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It had been a few weeks since the incident with Mr. Patrick White. Every few nights he would have a dream, reliving what Patrick had done to him. And every morning he would wake up with a rock hard cock, throbbing under the sheets. He continued watching porn, still loving his big breasted pornstars. But his dreams would always be there, lingering. He hated what Patrick did to him. He hated every second. And still, every time his mind was not occupied he would think back on it.

Alex's anxiety was mild at first, but he didn't want his friends to think he was acting weird. Of course it only made his anxiety worse, and he tried to keep his time with his friends to a minimum. Slowly but surely things were getting back to normal, while his thoughts continued to torment him.

It was finally Friday and having the afternoon alone meant enjoying being naked in the house. With his clothes stripped he only had a second to enjoy it before there was a knock at the door. With a huff he started putting his clothes back on as he heard another round of knocks at the door. "I'm coming!" Opening the front door, his heart dropped.

"Hello, Alex." Standing there was Patrick, belly sticking out and a wide grin on his face.

"O-Oh... Hello Mr. White." Alex swallowed nervously, heart beating faster and faster. "Did you need something?"

Without responding, Patrick walked inside and shut the door behind him. "I just wanted to drop by and check on you." With a grin on his face Patrick brought his hand to rest on Alex's round butt.

"Please Mr. White... Please don't make me do it again." Alex started to feel tears building up in his eyes.

Patrick began groping his ass cheek slowly, pondering. "How about a deal..."

"What sort of d-deal?"

"One that can free you."

Alex started to feel hope. Would Mr. White really give him a way out of this? He had to take the opportunity. "What do I have to do?" Alex asked his neighbor.

Patrick gave Alex's ass a light pat. "You will spend the night at my house." Patrick saw Alex's eyes widen but he kept going. "I am going to play with you, touch you, and pleasure you. I will focus all this pleasure on your ass." Alex's eyes widened again. Alex didn't know that Patrick had been watching from across the street. Patrick knew that Alex would sometimes finger his ass while jerking off. "If you can resist begging for an orgasm as long as I touch you, I will never bring this up again, we will move on like things used to be."

Alex had a lot to think about. He would be letting a man play with his ass, something he never knew he would experience. But if it meant being free of Mr. White's torment he would have to take the chance. For a second Alex thought, What if I give in? He quickly pushed those thoughts away, firm in his belief that no man could get him off with his ass like that. He wasn't gay after all. Alex wasn't saying no which made Patrick's mouth twist into a wide grin.

"Good. I don't care about whatever excuses you need to make to your parents but you will be at my house Friday night at ten sharp. If you are late... well... Don't be late." Patrick gave Alex a hard spank, making his cute little ass jiggle and eliciting a cute 'eep!' from his lips. With that, Patrick left him there alone.

It was already Wednesday so he didn't have much time to mentally prepare, but he had time to think of an excuse for his parents.

For the next two days he tried to act normal, but he couldn't get Mr. White's proposal out of his mind. He still didn't know if he really wanted to go through with it. When Friday finally came he was in a daze all day and his friends noticed.

"Hey, you alright man? You're more quiet than usual," his friend Nate asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Alex tried to say with a bit of a laugh. Then he thought of using this opportunity. "Well... Are you alright with me telling my parents I am spending the night at your place tonight?"

Nate raised his eyebrow. "At my place? Oh..." Nate let out a little chuckle. "Do you have a girlfriend I don't know about, Alex?"

Alex blushed hard, knowing it was the exact opposite. "Uh... something like that. I just need someone to have my back just in case. Can you do that for me?" There was something in his voice that seemed genuine to Nate.

"Don't worry, I always have your back. If you don't want to say more that's fine. If your parents ask we had a night of playing video games."

Alex let out a sigh of relief. He was happy to have a friend like Nate. "Thanks... If you ever need a favor from me don't be afraid to ask."

Nate chuckled to lighten the mood, "I think I'll take you up on that some day."

Soon lunch was over, and then the school day was over as well. Alex couldn't get Mr. White out of his mind. He was silent the whole ride home and his silence continued while he waited at home.

Finally the time came. There was no turning back now, he had made his choice. All he had to do was not beg which should be easy enough. He didn't like Mr. White, and he hated what he did to him, so of course it should be easy to stay soft and not enjoy it. Every step from his house to Patrick's felt like it took an hour, but before he knew it he was right at Patrick's door.

He knocked on the door gently, holding on to his fleeting desire for this all to be some bad joke or a dream. The door slowly swung open and there stood his tormentor Mr. White, a smile on his face. He looked down at the watch on his wrist. "Ten sharp, good boy." Patrick stepped aside, letting Alex into his home. He only let him take one single step in so he could shut the door. "First thing's first, you are not allowed to wear clothes in my home unless it is clothing I approve of. For now I disapprove of all that you are wearing. Get it off."

"A-All of it?" Alex asked meekly.

"Every single bit. And next time I give you a command, you obey without hesitation. But you are still learning, so there will be no punishment this time."

Alex blushed, but he obeyed. He started to slowly take off his clothing one piece at a time. Finally, he was down to his boxers, which he slowly brought down to reveal his soft cock and hanging balls.

"Good boy," Patrick repeated. "You won't need anything else, leave your bag here as well. I will lead you to our room for the night."

Alex set down his bag, and when he glanced back up Patrick was looking over his naked body like a starving animal. Patrick gave him a nod before turning to a staircase. Alex followed behind, naked and unsure of what would happen. Patrick led him to a guest bedroom, and when the door opened Alex felt more nervous than ever. There were sex toys laid out on the dresser, and there were cuffs tied to each corner of the bed.

His cock began to betray him, rising slightly at the erotic room before him. Then he suddenly felt Patrick's hands on his behind. "What do you think? It's going to be a fun night, right?"

Alex could only mumble nervously as he felt the big hands kneading and spreading his ass cheeks. His cock continued to grow, which only made him more nervous. "Lay on your stomach and spread yourself out," Patrick whispered into his ear.

Alex slowly crawled onto the bed, laying himself out so his arms and legs could be tied down. Just stay quiet. Just stay quiet. Just stay quiet, he repeated to himself. Patrick tied down his limbs and reached down between his legs to pull his cock and balls out behind him. Alex let out a gasp as he was touched by this man again, his cock already at a semi. "What do we have here? This little thing has grown a bit since you first walked into my house." Patrick reached for the young cock in front of him, and started to stroke it from behind.

Alex nearly bit his tongue off. He didn't want to give Patrick the satisfaction of hearing him moan, even if his cock did feel good. He didn't get touched by others often, so this was a new feeling for him. And it felt too good, almost enough to make him moan. While he resisted and stayed silent, his cock was betraying him yet again. It grew and grew until he was rock hard in Patrick's hand. "Wow," Patrick said as he continued stroking him, "That was almost too easy." And just as soon as it began, Patrick released his cock.

This time Alex let out a small involuntary groan of disappointment as his pleasure was taken away. Realizing his mistake, he blushed harder. "It's alright, the fun is just getting started." He heard Patrick behind him, playing with his ass cheeks yet again. "So, do you want to ask for something?" He asked, knowing he wouldn't break the boy that easily. Alex quietly shook his head 'no,' holding out for now.

Behind him, Alex couldn't see Patrick's smile grow wider. Soon again he felt the large hand around his hard cock, stroking him nicely. Alex stuffed his face into the sheets, not wanting to feel the pleasure. But he had no choice, he squirmed in pleasure as his cock was played with, and even humped at Patrick's hand one or two times. He then realized that his orgasm was building up, and he would cum soon. He humped Patrick's hand once more, ready to burst, but he groaned again when Patrick pulled his hand away.

"W-What?" Alex asked, so close to release.

"Did you think I would allow you to cum? Oh no, not at all. Good boys around here cum with permission, after begging of course."

Alex couldn't blush any harder, but the shame within him was growing. "Yeah well... I won't beg..." He said, remembering their deal. He wanted freedom, how could he hold one orgasm above that.

"Hold out as long as you can, Alex." Patrick started tying a blindfold to make sure Alex was in darkness. With no sense of sight his sense of touch would be enhanced. Again, Patrick stroked Alex's cock until he was ready to burst only to stop at the last second. This time, he got a whine out of Alex instead of a groan. Progress.

Patrick paused again for a few minutes, before picking out an anal toy made to stimulate the prostate. He lubed up the tip then poured some lube onto Alex's hole. Alex stiffened up, "W-What are you doing?" He asked as if he didn't know. Patrick, remaining silent, started to push the toy into Alex's virgin ass. Alex let out a groan as the tip of the toy stretched him out, slowly pushing into his tight hole. As it slowly slid its way inside, he felt the toy painfully stretch him until it hit something which he was familiar with, his prostate. A jolt of pleasure shot through his body, and this time he let out a small, cute moan that was muffled by the sheets and pillows he was stuffing his face in.

Patrick still heard the moan and he saw Alex's cock twitch below. Patrick reached out, running his finger just below the head of the aching cock. Alex shivered and bit his lip. The teasing was too much for him, Patrick was touching him in all the right spots. After the touch Alex had a moment to recover. With the blindfold on he couldn't tell where Patrick was or what he would do next.

"Oh god!" Alex moaned out as the toy in his ass was pressed against his prostate once again. Patrick chuckled as he started moving the toy back and forth, teasing the boy's hole and grinding the round head of the toy against his prostate. For the next few minutes Patrick enjoyed milking small, involuntary moans for the boy. And along with the moans, he noticed Alex's cock was starting to leak.

Using his finger, Patrick wiped away the few drops of precum and moved his finger to Alex's mouth. "Clean my finger," Patrick commanded in an authoritative tone. Alex thought about arguing, but the toy in his ass was yet again pressed against his prostate. With another moan he started sucking the finger in his mouth, tasting his own juices. "Good boy..." Patrick grinned as Alex wholeheartedly sucked on his fingers.

Alex could hardly think straight with all of this stimulation. He didn't even notice when he started pushing his ass back at the prostate massager, his body begging for more. Patrick knew how to play with boys like this, Alex was too inexperienced to resist. Just as Alex started to moan again Patrick pulled the prostate massager away. He got what he wanted, another whimper escaped Alex's lips.

"I think it's time for a break, what do you think?" Patrick asked the blindfolded boy.

"Fine with me..." Alex was still trying to resist and keep his cool.

Alex heard footsteps getting farther, then he was left alone with the silence in the room. He used this chance to take a deep breath and compose himself. It was difficult of course, he was still naked, cock hard and leaking. He tried resisting the urge, but the soft sheets felt amazing against his skin. He started slow at first, humping his cock against the bed. It felt nice and he was starting to enjoy his alone time.

Maybe I can get myself to cum now so I won't be such a mess when he starts playing with me, Alex thought to himself. He continued his humping, even speeding up some more. It felt better the faster he went, but he quickly reached a plateau. This pleasure was not enough to push him over the edge and it never would be. He resisted the thought, even humping faster to push himself to an orgasm. He felt pleasure but it was the same bits of pleasure he felt before. It was nowhere near enough to get him to cum.

He stopped moving and whined in frustration. He thought this would be an easy task, let an old man touch as he liked and get out without begging to blow his load. He couldn't stop thinking about the toy that made him feel so much pleasure. He had tested using his finger on his hole before but this was different. It was a focused attack on his pleasure bud and he had never felt pleasure like that before.

He laid still for a while, lost in thought. He had no clue how much time was passing in the world around him as if he was lost in a dream. Alex even tried humping the bed again but it only served to tease and frustrate him even more. He tried thinking of other things to take his mind off of his predicament, but it was impossible. His mind would always drift back to his tied up limbs and his aching cock.

Thoughts of orgasm were interrupted by the sounds of approaching footsteps, then he felt a hand on his right ass cheek. "I'm back," Patrick said through a grin. A shiver went down Alex's spine. He knew he needed release and couldn't resist much longer.

"Please..." Alex started, unsure if he would start begging for an orgasm as he continued his sentence. "Please let me go..." He kept himself in check.

Alex then felt another hand, now on his left ass cheek. "Oh this is cute..." Patrick said as he groped the soft ass in front of him. "Seems like you've realised you won't be able to resist. Can't help but enjoy me teasing your hole." Just as he finished his sentence Patrick ran his finger across Alex's tight hole. Alex couldn't control his body as an involuntary shiver was let loose.

"But you know the rules," Patrick continued. "I have you for the night. All you have to do is resist begging me for an orgasm. Can't be that hard right?" Patrick didn't wait for a response, again he lightly brushed a finger across the underside of Alex's cockhead. Alex moaned, pushing back as he hoped for any extra pleasure he could get.

"Ready to beg?" Patrick asked, pressing his finger a bit harder now. Alex let out a whine, his resistance was crumbling. He felt another drop of his pre leak out of his cock, there was no sign of release any time soon. Patrick was teasing him like a true master, giving him little bits of pleasure without letting him reach true release.

"I..." Alex started, biting his lip. He needed to cum so badly his balls were aching. All he could think of was unloading the burden in his balls. Then the finger that was giving his cock even the smallest amount of pleasure was gone. He let out a small growl of frustration, then a whimper. He couldn't put it in words just yet but his whines and body language were already begging for sweet release.

"You were saying?" Patrick asked, unable to wipe the grin off his face.

"I was saying..." Alex struggled with the words. "You can go fu-" his words were interrupted, instead replaced by a squeal. Patrick pushed the toy back into his tight ass, stretching his hole once more in search of his prostate.

Alex whimpered again, he was on the verge of tears after all of this teasing. He felt his hips start to move, trying to push the toy against his prostate once more. "Oh you're shaking your ass for me now?" Patrick asked with a chuckle. Alex's face was burning with embarrassment but he couldn't control himself anymore. He let out another squeal as Patrick's hand gave his ass a swat.

"All you have to do is ask and I will give you pleasure like you haven't felt before..." Patrick whispered down to him as he slowly moved the toy in the boy's ass. Alex was getting close, the toy was pressing into his hole at just the right angle. He thought of an idea that might push him over the edge and catch Patrick by surprise. He paid attention to the way Patrick was slowly moving the toy, wanting to time his move just right.

As the toy was circling back to his prostate, Alex started humping back at the toy hoping to inch himself over the finish line. His orgasm was racing towards him, but just before he could finally reach the peak the toy was pulled away and instead he received two spanks on his pale ass. "Naughty boy!" Patrick said, glad he pulled the toy away in time.

"You really thought you could pull a fast one on me?" Patrick gave Alex another two spanks, harder this time. He moved his thumb to Alex's entrance, teasing the hole. "I know this slutty hole better than you do, only I can make you cum. Would you like that? Would you like me to give you an explosive orgasm? You cannot do it alone."

The words echoed through Alex's mind. He couldn't think straight anymore and he had no other plans to escape his fate. Even when his mind started to recover, Patrick brought a pre cum covered finger to his mouth which he quickly sucked into his mouth. The toy was pushed back into his ass and Alex moaned onto the thick finger in this mouth.

Patrick leaned down now, his larger body on top of Alex. Instead of feeling any type of clothing Alex felt warm skin pressing against him. "Say it," Patrick whispered right into his ear. Alex's mind was going crazy from all the stimulation. He didn't know if he was imagining it, but he thought he felt Patrick's meat growing against his thigh.

"Beg for release," Patrick continued his whispering. "Beg your master for permission to unload. Beg me for the orgasm of your life."

Alex's moans were becoming louder and more frequent. "I... I can't..." He was babbling through the moans. Patrick started to speed up his movements, pushing the toy harder against the boy's prostate. He brought his other hand back down, teasing Alex's leaking cock. "Beg!" Patrick now yelled out his command.

Alex yelped underneath him, his hips now moving on their own as they followed the toy. "Oh god!" Alex called out. "I can't take it anymore!" He whimpered and moaned a few more times before he finally broke. "Please!" He screamed out. "Please let me cum! Oh fuck... Please, please... Please! I need to cum so badly! I'm your slut! Let me cum, please!"

Patrick was more than pleased with that response. "Good bitch." Patrick pulled his hand away from the boy's cock and focused his attention on the toy. He moved faster and pressed against Alex's prostate even harder. "Cum," he whispered his final command, and Alex obeyed.