At our 25th wedding anniversary, I thought Kelly and I had had the perfect marriage. She was within 2 lbs. of what she weighted when we were married thanks to her many hours of running and gym time. I spent a lot of time with her there when I could and also at the home gym equipment I had set up in the garage. I'm Mickey O'Sullivan, a full-blooded Irishman, both sets of grandparents came from Ireland and I'm slightly freckled with bright red hair, now with grey highlights. Kelly is full Irish too as I had met and married her while investigating my ancestors in Ireland, she's a fiery, read-head, little minx that can go from absolute sweetness to the ultimate she-devil in just about a nano-second, though that's usually reserved for me and drivers that piss her off.

Anyway, I was quite shy in school and never really dated and spent most of my time on my studies or running cross country. Besides, going to Catholic school, they beat it into our heads that sexual intercourse was only for after you were married. I started college but after the first year of electrical engineering courses, I quit and joined the Air Force.

While I was stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany, working on the avionics of the fighters and bombers that came in, I had decided to go to Ireland and look up the relatives there. I had gotten a copy of my family tree that my mother got from my aunt Irene.

After meeting several of my relatives, I was looking up the Hunters. I had a great-great-aunt or was it, great-great-great aunt, I'm not sure now but she married the king of the Hunter clan, only to die in childbirth along with the child. I really wasn't related to them but wanted to check them out. While having dinner in a little pub there in Hunterton, in walked four beautiful young women, dressed to kill. It was Saturday night after all. This gorgeous redhead in a micro-mini kept looking over at me then whispering to her friends. Then the other three left and she walked over to me and said, , "Hey handsome, care to buy a horny lass a drink and get lucky?"

Now technically I was still a virgin as I was saving myself for my wedding night and when we got to Kelly's little cottage, I told her that. I said we could do anything but full-on penetration and she said she was fine with that.

Well, she gave me a blowjob, then moved up and we deep kissed. I then rolled her over and kissed my way down to her downy soft red furry pussy and licked her to several orgasms until she made me stop. Kelly needed to use the toilet so I got up and got us some water. She was still in the bathroom so I laid down on her bed, waiting.

When she returned, she started sucking on my cock again, stopping long enough to say, "Mickey, let me know when you are just about to cum, OK?" I nodded. Her mouth and tongue were doing wonderful things to my dick.

It didn't take long and I said, "Ok, babe, I'm going to blow any second now."

Kelly moved up and placed her perfect tits around my cock, mashing them together and rubbing my cock between them, and asked, "Like that Mickey?" I was at a loss for words and just nodded, then she licked the head a bit and I arched my ass off the bed as I thought I was going to cum but Kelly stopped. Before I could ask why, she kissed her way up my chest, rubbing her nipples along my body, and rubbing her body across my steel-like cock. Kelly deep kissed me then because she is so short, she moved back and was using the underside of my cock to masturbate herself with it. We were both building to a climax when suddenly, she moved up and slid my cock into what I can only describe as heaven on earth. I wanted to stop but damn it felt too good and Kelly was orgasming and her pussy was squeezing my cock like a velvet glove and I blasted off, over and over and over.

Kelly fell forward, panting, and holding me tightly. We were still coupled and I could feel our combined cum leaking past my dick and oozing out between us. I brushed her crimson hair out of her face and said, "Oh, Kelly, I told you that I was saving myself for the girl I was going to marry, didn't I? Why did you do that?"

Kelly opened her eyes and smiled at me with this almost angelic look and said, "Mickey, there's an easy fix, just marry me. No man has ever made me cum that hard before. But then again, no man I've ever been with has had such a big cock as yours. How big is it?"

I said, "Hell, I don't know. I've never really measured. I do know I was bigger than a lot of guys in basic, except a few of the black guys." I don't know why but I asked her, "Just how many guys have you been with?"

Kelly gave me a disapproving look, then pushed herself away and said, "That's really none of your business, Mickey O'Sullivan, but it sure seems like it was enough to teach me how to please you or did you think that women just know how to do all these things naturally?" I figured I'd better shut up and get myself out of the mess I had just caused so I pulled her to the center of the bed, pushed her legs apart with my knees, and entered her, fast and hard, and held myself In tight as I kissed her deeply. Then I slowly pulled almost all the way out and Kelly grabbed my ass, pulling me back down so I took my time making long slow strokes in and long slow strokes out. Kelly must have cum at least 10 times or more with me doing that. I know my back and ass had the scratches to show for it.

I had an astounding orgasm at the same time as Kelly had her last massive one. She was screaming and clawing at my back and her legs were wrapped around my ass making it nearly impossible for me to move much but Kelly was rocking herself to get us both to orgasm together. I rolled off of her and was caressing her heaving chest when she looked over at me and said, "Are you still going to try to bullshit me that you were a virgin when you walked in here?"

Anyway, I spent the next few months visiting Kelly every weekend and fell head over heels in love with her. I even bought a set of rings. Then one weekend, she asked me to bring my dress uniform and we went to her great-uncle Duncan's lodge where I met the whole family, her parents, her older brother, and sister, and her baby sister, Isabella who was 11 years younger than Kelly. Isabella was very shy but I spent a lot of time with her and even took her out dancing, with her feet on top of my shoes. She had a ball and I could see Kelly and her parents were very happy with my actions. Plus I really enjoyed it. That evening as the festivities were winding down, I proposed to Kelly and she accepted.

We got married and moved to an apartment near the base. Because of her becoming sick and the doc putting her on antibiotics which we didn't realize nullified the effect of her birth control pills, Kelly gave birth to Connor O'Sullivan a little over a year after we were married. Due to her small size and small birth canal, she had to have a C-section. She hated the scar but I told her that we could save up for plastic surgery when she was done having babies.

I was transferred back to the States thanks to an idea I had sent in about a new design for improving the three-point low-level radar and they wanted me to work with the engineers at Edwards Air Force base in California. My parents would often take Connor so Kelly and I took a four-day holiday to go to Las Vegas and partied like crazy. Kelly somehow forgot her birth control pills and nine months later we were in the hospital with Kelly in labor. She wanted to try natural childbirth this time. After 48 hours of being in extreme pain, she finally told the OB-GYN to ready the operating room and soon I was holding my red-headed princess, Erin. She was the spitting image of Kelly. Flaming red hair and a few freckles on her cheeks and back. What I didn't know was that Kelly was in so much pain that she told her doc to tie her tubes while he was in there as she never wanted to have that much pain ever again. It was almost two years later that she finally told me.

Life went along pretty normal and I went back to night school and finished getting my electrical engineer's degree. What was funny was that the classes were very redundant to what I had been doing in the service for years so I challenged several classes and flew threw and got my degree in only two years. Kelly had helped me study quite a bit and became enthralled with electrical engineering too so she started night classes. Thankfully I had kept all my old books. They were still using most of them.

The funny thing was how her manner of dress changed while she was going to classes. I mean Kelly always looked good to me but when she started classes, she began dressing downright sexy. I mean she dressed like I was sure she was meeting someone on the side and I hired an investigator to follow her.

Four weeks later, the investigator came in and handed me a bill for $1,500.00, our agreed price, whether he found anything or not. I had the check ready for him from the company with a note saying: Consulting fee. He looked at it, smiled, then folded the check and put it in his wallet. Then he opened his briefcase and handed me an envelope with a lot of pictures. I was shaking, afraid of what I was going to see. Al, the investigator, nodded his head and said, "Go ahead, I think you'll be happy. The only thing your wife is guilty of is flirting with her male professors, probably to get better grades. You will see lots of pictures of her turning down her fellow students, and yes, a few of her instructors too. Kelly has no problem telling them no and that if they persist, she will notify HR, her husband, and the police." That was money well spent.

The kids did well in school and sports. Connor was not shy with girls like I was. In fact, Kelly was adamant that he not leave for a date without having fresh condoms with him, even though he swore he wasn't into full-on sex at this stage of his life. Now with Erin, just before her 15th birthday, Kelly took her to see their OBGYN and had Erin put on birth control pills, and then the two of them spent the afternoon, watching 'instructional' sex videos, or at least that's what Kelly swore they were. There was a lot of laughing and giggling coming from the spare bedroom they were locked into though.

Right after our 25 anniversary, things were going smoothly. Kelly was working as an independent contractor for the local power company and set her own hours most days. Ten years prior, I had ended up going into business with Carl George, whose father had started an automation company that designed, built, and repaired packaging equipment. They worked all over the world which at first was a little rough on our marriage but soon, Carlton, the old man, would let me take Kelly along at times and she really enjoyed those trips together.

When Carlton died, he left me half the company which surprised the hell out of me. I questioned Carl at the reading of the will and he just smiled and said, "Mickey, my old man knew you were the reason this company has grown so much in the past 5 years since you started. He knows that you are the better all-around engineer and that you don't mind getting your hands dirty. Besides, he left me his IRAs, his house, his hunting lodge on the lake, his boat, and his muscle car collection. I really don't have to work if I choose not to. Who knows, I just may give you my half or let you buy me out at a really good price. We changed the name to G.O.'s Automation and our business really expanded. We were busier than ever and Carl hardly comes in.

Then one Saturday morning, my cell phone went off with a number I didn't recognize. It was a collect call from the city jail. It was from Jerry, one of our best foremen. I took the call and Jerry said, "Mickey, can you please come down to the station and bail me out? You'll need to get a bail bondsman as my bail is $10,000. I'll pay you back. I promise." I told him I would.

I went down and met with a bail bondsman and got the necessary paperwork done then went to the jail to pick Jerry up. He was still somewhat loopy. I noticed he had his two small fingers on his left hand bandaged up. "Jerry, can you tell me what happened?"

He looked at me and said, "Clancy's first. I need something to eat."

Clancy's is a fine Irish pub a lot of us go to. It's been there for ages plus the food there is out of this world. My mouth was watering at the thought of their homemade corned beef hash with three sunny side up eggs and toast and when I mentioned that to Jerry, his eyes lit up and he nodded in agreement.

When we got to Clancy's and moved to a booth in the back where I figured we could talk without being overheard. I ordered two orders of the hash and eggs with toast and said I wanted coffee. Jerry ordered a beer. I asked him how he ended up in jail. Jerry had his head in his hands, then looked up and said, "I don't know if you got the report yet but yesterday, just before lunch. I was down at the Pepsi plant installing their new bottling equipment for their quarter liter bottles. I had locked out the conveyer belt, or so I thought when one of their maintenance men went into the switchgear and manually pushed the starter while I had my hand resting on it, pinching my little finger in between the roller and the end of the line.

I guess my screaming let them know they screwed up. It took them nearly half an hour to dismantle the line enough to get my hand free so I could get to the hospital. The x-rays showed that I had badly cracked my little finger in two places so they put a splint on it then taped it to the next finger and gave me a shot for the pain plus some heavy pain pills and told me to go home with instructions keep it elevated and not to work for 4 to six days.

I looked at him and asked, "So what landed you in jail?"

Shaking his head, he said with tears in his eyes, "You've met Tracy, my fiancé?" I nodded. "Well I got home a little after one o'clock and as I opened the door, I could hear moaning coming from my bedroom. I looked over and there was a pile of clothing, Tracy's, and a man's on the floor in front of my couch. Then I heard her orgasming. I walked down the hall and looked into my bedroom. There she was, riding her old boss, Henry. I heard him say, 'You like my long, fat cock, don't you Tracy? Come on, tell me again how much you like it.' She was rocking herself to another orgasm then said, 'Fuck yes, I love fucking you. I love the way you fill my pussy and how much you cum you leave in me.' Then I heard Henry say, 'How often had Jerry eaten you out after I've fucked you and left you full of my cum my little slut?' Then Tracy said, 'I've never really counted but quite a few times.' That's when I lost it, Mickey."

"I rushed over and yanked Tracy off the bed and she began to scream. Henry popped out of bed and he still had quite the hardon. I yelled at them to get the hell out and they started towards the living room. I had left the door open and I grabbed both of them by the hair and literally threw them out the door. Both of them were naked as the day they were born. They were pounding on the door screaming for their clothes or at least their cell phones so they could call someone but I didn't give a shit. I turned up the stereo loud and opened a beer. Finally, the banging quit so I turned down the music and took one of the pain pills. Beer on top of one of those pills really put me down."

The next thing I knew, someone was pounding on my door again, only I was too wasted to get up. It was the police and they wanted in. I tried to say come back later but was met with flying splinters as my door came flying off the hinges and four big policemen came rushing in. They yanked me off the couch, rolled me over, and handcuffed me. They read me my rights and one of the officers asked me where their clothes and belongings were. I told them in the bathtub. They were, I had placed them there and pissed on them and taken a shit on them. I was having trouble talking as my speech was slurred and they asked me how much I had to drink. I managed to say, one beer and they made me blow into the machine. It showed I wasn't drunk. I then motioned to the table where my prescription bottle was along with the instructions from the doctor. They took me in and charged me with assault, theft, and destruction of property. I wasn't allowed to call anyone until I saw the judge this morning and he set bail. The fucking judge didn't care that Tracy was fucking her boss. That's what you get from a woman judge."

Then Jerry walked over to the bartender and asked him to call him a taxi and I sat there nursing a second cup of coffee. Then, Jackie, the bartender came over with a bottle of Jameson and topped my coffee off. I looked up at her and asked, "What's this for?"

Jackie smiled at me and said, "Mickey, you looked like you needed it." I sighed and smiled. She was going to get a big tip, that's for sure.

Damn, that coffee went down smooth so I raised my cup and asked for another and Jackie brought me one, only I think this one was stronger but I managed to get it down. It had been a long time since I had done a lot of drinking and was really beginning to feel it when this stunning redhead walks in wearing a tight, tee-shirt material mini dress that clung to her body like a second skin. Her shoulder-length red hair had blue and silver highlights at the tips.

She was about to order a drink when she looked around the bar and saw me. Her eyes lit up and she asked Jackie something. The next thing I knew, she was sauntering over to my table with two cups of coffee, just like my last two cups. As she got close, it was obvious that she wasn't wearing anything underneath the dress and she scooted right up next to me and pushed one of the cups in front of me, and gave me a big smile.

I had finished my first cup and turned to look at her, she quickly leaned over and kissed me. "Whoa, there sweet thing. I'm very married." I told her.

She reached between my legs and grabbed my cock and coyly said, "I know Mickey, so am I." Before I could say anything, she had her tongue in my mouth and had pushed my hand up her dress to find a hot wet bare pussy. Oh my God. She was squeezing my cock and my fingers were exploring her dripping pussy when she whispered, "Come on, Mickey, let's get out of here." She downed her drink and got me to down mine.

I didn't know her from Adam but apparently, she knew me and I was drunk enough that I wasn't thinking clearly. She helped me navigate my way out of Clancy's and as I looked at Jackie, she said, "Don't worry, Mickey, you were never here, right?"

My mind didn't quite comprehend what was happening but she led me out to her car, a big Mercedes, and we headed downtown to the Hilton and up to the 18th floor. As soon as we were in the room, she pulled her dress over her head and dropped to her knees and unfastened my belt, and dropped my pants and boxers to the floor. She looked at my cock as a prize and said, "Fuck, I'm going to enjoy this!" and took me deep down her throat. Any idea of stopping her just flew out the window.

She got me to the point of almost cumming then stopped and pushed me back onto the bed and pulled off my shoes and socks, then removed my shirt and undershirt. She then climbed on top of me and she started moving her hot, wet pussy down on my cock and let out an animalistic moan as it inched its way in. "Oh FUCK, you are a big one, aren't you?" she moaned as she got more and more of my cock into her snug pussy. She was the tightest girl I had ever had sex with, really, I only have had sex with Kelly so there wasn't many to compare her with.

Soon she was all the way down and writhing and screaming over and over as she orgasmed on my cock, soaking me with her juices. I couldn't hold out and shot off one of the biggest loads since I first met Kelly, I think. Oh, fuck. Kelly. I was cheating on my wife but dammit, this little vixen was something else. Sure I had had fantasies but I'd never acted on them but then she leaned down, her firm titties on my chest and she was kissing me over and over, thanking me for the best orgasms she had ever experienced in her life.