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Amaya Jiwe tried to be okay with just 'friends with benefits' as Sara had called it. Hell, it had been her idea. Despite that she just couldn't help falling for Sara, and falling hard. And ultimately she wanted more. She desperately tried to fight those feelings, because she knew what Sara would say, and if she admitted it then her precious Captain might put a stop to what they had been doing, which kept her silent for a number of weeks.

But Amaya knew it was only a matter of time before she cracked and pushed her luck, and when she did ironically it wasn't because of Sara doing some awesome move, or saving the day, or anything like that. No, it was wonderfully ordinary.

It was simply a matter of waking up for the third consecutive time to find Sara Lance resting in her arms, and being able to admire that sight for more than a few seconds before her Captain had woken up. Amaya was always able to insist that Sara stay with her until she fell asleep, and even that they cuddled as long as Amaya was spooning Sara and therefore it was a sign of dominance, but then the pretty blonde girl would sneak out during the night.

At least, that was at the start, but either Amaya had been wearing Sara out, or Sara just like sleeping in her arms, which was surely a sign that she felt the same way about Amaya as Amaya felt about her. Whatever the case, Amaya just couldn't take another morning of waking up with Sara Lance in her arms, and not have her as her girlfriend.

So as soon as Sara started stirring Amaya started gently kissing her shoulders, neck and then ear before whispering into it, "Morning."

"Morning." Sara smiled softly, snuggling backwards into the soft body pressed against her back.

Amaya bit her lip, closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then finally admitted, "I want to tell people about us."

Instantly, and predictably, Sara tensed up and then after a few agonisingly long seconds turned around in Amaya's arms and asked cautiously, "You wanna tell people were having sex?"

"No." Amaya chuckled, "You know what I mean."

"Amaya..." Sara began hesitantly.

Not liking the sound of that Amaya quickly added, "I want to tell people about this. You in my arms, us both feeling totally at peace. And don't tried to tell me otherwise, I've been watching you sleep, and you've never looked more peaceful. Or beautiful."

There was a brief pause and then Sara again tried to begin, "I-"

"And I want to tell people about just how much I love you." Amaya again interrupted softly, cupping Sara's cheek, "That I think you're smart, funny, beautiful and bad ass. That you're the best Captain I've ever known. The best person I've ever known. I'd do anything for you Sara. Anything. Because regardless of what time and history says about me, or destiny, if such a thing exists, you're perfect for me. We fit. We-"

"You only love me because of Doomworld." Sara said flatly.

"So?" Amaya questioned, "Do you really think that was part of the Legion's plan? Okay, maybe Damien Darhk thought that you might fuck me if he teamed us up together to screw with my relationship with Nathanial, or just because he thought it was hot, or both, but instead we found love. Yes, we were turned into his evil minions, but we love each other the same reasons we did in Doomworld that we do now. Your confidence, cunning, and the fact that you're the most competent member of this crew. And did I mention beautiful and kick ass? Think about it Sara. In a literal nightmare world, where we were put in position to torture us, we found light in the darkness. We were each other's light. Why can't we be there for each other now?"

"Because you'll leave." Sara quickly pointed out, hating the fact that she sounded a bit teary-eyed.

"You could come with me." Amaya again pointed out, "And if not... I... I'd rather truly have you and lose you, then to spend my life wishing that we had truly been together, even if it was only for a short time. Can you honestly tell me you don't feel the same?"

There was a long pause and then Sara softly grumbled, "Let me think about it."

"That's all I ask." Amaya smiled softly, kissing Sara's forehead, "Take all the time you need."


It would have been wrong to say anything else, but the disadvantage of telling Sara to take all the time she needed meant that Amaya had to go without her presence in her bed for a few extremely long, sleepless nights. Which made Amaya feel kind of pathetic, as she had been fined before Doomworld, but ever since then it had felt unnatural to sleep without Sara Lance in her arms.

The lack of incredible sex certainly didn't help, Amaya finding herself lying awake at night thinking about knocking on Sara's door and pushing her into an answer. Or approaching her during the day, especially when Sara wouldn't meet her eye. But no, Amaya remained strong and gave Sara the space she needed, and eventually she was rewarded for it.

Namely by Sara walking into her quarters unannounced and abruptly questioning, "You said you would do anything, right?"

Amaya blinked at the abruptness of the question, but quickly caught on to what Sara was saying, and simply nodded, "To truly be with you? Yes. I'd-"

"Then I want your ass." Sara interrupted, before further explaining, "You may have made me your bitch in Doomworld, but in the real world, I'm no one's bottom. I'm a switch. That means I want to top you just like you topped me."

"Okay." Amaya said.

"What?" Sara frowned.

"I said okay." Amaya smiled softly, "You didn't think I'd say yes, did you?"

"Well, no. At least not as quickly." Sara admitted, "I thought I'd at least have to talk you into it."

Amaya shrugged, "I thought you might do something to try and scare me off. Although I would have hoped you would have known by now it wasn't so easy to scare me."

"I don't want to scare you off. I just..." Sara trailed off momentarily, before sighing, "You clearly see me as something I'm not. And maybe you want me to be that thing. But, before I even consider letting us be a thing romantically, I want to make sure I can have you in every way I want."

"You've got it." Amaya promised, getting off of her bed, walking over to Sara, "I'm yours Sara. You can have me in any way you want."

"Even if that means taking it up the ass?" Sara questioned.

"Even if that means taking it up the ass." Amaya confirmed, before smiling wickedly, "On one condition?"

"What?" Sara asked cautiously.

"You wear a butt-plug while doing it." Amaya grinned wickedly.

Sara was a little taken aback by this, then pointed out, "But, but this is about me topping you."

"No, this is about you proving you can. But you can't, and when you prove that, I want your ass nice and ready for fucking so I can put you back in your place." Amaya teased with another wicked grin as she stepped forward into Sara's personal space.

"I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to goad me into making a mistake, and it's not going to work." Sara smirked, failing to hide how impressed she was.

"If it would be a mistake, does that mean you admit it would be too distracting for you." Amaya grinned, "What's the matter Sara? Would you not be able to stop thinking about me stretching your ass even wider, if you had a plug in that pretty little ass? Huh? Would it be just too distracting for you? Do you admit you couldn't top me that way?"

Sara glared at the other girl for a few long seconds, then grumbled, "Fine, but only to prove you wrong."

"We'll see." Amaya smirked, before suggesting, "Now why don't you lean against the wall while I pick out a nice big butt-plug for you? Then get some lube and-"

"I have a better idea." Sara interrupted, heading over to the side panel.

With yet another wide grin on her face Amaya watched Sara's sexy little ass wiggle as she walked, then she giggled as Sara tried to hide that ass from her. And more importantly, what Sara was doing to it.

Because shortly after she entered in the codes necessary to the panel so that butt-plug appeared on top of it Sara turned around to face Amaya, and then somehow pushed the hand holding the plug into those incredibly tight jeans and then pushed the unlubed toy straight up her ass. Sara even very maturely stuck out her tongue, prompting Amaya to grin again and close the distance between them and almost literally shoved her tongue down Sara's throat.

Sara 'countered' this attack almost immediately by turning them around and pushing Amaya up against the wall while making the kiss even more needy. Because God, Sara had missed these lips, and this perfect body, and well, everything. Which was pathetic really. It had only been a few days, but she had been aching for Amaya the entire time, the only thing keeping her away being her own fears and insecurities.

Well, mostly. There was also the fact that Amaya had to go back to her time at some point, but at that moment that seemed like a trivial reason to stop herself from kissing Amaya from this time, so grateful to be able to do that again for the next few minutes, before moving down to Amaya's neck.

Then Amaya suddenly giggled, causing Sara to frown, pull back and asked, "What?"

"Nothing." Amaya said unconvincingly, before admitting, "I was just wondering if this was part of your plan to push me away?"

"Shut up!" Sara grumbled, kissing her passionately again before manoeuvring her to the bed and pushing her down on it, "Take off your clothes! All of them!"

Those words weren't nearly as commanding as Sara would have liked, and Amaya seem to giggle and grin at both them and pretty much shrugged them off. Well, she did take off her clothes, but she did it slowly and confidently, capturing Sara's attention for a few long seconds.

Then Sara came to her senses and, albeit after Amaya had finished stripping, by taking off her own clothes just as slowly and confidently. Then thankfully got Amaya to stop grinning and just stared lustfully at her for maybe a few minutes, although then that grin returned briefly as Sara started to crawl her way onto the bed, only to be suddenly stopped by the other woman.

"Wait!" Amaya said abruptly, before smiling wickedly, "Turn around. Mmmmmmmm, I wanna see that butt-plug stuffed ass."

Sara glared, and then pouted, "But I'm supposed to be the one in charge."

"I don't care, turn around. Now!" Amaya ordered firmly, leading to a few long seconds of the two women staring at each other, then predictably the battle of wills ended with Sara grumbling as she did as she was told, which in turn had Amaya chuckling with delight, "Yes, that's it. Ohhhhhhhhh Sara, you have the sexiest little ass I've ever seen. Mmmmmmmm, especially when you've got a little toy sticking out of it like this. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, and you even picked out a black butt-plug without having to be asked, so the contrast of it against your skin is even more striking. Just like it is when I fuck your slutty little ass hole with my big black strap-on. Mmmmmmmm, but I wouldn't say no to a better view. Yes Sara, reach back and spread your cheeks. Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, nice and slow. Oh Sara, that's so good. So right. Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, now bend over. Bend over nice and slow and show me that plug sticking out of your butt hole in all it's glory. Getting you ready for me to fuck. Oh Sara, you're so good at pleasing your top."

"You'll pay for this." Sara grumbled, albeit after she had obeyed each one of those commands.

"Maybe." Amaya said dismissively, "But first, why don't you lie down so I can worship that beautiful body of yours? After all, if we're turning the tables here, it's only fair to give me a turn tasting you."

Which was exactly what Sara had been planning, partly because she thought it might scare the other woman off, although that seemed less likely given Amaya was now the one to suggest it. Of course suggesting it, and doing it, were two very different things, so time will tell whether Amaya would be able to follow-through or not.

Either way Sara straightened up and made her way over to the bed, trying her best to forget how easily Amaya had topped her again when she was supposed to be in charge, something she wouldn't have tolerated for anyone else, and yet it felt so right to humiliate herself like that for Amaya. Hell, she had barely even hesitated or complained, her only real protest coming in the form of an embarrassingly deep blush.

She just about managed to avoid blushing, despite another grin from Amaya, as she got onto the bed, crawled her way up it and Amaya's body and then kissed the other woman again. They barely got started before Amaya turned Sara onto her back and after maybe about another minute of just kissing the brunette moved her lips down to the blonde's neck.

Which wasn't so bad, as it was pretty normal behaviour even for a bottom, but it was another example of Amaya making decisions of what to do and when to do it, which still made her seem more like the top in this scenario. Which should have been annoying, but instead Sara found it exciting, God help her.

Amaya could tell that, and it made her very happy. She had meant what she said before, there was nothing she wouldn't do at this point to be with Sara Lance, and if Sara truly wanted to be switches she would learn to live with that. However Amaya truly believe that wasn't what Sara wanted from her. It may have been that way with her other lovers, but with Amaya it seemed Captain Sara preferred to be a bottom.

Probably because of their time in Doomworld, but the why didn't really matter to Amaya. All that mattered now was proving they belong together, with Amaya as the top and Sara as her perfect little bottom. Which Amaya would do, regardless of how she would need to achieve that.

This part at least was easy, as it just involved kissing Sara's neck, something she had done many times now, and thanks to their past lives in Doomworld she could remember doing countless times. Especially when she started licking, sucking and most of all biting down on the sensitive flesh she found there, Amaya taking great delight in marking her territory.

Which caused Sara to cry out happily, despite that these weren't the actions of a bottom. Next came something trickier, namely kissing her way down Sara's body to her boobs. Well, physically it was easy, but this was nearing unexplored territory, and something Amaya had only done a few times before. And then it was very different.

On the few times she had done this it wasn't her main focus, and Sara had been too distracted to really tell what she had been doing, given that her Captain had been busy bouncing up and down her strap-on and begging to be allowed to cum. It had been so fun to tease her by playing with her tits, Amaya even straining her neck so she could use her mouth on them, but this was different.

This was now the only thing that was happening, Amaya feeling nervous as she gently kissed her way up one breast and took a nipple into her mouth. The moan Sara let out was really encouraging though, and Amaya soon relaxed and just did what came naturally to her. What Sara had done to her so many times now.

Which involved a few long minutes of sucking and licking that nipple before slowly making her way to the other one, kissing her way down that boob and up the other in the process. She even spent some time kissing the flesh surrounding Sara's nipples to tease her lover even more, although of course what was even more effective was when Amaya increased the force of her licking and sucking of those nipples, which again got a very positive response out of her Captain.

Which continue to be the case even as Amaya again found a way to be a top by biting down on those sensitive bundles of flesh. And although what she was about to do next definitely felt like a bottom thing Amaya surprisingly found herself more excited than she was nervous.

"Lower! Mmmmmmm, I want your mouth lower." Sara moaned, trying to make it sound like an order instead of begging, and mostly succeeding, "I want you to eat my cunt! Come on, Amaya, you want to date me? Oooooooooh fuck, be in a lesbian relationship? Then you got to learn to eat pussy. Or at least remember how. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, you remember how it was in Doomworld, right? How most of the time I would be the official rug muncher in our relationship, but occasionally you would just go to town on my twat? Well that's what I want now. Yes, that's it! Lower! Lower, yessssssssss, come on fuck me, fuck me Amaya, oooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yeeeeeeessssssss!"

Sara had enjoyed the oh so rare attention to her tits, at least with that being the focus as the past few weeks Amaya had only done it while fucking her with her fingers or a toy, mostly a strap-on up the butt. However what she wanted even more was Amaya's mouth on her cunt, and she wasn't afraid to let her lover know about it.

Especially as the other woman used a bit more force than she would have liked on her tits, which she did like, it was just not the actions of a bottom as it made Sara feel submissive. Thankfully it didn't take much for Amaya to oblige, kissing her way down Sara's stomach until Amaya was in between her legs, her hot breath tickling her cunt.

For a few agonising seconds Amaya continued teasing her like that, then just as Sara was getting desperate Vixen stuck out her tongue over The White Canary's cunt, slowly working her way from the bottom to the top and then lingering on Sara's clit. Amaya then repeated this process over and over again, albeit without lingering on Sara's clit at the end.

It was still more than enough to have Sara crying out, gasping and moaning in pure pleasure. Maybe not as loudly as she had done during the first long lick, but it was still more than satisfying after being denied this particular pleasure for so long, prompting Sara to relax and remember the good old days when she was receiving this regularly.

Namely when Sara had been seducing her way across time, introducing as many women as she could to the joys of lesbian sex. Which was a public service really, as what else was there for women to do for pleasure before TV and movies came along. Hell, a lot of those women hadn't even been permitted to read, making them all too eager to try new things.

And occasionally go to the future, were Sara would be the one learning new things. Mostly though Sara had been the seductress. Even before travelling through time she had travelled the world and seduced plenty of beautiful women, and many of them were even great pussy lickers, or became great under her tutelage. And yet, none of them could compare to Amaya and Nyssa.

It certainly hadn't been a regular thing, but it was always more special with them, despite the fact that in Amaya's case it wasn't even real. No, they were just false memories of another Sara, an evil Sara, in a world crafted by her greatest enemies. This was the first time Amaya was going down on her, and Sara really should focus on it, but she couldn't stop thinking about Doomworld.

Or the terrifying reality that she had only felt this way once before, namely when Nyssa al Ghul was licking her cunt. True, Amaya was a little unsure of herself despite her memories clearly guiding her, whereas Nyssa had been all confidence right from the start, but it didn't take long for Amaya to catch up, and then it became difficult to avoid begging for more. Then ultimately, impossible.

Amaya knew that she should be more nervous considering this was her first time licking pussy, but it really didn't feel like it, as her memories of Doomworld had never been more vivid, and thankfully guided her. Well, that and of course remembering just what an amazing job Sara had done going down on her. And even a few of her boyfriends, for that matter.