clothes shopping for her.

Next out came Nicole, and I had to do a double-take. She was wearing a tight red dress. The neck came down in a V and accentuated her breasts. Either the dress or her bra had her pushed so far up I thought her breasts would pop out of the top. The length more than matched my requirements, as it came just past her vagina, only covering it by about 2 inches. Her heels were at least 3 inches high, and she wore nylons. I had to remind myself to close my mouth and had to check that I wasn't drooling.

"Damn Nicole, I have never seen a sexier dress in my life."

She explained to me that her old boss, Bob, made her wear these types of dresses, making her up like a slut to show off to his friends. She told me she would often be taken to parties where she was the only entertainment. He would also have her service anyone he wanted to impress or gain favor from. She was nothing more than a piece of meat to this man.

"Nicole, you have exceeded my expectation, but I think by a bit more than I wanted. My dick is so hard right now I don't think I can stand straight."

She let out a little laugh, as did Julie. I continued.

"I always want you to look sexy, but you only look this sexy for me. Keep that dress, I like it, but you won't be wearing that out. I don't want you to look like a whore. Please put on something a bit more conservative that doesn't scream raw sex. You should always look proper while looking sexy. Do you get my gist?

"I think I do. I'll be right back."

I sat and talked with Julie for a bit, mostly about how our relationship would work. I explained to her that we could still have fun. Sure, I will be running her life, deciding what she will be doing, and giving her instructions each day, but we could still hang out, play games, and go to the mall as any other couple would do. It will be strange at first, but we will settle into a new normal. I also told her that I wanted her to be honest with me. Honest on how she feels, if she feels safe or threatened and if I'm doing something that is hurting her. I knew she would take a long time to recover from her abuse and I didn't want to add to that.

After a short wait, Nicole came back out. She was wearing a blue blouse that showed a small amount of cleavage, but her bra pushed up her breasts a little out of the top. Her black skirt came to just an inch above her knees, and she wore a pair of black heels that were two inches in height.

"That's much better Nicole. Now, does your bra match your panties?"

"Yes, it does."

"May I see them please?"

She hesitated a moment, then lifted her dress and showed a pair of blue lacy panties. I had her turn around and they came up her ass in a thong. I approved and asked to see her bra. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and pulled it apart to show a matching blue lacy bra.

Good Nicole. You may close your blouse and we will head to my place. I walked between the two ladies, locked my arms in theirs, and we walked out the door together.

I drove Nicole's car to my house. She was hesitant at first, but she understood that it was my decision. I used this as a learning example that everything they had in their life was mine, including their possessions. They no longer owned anything. All their debts would be paid within the week and I gave Nicole instructions to get that information to me. She would still have use of her car, but it would be the property of the company. When we arrived at my house we stepped out and walked in the front door.

True to my instructions, inside the living room, knelt Beth. She had on the skirt and blouse from this morning and had her hands placed on her head. She didn't move but looked up in our direction. Nicole and Julie stopped short, not knowing what to expect next. I said,

"Beth, come here and greet our guests. You know Julie, and this is her mother Nicole."

Beth came over and greeted Julie, hugging her, and reached out and shook Nicole's hand. Beth was wearing a new pair of heels and they looked fantastic on her.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Nicole. Welcome to our home."

I instructed Beth to get the dinner served and we all took our seats around the table. Everything looked fantastic. I addressed the group.

"You did a wonderful job, Beth. Thanks for making dinner for us. Ladies feel free to converse while we eat. I'm sure you ladies have questions, and between us, I'm sure we can answer them for you."

We all grabbed food and started to eat. The conversations ranged between the Assassins, Santana Acquisitions, and the roles of women in the organization. I sat there and ate, letting Beth answer most of the questions. I only interjected when a question directly involved me. The ladies asked Beth about what she did in the company, about my late father, and her role now serving me. Beth explained that she worked for Santana from its beginning and told them how we lost my father. Julie was interested in how her marriage worked before my father died, no doubt wondering what awaited her in the future with me. Beth went on to explain.

"It was much like a typical marriage. Being the property of the Assassins was just an accepted fact we lived with. It didn't change who we were. Brian would give me instructions and I would follow them. I made myself available to him in whatever capacity he needed. We decided to show a normal life to Rich when he moved in with us. We never discussed business in front of him, nor did I show any subservient behavior around him. I still did what I was told by Brian, and when I didn't, I would be punished, but that happened in private. To Rich, we were just a normal family. He didn't find out the truth until just this week. Now he's taken over the house with me included, and life goes on. Rich is now my guardian and I report to him." Nicole asked,

"Do you have to be subservient to all men in the club?"

"Yes, Nicole, so far as we defer if they tell us to do something, but there has to be a good reason for that. No one except our guardian can lay a hand on us. Anyone that wants to will have to have Rich's permission. We are not allowed to talk back to the club members, but any other men working for the company don't get the same respect."

"Oh, there are men that work for the company that is not in the club?"

"Yes, many. The company employs over 500 people, men, and women, and very few are associated with the Assassins. That 500 is just here in town in various businesses the company runs. That number doesn't include the independent business that the Santana owns, and their employees also number in the hundreds."

"Are all the women property of the Assassins?"

"No. There are only about 200 women at any one time that are Assassin property, or as they're known as, affiliated. These women are spread out among the different businesses. We are the club's insurance policy that they will be run correctly. Most of the people you run across in your job will not be directly associated with the Assassins. Being the property of the Assassins puts you above the normal employees. Those employees will show you respect and defer to you in all company business. Therefore, we are held to a higher standard and why we are assigned a guardian."

"We are the eyes and ears of the actual club. The members-only number 50, and to become a member you must be family. There have been exceptions, but those were isolated cases and filled a critical need in the club. The number of club members is set, there will never be more than 50, and they will only accept new members if that number drops below 50. My late husband's spot was held for Rich. If he didn't join, and it was his option to do so, his spot would have gone to Benjamin, Roger's son. Now that Rich has joined, Benjamin will have to wait for an opening."