We have had a great deal of fun writing the Submissive Wife series because it has all been based on real-life descriptions of what has occurred in our lives over the past two years. As I am writing, I am re-living the experiences in my head. This makes me incredibly hot and after several paragraphs, all I want is to get on my knees and please my man. As much as I like to orgasm, I seem to get more pleasure out of being the catalyst for his pleasure. Today, Bill may make passionate love to me treating me like an absolute princess. Tomorrow he may fuck me like a street whore. Either way works for me.

I love hearing from my readers, please leave me comments. So many people have suggested where I might go with my story but the problem is that I am telling a true real-life story. Perhaps real life isn't as exciting as fantasy. I have been thinking about writing a fantasy Submissive Wife series. I'm sure I can take my real-life adventures and embellish them into some pretty hot stuff. Of course, Shelia would need to become a real slut, hmmm, might be fun. Please give me some ideas for where I could take that little submissive slut.

Sheila and Bill

Submissive Wife Chapter 7 (this is still a true story)

My name is Sheila and Bill is my husband and my Dom. I submit to Bill in all regards. He is my master and I respect him as such. We have been living a BDSM lifestyle for two years and we both feel that it took our marriage from being rather dull to one that has extraordinary passion and excitement.

Quite a few years before I became Bill's submissive, we had vacationed several times at a clothing-optional resort in Florida. It is on the west coast with beautiful pools, bars, and amenities. It is a large resort with people that live there year-round as well as folks that have condos that they will stay in or rent out.

I was fairly conservative; I was comfortable sitting at the pool or going swimming completely nude but when it was time to get up and walk around, I pretty much always had a cover-up. There were many people that we got to know who were nude all the time. It was commonplace to see people playing tennis, washing their car, or going for their morning walk with nothing on but a pair of sneakers and sunglasses. I enjoyed being nude but will admit I was a little shy.

There is a great deal of sexual freedom at the resort. One of the things it is known for is the population of swingers and openness about sex. We are not swingers but we have been known to have after-dinner sex in the pool or on a lounge chair poolside. We know people have seen us and applauded when I had a particularly loud orgasm. I was so embarrassed but at the same time, I was lost in my physical pleasure so, at the moment, I didn't care who was watching.

We have not been there since our Ds lifestyle began and we are do for some casual time away so we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to get away but also enjoy some freedom in regards to our Ds relationship. On past trips, we had seen several women and a couple of men that wore collars, we just assumed they were making a fashion statement. But now as we think back on it, we have come to realize they were subs.

These people were not making spectacles of themselves but now with more knowledge of the Ds relationship, it is clear to us they were active Ds couples. When the couples were sitting poolside it was obvious that the sub was serving the Dom. The sub would get drinks and food or whatever else the Dom wanted. In some cases, the sub would be on their knees in what at the time we thought were yoga positions. We now understand that they were in submissive positions per their Dom's request.

We planned to arrive on a Monday and stay through the weekend until the following Monday afternoon. Bill told me he would be packing my things and that I was not to look in the bag until we arrived at the resort. I being the good sub that I am agreed figuring it is a nude resort and as long as I had a couple of cover-ups, I was fine.

On the day of our flight, Bill laid out a beautiful white sundress and a pair of open sandals with a medium heel. Of course, there was no bra or panties but I would rather not have them anyway. The top of the dress fit snug pushing my boobs up nicely. I have to admit I was pleased with his selection. When I modeled the dress for him, he commented on how nice it looked and told me to get in the collaring position.

I got on my knees sitting up straight with my fingers laced together on the back of my head. Bill showed me a beautiful silver collar that had a loop in the front. Bill put the collar around my neck and fastened it with some kind of a little L shaped wrench. It was not anything I would be able to remove by myself. It was a beautiful collar and it looked very sexy on me but it was also obvious to most that would see it, that it is a submissive collar.

I asked, "Is it your expectation that I wear this out in public?"

He said, "Yes."

I smiled and said, "Your out of luck honey, I doubt it will get past the airport screener around my neck, it will have to go in the checked bag."

Bill responded, "Fuck, you are probably right."

He took it off me and when I started to put my arms down, he told me to stand still. He went to the closet and came back with another collar but this one was leather and would likely get past the screener but once again, there was very little to hide what it represented. At this point, I accepted the fact that I was going to be used for his pleasure on this vacation. This, by the way, was exactly how I wanted it because I knew, I would be getting fucked regularly this week.

It was about a three-hour flight and we arrived at our destination with no delays. We collected our bags and headed to the rental pickup location. After all the paperwork was completed, we selected our car and placed our bags in the trunk. Before closing the lid, Bill said, "Assume the collaring position."

I said, "But we are in a public garage."

He said, "Yes, we are, now get in position."

I did as I was told, I got on my knees in front of him and laced my fingers behind my head. He removed the leather collar and replaced it with the silver one.

I said, "Thank you."

He said, "You look beautiful in that collar," and he bent down giving me a wonderfully passionate kiss. I could feel the juices in my pussy well up as if it was telling me it was ready for whatever he may want from it. He put a hand out to help me get up and lead me to the car door. In one smooth motion, he opened the door and seated me like a perfect gentleman. As we drove away, I waved and smiled at the women that had been watching us. I have to wonder if she knew what we were doing.

It took almost an hour to get to the resort. After we checked in, we went to our room to settle in and freshen up. It was late in the day so we decided to go take a quick swim before dinner.

When I came out of the bathroom Bill had laid out a white bikini bottom and a wrap for me. The bikini bottom was a very sexy Brazilian cut that was definitely not a thong but it left little to the imagination. When I checked it out in the mirror the first thing I saw was that my camel toe was very evident and if it were to get wet there would be nothing left to the imagination. I was not real comfortable with this but I am his submissive and if this is how he wants me to be seen, then I will present myself in a way that pleases him.

I said, "This is very sexy."

Bill said, "Yes, it is and with the cover-up, you will look incredible."

The cover-ups were pretty sheer but I guess it was better than nothing.

I put on my sunglasses and sexy sandals. I have to admit, I looked pretty fucking good. Bill handed me a white cover-up that allowed my little bikini not to mention my boobs to show through clearly.

The walk to the pool was about two hundred yards and then inside through the clubhouse. I don't know if I was more self-census of the collar or the fact that I was walking around nearly naked. Bill was walking nude except for his sunglasses, sandals, and a wide-open button-up shirt.

There was no question about Bill enjoying my level of exposure because his beautiful cock was at about half staff and he was letting it sway proudly for all to see.

Fortunately, there were only a few people at the pool and we were on the far end from where they were sitting. Bill immediately took his shirt off and got in the pool. If truth be told, by now his cock was at full attention and he was a little embarrassed.

I slowly removed my little bikini then my cover-up. I planned to tease Bill before I got in but two couples were walking right toward us so I stepped into the pool and under the water quickly.

The two couples stopped to say hello to us. They were about our age and all were nude except for their sunglasses. We chatted for a few minutes and I will admit I was enjoying watching the guys as their cocks bounced around unrestrained. Maybe I am paranoid but I would swear one of the women was staring at my collar.

As they were leaving, I heard one of the guys make some kind of a comment to his companions about my collar. Somehow, this excited me, I think they know and I am realizing that I am happy that some people know that I will suck and fuck my husband anytime he wants it. I belong to him and I am proud of it.

We swam around in the pool for a while and eventually wound up together in an embrace and kissing. I could feel Bill's hard cock poking against me and I wanted to feel it inside me. We were in about four feet of water so I wrapped my legs around him leaving my pussy spread wide ready for him to enter me.

Bill said, "I bet you wouldn't mind it if I stuck my cock in you right here, would you?"

I said, "Not at all, I want you bad right now."

Bill saw an opportunity to tease me so he took advantage of it, he said, "But someone might see us and they would know what we are doing."

I said, "I don't care, I want your dick in me now.

Bill said, "You are sounding a little slutty, do you want these people to think you are a slut?"

I said, "I don't care, I am with my husband, if my husband fucking me with people watching makes me a slut, then so be it, I will be your slut."

Bill said, "Are you prepared to be my slut all week?"

I said, "Yes, if that is what you want, then I am your slut."

With that, he slid his cock into my eager pussy under the water. There were three other couples at the pool but they were pretty far away just talking amongst themselves. Almost as soon as Bill started pumping me one of them noticed and spread the word because they all turned their heads to watch. It must have been the combination of Bill's cock and knowing that people were watching me get fucked that pushed me over the top into my first orgasm. I did not attempt to hide it, if Bill wanted a slut then I was not going to disappoint him.

After my orgasm, Bill lifted me up on the edge of the pool and continued pounding me out of the water in full view of our audience. It didn't take much longer before he pumped me full of his seed. Moments later we fell back into the pool and just floated as we regained our composure. The best part was that our audience just continued their conversation as if seeing people fucking in front of them was an everyday thing.

As it turned out, people having sex in the pool was an everyday thing. I'm not saying it happens constantly all day long but at night, it is not uncommon for a handful of couples to be fucking at the same time in the pool. All I can say is thank goodness for chlorine and powerful pool filters.

After our little romp in the pool and a poolside cocktail, it was heading for dinner time so we planned to go back to our room, take a shower and go for dinner in the clubhouse.

At this resort, you are free to dress or not dress as you please. Most people will wear clothes for dinner but it is not required. Some people will eat in the bar or the formal dining area completely nude. We have always dressed for dinner.

When I got out of the shower Bill presented me with a black mini dress. It was thin stretchy material with a halter neck that was open down to my belly button. My back bare except for the ruched fabric that covered my butt. There was an adjustable string that would determine the length and how much of my ass would be covered. I was sure that my ass would be pretty much on display.

When I slipped the dress on it fit perfectly. I have to give Bill credit, since becoming his submissive and him selecting my clothes, he has become very educated on sizes. He gets some things that are a little too small just so I will be flowing out of it. Most often though, the sizes are perfect.

As I was standing in front of the mirror, he began to adjust the string. I was surprised when he left it longer than I would have expected. He said, "How is that?"

I said, "It looks good, gives me a little cover."

He reached in his pocket and handed me a skimpy black thong saying, "You might want to slip this on."

I was surprised that he would even consider allowing me to wear a thong, I would have expected he would want my unobstructed pussy to be available to him for his pleasure. I slipped it on and once again admired myself in the mirror. I must say, I was looking hot. Or maybe a little slutty is more appropriate.

Bill took the string and readjusted it. Somehow, this did not surprise me. He pulled it up tight so when I walked there was a clear view of my thong. At first, I was like, really, but at this resort, this is perfectly acceptable if not conservative.

Before we left our room, Bill said, "You look fucking hot and I can't wait to show off my property."

He wrapped his arms around me hugging me and judging by the lump in his pants he was liking what he saw. This reassurance is all I need to know that I am accomplishing my objective of pleasing my man.

Some women may think that I am degrading myself with such an attitude but once again, I am the one in control. Men are so easy to control, all I need to do is be a little sexy and swallow his cum whenever he wants me too. I make myself available to him whenever and however he wants it, I drain so much cum out of him that there isn't any left for him to spread elsewhere. The fact remains, I like to be sexy and even a little slutty not to mention, I have always enjoyed having a cock in me and the feeling of cum shooting in me or on my face.

I felt a bit self-census as we were walking to the clubhouse for dinner because my dress was riding up with every step displaying my ass to the couple behind us. Once in the clubhouse, we went to the bar for a pre-dinner cocktail and the couple that was behind us asked if they could join us for a drink. We of course said yes. The woman was dressed just as sexy as I was, her dress covers a great deal more than mine but it was sheer and there was nothing on under it. Bill was enjoying checking her out just as much as her husband was enjoying checking me out.

After a couple of cocktails, we left them at the bar and went for our dinner. As expected, most people in the restaurant had clothing on. But the dresses were the type that would typically be reserved for the bedroom or an exceptionally sexy evening at a night club. Some people were completely nude. There were people of all ages and everyone was free to do as they pleased.

After dinner we were very tired from traveling so, we decided that we would take a walk around the pool then head back to our room. Bill stood up from his chair then came behind me like a perfect gentleman to pull my chair out for me. He leaned down to kiss me and at the same time slipped a leash onto my collar. He said, "Come my love."

I said, "Yes sir, I would love to."

Bill walked me out of the dining room and through the bar. A few heads turned but for the most part, it appeared that a lady on a leash was fairly common. As we walked toward the pool the two couples that we encountered when we first got in the pool were sitting on one of the outdoor decks.

We stopped to say hello and we were not flaunting it but we did not attempt to hide my leash. It was obvious from the uneasiness in the conversation that my leash was of significant interest to at least one of the ladies. She didn't say much but also didn't take her eyes off it. I suspect she didn't think much of me because I was letting my husband treat me like his pet.

It was a beautiful moon lite evening with the temperature at about 80 degrees, it was perfect for walking around in a nearly naked state. We continued our walk and I have to admit, I was enjoying being looked at like an object for sex. We were on the backside of the pool almost directly across from the two couples when Bill said, "My dear, I would like for you to get on your knees right here in front of me and suck my cock."

I was not surprised by his request but I felt that I needed to protest a little just for the fun of it. I said, "Right here, there are people over there that can probably see us."

Bill said, "It's dark, they will not be able to make much out."

We both knew he was full of shit, yes it was dark but with the pool lights and the moonlight there would be no mistaking the fact that I am sucking his cock.

I said, "That one woman is already looking down her nose at me."

Bill tugged tight on my leash and said, "I told you to get on your knees and suck my cock, now do it."

I said, "Yes, sir, I would be happy to, would you like for me to swallow your cum?"

Bill said, "I will decide when I'm about to cum."

That meant to me that when he is ready to cum, he will either push his cock into my mouth or pull out. If he pulls out, I will take his cock in my hand and jerk his cum on my face.

I was on my knees and eagerly took him in my mouth. Judging by the amount of precum it was obvious that he was enjoying the evening. I could see in my peripheral vision that the two couples were watching the show. By now I was enjoying putting on the show and honestly wished they were closer so they could see Bill spew his juice on my face.

It didn't take long before Bill was ready to unload. His signals were clear, as I felt the head of his cock on the back of my throat, I knew he was going to fill my mouth. Within a few more pumps the ribbons of cum were filling my mouth. I continued stroking his balls and the base of his cock so I could squeeze every last drop onto my tongue.

While still in my mouth, I could feel his stiffness subsiding, I squeezed the head between my lips as I was letting him fall out. As is customary, Bill helped me up and we embraced with a deep kiss. Bill was never shy about kissing me after he cums in my mouth and it is a big turn on for me. I said, "Thank you, you know how much I enjoy giving you pleasure."

We continued our walk back to our room with me proudly displaying my leash. When we got inside, we were pretty tired and laid down on the bed. I was hoping Bill would crawl between my legs and lick me to an orgasm or two but we both just passed out.

We woke up to a beautiful morning and wanted to get an early start on the day. I asked Bill what he wanted me to wear today and with a smile, he said, "Nothing but your collar, sunglasses, and sandals."

I asked, "So you are suggesting I will be having breakfast in the nude?"

He smiled, "Yes, you will not have any clothes until I say you can."

I said, "Yes sir if that will please you."

He put on a long-sleeve button-up shirt that was left unbuttoned and walked to the clubhouse for breakfast.

I will admit I was feeling a little uneasy eating a meal naked but at the same time, it felt so naughty and I was not the only naked person having breakfast. I was beginning to realize, no one cared that I was naked, it is just normal for this resort.