Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future. All characters that engage in sexual or suggestive situations are mentally and sexually mature: the human equivalent of 18 for their race.

Episode 132: Miasma

Time in Risa's pocket dimension was far more noticeable since she installed an illusory sun and started syncing it up to the day-night cycle to that of the outside world. Mostly. She could still change the time of day at will inside her demiplane, but, for the most part, the sunrise arrived when the sunrise arrived.

It was early one morning a bit more than a week after Selene and Caleldir had left to deliver A.I.D.A. to Port Afron. Althaia, looking rather gloomy, walked into Ashyr's private dining room. Ashyr bade Althaia a good morning when she first saw her walk into her room, but her expression grew more serious when she saw the nymph's attitude. Something was up.

"Lady Duskhaven," she began in an unusually formal manner. "I require a private audience with you."

[How private?] one of the Maid!R.I.S.A.s asked.

"Private," Althaia said.

[In that case, I will turn off my passive listening in my mountainside region.] R.I.S.A. said. [It is not possible for me to do that in my main building.]

"That is perfectly alright, R.I.S.A." Ashyr told their goddess. "I was going to take my morning run out in that direction anyway. As I'm sure you already guessed. Come with me, Althaia. It looks like a healthy dose of nature will do both of us some good."

R.I.S.A. nodded, vanishing after collecting the dishes.

Althaia let out a long breath and gave Ashyr an awkward smile. Her eyes were an odd shade of blue-green which the drow had never really seen on her.

With that, Ashyr stood and strode out with Bard at her heels. The nymph was quiet until they got out of the main building. Then, she let out a long sigh. It seemed that she was having difficulty trying to begin.

But the nymph was nothing if not eloquent, so eventually she managed. "Ashyr, I am not certain how to bring this up. Except to ask you this: do you remember why my goddess sent me to that grotto to meet your party?"

Ashyr had to think about that for a moment. "... something about you needing Caleldir for the good of your race, I think. I always assumed you'd have a son or two by him (and a ton of daughters) and kickstart the nymph race... or something like that. But I haven't thought about that for ages. You are honorary Duskhaven now, and I am glad to have you here."

She felt as if that Paladin needed some encouragement. Or something. Ashyr wasn't sure to make of this new mood Althaia was in.

"That is partly true," Althaia began. "But that is only the first part. I told you back before... well, everything, but I understand why you would have forgotten."

She drew a deep breath. "Caleldir's bloodline is... special. Closer to the original blood, Aelsuna tells me, though how exactly I am not certain. She made very clear that to restore the Nymph race to what they could be rather than the decayed form that they are, he needs to have a lot of children. A lot of them. So... my original goal was to breed Caleldir with my entire race."

After this guilty re-confession, she looked at Ashyr with an embarrassed expression.

"Right, I remember now... A- a lot has happened since then." Ashyr fell silent, enjoying the comforting smells and sounds of the R.I.S.A. forest as Althaia explained.

"I do love Caleldir, but the only thing that arouses me more than having his children is having him have as many children as possible in order to make the Nymphs into an actual race instead of a smattering of hedonistic demi-elementals. But I have talked with Caleldir about this on many occasions and he refuses to even consider the idea. I am torn. I love him and do not want to force him into something he dislikes so much on a conceptual level (though he is clearly aroused by it), but I cannot possibly choose his and my happiness over the good of my species and the will of my goddesses."

"Of course I can't ask you to choose between a man and your race and Goddesses. I want you to be happy, to fulfill your purpose in life. I think Caleldir would want that too. He might even come to be glad that the nymph race is making such advancements. But... no, this goes so much further beyond that gangbang. So much time and energy would be devoted to that, and he would feel terrible for a lot of it." Ashyr made a confused, frustrated grunt.

"Are you sure that male sons of yours won't be enough? If you wait for a while, Birchborn's research facility might even have an advanced form of the Geneforge. Surely that is good enough?" But even Ashyr didn't seem convinced about that, and she was so incredibly torn

Althaia sighed. "Caleldir and I did talk about this on several occasions. He likes the idea of restoring the nymph race, but he says that using the Geneforge to make female fetuses into male ones is not possible with nymphs. And a son would not be able to replace him as the first generation, as a critical mass of males and females born from his direct seed is necessary to establish the population needed to prevent what Aelsuna called 'the Primordial Gene' from being too diluted to take in the population. It is not possible to truly establish the Nymph race without thousands of children from Caleldir directly. We ran the math, and Caleldir agreed that the model was accurate, but he refuses to accept the base premises. I am at my limit to try to convince him. So, with deep humility and apology, I want to enlist your help in doing so. In order to build the Nymph race, I need him. No other will do, not even my own sons. I am not sure why, but Aelsuna, the Goddess of all Nymphs, does know and is insistent on this."

"I don't understand any of that, but I'll trust Caleldir's findings. Especially since I know they are not what he would have wanted to see," Ashyr responded. "But... thousands? Fuck. That's a lot."

"Caleldir accepted that, if the data I have was accurate, my conclusion was inevitable. His disagreement was with my data. The big argument was on 'blood resonance' which he and Aelsuna referred to as 'phenotypical-genotypical resonant maturation'. I admit, I did not understand the data, but he thinks that Aelsuna was mistaken about the data, though he did admit that it was internally consistent enough to appear genuine."

She let out another sigh. "It is not particularly easy relaying messages between a goddess who can apparently only speak through nymphs and a stubborn half-nymph, both of which know the nature of the data when I only understand some of the theory. It has been quite a ride learning about all this. No doubt Selene would find it fascinating. Maybe Archmage Birchborn as well. I can bring the information to all of them, I suppose."

Ashyr blew out a long breath while rubbing at the back of her neck. "I... I am sure we can figure out something. I make no promises other than that I will try, Althaia. We have a lot of time before anything needs to be done, right?"

Althaia looked morose. "When it comes to time, I am not sure. Aelsuna is a bit impatient, but she is impatient on a godly timescale, which means that she can probably continue to be impatient for a few more years before she gets really impatient. But it seems that she is being pressed by something even beyond her, and I do not know anything about that force. So, while I think that it is not an emergency, this will need to be considered within the next few years, and the situation is threatening to get out of hand. Sadly, Caleldir still thinks that Aelsuna is a silly goddess and does not take her seriously. He can be very stubborn about things like this."

At this point, it seemed that Althaia was mostly venting for the sake of venting, with her frustration being extremely obvious. She drew in a breath, getting back on topic. "In the more short term, Aelsuna told me that once 'three of seven' nymphs have been impregnated by Caleldir and the gestation reaches a certain level, she will have the ability to manifest an avatar in our world. Her current worshippers among the elves and fae give her great power, but she needs what she calls 'Reborn Nymphkind' to exist to properly manifest. So I really want Caleldir to knock up twenty-one nymphs sooner rather than later. He was not persuaded by this reasoning."

"Twenty-one is a much more manageable number. Maybe after that, we would have a better time with negotiations," Ashyr said. "I... I will talk to Selene about this. She is the clever negotiator, and in a way has more power over Caleldir than even I do. She won't mind making a decision. Probably."

Althaia relaxed slightly. "Thank you, Ashyr."

Ashyr didn't have much to say about the rest of Althaia's words. The nymph clearly just needed an ear. She just had one observation, "You've been leading a frustrating life recently, Althaia."

"I have been quite frustrated. It is just..." she pursed her lips unhappily and her eyes started to go blue "I wish Caleldir was more amenable to having sex, or that it was possible to fulfill Aelsuna's will without having to use his dick. My sisters, for the most part, will not mind at all getting pregnant and then barely seeing the father as it is their way most of the time, but Caleldir hates the idea. But I cannot give up on it. My goddess and my people are relying on me to restore them. And that means that I am plotting to whore the man I love out to an entire species against his will. If it was not against his will, it would be the hottest thing ever, but as it is..."

She looked towards Ashyr. "You do not think I am a monster, do you? Caleldir is almost like your husband too, and I want him to knock up thousands of nymphs. You... you do not hate me for this, do you?" Her eyes were now very blue, and her pretty frame drooped.

Ashyr couldn't help herself; she grabbed Althaia's hand and pulled the both of them to a stop, then she drew the nymph into a tight embrace. "I do not hate you. You know my opinions on sex are far more similar to yours than they are to Caleldir's. Coupled with being a drow, well, I don't understand a lot of his opinions. The way I see it, he would just be lending his genetic material."

Althaia relaxed, then returned the hug. She gave the drow a light squeeze. "His genetic material, and a bit of love and pleasure," she softly agreed. "Thank you, Ashyr. I have come to love you as much as I have come to love Caleldir. I am glad that you feel this way. It makes me feel much better." She kissed the drow, then let go. She let out a long breath. "I will let you talk to Selene, then. As soon as you think you can. In the meantime, I am at your service."

"It sounds like you can use a bit of service from me," Ashyr said with her signature grin. "Let's finish this run and spend the rest of the morning together. You are no use to your goddesses if you are too stressed, after all."

"I love you too, by the way."

Back at the estate in Clachleom, Caleldir followed Ylene out of the room where Dahlia and Rubella began plotting. "How are you doing, Ylene?" Caleldir asked the catgirl. "You seem a bit overwhelmed."

"My life is very different than what it was. It is overwhelming, but I prefer this over what was before," Ylene admitted as she led him out of the room. She scented the air with her eyes closed for a moment. "This way."

"I was asking the question more specifically about how you were doing in this situation rather than generally," Caleldir noted as he squeezed her hand a bit. "But I am glad you are happy with things." He strode alongside her until they came to Selene's room. The succubi had, respectfully, left her alone, so it was just Selene in a chair and Iondae sleeping in a cradle.

"Well, that ended up being exactly as awkward as one would expect," Caleldir said to Selene as he entered and sat down on the large bed. "'High Mistress' Rubella Silverwisp decided to show up and... communicate with us." He sighed. "She had a lot of information to pass on."

"I am not surprised," Selene said as she put down her book and stood. Ylene approached her to stand well within her personal space. The drow smiled at her familiar and began stroking her hair. "It seems like this one didn't get to participate as much as she wanted. But before we get carried away, did Rubella have anything to say that I would find interesting?"

"Yes," Caleldir said. He drew a deep breath. "She and her succubi are in de-facto control of half of Clachleom, the giant lightning monk we released from the Clockwork Artificer's chambers is now the King of Clachleom after marrying both the warring princesses, she found out the origins of the Valkyrie, Nymph, Succubus, and Banshee races and how they are all offshoots of a primordial Nymph civilization from faerie. And..." He took another long breath, closing his eyes. "The mother of that race, the common ancestor of all four races, is my mother: Astellodia. And the more powerful I get, the more my mother's essence shines through me, the more irresistible I become to members of those four races and their offshoots."

He opened his eyes again, studying Selene's reactions. He smiled self-consciously. "So... that explains a lot."

"That explains a lot," Selene agreed as she slowly seated herself on the edge of the bed that was in the room. "Well. That is both good news and annoying news. Duskhaven perhaps has the Consort with the most potential since... well, another, better one does not come to mind at the moment. It may come to a point where you shouldn't be allowed outside of the House. For your own safety... not that Ashyr will go for that," Selene huffed. "I am very conflicted about this new information."

"Being under voluntary house arrest does not sound like the worst of fates." Caleldir sighed. "Though it is not my safety that we should worry about. No member of those four races would be able to bring themselves to kill me, it seems. Mirjana confirmed that they have a sort of block against doing so. Even the most murderous ones. But I would really rather keep my offspring to a number I can actually meet, talk to, and know a bit about. I already have more children than I can handle. And, as Hael'yss said, spreading my seed too broadly will reflect badly on Duskhaven. We managed to contain that by adopting most of the drow I impregnated, but with the four races, well..." He shrugged. "I am upset enough about the breeding contract Goelon made with the Rusalka that I am bound by resulting in five daughters that I can never really have a relationship with." He looked down, a resigned, somewhat unhappy expression on his face.

"Your safety isn't just about you potentially getting hurt or dying. Kidnapping is a more likely fate, and why I think I should convince Ashyr to find a safe place to keep you. And the rest of us, too, of course, you just wouldn't be able to leave unless absolutely necessary." Selene fell back on the bed and stretched languidly. Ylene joined her, casually curling up next to the drow and caressing her naked body. The only indication that Selene noticed was that her breath got just a bit heavier. "Then again, we can never really lose you unless they manage to take your familiar as well." Selene didn't look entirely comforted by that; she didn't trust Dahlia, but then, Selene trusted practically no one.

"That was, more or less, what I was saying," Caleldir remarked. "Frankly, because Dahlia owns my soul, I cannot be killed. She would just turn me into an Imp. As long as anyone in her Seduction survives, I cannot be killed. But kidnapping for breeding purposes is a very real worry." He sighed, though he smiled at Selene as she laid down on the bed next to him. "Also, Dahlia may not prevent that sort of kidnapping. Frankly, she may facilitate it if she thinks it will give her some sort of advantage. Althaia has repeatedly warned me that it is inevitable that she is going to try to Incubize me. It is just a matter of when. Frankly, I do not want to be an Incubus. I am already immortal, so I gain no advantage from being incubized, just a lot of mind-warping."

"I had considered that eventuality as well. She would be a fool if she wasn't planning on corrupting you. You are the perfect mate. But she would need quite a few more succubi than she already has, and Risa hasn't reported any sudden growth in their numbers. But we can't rule out the possibility of her getting up to things that we don't know about..." Selene let out an annoyed breath. "We can theorize all day, but I'm not sure we can do anything about it except to stay vigilant."

"She does port around an awful lot," Caleldir noted. "And I have no idea what her other succubi are up to." He let out a long breath and lay down next to Selene. "Indeed. We need to stay vigilant and know that we can always trust Dahlia to do what is in Dahlia's best interest. Which in most things makes her a reliable ally. But not everything." He looked over at Selene, trying to guess what she was thinking.

"I'd say that we should get Ashyr to gain more of Dahlia's confidence... but I have the feeling that Dahlia would be more likely to convince Ashyr to do something rather than the other way around."

Imagining Ashyr and Dahlia plotting together drew an affectionately amused smile to Caleldir's face. "That does seem likely," he mused, remembering the times Ashyr had tricked him into sex with other people. She was half a succubus herself already. For some reason, Dahlia's 'mischief' was annoying, but Ashyr's was endearing, and imagining Ashyr involved in whatever Dahlia was up to was an odd comfort despite the fact that it really should not have been.

Selene made another annoyed sound before flipping herself over to be on top of Caleldir. "This conversation seems to have no purpose other than annoying me."

He looked up into her red eyes and gave her a smile. "Well, I suppose that we should end the conversation then."

"Yes," Selene agreed with a tone of finality. When she had slipped on top of Caleldir, Ylene had pressed her lithe body into his side. Her hands were roaming across both his and Selene's bodies now, though she seemed too shy to outright touch anything too risque. In some ways, Selene found that unintentional teasing more erotic.

"Do you want something, Ylene?" The drow asked with an amused squint to her eye. She looked over to the sleeping infant on the other side of the room. "Iondae will likely sleep for another half hour." She looked back to Caleldir with a smug smile.

"Well then, as long as we are reasonably quiet..." Caleldir let his words trail off suggestively. His cock was sticking up erect between Selene's thighs right now. Certainly, he had just been forced to have sex with Rubella and to a lesser extent Mirjana a few minutes ago, but he was quick to recover. And more than willing to have more time with Selene. And her familiar.

Speaking of which... "She has been clinging to me pretty closely all day," he noted. "She definitely wants something, but cannot seem to say it." He looked towards the catgirl. "Right?"

Ylene's complexion grew darker with embarrassment the more her companions eluded to her desires. Actually wanting sex and having loving partners to do it with was a relatively new thing in the catfolk's life. It pleased her immensely to have such an opportunity, but she still didn't have the confidence to initiate. Even now, all she could do was bury her heated face into Caleldir's chest.