This series on Tukiko is a project to improve my writing skills while at the same time experimenting with other themes and writing styles I would not normally use in our own blog. Mostly, my story writing has been in the first hand. For example; - I did this; I said that; he said to me, etc; using the pronouns I and me. There is a limitation with this in that you, my readers, can only know what one person is seeing and thinking. Get into only one person's head you might say. My writing coach on this Literotica site encouraged me to try another way in which the writer is not a character from the story but rather an outside observer who can see all and know all things. In this way, the thoughts and views of a number of people can be revealed. This was a new and exciting idea for me and so I decided to try it here.

Tukiko has been through some exciting sexual adventures and tried a lot of new things, some she didn't even know about or even think was possible. But when she lay awake after the orgy she had that ended with the cum shower, her mind drifted back to her boyfriend Masanori. She was beginning to feel uneasy about cheating on him. This story is the outcome of that, where a plan is made on how Masanori could be told in such a way that he is included in the fun too. The problem is that he works out what is going on and it all goes hopelessly wrong.

This is the first of a three-part series so watch for the other two parts soon. This part is heavy on conversation and light on sexy but I know we'll make up for that in the next two parts. Now, go read the story and I hope you enjoy it.

Tukiko's Plan to Tell Masanori.

It had been a good night when the two couples Joseph and Lizamoa; Mike and Shanti had visited Hirohiko, Sayako and Tukiko. They had given the Japanese couple a complete set of the Letters Story volumes and Tukiko had received her own copy too.

That night had led into an evening of sex. Exciting and amazing sex for Tukiko, taking her into some things she had never done before. A threesome with those two men, Mike and Joseph had been great. At one point Mike had given her an orgasm, so intense that she had even squirted over him. Then getting a cum shower from those three men while the three women were playing with her. Wow! That had been great too. Particularly the part where six people were licking the male cum from her naked body. It had been an incredible night for her.

After they had finished with her, the sex had continued in the bedrooms while Tukiko slept on the couch. She'd had enough for that night. As she lay awake for a while, Tukiko's mind had drifted back to her boyfriend Masanori. She was doing all these sex things behind his back. Yes, there was no other way of putting it, she was cheating on him. She knew she loved him and thought of him as the man she would spend her life with but still she was doing all this. It was a conflict. She didn't want to stop the exciting fun she was having with her new friends, but she felt guilty with what she was doing to Masanori. What could she do? She decided it was time she talked with her mother.

Next morning, Tukiko seemed to be the only one bright enough to cook breakfast and make some strong coffee to go with it. It seemed, those three couples in two threesomes had been fucking most of the night. The amount they had drunk wasn't helping either. Hangovers and exhaustion from sex, not a good combination. After breakfast, the guests had left and Hirohiko had left to join his golf buddies for the day.

Tukiko and Sayako were sitting outside for their usual Sunday morning suntan session. They were naked of course, allowing the warm morning sun to bath their bodies. Since joining her daughter there each week, Sayako's all-over tan was coming along nicely. Even Hirohiko had commented on it. She was pleased with that.

Tukiko was rubbing suntan lotion over her mother's back as she began to speak.

"Mum, I'm worried about Masanori," Tukiko said.

"Why, Tukiko? What's wrong?" Sayako replied.

"I am doing all these things. Sexual things like last night. He doesn't know about them."

"Behind his back, you mean?"

"Yes," Tukiko replied. "And I feel guilty about it."

Sayako was unsure how to answer her. "It has become a part of your life Tukiko. You'll need to do something soon. Either tell him or stop doing these sexual things."

"I know Mum. What should I do?"

"I don't know honey. Telling him is the right thing but you risk losing him."

"I don't want to lose him."

"Let's think about it for a few days. I'll speak to your father too."

"Ok," Tukiko agreed.

But Tukiko didn't wait, she went on and talked with Lizamoa and they came up with a way of solving this. Get Masanori involved and then slowly reveal everything to him.

It happened that she was talking with Lizamoa on the phone when Lizamoa had invited her for another evening with them. Lizamoa knew Tukiko's mum and dad were going to visit Mike and Shanti who lived nearby, so she suggested that Tukiko might visit, for the whole night as her parents would probably be doing.

It was then that another game-changing conversation developed.

"Does your boyfriend know about all this?" Lizamoa asked Tukiko.

"No, not yet," Tukiko replied.

"Not yet? You intend telling him, don't you?"

"I would like to but not sure how."

"Maybe Joseph and I could help."

Tukiko was a bit confused at that, so didn't reply.

"How do you think he would react if you both came to visit us?"

"Jumping into sexy like that would be too much, I think."

"No, I don't mean that," Lizamoa explained. "We would take it slowly at first. We could have an afternoon by the pool with some others your age and then I'll invite you to go swimming with me topless. See how he reacts to that."

"Maybe," Tukiko replied. "Who are the others?

"I thought Ragesh and Sabeena," Lizamoa said. "Ragesh is about your age and Sabeena just a bit younger."

"What about Kathy?" Tukiko asked.

"Yes, good idea, Kathy and Michael. They could come for a sleepover here as well. Shanti would probably be happy to get them out of the way."

"That is quite a few. Liz."

"Yeah, I know. But it will be like, Joseph and I host an evening, a sleepover for the younger ones about your age, with you and your boyfriend getting invited too."

"That sounds ok."

"Then perhaps we could suggest all of us going naked."

"Naked might be a bit much," Tukiko said.

She was interested in this idea and it showed a way out for her so she could tell Masanori what was going on and get him joining it. But she could see there was a risk to it too and she didn't want to lose him. She loved him and would probably marry him.

"I'm not sure," she told Lizamoa. "We'll have to be careful."

"It will be fine," Lizamoa replied. "Just see how things develop from there."

"Ok, we could try. I like him a lot. But I don't want to mess things and break up with him. It is just that I feel a bit guilty doing all this behind his back."

"How would you feel, seeing me fucking him?"

Wow! That was a direct question but Tukiko could see where she was going with that.

"I think, I would be ok with it that. I would probably be with Joseph."

"Why don't you invite him to come and stay. We might be able to solve your problem. Worst case is you end up in the spare room fucking him."

"Would you let the others know what is going on?"

"Probably a good idea. Don't want the two girls to suddenly strip off and jump in the pool until we think he is ready for nudity."

Tukiko was beginning to like that idea. She felt confident that Lizamoa and Joseph would use discretion and not ruin her relationship with Masanori. So, she agreed to ask him.

During that week, Tukiko invited her boyfriend over for an evening. She wanted to make it special for him so had cooked a special dinner. Her plan was a nice meal and then some good sex before she brought up the idea of going to stay at Lizamoa's house over the Easter Weekend.

She knew they had the house to themselves, at least until late because her mum and dad were out for the evening, not expected back until much later. It was likely, they might be staying the night. She had seen how excited her mum had been like she was expecting to be getting a good fucking. Sayako had certainly developed a good appetite for sex.

Tukiko knew they were much more relaxed regarding her and her boyfriend now so it was ok for her to invite Masanori over and engage in things more sexual. In fact, she had told them she was going to do it that night. Probable even if her parents had been home it would have been fine with them but she thought Masanori would have been uncomfortable and suspicious as to why Mum and Dad had suddenly become more relaxed. So, she knew it shouldn't go that far yet. But she had told him they wouldn't be home until very late, perhaps not even making it home at all.

Dinner was over and Masanori had helped her clean up in the kitchen. He was happy with the way things were going. He looked over at Tukiko. He was happy he had a girlfriend like her. He knew they were special together and he knew they should be together. He was almost ready to ask her the big question, would she marry him. He also knew the answer would most likely be yes.

The only reason he held back and didn't ask her that evening was that over the past few weeks something about her had changed. She was different, maybe more confident, especially when they had sex. He was unsure what that was but it made him slightly uneasy, so he decided to hold back for a while. In fact, he had even purchased her ring, it was outside in his car that night.

They had moved to the lounge and were relaxing on the couch. He was sitting back and she was resting back against him. His arm was around her, his hand coming to her breast. As his fingers rubbed over her, he could feel her nipple harden under her clothes. He was ready for more but she seemed to be holding back like something was on her mind. Surely, she should have known he was ready and could feel his erection against her back.

Then Tukiko began to speak.

"I've been invited to visit some friends up in the Waitakere Ranges, over the long weekend," she told him. "They want me to spend the afternoon and evening with them. Even stay the night. You're invited too."

"Who are these people?" he asked.

"Friends. We met them when we were hiking one day," Tukiko replied.

"I have not heard of these friends."

"They are actually friends of Mum and Dad."

She was thinking, 'This was not going very well. Why was he so suspicious?'

"Are they the ones who taught you to do good blowjobs?"

"Hey!" she told him. "That's unfair."

"I'm sorry," Masanori said. But in his mind, he was thinking, 'Why was she so touchy tonight?'

Tukiko turned, so she could reach around to give him a kiss. That should have been a warning of future trouble that was coming, but she missed it.

"I told you. I read about it in a woman's magazine."

"Yes, you did," Masanori replied. "It must have been a hot magazine."

"Not as hot as we are going to do tonight," Tukiko replied in an attempt to distract him.

Their kissing became deeper, more passionate now. It was becoming clear this was heading for much more. They both knew that soon they would be fucking and both were looking forward to it.

They stood up and his arms came around her again and they kissed again. It felt good to be in his arms, with her breasts pressed against his chest. She could feel her body telling her she wanted him. When he began to remove her clothes, she didn't resist. She was turned on by their kissing and hugging and was now ready to fuck him.

Her blouse was gone, followed by the skirt she'd been wearing. Now she was in only her bra and panties. She began to undress him. His shirt was gone and she was kneeling down in front of him, undoing his belt. She took down his pants and undies, leaving him standing before her naked. For a moment she admired his cock, hard and pointing out towards her. Yes, that was normal whenever she exposed him, she always stopped to admire him. It amused him too.

Tukiko's hands reached for him, fingers wrapping around his shaft and she began to slowly pump him. She considered sucking him but considering what he had just said, she decided against it. The moment of indecision passed as Masanori pulled her to her feet and began to finish underdressing her.

Once her bra and panties had landed beside the rest of their clothes, he pulled her towards the couch. She suddenly thought this is where Mike and Joseph had fucked me a few days earlier. A pain of guilt ran through her. She couldn't do it with him there.

"Let's go to my bedroom," Tukiko said.

"This will be ok," Masanori replied. "We've done it here before."

"Yeah, know. But my bed will be more comfortable."

"Come on."

"No Masanori. Not here," she said slightly more firmly. "We can do it in my bedroom."

For a moment he looked at her. 'What was wrong with her? Why was she so defensive tonight?'

Tukiko looked back at him. She realized she may have come over badly with that. She saw the uncertain look on his face and knew she would have to be careful.

Then she smiled. "Come on," she said gently. "It will be nicer there. You know I have a large double bed."

He agreed and allowed her to take his hand and lead him to her bedroom. He had only seen her room a few brief times and they'd never made-love here. Now they were going to. She was taking him to her most private place, her bedroom. Perhaps, she wanted this to be special by inviting him in here. Perhaps that explained her being on edge that evening. He decided he would do his best, make it extra special for her that night.

The sex that followed was good. Tukiko allowed Masanori to take his time with foreplay, sucking her nipples and then even some fingers fucking her. He could feel how ready she was, wet and hot she was for him. She briefly played with his cock until she felt the drops of pre-cum appear on the head. She knew he was ready for her and she guided him to the lips of her pussy. He entered her that way with her on her back and him on top.

The sexy was good. She could feel him sliding in and out. It was stimulating her pussy and she knew she would get there. She was sure he was enjoying it too. But she felt the need for more.

"You can go faster if you want," she told him. "Be a bit rough with me. I can take it"

"Really?" he asked, lifting his head to look at her.

"Yes, I might kind of like it."

But he didn't. As usual, he was slow, deliberate and gentle. At a steady pace, he built towards a climax for both of them. First, her pussy tightened and her cum burst over her, good but not as intense as she knew she was capable of. Moments later, she knew he had followed her, and she allowed him to release deep inside her as he usually did.

Yes, the sex was good and they both achieved good orgasms but she was left feeling something was lacking, she knew it could have been different, it could have been better for both of them.

They were lying together, on their backs beside each other, basking in the sexual afterglow. Her hand reaching out to take him and gave him a gentle squeeze of thanks.

"They have a private pool," Tukiko told him.

"What?" he asked.

"Those people I want to visit."

"Oh, that."

She rolled towards him, so she could look him in the face.

"I can wear my new swimsuit. Sexier than anything I've ever had before."

"mmmm, nice," he said as he reached up to kiss her neck.

"I'll even go topless for you if you want me to," she whispered to him.

He stopped to look at her face for a moment.

"Really? Who will be there?" Masanori asked.

So many questions. She was beginning to wonder if she could ever convince him to go.

"The couple who own the house and a few singles more our age."

He nodded his head and so she continued.

"The plan is for us to hang out for the afternoon and evening, spend the night, then maybe go to the beach or bushwalk next day."


Was that the first sign of him changing his mind? Well, she hoped so. So much depended on him going along with this.

"We will also have our own bedroom. You and I. We can spend a night together."

"Mmmm. That sounds like fun," Masanori said.

"Yeah, it'll be fun," Tukiko agreed. "Lots of fun."

"Will our hosts mind? With us in the same room."

"No, I'm sure they will be fine with it."

Tukiko thought that was what made him decide. The chance to do something they'd never done before. Spend the night together.

Not long after that, he left. Tukiko had wanted him to spend the night with her but didn't want to push things too far. It might just lead to more questions, more doubts. The last thing she wanted, so she let him go. But she was happy. He had agreed to go to visit Lizamoa and Joseph. Their plan was coming together.

On Friday of the long weekend, Masanori had been invited for breakfast. After the meal, they had left his car at their house and went on in Tukiko's car, with her driving as she knew the way. Sayako and Hirohiko were planning to go to Shanti and Mike's house and so they followed Tukiko as she could guide them. Then the plan was for Tukiko to drive on to where Liz and Joseph lived nearby.

As Sayako sat beside her husband looking at the car in front she wondered about that. Up until now, Tukiko had kept their new friends and all these sexual adventures away from Masanori. Was she now bringing him into it? She wasn't sure how they had decided to do it was a good idea but she also knew Tukiko was feeling guilty going behind his back. Something told her this was wrong but her daughter was sure this would work, so she had held her tongue. Now Sayako was having second thoughts, she was thinking, perhaps this was a mistake.

They followed Tukiko's car until she indicated the driveway they should turn into and then Sayako had watched as Tukiko turned her car, heading back the way they'd had come, heading for their appointment at Joseph and Lizamoa's house.

As had been arranged, they arrived before the others, Tukiko wanted Masanori to get used to Joseph and Lizamoa first so the plan was for them to have lunch together before the others arrived for the afternoon.

They took their things up to the guest bedroom and Masanori found it had a double bed. He was very pleased with that. Tukiko knew why too. 'He was having plans for us later,' she thought. She was looking forward to it too. Spending the night with him with some great sex together.

Masanori watched her change into her bikini. He had seen her naked many times so she didn't have any problem with stripping off in front of him. She completely undressed before reaching into her bag for her bikini, the tiny red one. One Masanori hadn't seen yet.

. She followed her usual way of stepping into the bottom first and pulling it up over her pussy as she faced him. Then taking the top she fitted that on too.

"Wow! Tukiko," he said.

"Do you like it?"

She was modelling it for him. Turning around to show him the back and side views too.

"You look amazing."

"Not too small is it?"

"No, I love it. Are you ok to wear it?"

"I want to wear it for you," she told him. "It is only a few people; I don't mind them seeing."

He stepped up to her, his hand coming up to her breast. He quickly found her nipple through the top and felt it stiffen under his fingers. As he cupped and held her breast, he noticed how she closed her eyes and gave a soft sigh. He knew she was turned on by this. Maybe it was wearing something so tiny, maybe it was him touching her. He couldn't be sure but she sure was getting horny.