[Part 7]

"Baby, I am an idiot. I am a jackass. You should beat me with your shoes. Please don't, your heels will hurt, but I am an idiot and I am sorry." Ranbir said all of that in one breath as Alia opened the door.

"What's gotten into you?" Alia said as she moved aside to let him in "Are you drunk?"

"I have been drinking but I am not drunk." Ranbir said "I mean yeah, ok, I am a little bit drunk. But I know now why you were angry with me. Romeo is here. And you wanted to try for his stable. Of course, I understand."

Alia said remorsefully "Yeah, I should have told you instead of snapping at you."

"No, it's okay. But now that I understand I can help you."

"How can you help me?" Alia was instantly interested.

"I have just met Romeo." Ranbir said.

"You have? Where?" Alia asked.

"In Bebo's room, he was doing Bebo and Lolo. And after that we had a chat." Ranbir said "He likes me. He's going to help me meet Canteen Toronto."


"Canteen...no, Quenteeno Torontin....no, that's not right. You know that director I like so much?"

"Quentin Tarantino?" Alia said.

"Yes, him! Romeo is going to take me with him when he meets him."

"That's nice. But how does that help me?"

"Hmmm. Let me think. No, no, that doesn't help you. But both my sisters are his whores. They can maybe help you get with him."

"Oh, I didn't think of that. Yes!" Alia was excited "Can we go see them now?"

"Better in morning. I can't walk that far now. Also they can't walk. Romeo banged them very hard. They are asleep."

"Oh okay."

Ranbir fell asleep with his clothes on but Alia stayed trying to think of different ways to earn that place in Romeo's stable."

It took her a long time to fall asleep.


The next morning, Parineeti woke up first.

Having heard so much from her sister about Romeo's preferences and habits, she knew exactly what to do. She went into the bathroom and came out with her face clean and a little make up applied. Not enough to show but better than the sleep face.

Then walking quietly back into the bedroom, she crawled between Romeo's legs and gently rubbed her face on his cock. Then she moved her head, and licked his cockhead slowly. She continued licking his cock from different angles. With the heat of her tongue, it started to rise up quite quickly. As it lifted up like a cannon, Parineeti licked it from below. It continued to get harder and rise higher. Parineeti licked the base from the underside where his shaft met his ball sack and saw that it moved with her licking.

Pretty soon it was standing erect and Parineeti could see clear drops of pre-cum oozing out of the pee hole. She licked them and swallowed them. Then licked his cockhead again which made it jerk slightly. She closed her mouth around his cockhead and licked it like an ice lolly. Then slowly she moved her head lower, taking another inch of his massive cock in her hot mouth. She massaged his hard cock slowly up and down, taking in a little more each time she pushed down.

She felt Romeo's body move a little bit. She continued the slow, teasing blow job. Romeo's arm moved and his hand came down to stroke her head.

"Good girl." He said and pressed down on his head. Parineeti's mouth was filled so deep with his thick beast that her breath became shallow and quick. She continued to suck his cock deeper.

Katrina woke up and looked at Parineeti sucking Romeo's cock. She turned towards him and ran her warm hand slowly over his chest. Romeo pushed his fingers into Katrina's hair and pulled her close. He kissed her lips then again gave his attention to Parineeti. She was taking his cock fully deep in her mouth now.

Romeo sat up and said "Pari, kutiya ban ja."

Obeying quickly, Parineeti got on all fours like a bitch. Romeo got behind her and sank his throbbing hard cock into her young, tight pussy without any preamble.

"Ah, mumma!" Parineeti screamed.

He grabbed her by the shoulders and started drilling her tight, wet pussy in and out using hard strokes that rocked her body. She clawed the bedsheet and tried to hold on as Romeo literally made her his bitch. Her screams were constant and breathless. His cock was ruthless in fucking her. He kept a hold on her shoulders and jammed his thick shaft deep into her young, tight pussy, invading her so deep that each thrust knocked her breath out.

She gripped the bedsheet with both hands and tried to push back against Romeo's strokes. His thighs was slamming into her ass and rocking her body forward with each thrust. Parineeti could not hold on any longer and asked permission so that she could let her pussy explode.

"Please, may I cum, Sir?" She whimpered looking back at Romeo.

Romeo nodded "You may cum, slut." and continued banging her hard and deep.

Parineeti screamed as she let go and felt her pussy erupt like a damn smashed by the fierce onslaught of the river. She hung her head and tried to hold on to the bed while Romeo's long, hard cock was pounding her ruthlessly. But her elbows folded and she had to lower her head to the bed as the overpowering orgasms completely shattered her body. She rocked back, taking his cock in her young pussy, enjoying the unprecedented levels of pleasure and heat coursing through her body.

"Ungh!" Parineeti grunted as she felt Romeo's cock explode inside her. She could feel his cockhead pump his hot load into her young womb and the heat was radiating all through her body. Her orgasm continued as she took his hot seed in her willing womb, letting him mark her as his bitch.

She collapsed on the bed complete exhausted as soon as Romeo slid his cock out of her abused pussy. He gripped her hair and pulled her face to his cock. Parineeti opened her mouth and sucked his cock clean. She ate his cum with an eager and hungry mouth. Her tongue worked under his cock to get the cum trapped between the base of his cock and his balls. She made sure to get very single drop of his cum, even from his thighs.


Romeo had just finished the breakfast and was catching up with his text messages when the doorbell rang. He was alone in the suite so he went and opened the door himself.

It was Denise Miller-Jonas at the door. She was wearing a sleeveless black lace minidress and looked very hot. The dress neck was deep cut, showing her soft, white tits, sagging slightly and pushing against the tight dress. Her legs were bare, and she was wearing 5" high heels at this time of the morning.

Behind her was a resort employee carrying a two-litre jug of juice.

"Hello Mr. Romeo!" Denise said cheerfully "This is pineapple juice for you. I am sorry it was not here when you got in, I have got the resort to get it in specially for you now."

Romeo moved aside "Hi Denise. Please come in. So nice of you to bother."

Denise directed the man to put the jug in the fridge although he would have done the same himself. Then she dismissed him and waited until he had gone.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" Denise asked "Anything you need?"

"Yes, please come, I need to show you something in the bedroom." Romeo said.

She followed him into his bedroom. Romeo closed the door then turned to face her. Without a word she came into his arms and they kissed. Her mature body was very hot and she showed an eagerness unparalleled by young girls as she sucked on Romeo's tongue and pressed her big breasts into his chest.

Romeo reached up under her silken, dark locks and pulled down her dress zipper. His hand slipped inside and he rubbed her soft, warm back, his fingers exploring her hot body in an intimate way that made her moan into his mouth. His cock was already hard and pressing between her legs. Denise was pressing herself on his hard rod feeling excited as she realised how big he was.

Her moans grew louder as he fucked her mouth with his tongue pushing in and out between her lips. He unhooked her bra with one hand and continued to rub her bare back.

When they parted, Denise shrugged out of her dress and bra, letting them drop to the floor. She stood there in just a pair of lacy panties and her high heels.

"I don't like that, Denise," Romeo pointed to her panties "I like full access at all times."

Denise nodded "I am sorry, Mr. Romeo, I will stop wearing them. You will have full access from now on."

She bent over and took off her panties.

"How do you like that?" She said opening her legs to show him her smoothly shaved pussy "Nick's dad likes a slightly hairy bush but I was told you like them smooth and hairless. So, it will always be like this from now on. Do you like it?"

"Let me show you what I think about that." Romeo said and picked her up in his arms. He dumped her on his bed and mounted her.

Then for the next half an hour he drilled her hard and her screams filled the room.

Denise being the mature lady she was, didn't have a particularly tight pussy. In fact, her husband's dick didn't make her feel like he had even entered her. She used to do kegel exercises to help with that but it didn't make much of a difference in her lovemaking with her husband.

Now suddenly it made all the difference. As Romeo's massive cock opened her pussy and stretched her hole, she felt like she was indeed tight. Her breath was sticking in her throat even before he had gone halfway inside her. Denise opened her legs wide and tried to take deep breaths to relax herself because she could feel that he was going to tear her apart.

And that's what he did. Grabbing her shoulders, he pinned her down and pushed his cock into her cunt with long, hard strokes. She was too tight for him to penetrate at once. He moved in out, progressively invading her deeper until his cock was jammed so tight in her that she could feel his pulse through her cunt. Denise yelped as his huge cock excited her beyond her wildest imagination and held on to him with both arms .

"Oh god! Where were you all my life? I want this cock! I love this cock!" She moaned and screamed "Take me and use me, Romeo. Don't show any mercy on me."

He started nailing her into the bedsheet with harder, faster strokes and Denise came amidst hot screams and animalistic groans. She was thrashing wildly under him as her body betrayed her. She had no control over it any more. It was his cock that controlled her body. She pushed her ass up, hungrily taking him in her cunt. She closed her arms around his neck and clung to him tightly as his cock pushed into her deeper and harder, prolonging what was the hottest orgasm of her life.

But even after the orgasm slowly subsided, Denise's body stayed in a hot state of arousal. She loved how deeply Romeo's massive cock was filling her and as his cockhead hit her cervix, she came again a sudden influx of hot, vibrating currents shooting all over her body.

"Oh mama!" She moaned and groaned. His cock was pounding her hard into the bed and Denise was finding it difficult to not scream with the rough thrusts.

As Romeo pressed his hot, demanding lips on her, she opened her lips and surrendered her mouth to him. Her screams got muffled by his lips sealing her mouth but they did come as his powerful strokes pummelled her cervix. Denise didn't know if she had the third orgasm or the second one just continued on but she did know that this cock was breaking her in like nobody had ever managed.

Romeo broke the kiss and looked down into her eyes as he slowed down his strokes and increased the force. Denise screamed with each rough thrust as he slammed his huge cock into her cunt like a steel piston hitting home in a well-lubricated slot. Then he speeded up even more than before and Denise came again. Her eyes closed as the powerful, erotic sensations took over her body and wiped her mind of all thoughts except his cock.

She didn't think it could get any hotter, but when his cock exploded deep inside her cunt, Denise's body and mind both went into overdrive. She felt the intense heat both on the inside and on her skin. But she was loving this heat even as she felt it making her perspire. She lifted her ass off the bed and encouraged his cock to drill her harder as he dumped his load into her womb. She knew his cock had just marked her and from now on her body was at his mercy.

When Romeo took out his cock and pulled his Denise to his cock, she hesitated only a moment before licking his cock and eating his cum. She was remembering that she had never done that for her husband, but then, she reminded herself, this was Romeo, he was special.

He would have liked to nail her again but Romeo had to remember that she was an older, married lady and not used to such hard use. He let her go after feeding her his cum. She promised to come the next morning with fresh juice again.


Later Romeo was lying on a lounger by the poolside reading a book that he had brought with him.

Alia walked up, deliberately walking slowly. The men by the pool looked at her tight little body with lustful eyes but Romeo was engrossed in his book. Alia was wearing a tiny yellow bikini which just barely covered her tits and the triangle of her pussy mound. Around her hips she had a sarong tied to cover her bikini bottoms but it actually made it more interesting to peek between her legs.

"Good morning, Sir." Alia said as she reached the side of Romeo's lounger.

Romeo put his finger in his book to keep his place and looked up "Hello Alia, Good morning."

Calmly reaching under the sarong, Alia untied her bikini bottoms and took them off, her smooth, bare pussy now insufficiently covered by the little piece of cloth tied around her hips.

"I know you like full access to your bitches." Alia said with a smile, deliberately referring to herself as his bitch even though she was still under consideration.

He picked up his folded beach towel and dropped it on the floor beside his lounger. He signalled with his finger. Alia lowered herself and knelt on the towel with her knees open wide.

As Romeo reached up towards her face, Alia dipped her head and leaned forward so he could grab her hair. He took a gentle but firm grip in her hair and pulled her to him. She parted her lips slightly and pressed on his open lips. Right from the start the kiss was hot and intimate. Romeo pushed his tongue into her mouth and Alia welcomed it with open lips and a soft moan.

She placed her hand on his chest and rubbed his bare chest slowly as they kissed. He was only wearing boxers and the musky smell of his manly body was turning Alia on very quickly. She moaned and sucked his tongue while being very aware of her pussy being quite wet now. She really wanted to squeeze her thighs together but she kept her legs open like a good whore so Romeo could access her whenever he wanted.

It was a hot, intense kiss and Alia was soaking wet when he broke it and she had to sit back.

"How is my little whore?" Romeo said, letting his hand slide down her head over her smooth bare chest and to her tits that were insufficiently covered by her little bikini top.

"Good but hungry, Sir." Alia said, a soft moan escaping her lips as Romeo fondled her young, firm tits.

Then again, taking her hair in his grip he bent her forward. Alia went with his movement. He pulled the knot on her bikini top and it fell on her thighs. Alia sat back as he left her hair and put the little top to one side. She moaned as he fondled her hot, firm tits and his thumb touched her engorged nipples.

"What should we do about your hunger, slut?" Romeo said.

"Only you can feed your whore, Sir." Alia was finding that her breath was getting heavy and ragged. Her eyes were getting glassy like she were intoxicated.

He pushed the waistband of his boxers down and his cock sprang out, thick, long and almost fully erect already. Alia moaned.

"Like what's on the menu, pet?" Romeo was still fondling and squeezing her tits.

"Very much, Sir. Oh, so very much." Alia moaned again "Please, may I, Sir?"

Romeo nodded. Alia pulled closer to his crotch and bent over his cock.

She knew it was her chance to impress him with her whore skills and she gave it her complete focus. Without caring about other people at the poolside she lowered her head to Romeo's crotch and started slowly licking his meaty shaft. She had tasted his cock last night at the lake side and tasting his cock again she was flooded with memories of last night's fuck on the bench. Alia's pussy started to get very wet.

Alia started sucking deeper as she got hotter. Pretty soon his cockhead was hitting the back of her throat and Alia was having trouble breathing. She loved sucking cock, a fact that made her a favourite of her boyfriend Ranbir, but taking Romeo's massive cock in her mouth was a challenge for her as he filled her mouth fully and Alia struggled to breathe. Consciously breathing through her nose, Alia kept trying to take it deeper and managed to take it into her throat after a few tries.

She tried to smile at him but his cock jammed down her throat was controlling her fully. She went back to sucking it with her mouth and throat, trying to give him the most pleasure. His large hand was squeezing her full, firm tits, kneading her soft mounds in his strong fingers. Her nipples were engorged with blood. They were erect and hard like bullets. She moaned as he pinched one nipple then the other. Her pussy was very wet and leaking on the towel. Alia could feel her whole body buzzing with the sexual excitement.

When she felt his cock throbbing harder in her mouth, she started sucking faster and harder. She wanted to impress him but she also wanted to taste his delicious cum. His hand was still on her chest, playing with her tits. Suddenly his fingers closed tight on her breast, crushing it hard. His cock jerked in her mouth and shot a hot load up into her mouth, almost into her throat. Alia kept her lips in a tight circle around his dick and swallowed his load. His creamy cum was delicious and Alia ate it hungrily.

He stroked her head as she ate his cum then sucked his cock clean "Good whore."

That approval made Alia happy. She sat back on her knees "Thank you, Sir."

Placing his hand on her knee, he made her turn a little more towards him while keeping both knees on the towel. Then bringing his hand between her thighs, he casually pushed two fingers up into her wet, tight cunt. Alia gasped as the thick fingers opened her tight hole wide and her already excited pussy almost exploded from his deep entry. She whimpered as she looked up at him. He nodded.

Slowly, Alia started to move her hips, riding his fingers taking them deep in her cunt. Her pussy was already very excited and within a few strokes her body was ready to explode. Romeo was keeping his hand there, just letting her ride it like the hungry slut she was.

"May I cum, Sir, please?" Alia moaned, her body was pulsing all over but her pussy was like a bomb whose fuse had been lit.

Romeo nodded "You may cum, whore."

"Thank you, Sir. Ah!" Alia's whole body shook violently as her pussy exploded around Romeo's fingers. She had to take support on him with one hand as she continued to ride his fingers, working to keep her orgasm going. Romeo moved his hand up and down, fucking her wet, soppy cunt deep and fast, his fingertips massaging her gspot. Alia could feel the strong waves of the hot orgasm wash over her from head to toe. She needed the support or she would have fallen on the tiled floor and thrashed about like a fish out of water.

Finally, when her orgasm slowly subsided, she sat up on her knees and panted like a bitch. Romeo slipped his fingers out of her soaking wet cunt. Alia took his hand and started to lick it clean. She sucked his fingers into her mouth and gave them the same attention she had given to his cock.