Skylar Gets Kidnapped.

Skylar exits the club and proceeds toward her car in the parking garage. Nine thirty is a bit early to leave the club, but she told her parents she would be home by ten. Being nineteen relinquished her of any curfew, but she has always been a good girl, keeping her parents happy made life easier. As Skylar walked down the illuminated street, she passed several people. Most were silent, but some greeted her cheerfully. Being interested in girls, she made attempts to catch their attention. She got smiles as did they, but that was it. Of course, Skylar got smiles. She gets them from everyone.

Skylar is a beautiful young woman, with well-kept body and hair. She has big bright blue eyes, million-dollar smile, and gorgeous face. Her light brown hair flows over her shoulders, bouncing with every step. She is wearing a turquoise halter top with a small black jacket, short sleeved. The halter top hugs and positions her large breasts, acting as her bra. Her mini skirt matches her halter top's color and accentuates her curvy hips and round butt. The skirt stops middle of her thigh allowing her smooth slender legs to be on display, right down her black strappy high heels. In her three-inch heels she is still an inch shy of six feet tall. She walks with great confidence in herself and her beauty, but her personality is not overbearing in the least. In fact, her personality is just as beautiful as her appearance.

The parking garage is well lit and maintained. She feels comfortable walking through the rows of cars as she approaches hers. When she removes her keys, she hears someone call out.

"Excuse me!" A female voice rings out, Skylar looks toward her. "Do you know how to use jumper cables?" A young woman asks as she approaches. "My friend's car battery is dead and we aren't really sure." She stops behind Skylar's car.

The young woman is about Skylar's age with face length dark red hair. It is mostly straight, but has a slight curl at the bottom. It has a little stylish feathering and layering as well, fitting this girl's cute face well. Her makeup is done expertly, eyes and lips draw attention to themselves. She has soft brown eyes and her glossy dark maroon lips are slightly puffy. She is wearing a thin material jean jacket over a white t shirt, that has a low-cut neck. It modestly reveals some cleavage, but her chest is not that big. Her tits are a little more than a handful each. She is wearing a tight pair of blue jeans, to match the jacket, slim legged down to a pair of white high heels. With the inch and a half heel, she stands at five feet eight. She has a slim figure, but there are curves to be admired.

"Yeah, its red to red, black to black." Skylar answers with a friendly smile.

"Red to red, black to black?" The woman repeats but looks confused.

"The red ends of the cables attach to the red battery posts." Skylar explains as she walks closer to the woman. "And you do the same." She stops when she sees the woman remove a pistol and point it discreetly at her.

"Not a word!" The woman commands. "You stay calm. You stay quiet, and you get in the back of my friend's car." She motions her arm as a car casually approaches them stopping with them at the back door. "Be a good girl and everything will be fine." She opens the door and Skylar, scared out of her mind, enters.

Skylar recognizes the driver from the club she just left. They interacted a week earlier. Skylar pleads for her release, but is only met with commands to be quiet and silence. The two women don't even speak to each other.

After a short drive they pull into a motel parking lot. The motel is by far not the worst, but not the best either. The woman in the back waits for the driver to enter a room before she addresses Skylar.

Skylar didn't really get a good look at the driver on their first meeting, but she does this time. She has straight long black hair that stops at her butt. Her pretty face is made up with makeup as well. Her eyes have black mascara, which almost resemble wings from her eyes. Both the mascara and the red lipstick are glossy and seem to sparkle. With a full figure she has extreme curves. She has nearly the opposite body type and the first girl. Her large breast fight against her black wife beater shirt which is covered in a white small jacket, similar to Skylar's. She is wearing tight white jeans, matching the style of her friend. White strappy, inch and a half, heels. Her butt is wrapped so nicely in those jeans it draws eyes subconsciously.

"We are going to follow her into that room." She speaks calm and confident. "If you so much as stumble or squeak loud, I am going to use this on you. Do you understand?" Skylar nods in agreement. "We won't hurt you as long as you obey us. Let's go! Follow me out this door."

Without incident they make it inside the room. The woman ushers Skylar to the bed, motions her to lie down, while the other woman ties her hands, one to each bed post. They leave her legs unrestrained and enter the bathroom together.

"She is hot as FUCK!" The gun wielding woman whispers.

"I know!" Her accomplice answers, also a whisper. "I feel so bad. She is scared to death. We have to stop this Lisa."

"I know Kelly!" Lisa says looking at the door like she can see Skylar through it. "We have to tell her why we did this or it won't teach her a lesson. It doesn't help that she isn't screaming and cussing us out. Why isn't she being a bitch?" Kelly silently agrees. "Once we explain it to her, we will take her back to the garage and let her out." A moment of thought. "We are so going to jail for this." Kelly starts to shake as she nods in agreement, both girls are terrified.

Skylar watches the two women disappear behind the bathroom door before she struggles with her bindings. She quickly realizes that is a lost cause and listens to see if she can hear them, she cannot. Panicking she looks around the room waiting for her unstoppable future. The door latch to the bathroom clicks and the two emerge.

"I know you are scared to death right now." Lisa says as she sits on the bed beside Skylar, Kelly walks around to the other side. "We are not going to hurt you." Kelly sits down on the bed.

"Why are you doing this?" Skylar voice trembles.

"I know you remember Kelly, not her name, but her face." Lisa starts. "Last weekend was her birthday and she wanted to go out and have fun at the club. The night was very enjoyable for us. Until she finally got the courage to ask you to dance and you blew her off like she was a dog." Skylar remembers the incident as Lisa explains. "You danced with several other girls, less attractive than her, but blew her off without so much as second glance." Lisa is getting angry remembering how hurt her girlfriend was that night.

It's at this point Kelly realizes how childish they have been. So, she was rejected, it wasn't the first time, probably won't be the last. Skylar has the right to dance with whomever she wishes, or not dance. Lisa sees this realization on Kelly's face.

"It wasn't that I didn't want to dance with her." Skylar tries to explain. "There was a jerk there that night who wouldn't leave me alone. I had to leave and that was when she asked. I."

"No excuses!" Lisa interrupts her, Kelly believes her. "You embarrassed her in front of the entire club." Lisa climbs on the bed, straddling Skylar's legs, sitting on her knees.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean too!" Skylar answers, her fear rising again.

"Shut up, or I will put a gag in your mouth." Lisa replies, Skylar goes quiet. "Let's just see how true the rumors are." Lisa leans forward and pushes up Skylar's skirt, then pulls her white panties down as she leans back up. "Well, looks like half the rumor was true." Lisa says looking down at Skylar's crotch. "She is a futa, but she doesn't have the monster cock they said. Look how small it is." Lisa looks at Kelly.

"She is scared to death. What did you expect?" Kelly answers. "Enough Lisa. Let her go. Let's end this."

"Do you think we are pretty Skylar?" Lisa turns her attention back to her. "Answer honestly." Skylar looks from one to the other.

Skylar can honestly answer yes to this. Though they are both at opposite ends of her preference they are still attractive to her. She would like Lisa to have longer hair, and bigger tits, but she would date her without a doubt. Kelly is just a little bigger than she would prefer, but those curves are undeniably attractive. She is not fat by any means, well-padded at most. Both of them have cute faces.

"I do think you are pretty." Skylar replies to Lisa then looks at Kelly. "I would have danced with you all night had things been different." Both girls believe her.

"Then this might not be so bad for you." Lisa says breaking the moment of reflective silence. "We think you're hot, and seems how we got you here to ourselves." Lisa pushes up Skylar's halter top exposing her large perk breasts.

"Lisa! What are doing?!" Kelly shouts.

"Shh! Listen Babe." Lisa tries to explain. "We are looking at a minimum of kidnapping right now. I doubt we will be seeing each other where we are going, and it is going to be a long time before we enjoy sex again. She is hot as FUCK! We might as well enjoy tonight, if we can." Lisa sees Skylar about to speak and covers her mouth quickly. "No talking or I will gag you." Skylar rolls her eyes in a frustrated submission. "What do you say?" Lisa asks Kelly.

"Well, you make a good point." Kelly answers, her eyes have already seen Skylar's awakening cock. "I have always wanted to fuck her, and then I found out she was a futa, and I have always wanted to fuck one of those. I can't miss this opportunity, can I?" Kelly directs her question to Skylar.

"Remember. Sh." Lisa says as she removes her hand from Skylar's mouth and gets off the bed. "That's more like it." Lisa smiles seeing Skylar's cock has grown, not even halfway, but that is progress.

The two young women remove their clothes, still on opposite sides of the bed. Before they make any moves to continue, they see Skylar's cock is fully erect as well as her nipples. Her eyes are all over them taking in their bodies. The sight of Skylar's arousal jump starts theirs and relieves most of the nervousness.

"I guess the rumor wasn't wrong. Your futa cock is a monster." Lisa says as she stares at it.

They both notice how Skylar's cock is not like any they have seen before. Not that they have seen many, being lesbians since they can remember. It not only differs in size and no testicles, but also it looks feminine. Just as the rest of Skylar's body looks like a sex goddess, so does her girlcock. Kelly is more interested in futas than Lisa, but Lisa is coming around quickly at the sight.

Kelly moves onto the bed first. Her large tits pulled by gravity as she moves to straddle Skylar's thighs. Skylar loves the sight of Kelly's body, so curvy and soft. Those large tits begging to be played with and sucked on, but she is still restrained by her wrists. Kelly's gentle hand strokes Skylar slowly. Lisa hears them moan, as she hides the gun in the stand by the bed. Just a few strokes in and a bead of pre forms at the tip of Skylar's girlcock head. Kelly knows what to do with that. She leans and moves forward to line the tip with her moist slit. Kelly's huge tits are almost close enough for Skylar to suck on, but she knows she can't reach so she doesn't try, only pulls at her restraints.

"Oh fuck!" Kelly moans as she pushes the tip against and then into her warm hole. "I can feel her throbbing inside of me." She is halfway down the ten-inch shaft. "She is bigger than our toys, but feels so fucking... good." With the last word she is seated on Skylar.

Lisa is hypnotized by the sight of her long-term girlfriend being fucked by another girl, or rather a futanari. Her body is on fire with desire and she doesn't even realize she is softly rubbing her own clit. She only toyed with the idea of Kelly being with another, herself conflicted with jealously over it. Seeing Kelly enjoying this and just getting started has removed all jealously. She wants to be closer to her, to hold her soft body to hers as they enjoy this together. Slowly, in a daze, she moves onto the bed and straddles Skylar's stomach facing Kelly. Wrapping her arms around Kelly they start kissing passionately, while their hands roam and pull them tighter.

Once Kelly has adjusted to the shaft impaling, she starts to move her hips. First it is just slow gyrations, but quickly she starts to move up and down small amounts. Kelly moans deeply before breaking the kiss to pant heavily. Lisa slides her hands down to Kelly's hips and urges her to increase her movements while she leans in and sucks one of her large breasts.

"Oh fuck, Baby! This feels so good!" Kelly says face to the ceiling, Lisa helps her increase to full out bouncing on Skylar.

"You futa slut!" Lisa smiles at her.

Kelly looks down into Lisa eyes with lust and love as she bounces her way toward her orgasm. Lisa holds Kelly close so their bodies rub, while Skylar tries to hump up into Kelly, very minimal success. As Kelly begins to show signs of her orgasm rapidly approaching, Lisa takes her tit in her mouth and tongue lashes the sensitive nipple. Kelly lands one last time, Skylar erupts inside her soaked pussy, she climaxes immediately afterward. Lisa holds her tight and in place.

"Fuck! She is cumming so much!" Kelly gasps as she feels her pussy flood with hot cum.

Lisa places gentle kisses on Kelly's neck, shoulder and face, while Kelly recovers. Her hands caress and adore her as Kelly loosely holds on to her. They have forgotten about Skylar it seems, as she moves beneath them, they both jump. They smile warmly at each other, having a moment.

"Release me!" Skylar breaks the silence.

"I am not going to gag you for speaking, since I told you not to." Lisa says looking over her shoulder at Skylar. "Instead." She lifts herself up and moves back, hovering her pussy over Skylar's face. "I will "muff"le you." Lisa smiles thinking herself clever. Kelly shakes her head, as she as many times at Lisa's little "jokes". Skylar smirks unable to hide the smile.

"She is still hard." Kelly says as she starts gyrating her hips again. "My pussy is soaked!" Lisa moans at Kelly's second statement and licks her lips.

Lisa lowers her hips as Skylar lifts her head, sucking Lisa's pussy lips into her mouth. She tastes too good to stop. With a shocked enjoyment, Lisa moans at Skylar's attention. She doesn't lower herself anymore, making Skylar work for ever lick and suck she can get. She does however start playing with Skylar's breasts, pulling the perky tits and gently pinching the hard nipples. Skylar's neck is tired from holding her head up all the time, so she relents in Lisa's pleasure, but arches her back, jutting her tits higher.

"Her tits are almost as good as yours, Babe!" Lisa says pulling and watching the tits fall back in place perfectly.

Now, Kelly is bouncing full strokes on Skylar's cock. The sound of her sopping wet pussy being fucked very evident. She hilts the cock deep, then leans forward, eyes locked with Lisa. Lisa leans forward as well and they meet for a kiss. The sounds of fucking replaced by the sound of their, loving, tongue dueling, lip sucking kiss. Skylar is going crazy being unable to do anything but lay there listening to them and stare at a sweet pussy.

"She feels so good!" Kelly moans through the kiss as her hips gyrate slowly.

"Looks like she is into bondage." Lisa smiles.

"I hate it actually. Not being able to move is really PISSING ME OFF!" Skylar answers. "Untie my hands and I will show you how good I can really be." Kelly is immediately sold, but Lisa is not.

"You're not going freak out on us?" Lisa asks as she moves off Skylar and sits on the bed.

"I'm not going to freak out on you." Skylar answers. "Untie me and we can all enjoy this."

Lisa seems skeptical, but slowly starts to work on one of the binds. Kelly quickly leans forward and works the other one off. She is smothering Skylar with her tits and getting no complaints. Skylar's free hand grabs Kelly's ass and squeezes. Kelly rocks back in her place, burying Skylar's cock into her dripping pussy. Skylar moans as her other hand is freed. Quickly she grabs Kelly's ass with her other hand and rolls them.

"You have teased me with this sexy body long enough." Skylar says leaned over Kelly and looking down into her eyes. "When I get done with you, you're definitely going to need the pill." When she says pill, she bottoms out deep inside Kelly, deeper than she has been so far. "Your pussy feels so good!" She increases her speed and force, pounding into Kelly, bouncing Kelly's breasts around.

Kelly lifts her legs and puts her heels on Skylar's lower back, spreading herself all she can for the fucking she wants. She can see the lust in Skylar's eyes as she is pounded into the bed. A lust for her that she has only seen in Lisa's eyes. She feels wanted, desired and her climax rapidly approaching.

"Fuck, you feel amazing!" Kelly pants between the pounding. "I am going to cum again!"

Seeing a smile appear on Skylar's face pushes her over the edge. Skylar pumps into her a few more times to really fuel the climax, but then holds deep while Kelly spasms and trembles. Skylar kisses her neck and shoulder and tenderly adores the recovering woman. Kelly uses what little strength she has to hold onto Skylar.

Neither notice Lisa watching from the side of the bed. She has lost her train of thought at the sight of them and is rubbing her clit, fiercely trying to climax with Kelly. She never imagined how turned on she would be seeing Kelly with a futa. She couldn't allow her to be with another woman, and never with a man, which leads her to her decision. Kelly has recovered and Skylar is slowly starting to gyrate her hips as they share a gentle kiss.

"Are you ready for more?" Skylar whispers to her, Kelly nods yes.

"Before you start again." Lisa moves up putting her head close to Kelly's. "What if you don't take the pill tomorrow?" Kelly looks at her quizzically. "I love you Kelly. I want us to be together forever. This might be the only chance we have at having a family. We can't afford the medical procedures and I will not allow you to be with a man." Kelly's eyes fill with tears as Lisa waits for a reply. "What do you say? You and me, and maybe a baby?"

"Yes!" Kelly blurts as she pulls Lisa's mouth to hers. "I love you too! Let's start a family!" She kisses her again.

"What do you say?" Lisa asks looking at Skylar. "Do you mind knocking up my soon to be wife?"

"She might be already." Skylar laughs. "But we better make sure." She smiles down at Kelly, who is smiling up at her.

Skylar starts to move in and out, slow and gentle. Lisa leans over and starts kiss Kelly again. As Skylar picks up speed, she can hear Kelly moaning into the kiss, but it continues. Soon however Skylar is pounding into her hard and deep and the kiss breaks for Kelly to gasp and pant.

"Are you going to cum again on that futa girlcock?" Lisa teases her.

"Yes! She feels so good!" Kelly replies.

"You love that futa cock don't you, you futa slut?" Lisa continues as she sucks Kelly lips into her mouth and licks her tongue. "She's going to knock you up! You're going to have a baby in that womb of yours."

Kelly is pushed faster toward her orgasm by Lisa's words. However, Skylar is more excited by their conversation. She quickens her thrusts and holds deep as she erupts inside Kelly. Skylar is halfway through her orgasm when Kelly's cunt squeezes and milks her cock as her orgasm hits. Skylar pushes deeper wanting to fill her womb with her cum. Kelly groans her pleasure as she arches her back and shakes through her climax. Lisa watches on with a smile.

"That's it, Baby." Lisa whispers. "Let her fuck a baby in you. Our baby."