All Grown Up #2

New Week, New Games

Dan married Jenny, and they got a deal on her parents' house. The house came with a history, including a secret passage, and Jenny's younger sister, Kelly. When Jenny travelled cross-country on business, Kelly confided in Dan, telling him all about the secret cameras she had hidden in their bedroom, but her jealousy had turned to desire, and then to Dan's seduction. Kelly wants to continue to "borrow" her sister's husband, and it's been over a week since Jenny left...

Dan woke up in Kelly's bed, a full-sized mattress, although it didn't feel full size compared to the four-poster king in his room, his and Jenny's. It was Sunday, and as promised, Kelly had pulled him into her bed, not his, last night. They had spent the whole night barely sleeping. His sister-in-law, just three weeks away from leaving for college, lay next to him, smiling dreamily, half-awake. They were both naked, and instead of sprawling on the bed, they were snuggled in close.

He wondered what the hell he'd gotten into, besides Kelly's hot young twat. She had come on to him, come on strong, and he felt ashamed he'd given in so easily. Looking down at her, a younger version of his wife who was out of town for over a week now, guilt was overwhelmed by desire, and his morning semi started hardening again, eager to plunge inside Kelly again.

She stretched sinuously, reminding him of a jungle cat, and seemingly aware of his lust for her slender, muscular body, deeply tanned save for her breasts and newly shaved pussy, which virtually glowed in the early morning light. Kelly lazily trailed her fingers down his chest, tickling him a little bit when she went over his stomach, and down to the hardening flesh below. She smiled again. "Danny, hard already? I'm so glad I didn't wear you out."

Dan rolled onto his back, and Kelly, juices already flowing, straddled him, guiding his hard-on into her. As she slid down his shaft, engulfing first his swollen purple head, then the rest down to his groin, she sighed, a contented and accustomed sound, since Dan's cock had already made its home there as of Friday night, and repeatedly since then through last night.

The door to her room was open, and no-one else was home, just them. Kelly loved the delicious wickedness of not only fucking her brother-in-law, not just feeling him enter her and cum inside her soft, trim belly, but also knowing their passionate moans drifted throughout the empty house. If possible, it made her hornier, pretending the whole place was theirs and theirs alone.

Dan felt her rock her hips, slowly at first, but more quickly soon after. He had cum four times last night, an impossible number he and Jenny had only achieved once before. The brunette beauty, so like his own Jenny, mesmerized him with her breasts, her hips, her lips, and most of all her eyes. As she picked up speed, Kelly's sighs built up to moans. "Oh, Danny! Fuck me again, baby!"

He really couldn't help fucking her in that position, and he didn't resist one bit. Jenny never called him Danny, and usually didn't even say his name when they fucked. Hearing his name as a diminutive from Kelly was wonderful in a way he couldn't explain. He planted his hands on her creamy hips, and started thrusting in time to her hips. "Oh, fuck, baby, you feel so good on my cock..." And she did, and he pushed all thoughts of Jenny away. He could feel guilty later, once they finished making love.

She laughed. "Not baby. Kelly..." She squeezed her pussy lips and walls around the plunging dick, and looked down at him. "Call me Kelly when you cum, Danny. It makes me cum so hard when I hear you call my name, especially when you fill me with your ...cum...." Her voice caught, and started to rise in pitch, and Dan knew she was close to another orgasm.

The fact he could get hard again, let alone fuck for a fifth time in less than a day, surprised Dan, and he found himself caught up in the moment, willing himself not to shoot his load just yet. She wanted to be Kelly, not confused with her sister, and he understood and admired it, even as he felt pressure building inside both of them. There was a certain power in the two of them saying their names as they made love, and he privately admitted it was no longer just raw animal fucking. When she said Danny, it was like a little prayer of thanks for his attentions.

Hold on for just a few minutes, he told himself, two minutes more, or one... He started panting with the onset of his orgasm, and gritted his teeth against the inevitable flood. "Ah, fuck... Kelly, I'm coming."

Kelly moaned in ecstasy. "Yes, my name, baby, my Danny. Don't stop, fill my pussy. Fill my pussy, cum inside me..." She leaned back, still retaining some control, and looked down to see his cock moving in and out of her. "Danny, cum, baby. Cum for me..."

With one last thrust, Dan threw his head backwards into the pillow, pushing his hips up and going even deeper into her, raising her up off the tiny bed, just before he felt the steady pulsing of his cock inside her, releasing what little cum he had remaining into her. "Kelly, oh, baby, I'm cumming!" She came at the same moment, a cry of pure joy escaping her mouth at the feel of his spasming dick inside her.

She continued to rock her hips, slowing the tempo as she felt Dan's dick relax and start to shrink inside her. An incredible sensation made her shudder when he pulled out slowly, stretching out the final moment of their latest session. "Ah, fuck, Danny. Fuck! You are so good, Danny!" She leaned, almost flopping, forward onto his chest, and they both felt his cum oozing out of her pussy all over their groins.

She kissed him, a little chastely at first, before kissing him full on, her tongue and his dancing in each other's mouths. Her nipples were still erect, and she rubbed them against his chest hair, moaning at the sensation. "We needed that, Danny."

Dan couldn't disagree at all. He hadn't felt this much passion and sheer horniness since he first bedded her older sister Jenny. He started kissing her forehead, and cheeks, and lips slowly, and when she sat up, started tonguing her delicate pick nipples, which stiffened appreciably when he began sucking them. "Fuck, Danny! You're as horny as I am!" She cradled his face as he continued to kiss and nibble at her tits, and her chest heaved with desire. "That feels so good, my Danny. I need a rest, and you could probably use some 'down' time so you can be 'up' again later!" She snickered at her own wit, and hugged him tight.

Letting go after a moment, she clambered off him onto the rug beside the bed. "Let's shower, Danny. I want to get clean before we get all dirty and sweaty again later..." Dan opened his mouth to speak, but she was having none of it. "You were going to say we can't do this again, right baby?

"We still have nearly a week before Jenny's back in your bed. Although, I suppose it's our bed now, too.... I've been in love with you for over a year, and I'm not ready to stop borrowing you when she isn't here to use you herself. Just think how long you'll be able to last when you fuck her next!"

Despite himself, Dan laughed at the thought. How many men could inspire that much joy and love in two women, let alone sisters, he thought. Climbing out of bed himself, he swept her up in a long embrace, and she melted into his arms, kissing and holding him. Then, he hoisted her up naked into his arms, and walked toward the door.

"What the hell, Danny?" Her surprise dissolved into a bubbly laugh, pure joy.

He cradled her in his arms as he crossed the threshold of her room and into the hall, and started towards the master bed and bath. "I like doing this, Kelly, carrying you to our room, our shower, and washing your back."

Her eyes grew shiny with tears, and she blinked them back. "Fuck, Danny, I love you. And I think you love me just a little bit."

A thought snuck across Dan's mind, just barely visible in the shadows, and gone in an instant, but he was aware of it nonetheless. Cautiously, he started to speak. "Kelly... Those videos you have of me and Jenny... Are you recording us? While we..."

"While we fuck ourselves silly? No! Watching you do it with Jenny is nowhere near as sexy as actually doing it with you. Besides, can you imagine the shitstorm if she ever saw videos of us fucking?" Kelly got a pensive, playful look in her eyes. "Although... You know, it would be kind of cool to watch that in my dorm room, all alone. Playing with myself while watching you taking advantage of me..."

She saw his decidedly non-sexy reaction, and was quick to reassure him. "No, Danny, I'm not recording a thing. And no cameras in my room. Wouldn't that just suck for her to see that!"

"For all three of us, Kelly."

"Fuck, Danny, yeah! She might like watching, though, like I do. Maybe I can show them to her sometime, get her to loosen up. And you still haven't eaten my pussy. I bet she'd watch that!"

"Such a bad idea, Kelly." He shook his head ruefully, understanding her sense of humor, but a little worried about what would happen if his gorgeous wife caught him with Kelly in bed, or the pool, or the backseat of his car, or anywhere else. She smiled to soothe his concerns and remind him she was only joking.

They showered and changed, and went downstairs for some breakfast. He made them eggs and toast, and pulled a fresh carton of orange juice out of the fridge. Afterwards, Dan checked his e-mail, although it was still the weekend, and wasn't disappointed when he saw nothing he needed to deal with from work. In his personal e-mail, Jenny had sent a couple of attachments. He decrypted and opened them, and saw two naked selfies, one full frontal, and one of her crotch, still shaved bare, with her lips spread and two fingers inside. Smiling, he closed and saved them.

About an hour later, his cell rang, the reggae beat he used to identify Jenny. Scooping his phone up from the desk, he thumbed it on and brought it to his ear. "Baby?"

He was rewarded with a husky moan. "Not too early for you, Dan?"


"Where are you right now?" He heard her inhale, the breath hissing through her teeth.


"Close the door, baby."

Dan got up and shut the door, locking it, and for good measure drew the curtains. "All closed up, babe."

She moaned quietly, more of an ecstatic groan. "Good. I'm naked in bed, all alone here, thinking of you. My pussy is so wet, baby. I wish I were there, slipping your cock inside of me and fucking you all morning."

Before he answered, he heard a noise at the door, then a soft knock. "Danny?"

Aw, fuck, he thought. "Kelly, I'm on the phone with your sister. I'll be out in a few." Then into the phone, "That was Kelly."

"Ah. Do you know what I'm doing now, baby?"

"Tell me." Dan's heart started to speed up, pounding in his chest, and he felt his dick stiffening, even after five orgasms with Kelly the night before. "Tell me all about it, Jenny."

"My middle finger is in my snatch, up to the second joint, and I'm slowly pulling it in and out." She hissed again. "It feels so good... I wish it were your cock, driving all the way inside me, fucking me, making me cum." The last word was a drawn-out moan, sensuous and sexy. Dan pictured his wife holding the phone up to her ear while fingering her wet pussy, then saw something out of the corner of his eye.

A filmy blouse floated down from the upstairs room, the one with the fireman's pole, drifting down to the corner of the room. It was followed by a bra that fell more quickly, softly flopping when it hit the floor by the blouse. "Um, huh?"

Jenny moaned again, a deep hum that gave way to a sigh. "Is there something more important going on there? I really want to have your full attention, honey, or I can hang up and come all by myself."

"You have my full attention." But it was a lie, as he watched Kelly, wearing only her shorts, slide down the pole to the floor. She gave him a wicked, sultry grin, and started to saunter over. Dan marveled again at her lean, trim body, and how much she looked like Jenny had six years ago when they first met, and Jenny herself was eighteen. Her bare breasts, highlighted by the pale skin where she usually wore a bikini top, jiggled firmly with each step. Kelly's shorts were very, very minimal, and he suspected she wore nothing underneath them.

Jenny gave a lustful little whimper, then cooed, "Take off your pants. I want to imagine you naked in your chair, or on the floor. Touch your cock while you talk to me, baby." He imagined her bare pussy, Jenny's fingers playing around the lips and inside her. Kelly walked with a sinuous, erotic grace, and stood beside his chair, bare breasts right at eye-level. She gazed at his crotch, and mouthed quietly, "Cover the phone."

"Hold on a second, babe." Then, louder, as if to the door, "Yes?"

She leaned over, incidentally brushing one of her tits against the back of his hand. Into his ear, she breathed a few soft words. "Take off your pants, Danny. Have phone sex with Jenny, and I'll get you off for real. She never has to know..." Kelly stood up and moved between his knees, petting and stroking his crotch.

"Okay," he called again. "Babe, Kelly's going out to swim and lay out."

"Mmmm, good. We'll have some privacy, then. Get those pants off."

"Just a second." He set down the phone and undid his belt and button fly, then watched as Kelly slid the pants down to his ankles. He was steel hard now, and his breath quivered in his throat as he sat back down, eyes locked with Kelly, who squatted on her heels, legs spread as she fondled her breasts. "I'm back, babe."

"Are you hard?"

"Very...hard. I wish you were sucking it." He said this as much to Jenny as to Kelly, who grinned and ran her tongue from the bottom of his shaft all the way to the tip of his head, before swirling her tongue around it, then gently licking the hole at the very end. Dan gasped in anticipation of Kelly's coming blowjob.

"God, you sound so horny..." Jenny's words gave a joyously indecent little curl at the end. "Tell me what you're doing to yourself, how you're getting off. I'm so fucking wet, baby. I want to cum with you, cum while you tell me what you're doing..."

"I am horny, very horny." He saw Kelly close her eyes and slip the very tip of his cock into her mouth, pausing a moment before leaning gingerly forward, letting his raging erection slide over her tongue. "Oh, fuck, baby. I'm imagining you sucking my cock..." Kelly opened her eyes, cocked an eyebrow playfully at him, and he felt his cock graze the back of her throat before she started moving back.

"Yes, good, I want your cock in my mouth. Fuck my mouth, baby. Pump my mouth full of your cum!" He thought he heard Jenny's bed creak in rhythm to her fingers thrusting inside her sopping wet, dripping cunt.

Kelly looked up, and whispered, "Describe what I'm doing to you." She started sucking his cock again.

"Oh, fuck, baby. My cock is in your mouth, and you're slowly sucking me off. You're looking into my eyes, going so slowly it's driving me crazy. Ah! I feel the back of your throat, and your lips around my rock hard shaft, sucking on me."

"Fuck my mouth, baby! I want to feel your hard, sexy cock go all the way in." Jenny was almost screaming as she imagined giving the blowjob Dan was actually getting.

"How many fingers are inside you?

"Just one... Now two... It feels so fucking good, baby!" Her moans were even louder, and he pictured her again, naked on the hotel bed, phone cradled by her ear, two fingers sliding in and out of her. He was close to cumming, and told her so. Told them both so.

"Tell me how I'm sucking your cock. Cum in my mouth, fill me up, baby!"

"You're sucking faster and faster. Nnnh! Now you're running your tongue and lips over just the head. Feels so fucking good! You're cradling my balls in your hand, and...ah! Licking them, sucking them into your mouth. God damn, you're good, baby."

"Keep telling me what's happening!"

Kelly winked, and whispered, "Call her name when you cum, Danny. Say Jenny while you cum in my mouth. Do it in me. Do it for her..."

"Fuck, Jenny! Oh, I'm so fucking close! I feel it coming out, my jizz, ready to shoot out into your mouth, on your tongue... Oh, fuck, baby!"

Jenny moaned again, and the sound of her bed was more distinct. Dan realized she must be jamming her fingers as deep as they could go, fingering her pussy swift and hard. "Cum for me, baby. Fill my mouth!"

Kelly started bobbing her head, rapidly exciting the length of his cock, fucking his cock with her lips and tongue. She cut off a moan rising in her throat, and looked up at him, her eyes saying she was ready for his load.

"Oh, God, baby! I'm cumming, baby, I'm cumming. Shoot your load down into my tummy, I want to taste that yummy cum." Even over the phone, she sounded like she was in the room, urgently wanting him in her mouth.

"Oh, yes, baby...Jenny! I'm fucking your mouth Jenny, I'm about to cum all over your mouth and face and tits and... Oh, fuck!" Driven nearly mad by Kelly's loving fellatio, and her eyes locked onto his while she took him into her mouth, it was impossible to last any longer. "Ah, Jenny, I'm cumming, Jenny, I'm cumming!" His cock trembled once, and he looked at Kelly's tits; her nipples were stiff with desire, and it drove him over the edge.

"Oh, Jenny!" His shout rang in the room , semen gushing, pouring out into Kelly's mouth with each pulse of his quivering member, not as much as the first time she had sucked him off, just days earlier, but still plenty. Kelly leaned back, disengaging from his throbbing pole, and jacked him so that a couple of spurts hit her tits. Kelly rubbed the heady white fluid all over her chest, taking Dan's still pulsing cock into her mouth for the last bits of cum.

"Did you cum, baby?" Jenny's voice was soft, sultry, and he could almost imagine her mouth filled with his cum, instead of her sister's.

"I did, Jenny. Fuck, you're good," he sighed over the phone, but holding Kelly's lustful, loving gaze with his own. Kelly grinned at him, her lips glazed with white, and she made a show of using her finger to get whatever was on her face into her mouth before swallowing it. She slipped quickly out of her shorts and stood naked before him, massaging some of what had hit her breasts into her pussy, sticking one finger with a gob of cum inside her, and rubbing it all over her clit and slit.

Jenny gave him a husky moan. "Fuck, so did I! God, my pussy is so wet. Thank God for housekeeping, I'll have clean sheets for tonight." Her breathing slowed and subsided. "It smells like we've been fucking all night, Dan. I'm going to have to give you that blowjob for real when I get home. You're cum tastes so good, even when I'm not there..." Kelly kissed him silently on his cheek, and stood, gathering all of her clothes, and slipped out of the study into the living room, smoothly closing the door, but not before pinching her nipple, and miming a soft "ooh" of pleasure.

Dan and Jenny chatted for a little while longer about less consequential things than phone sex, and definitely not the actual sex Dan was having with Kelly, of course. Jenny said she was going shopping today, her first afternoon off since her arrival in Portland. She needed the downtime. It was only seven, an hour after sunrise her time, and she planned to take a long bath to relax and clean herself up after their earlier smutty chat.

"And I'm probably going to buy a homecoming gift. Slutty lingerie, probably crotchless, pink and soft. You can fuck me while I wear it, and then help me get it off so I don't get cum on it..."

"It sounds wonderful, Jenny." The cum on his now flaccid shaft had cooled to a sticky clear mass on his crotch. "Baby, I should really clean up. Cum is dripping onto my chair."