Author's notes:

Warning: This story contains bisexual sex. There is both hetero sex, and bisexual sex between both women and men. If you're not into that, then kindly back out and find another story.

Everyone in this story is over eighteen. I hope you enjoy it. Ratings and comments are always welcome, but please, only if you've read the story.

I spent the next three days on a sexual high after Thursday's masturbation group session, and the fun afterwards. I was floating in bliss; time seemed to slow down a half step, and everything was brighter. My mind was calm, and there was an ethereal glow to the world. Both sides of my bisexual brain had been satisfied that night, and several fantasies had been fulfilled. I was happy I'd taken the plunge and joined KingofJacks. I laughed at myself for almost backing out. I felt sexually complete for the first time in my life. I felt satiated.

By Monday morning, bliss had given away to burning passion. I woke up dreaming of Chad's cock in my mouth. Gina was there too, but it was Chad I remembered coaxing me with his hypnotically deep voice, "that's it...yeah...yeah...nice...deeper now." My morning wood stretched to new heights, and my whole body ached of carnal desire. I took care of that pressing need and then showered.

As I was toweling off, my phone rang. It was Chad. I had given him my cell number, but I hadn't really expected to hear from him until we got together again this Thursday for the group jerk-off.

"Peter. How are you?"

"Hello, Chad. I couldn't be better. And you?"

"Gina and I would like you to come over tonight."

That was it; direct and to the point. I was getting a feel for how he communicated. There was no: 'if you're not busy', or 'I know this is last minute, but.' My mind raced with questions. Would this be another masturbation session? Would Jim be there? Would Chad go further with me than last Thursday? As my mind questioned, there was a long quiet pause on the phone. Chad said nothing; he waited for me to break the silence.

"Yes...sorry...I was just thinking of something I needed to do, but it can wait," I lied. I needed a cover for my hesitation.

"Seven o'clock then. Don't be late," he directed before hanging up. And there it was again, that requirement for punctuality.

I was still naked from my shower and when I looked down I was hard as a rock. Just hearing Chad's commanding voice and knowing I would be with them that night had me ready for more. I resisted the temptation to masturbate again. I took the day off of work; there was no way I could've been able to concentrate on anything important at the office.

I began daydreaming of what the night would bring, but that just made me hornier. I paced the house anxious for the evening to come. I had the whole day ahead of me, and the wait was killing me.

I thought of the bliss state of the past weekend. It was a sexual high alright, but rather than a raw feeling of urge, it was more of a sensual intoxication. Blind lust is easy to obtain, but an elevated sense of continuous ecstasy where your whole body is on a sexual high and time slows and even the air feels sensual is harder to get into, and maintain. I wanted to return to that sexual euphoric state for the rest of the day, and then still be in it when I went to Chad's that night. So I planned a day that kept me busy and yet would rekindle that sexual transcendance.

I went for a walk in woods with nothing on but loose fitting silky shorts, and sandals. They looked like running shorts to anyone else, but my package was free to swing and sway, and sensually brush against the silky materiel. The place was state park lands with hiking trails running throughout. One trail headed up a large hill. The top plateaued and had a big area people used for a lookout over the valley. There was one section off to the side used by sunbathers. Some people sunbathed in the nude, but it wasn't legally sanctioned for that. The rangers would come through once and a while and tell anyone who was naked to put their clothes on. They didn't really care about nude sunbathing as much as the place turning into an outdoor sex park. Their occasional presence kept the place under control. Lisa and I had gone up there once and while for an all-over-tan.

As I turned the corner to the beginning of the sunbathing area I noticed two college aged girls sitting on a blanket behind a large rock I had just passed. They were naked and kissing each other and caressing each others arms and breasts. I must have startled them because I got a good look of their passion before they realized I was there. They quickly parted lips and leaned away from each other. My cock jumped at the image in my head of these two young beauties making love. They smiled at me sheepishly as I passed. I returned the smile and said, "Beautiful day to be sunbathing."

I moved away from them to give them privacy. I felt the urge to sunbath naked too, but hadn't brought a towel or blanket, and the ground was mostly rock. I found a large smooth rock that looked comfortable enough to lay on. I stripped off my shorts and used them as a makeshift pillow. As I lay there my mind drifted back to the two young girlfriends I had just passed. I had an erotic day dream of them making love. My cock hardened as I imagined one eating the others pussy. I had to resist the temptation to grab my cock and stroke it; both because I wanted to save myself for the night, and because of where I was.

The breeze was blowing up my balls and along my shaft. It felt good to have my cock hard and exposed to the world. I soon heard female voices nearing me. I didn't react to hide my hard-on. It felt so natural that I no longer cared that someone might see me naked and hard. My eyes were still closed when I heard "Nice cock" directed my way. I opened my eyes and turned my head. It was the two young lovers. They had dressed; they now wore tight fitting athleisure pants and tanks tops. We exchanged smiles as they passed. The site of them brought me back to my daydream of them making love. This time, I was in that dream with them. The three of us were going down on each other in a triangle.

Not wanting to get sunburnt on my precious package, I soon headed back down the trail. It was only noon when I arrived back at the trailhead—I had a long afternoon ahead of me before my date with Chad and Gina. My excursion up to the nude sunbathing place had returned me to the bliss state of the weekend—where time slowed and everything glowed warmly with a sensual hue. I felt that getting a sensual massage before heading to Chad's that night would be a good thing to help keep me in that blissful mood. I remembered Lisa and I had gotten a sensual couples massage a few times with a masseuse named Rebecca at one of the local spas. It was fun. It made us feel sexually charged, and afterwards we'd go home and make wild passionate love. I called the spa to see if Rebecca had any openings. The only opening in her schedule was at 1:00pm for an hour. It was a little earlier in the day than I was hoping for, but it was a last-minute request, so I took it. I had just enough time to get home and shower off the sweat from the trail before making to the appointment.

When Rebecca came out to greet me in the waiting room she looked at me quizzically. "Where's your wife," she asked innocently. I thought for a moment she had recognized my face, and I was impressed. We had only gone to her a few times, and it had been over a year since the last time. Then I realized she probably looked my name up in the client database. I told her of my wife's passing. She looked at me with sympathetic eyes, and said, "I'm, so sorry," as

she moved in and embraced me in a long comforting hug.

Rebecca told the receptionist we'd be using room 7 instead of 6. As we passed room 6 I saw the double massage tables and recalled the last time my wife and I were here.

"You can disrobe and lie face down. Here's a towel if you'd like," she instructed.

As I stripped down she flitted about the room adjusting the light and music.

She began her routine by lightly raking the skin on my back and legs with her fingernails. She followed that with a gentle circular fingertip massage. She was a master of finding all the hidden erogenous zones. A scent of lavender filled the air. She told me the massage oil was laced with ylang ylang; an essential oil linked to sex drive. Rebbeca was a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties--young enough to be my daughter, but that didn't stop me from stealing glances at her as she moved around the room. She wore no bra, and her plunging neck backless halter top barely contained her ample breasts, especially when she leaned over to work on me. She wore tight yoga shorts with obviously no panties. She had gorgeous brown hair that framed a very pretty face. My cock grew as she administered her sensual touches. She soon slipped her hands under the towel and massaged my buttocks. My cock strained against the table and my balls ached to be touched.

After she finished with my backside she had me flip over. My hard-on was obvious to her as she held the towel and I flipped under it.

"You can removed the towel," I said. "It's not hiding much at this point," I added.

As she removed the towel, she said, "You know, I can't give you anything extra."

"Oh, no...I didn't come here for that," I defended.

"It's not that I'd mind. It's the rules of the spa. I could loose my job," she explained.

"I totally understand. Sorry for the hard-on, but you have great hands, and this is what I came for—your sensual touch." I felt the need to explain the presence of my hard-on after her comment.

" please don't be embarrassed about that. I see it every day, and I love seeing it. It tells me I'm doing a good job," she said as she barely brushed my hard cock with the back of her hand as she massaged my lower belly and groin. "As I said, it's not my rules. I personally wouldn't mind one bit," she added as she admired my hard cock.

"Do you do that on the side...happy ending massages that is?" I asked, thinking that I had never had one of those type of massages, and it might be fun to experience.

"No...this job pays too well. I can't do any massage work on the's in my contract. I can't chance it."

"Too'd be good at it," I said playfully.

"So, are you dating?" she inquired, as she massaged my inner thighs near my crotch. Her fingers went so deep in my crotch that the back of her hands brushed against my balls.

"First date tonight," I lied. It was sort of a date, but not in the traditional sense. How else could I have explained my planed rendezvous with Chad and Gina, for hopefully a threesome, but as a date?

"Since my wife's passing." I added so there was no confusion that this was just another first date in a string of many. I didn't know why I felt it important to add that, but I did.

"My mother just broke up with her boyfriend," Rebecca informed me.

My initial thought to that was: Oh great! Now that I'm finally getting out there, everyone I meet will be trying to hook me up with their widowed mother or divorced sister, or some such person.

"He was too sexually boring for her," she added.

My interest piqued; I wondered just how sexually un-boring her mother was.

"Well, how would that work for us. I mean me dating your mother after you've seen my hard-on and all?" I inquired.

"Are you kidding? I'd love knowing my mother was getting a piece of that cock of yours. And, you're a sweet guy and you're a handsome man too."

I was getting a big head, both heads. I had gotten a "nice cock" from one of the cutie college girls while sunbathing up on hill, and now Rebecca was admiring me. My erection surged and I felt some moisture at the tip.

"Keep that up and I'll blow my load hands free," I said half jokingly.

"That'd be totally fine, and that's allowed," she said with a flirtatious smile.

"So what happened with your mother's boyfriend," I asked. I was dying to know just how sexually boring he was, or more of interest, just how sexually exciting her mother was.

"My mother is a sexual wild child," she said. "And I'm totally her mother's daughter," she added with a grin. "The boyfriend was a nice guy, and with a lot of money, but in the end he just wanted vanilla sex—at least that's what Mom told me; believe me, I wasn't there."

Still not enough information for me to discern just how wild her mother was, but I let it drop.

"She might be too much for you. You know... you're just getting back out there and all," she added guardedly. I didn't know who she was attempting to protect, me or her mother. "I'll give you her number, and you can take from there," she said--dissolving all responsibility for what the future may or may not bring between me and her mother.

By the end of the massage my entire body tingled with sensual delight. I felt like I wanted to make long slow passionate love to someone. I thought of Lisa, and then felt overwhelmed with loss. I had to push those thoughts aside. I had loved my wife dearly, and I had spent a year mourning her death, but now I was on a new adventure, and I wanted to believe she'd be happy for me.

On the way out of the spa, Rebecca gave me her mother's number. "Give her a call," she yelled over her shoulder as she walked back in.

I was hungry, but didn't want to eat too much considering what I was hoping tonight might offer. So I ate a late lunch of raw oysters and little wine.

I went to the gym and performed a light workout. In the shower afterwards, there were a couple of young fit men lathering up in the big open communal shower. I had a hard time keeping my cock from giving away my thoughts as their tight asses and bobbing penises paraded by. I kept stealing glances at them while I lathered up. I had to turn my front to the wall more than a few times as I felt the surge in my loins.

I got my hair cut. I trimmed my pubic hair. I took an enema and showered again. With all the primping, I felt like a teen aged girl getting ready for prom night.

On the ride over to Chad's house I had to work hard to keep my anxiety in check and hold onto the blissful state I had worked all day to heighten. My mind was reeling with thoughts. Were they asking me over to have sex, or was this something else? Chad didn't say. Was Jim going to there? What about the others? Was Chad going to fuck my virgin ass tonight? I wanted him to, but that thought itself was making me nervous.

I pulled into their driveway and parked up by their garage. Just like last Thursday there was no other car in the drive. Butterflies raced in my stomach on the walk up the pathway to the door. I stood there for a moment to steal myself before ringing the bell. Chad answered this time. "Come in, Peter. It's good to see you," he greeted with that low silky voice. He pulled me to him and we embraced. He had that same seductive smile and twinkle in his eye as the first time we'd met. He was dressed in black, as if he was out for the evening; cufflinks and all. I could tell he wore no underwear; his half hard cock struck an outline as it strained against his pants.

He led the way into his living room. Gina was there sitting in her chair; the same chair she masturbated in front of me in when I first arrived last week. She was dressed in black also. A short satin black cocktail dress with black nylons and black heels. She sat cross legged, her pensive foot tapping at the air. She wore lipstick and her pursed lips struck a provocative pout. Her long beautiful blond hair pulled back to a ponytail.

"Hello, Peter. Nice of you to come," she said as she remained seated. Following the custom of the Thursday night masturbation group, I walked to her seat and leaned down to kiss her cheek. This time she moved her face to me and offered me her lips. My lips lingered on hers as we kissed. She gave me a little pout as I pulled my face away.

"I see that I'm under dressed," I joked. I was wearing white linen island pants with a button fly and a blue flower print Hawaiian shirt.

"No. You're fine. We just stepped out for a cocktail and some oysters. Jerome's," Chad informed.

That explained their dressiness; Jerome's is an upscale restaurant downtown.

"I had oysters today too, for lunch," I added.

"Ahh...great minds think alike," Chad said, grinning as he came up to me and put a hand on my shoulder. "Can I get you a drink?"

"Sure. Gin and Tonic if you have it."

"Ah ha...that's what we had at Jerome's. Again, great minds!"

As Chad left to mix the drinks, I took a seat on the sofa.

"Did you enjoy yourself last week at our little masturbation party, Peter?" Gina inquired.

"Yes, very much so," I assured her.

"Good. Then you'll join the group again this Thursday?

"I'm looking forward to it."

Chad returned with the drinks and I stood as he handed me mine. He once again put his hand on my shoulder and then leaned in to talk to me. "Gina is very horny tonight, Peter. I'll need your help to satisfy her," he said while looking at his wife. His voice was not so low as Gina couldn't have heard him. The leaning in was more a gesture of solidarity. Gina blew us a kiss and slowly opened her legs. She wasn't wearing any panties. Her short cocktail dress slid up as she opened her legs exposing herself to us. She licked her lips in a sexual gesture.

"Please sit, Peter," Chad said as he waved his hand to the sofa. I sat as he moved to give Gina her drink and pick his up off the coffee table.

"A toast. To our new friend Peter," he announced as we all leaned in and clinked glasses, and then took a sip.

Gina put her glass down and then brought her hand to her huge clit and started rubbing it, just as she had done shortly after I had arrived last Thursday in that same chair. She looked me in the eye and pursed her lips again in a suggestive expression.

"Look at her," chad said admiringly. "You know, that's why I fell in love with her, she's such a nympho. I knew it on our first date. I hadn't even removed her clothes, but I could see it in her eyes. Her eyes spoke of an endless well of lust. She's also very beautiful, don't you think?" he said rhetorically as he moved to stand next to her. He took her chin with his finger and tilted her head up and to my direction. "Have you seen a more beautiful face, Peter. And her body...oh my my...," he moaned.

"Look at her big clit, Peter. You know, it's like a little dick, no? And it belies the size of her twat, no? Gina's little's out of place under that big clit. What do you think?"

I didn't know what to say. Of course she was gorgeous from head to toe, and her big clit was exceptional, but she was his wife. I wasn't use to complimenting another man's wife in front of him. Luckily, I didn't have to answer. Gina let out an orgasmic moan that filled the room as she rubbed her engorged clit.

"Oh...that's it my little vixen. Pleasure yourself, my sweet," Chad encouraged her. He opened the fly on his pants and took out his half hard cock. Gina turned her head and sucked it into her mouth as she continued to work her clit with her right hand.

As I watched their foreplay in front of me I became extremely excited. My cock hardened. I unbuttoned the fly on my linen pants and took it out and started lightly stroking myself as I watched Gina suck her husband and play with herself.

Chad soon withdrew his cock from her mouth and motioned to me to get up and follow. He led Gina by her hand as he walked through the dinning room into the kitchen and through the big room where we had the group masturbation session last week. He opened a sliding glass door that led into the back yard. We followed a path that meandered through the lush landscape. I had only gotten a glimpse of just how verdant the garden was last Thursday from the masturbation room.;u=10792;sa=summary