Utterly intoxicated by the heady aroma wafting into her nostrils, Ruby barely had the strength and wherewithal to look over at her friend to see if she too was enjoying the crop Ruby had found. She was barely able to process the half-stripped, wide-eyed cutie beside her before the addictive desire burning inside her drove her eyes and her attention back to the thoroughly coated tube waving gently before her own body. It was practically bursting, thick and taut and rubbery as the petals of flowers and leaves often are, but matted thickly in a soft, cool substance that seemed to cling to her skin and make everything slippery and tingly. She grasped it with one weak hand, watching the thick coating of lubricant oil burst up between her fingers and coat them and she giggled, the motion bringing stiff attention to the rock-hard nipples inside her shirt and her firm breasts which begged to be released.

Looking around herself, Ruby gazed at the countless gigantic pink tubes wafting in the air gently, each one soaked in a creamy clear lubricant so thickly that many of them dripped the gooey stuff onto the soft leaf bed below. She had never seen anything like this before -- a full on forest of the plants, growing alone for so long that they had climbed up the sides of trees and coated this area of the woods with their green and pink masses. There had to be a thousand flowering tubes right here, and Ruby had no idea how far back into the thick countryside forest this growth went. She wasn't likely to find out, either, because here she was, on her knees, her panties already soaking, grasping one of the pink tubes in a horny stupor of lust and aromatic trance.

The girls, naturists by heart and both nudists in their private lives, had been friends since school when they'd discovered a shared interest in nature. Since then, they'd grown and matured together, until here they were -- both fully grown adults, mature and beautiful in their own unique ways, as thick as lovers (though not actually romantically engaged) and almost permanently together. There was nothing either didn't know about the other, even as far as each other's sex lives which both were very open about with the other. They spent much of their time at home together stark naked, and when they were clothed, it was usually without underwear. A week ago they'd packed up and set off on a whim, determined to explore the country together and experience nature first-hand. Six days after they'd left, they'd stumbled across a thick and tantalizing growth of tight woods, and they had immediately headed inside.

So there they were. A day's walk from the outside world, buried in the middle of a deep wood, and now ensnared by the one plant both had heard about through whispers and secretive posts but had never seen in the flesh. Short with a stunningly curvaceous hourglass figure and a crop of wavy, bouncy black hair, Ruby was a dark princess -- suited to black lipstick and eyeliner and wearing chokers and crop-tops when she dressed up -- in stark contrast to her friend. Alana was tall, slender and graceful, with long, salty-blonde hair that draped straight down over her shoulders like a golden waterfall and a thin, almost athletic frame. She came in at nearly a head taller than Ruby, and almost half as deep at the chest and waist. Smartly, Ruby thought in a distant, disconnected portion of her brain, Alana hadn't worn any underwear out of the tent that morning. She could tell because the woman's milky-white butt was visible in her peripheral, and Ruby could see no fabric anywhere near it.

I should do the same thing... That disconnected part of her thought, realizing that the tube in her hand was destined for one particular place on her body. Almost too hypnotized to move, she weakly moved to slide her pants from her waist. It took some effort, but after some awkward shuffling, she had them above her knees. It wasn't ideal, but her legs were almost completely inoperable now, and she could only sit back on her heels and watch hazily as the tube in her hand slipped easily from her fingertips and bounced about before her. Her hand fell to her side, disabled, and as her head dropped further to watch the stalk as it lazily tilted downwards, she felt a giddy rush of ecstasy at knowing that, like it or not, she was about to feel the plant penetrate her.

A few seconds later, she felt the first touch of the cool lubricant-coated shaft at her lips, and she tingled all over in bliss. It was slow going -- the plant could move fast for a plant, but it still took a few minutes for it just to bend enough to reach her pussy -- and so it teased Ruby every second longer it took to enter her. Eventually, the leaves at the base of the huge pink tube of interlaced petals unfurled enough to grip onto her inner thighs, and when they had, it slowly but surely pushed up inside her.

She was wet, thoroughly engorged and ready, and even this weak pressure was enough to push her lips aside and part her sacred entrance. The plant's strong lubricant coating did the rest, covering her entrance in a slimy, gel-like mass that guided the plant easily into her body. Slowly, it slid its way up her insides, a thick coating of natural lubricant helping it along and keeping it central inside her and under only the stalk's upward pressure, until at last, the massive pink flower-tube was buried entirely inside her.

This plant was healthy, and so its flowers were large and strong. There was still a good inch or so left sticking out of Ruby by the time the rounded end was pressed up against her back wall. Gently, the plant pushed more, bending the tube inside Ruby until the sepal leaves were nearly touching her widely-splayed lips. Then, they began to curl over her entrance, sealing the long tube up inside her and locking the plant to her body while it began to go to work.

Ruby was in a world of utter bliss. She had long since passed out of consciousness and was now floating in a tranced-out world of joy inside her own mind. She could distantly feel the plant sliding into her, but by the time it was locked in place, even that was a non-feeling that someone else had for her while they reported to her how it felt. She groaned out a deep sigh through slack lips, her eyes fluttering, and as the cool rubber of the leaves touched her surrounding mound as they wrapped up against her body, she shook in a muted orgasm that seemed to solely exist in her brain. The pussy that was somewhere else thrummed with tingling energy in every single possible corner, alive with it as though someone had filled her cunt with popping candy, her insides bursting like popcorn in an oven, but she couldn't feel it. All she knew was what it told her, which was that she was in more pleasure than she'd ever felt in her life. Fainting from the overloading joy, her already slumped-over body slipped backwards, and she fell flat-out on her back, dead to the world, a thick green stalk attached to her groin like the stem on an over-ripe cherry, her heels still tucked up under her ass.

What felt like a few eons later, Ruby stirred groggily. Feeling slowly returned to her over the course of a few minutes, and when it had, she could feel a wide hole in her pleasure-riddled vagina, her insides thickly coated in the sticky gel-like mass of the plant's lubricating oil, making her innermost world feel strangely disconnected as though it were numbed with anesthetic. Blinking drowsily, it took her a long time to focus her eyes from the blank wash of intermingled colours that was the world outside. Eventually, when she could more or less see rough shapes, she looked around.

The first thing she saw was the sun, beaming down at her from behind a mass of softly waving trees far above her head. The second thing she saw was a pair of chocolate-coloured legs standing above her, and what looked roughly like the shape of a woman above them. There was a head up there somewhere between two other large lumps, but Ruby couldn't make it out. She blanched when her slow, befuddled mind cottoned on to the realization that someone was standing over her, but even that was more of a dull realization inside her nearly bliss-paralyzed body.

'This one is awakening,' the woman said in a strong, deep voice. Someone else padded over to stand beside her, and for the life of her Ruby could only tell for sure that this person's skin was milky in colour.

'She is the one that I saw, Elder Eden,' another feminine voice said far, far away from Ruby, roughly where the second girl stood. 'She has also been impregnated.'

'Come,' the first, deeper voice said, evidently that of the dark-skinned woman Elder Eden. 'We will return to collect them. They're not going anywhere soon, the paralysis will last another half-hour.'

And so, helpless to do anything but lie there and trill with dull pleasure, Ruby watched the pairs of legs attached to women stride off, and she slipped back into a half-waking dream world where impossibly pleasurable pink tubes penetrated her mind and filled her with thick clear gel that burst from her nose and ears and rained down onto a far, far away land below.


Dazed and confused, Ruby sighed as she turned over. It took her a while to realize that this wasn't her car's camper bunk, and when she did, she sat up drowsily, feeling it in confusion. Indeed, this was a strange material that felt like wood yet was surprisingly soft, and it seemed to be laced to a frame by a mass of tight rope-like cord. She swung her legs up and sat on the edge of the frame, and in doing so she felt the now dried mass coating her crotch, thighs, belly and butt. Memories blasted back to her, and in an instant she felt a deep thrill that pulsed out of her nether regions and shot up her spine. The plant... She thought to herself, remembering that oh so delightful tube as it slid irresistibly up her insides, coating her walls in the lubricant that made every inch of her pussy tingle and pulse. Jesus... What did... Where are we?

It was dark. Evidently, Ruby was in some kind of room. Light filtered in from around the bottom edges of the walls, and a door was visible by the light that shone around the frame. Somewhere to her right, Ruby heard the throaty groan of Alana and knew that she was here too, and about to wake up. That groan was usually the one she heard when Alana woke up at 11:30 the morning after an intense fuck, and Ruby, a morning girl even after a wild night, knew it well. It told her that Alana had been through every bit as much bliss as she had under the plant's influence.

Light exploded rudely into Ruby's world and she squeezed her eyes shut, but not before she caught a glimpse of the door -- which seemed to be two long strips of thick leather hung side-by-side -- being pushed open and someone stepping inside. She held her hand up in front of her face until the leather flaps fell back into place again, and she was able to blink them open once more. Beside her, Alana groaned again.

'Good afternoon, though little of it there is left. I am Eden, and you could call me the leader of these people. We are a solitary tribe -- nomads you could call us, or perhaps hermits, whatever it is that fits us best -- we live only with ourselves, off the land, completely disconnected from the world.'

'Where... Are we?' Ruby asked hoarsely, her throat bone dry. A woman stepped forward with a small wooden cup and held it to her lips, and she dumbly drank it dry. It was only when she stepped back that Ruby noticed that it was a white girl, and not the dark-skinned Eden.

'We are approximately a hundred kilometers away from even a dirt road,' Eden replied evenly. 'In the middle of a valley at the center of a dense cluster of hills that form an impervious protection from everything and everyone outside.'

'Eden!' The white girl beside her hissed. 'You can't tell them- what if they-?' But Eden held up her hand.

'Relax, Marianna. I'm certain telling these two girls the secret of our home won't bring us harm.'

To her right, Alana sat up. Ruby rubbed her face.

'Why have you brought us here?' She asked.

'Well, that's rather simple,' Eden said. 'You stumbled across our crop, and like everyone who does, we took you in, for safety, to care for you, and...' She paused for a moment. 'And to ensure we protect it.'

'Protect what?' Ruby asked.

'Protect our crop of the plant from outside discovery,' Eden said evenly. 'The outside world doesn't like our plant -- they see it as an invasive pest because its methods of reproducing include the hijacking of organic life forms, specifically mammals like us, to carry, germinate and spread its seed. It's really no different to how a flower makes a bee carry its pollen to the next plant -- only this one works on us. It's just a coincidence that when we first found it centuries ago, we took a... Deep liking to its methods of luring us in. We've been cultivated by it ever since.'

'Your plant?' Ruby asked, trying to focus on the black woman sitting a few feet from her.

'We call it that, yes -- because we protect it and help it to survive and reproduce, and in return, it pleasures us endlessly. It's not really ours, any more than the bee belongs to the flower -- but that doesn't matter if the bee keeps coming back for the nectar.'

Ruby rubbed her face and looked across at Alana, who she could now just make out lying half-upright on her own bed. A nomadic society that lives completely off the grid solely to keep that magical, impossible plant alive...

'You might have noticed that the plant was in flower, and spread across a large area of the forest -- about twenty metres square,' Eden added. 'We have crops both inside and outside our little place that we routinely help to flower. We keep them healthy while not germinating, and when they are, we help them to spread their seeds. It's a symbiotic relationship and one we're all quite happy with, and our special care has helped it to grow as strong and thick as it has, and even to not completely die out once flowering is finished.' Standing, Eden approached Ruby. 'What can I call you, Carrier?'

Ruby looked up at the shadowy woman. 'Ruby,' she said. Eden held out her hand, and after a moment, Ruby took it. The grip was strong and firm, but Ruby could feel the softness of womanhood in the skin. 'Ruby. Strong name. And your friend?' She asked, turning to Alana. She named herself, and Eden shook with her as well. 'Well, Carriers Ruby and Alana, welcome to our home. Marianna will see that you get food and water and something to wear should you want it, and when you feel ready, you can come out and stretch your legs.' Turning and placing her hand gently on Marianna's waist almost a little intimately, she nodded to her before leaving. Again the girls shielded their eyes as the flap was pushed aside.

'So,' Marianna said after a few moments of silence. 'I'm betting you're pretty hungry, huh?' As if on que, Ruby's stomach ached painfully, and she could almost hear Alana's growling from here.

'You bet right,' she replied animatedly, and Marianna grinned widely at them.


About an hour later, Ruby and Alana were much livelier, having washed with a wooden bowl of cool water given to them by Marianna and eaten a surprisingly delicious helping of natural cheeses, berries, a dull but smooth sort of wine and fresh bread. The meal was unusual in that everything tasted different to what the girls were used to, but both agreed that it was tastier and fresher than the same meal they'd have had back in their city apartment. Smiling at their growing enthusiasm, Marianna helped them eat and wash, before leaving them at last with a small stack of clothes and slipping out of the little room.

They were modest, soft woolen things -- one was a simple woolen skirt edged with hard leather to keep it from fraying and to hold its shape, while another was a pair of loose wool pants that seemed to be designed to be rolled up for different wearers. Ruby had to fold her waistline down three times to lift them up, while Alana didn't need to fold hers at all. There was string to tie the pants and skirts up, and a simple wool shirt that was surprisingly soft and figure-hugging despite the loose-fitting look. Both girls wore the pants and shirts, not yet comfortable with their surroundings despite the fact that they had both been brought here and helped by the mysterious tribe.

Unsure of what to expect, the women meekly emerged from their small room into a bustling microcosm. Arranged in a tight semi-circle to both sides of their little wooden hut were more of them, and they variously had their leather doors swung wide open or looped half aside. Beyond the small ring of houses, some larger, open-build wooden shelters stood, suspended by thick trunks both natural and cut and by thick vine looped around branches high above, under which all sorts of manufacturing was under way. A ring of uneven wooden tables stood around an older woman who used an old-fashioned loom to spin wool, and across from her, a stone oven glowed, a long branch half inside the opening where a tiny girl was working something that Ruby suspected from the smell was cooking bread inside.

Women of all ages and colours moved amongst the areas, simply collecting things as they passed in small thatched baskets -- a loaf of bread, a wad of berries, a shirt from the weaver -- before returning to their modest hut to store them inside. Most of the crowd was female, but Ruby and Alana spotted a few men moving about as well -- the woven baskets themselves were made by a kindly looking man at a table some distance away. Amongst them all they wore little or nothing. Most were topless, while other still were fully naked. A few -- it seemed to be those that had work to do -- wore pants and shirts just like Ruby and Alana did.

'It's a tiny, self-sustaining town!' Alana whispered, looking at the crowd in awe. There had to be forty or fifty people there, all in a space smaller than a football field.

'All these people, here for just one plant?' Ruby wondered in amazement. She wasn't sure if she was awed or incredulous -- thinking back to her own utter joy under the plant's influence, she could see how so many people could come to adore it so deeply.

'My god Ruby -- this is like El Dorado,' Alana breathed. 'All these people live in perfect harmony, united by a common love for one natural plant.'

'It's the smartest evolution move in history,' Ruby replied. 'A species so smart we can go to space, and it has us dialed in so well it can use our brains to sustain and even benefit itself.'

'C'mon,' Alana said as she caught sight of Eden under one of the huge canopies. 'Let's go talk to the Elder.' Padding over a gentle woven path that led away from their hut's doorway, they walked past women left and right. Ruby was amazed at how open they all were -- she passed an older woman who had a little natural sag to her shape chatting animatedly with a youthful girl of no more than twenty-five, and both were completely naked. An utterly gorgeous red-head passed them both by, her large and perky breasts swinging as she grinned at them with a small wave, and a similarly naked man worked to stitch some soft wooden strips into the underside of one of the communal canopies, his up-stretched body bare and glistening with sweat, a flaccid but not altogether unimpressive member dangling freely above their heads. Ruby stared at them all in amazement, waving uncertainly back when the main caught her staring, smiled, and returned to his work, unabashed.

'So how are you feeling now, Carriers?' Eden asked as they approached.

'Much better!' Alana said. 'The cheese and bread Marianna brought us were divine; what were they made of?'

'All natural,' Eden replied with a smile. 'Made from a small flock of sheep and goats we have. They wander around as they like and keep the grass short, and Olive is a master baker for her age.' Eden gestured towards the small stone oven, where the short girl was just scooping a steaming loaf out and collecting it in a basket before setting it on the table behind her. Though she wore pants, her chest was bare and glistening rather attractively with sweat, kept fresh by the heat from the oven which gave her naked body a pink, almost sunburned look that complimented her pink nipples.