I slept in late in the morning, being such a tired girl from the whirlwind three days before. I had been pretty much continuously fucking and sucking for the last two of those days, so sleeping in was just what I needed. It was around ten in the morning when I finally got out of bed, used the rest room and did my morning business, before going into the spare bedroom to pick out my clothes for the day.

I picked out my cream colored bra and panty set, black leggings, and a cream colored tunic that came down to just below my crotch. I wasn't planning on doing much other than hanging around the house, so I grabbed my black flip flops so I could admire my pedicure all day. I took everything into the bathroom, where I laid it out and started to check my face and legs to see what needed to be plucked or shaved. My face had a couple of stray hairs on it, what was left over from electrolysis sessions quite a few years ago because I hated shaving my face. My legs needed a fresh shave, so I was all to glad to go and sit on the bench in the shower area to shave them. They feel so sexy when they are freshly shaved.

Once that was done, I started to get dressed when the phone rang. I expected it to be my wife, but instead it was April, the lady from the HEELS! HEELS! HEELS!! garage sale. She was calling me to let me know that she had almost a hundred pairs of shoes that didn't sell at the sale, and wanted to know if I wanted them or if she should just donate them, and if I would like to come over for lunch. I gladly accepted her invitation, and told her that I would leave my house in a little over an hour, and be there within two hours. She told me that would be perfect, and would see me then.

Now to go and pick out an outfit to wear. I look outside and see that it is an overcast and blustery type of day, so I go with a pair of jeggings, a cami to go under the tunic I already have on, pantyhose, and the tan Peter Pan style boots that I got off of April at her sale. I get myself changed, put on some make up, again making sure that my eyes pop especially well. I put on my favorite red haired shoulder length wig, teasing it out until I am satisfied with the look. I switch everything over to my tan purse that matches my boots, and with a last check in the mirror as I apply another coat of Revlon Smoky Rose lipstick. When I am satisfied, I grab my keys off of the hook by the door, and head on out.

As I open the door and step out on the porch, I see a good size package there. It says it is from UPS, but I don't have time to check it out right now, so I put it inside the door on the bench in the foyer, and get out to the truck. I set my GPS for April's house, and get on my way. About half way there, my low fuel light comes on, so I will need to stop at a gas station. I cross over the border into Massachusetts, and stop at the first gas station I see. I pull up to the pumps, only to notice that the credit cards aren't working on the pump, so I would have to go in to pay for the gas. I grab my purse and mask, and I head into the store to give the clerk my card so I can fill up the truck. I didn't pay attention to which card I handed the clerk, who took it and I went back up and filled up. When I was done, I went back inside so they could scan the card, I sign for it, and go on my merry way. Boy... was I wrong.

To be fair, the clerk was doing his job correctly, and under any other circumstances, I would be thankful for what he did. This time I was just embarrassed. I had given him the wrong bank card, instead of giving him the one with my Bobbi persona name on it, I gave him my regular card with my male name on it. He asked me for my ID, and with none with my Bobbi name on it other than a few credit cards, I had some explaining to do. The clerk had called his manager, who asked me to go to the back room with him in order to straighten things out, and they let me also know that the police had been called. I followed him into the back, where I showed him my male ID and other credit cards, along with my Bobbi credit cards. He just asked me to please be patient and have a seat, that the police would straighten it all out.

The police arrived like ten minutes after they were called, and they came in and had the manager please explain what was going on. I listened as the manager talked to the police, and when he was done, he handed my credit card over the police, and then they asked to talk to me while the manager stepped out. I told the police that the manager did a very good job explaining what went on, and then I showed them my real ID and explained to them that I was a cross dresser who was going to have lunch with a friend here in the city, and that I needed gas. When I saw the pumps weren't accepting bank cards, I came in and grabbed the first one out of my wallet to give to the clerk. I then went back out and pumped my gas, and came in the square up. I said the clerk did his job, and the manager did his, and here we all are. All I wanted to do was pay for my gas, and be on my way.

The police officers saw that I wasn't trying to hide anything, so they talked to the manager again, and when they were through, the officers and manager came back over to where I was sitting. The officers handed me back my bank card and ID, and the manager apologized for what happened. He said the clerk did not believe I was the man on the bank card, and he said he didn't believe it either, so that is why they called the police. Him just saying that put me on cloud nine, never minding the embarrassment that I was feeling before. The manager then said the gas was on them, for my inconvenience. I told him that I appreciated that, but the young clerk was just doing his job, so I would gladly pay for it. The manager again said it was on them, so I shook his hand and thanked him for it and proceeded to go on my way.

I got back in the truck and made my way to April's house, pulling up in front like I did the day of the garage sale. I checked my make up once again before putting my mask on, getting out, and making my way to her front door. I was halfway up the walkway when April opened the door and waved me in. She told me to go ahead and take my mask off, and to come and sit with her at the kitchen table. Next to the table were three big totes, and the one had it's top askew and I could see that it was the shoes that she had.

We chatted about all kinds of things, from the weather, cross dressing, marriage and family, her brother and his suicide, politics, COVID, and just about anything else that was going on in our lives. We chatted like girlfriends who have known each other for years, even though we only had just met. We nibbled at the salads she made for us as we talked, and it felt really nice just talking. We talked for almost three hours when her husband came home, and to my surprise, it was one of the police officers from the gas station. When he said, "Well hello again.", the look that came across April's face was priceless. She went on to ask him how he knew me, and he said we had met at the gas station. We both started to chuckle a bit, and then he told the story about the mix up with the bank cards. By the time he got done, we were all laughing pretty well as he did have a way of telling a story. Once we calmed down from the laughter, he excused himself to go and shower and change.

April and I talked a little more, and then I said that I had to get going soon. She told me to wait a few until her husband got out of the shower so he could put the boxes in my truck. I told her that I could do it, but she was having none of that and said that, "Why should a lady carry boxes when we have a strong man here to do it for us", and we both started laughing again at that. When her husband came out, April had him put the boxes in the back of my truck under the tonneau cover before we said our goodbyes. Her and I hugged like old girlfriends, and promised to stay in touch. She said there were a few surprises in the boxes, and that when she fully went through everything that was her brother's, she would give me a call and see if I wanted anything.

I thanked her again, giving her another girlfriend hug and air kisses, and gave her husband a thank you hug also. I got in my truck and headed for home, stopping to call and then pick up a couple of burritos for the tonight and next evenings suppers. I was planning on after that, having a very quiet night home, of just me, the hot tub, and a Lifetime or Hallmark movie.

I got my food and made it home with no other issues, ate, brought in all the packages from April, and then went in to the bedroom to undress. It was then that I remembered the package that had arrived earlier, so I just took my boots off and went out to get it. I took the package into the spare bedroom, laid it on the bed, and started to open it. Just as I got the tape cut, the house phone rang, and it was my wife calling. She wanted to see if the package she sent me had arrived. I told her it had, and that I was just about to open it. I asked her what it was, and she just coyly said, "You will see" with a giggle to go along with it.

I open the package, and inside I find a wrapped box with a pink bow on it. I again asked her what was in it, and she said to open it. I took it out and opened the box, and was absolutely shocked at what I saw. Inside of the box, was a pair of beautiful diamond earrings and a necklace with a diamond pendant on it. I asked her what this was all about, and she said to keep going, there was more. Underneath the next layer of tissue paper was a pink blouse and black knee length skirt. To me this was getting weirder as we went in deeper, but my wife said to keep going. I laid the skirt and blouse on the bed, and then saw that there was a pink bra and panty set with garter belt, and black hose with it. I took those out and laid them on the bed, and the last item in the box was a shoe box. I took that out, and I looked inside to find a modest pair of pink pumps, with a three inch heel.

I once again asked her what this was all about, in a more tension filled voice than I usually talk to her with, and she started to giggle again, making me even more upset. When she stopped giggling, she told me we had a lot of talking to do when they came home, but I should just go with it for now (she knew I cross dressed years ago, but thought I had given it up a long time ago, and only about a year before had it entered into our lives again). She said that I should be careful when looking at things to not put them on the wish list on the wrong Amazon account. I had picked out a lot of beautiful things, and she thought she would surprise me (and damn, was I ever surprised). She had never really embraced my cross dressing, but she never asked me to stop either. Once we had kids, it waned off and I had stopped for a while, but the thrill of it and my desire to dress became too much again.

I started to cry, sobbing apology after apology to her, and she let me babble on for a little while before answering. She told me that she had known since before we were married, and that was one of the things that she loved about me. She said that she knew that it was an outlet for me to let go of some things, and she loved how attentive I was when I showed my feminine side a little while in male mode with her. She absolutely loved how I always kept myself shaved smooth, the attention I gave her things when I did the laundry, the way I "mothered" the kids. So many things, and she never wants to take that away from me.

She also told me that she knew what I had in the extra storage unit, and she wanted me to bring it home and we could put it up in the extra room in the cellar, the one that also had the private entrance attached to it. I asked her if she was absolutely sure, and she said without a doubt, it is what she wanted for us. She then said the only way she wanted me to move the stuff down there though, is if I called a local contractor and had some work done to the basement. She wanted that room to be able to fit a queen size bed, a dresser, a vanity, and a walk in closet. I told her that it would take up most of our basement, and she said that would be alright, as long as our little bit of exercise equipment fit in the excess space, then all would be good. I told her I would get right on it, and she said to call her when I had things set up with the contractor, so she could decide when she is coming back. She also laid down the bombshell that she wanted me to be in femme when the contractor came. I asked her if she was sure, and she said yes she was, without a doubt.

I started crying again, telling her that I would do all of that, and thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you. It sounded like she was tearing up some on the other end, and said she had to go. She would be texting and emailing me to see about any other details, and then we said our goodbyes.

As soon as I hung up, I started looking up contractors in the area to see who I could get this done with on such short notice. I left messages with a couple of them, and on the fifth call, someone picked up. I talked to the young lady who was answering the phones, and she let me know that they were booked for at least the next two weeks even before someone could come get me an estimate. I thanked her, and I said I would like to be put on the list, but if anything changes, I would let them know. I hung up with her and kept my search up, when on probably the tenth call I made, I spoke with a young man who said he could do the job and could come by this evening to give an estimate and work out some plans for the remodel. I told him that I wouldn't be there, but would have my wife show him around and let him know what we are looking for. He said no problem, and looked forward to hopefully working together on this. We hung up, and I called my wife letting her know what I have found, and after speaking with the gentleman, that I had a great feeling that he could help. His reviews were all very good, and some of the pictures that I saw on his companies web page were very nice. She told me that it sounded good, and for me to send her the link to his companies webpage, which I did. She told me to text her later and let her know how things went. I told her I would, and we said our "Love you's" and "Good byes".

I decided to go, put my boots back on, and go and get some other things from my extra storage unit since I had a little time. I drove down and parked in front of the unit, opened it up, and got the shelf that I purchased from April into the back of the truck. I also took the last two suitcases with Bobbi clothes in them and put them in the truck. Once I had everything loaded, I drove back to the house, parked in the garage, and unloaded the truck. I took the shelving unit to the cellar, and the suitcases to the spare bedroom. I looked into the vanity mirror while I was there, and saw that I had gotten my clothes dirty, so I would need to change, and I would definitely need to fix my make up.

I decided that I would wear a dress for the meeting with the contractor, so I went to the closet and picked out a lovely black knee length sweater dress. I laid that on the bed, went to the dresser where I had put some of the Bobbi things away in, and pulled out a black bra and panty set and nude pantyhose. A pair of black flats would go with it, since I was home after all. The outfit would also look good if I decided to go out later on also, but I am not sure if that is happening yet or not.

I have time for a quick shower, so I head to the bathroom and get the water running. I strip out of my clothes and put them in the hamper, taking off my wig and putting it on the high sink faucet, step into the shower and luxuriate in the warm water. I washed up and rinsed pretty quickly, making sure to wipe off all my make up so I had a clean slate when I got out. When I was done, I got out, patted myself dry, wrapped the towel around my chest, and made my way to the spare bedroom.

I sat down at the vanity, slid on my panties, touched up the glue on my breast forms before putting on my bra, and then slid my pantyhose up and on. I went to put on my sweater dress, and realized that I needed a slip for it. I had to go get one out of my wife's dresser, but didn't think she would mind after our conversation earlier. I found the beautiful slip that I was looking for, the one with lace edging around the shoulder straps and bust. It is very pretty and could be worn as a nightgown on it's own.

I quickly take it back to the spare bedroom and put it on, then putting on my sweater dress. I sat back down at the vanity to do my make up. Time seemed to be sliding away quickly, and I had just put the finishing touches on my make up and got my long wavy brunette wig on, secured, and brushed out when the doorbell rang. I slipped on my flats and made my way to the door, making one last check in the foyer mirror of how I looked, and then opened the door. I wasn't expecting who was at the door, because it wasn't the contractor, but instead it was Dan, the man I had slept with a few nights before. I invited him in as it was getting chilly out, closed the door, and asked him what he was doing here.

He stepped inside and I closed the door, and when I turned around to face him, he was holding out a very pretty bouquet of flowers. He said he wanted to apologize for Adam's drunken statements, and he totally understood why she left me there. I told him that I was sorry for taking out Adam's insensitivity and rudeness on him and that the flowers were beautiful. I thanked him for the flowers with a hug and a peck on the cheek, and then took them to find a vase, inviting him to follow into the kitchen. I went to the pantry and took down the vase, bringing it to the sink, and put the flowers and some water in it. While I was doing that, Dan came up behind me and started to kiss my neck some. It felt so good.

I turned to tell him that right now wasn't the best time, when he planted an amazing kiss on me. It was one of the best toe curling kisses that I have ever had as Bobbi. It was just a natural reaction to put my arms up around his neck and welcome more of the kisses. We kissed for a few more minutes until I lightly pushed him back, taking a minute to catch my breath before telling him that I had a contractor coming to look at remodeling my basement. At first he had a look of disappointment on his face, and then it seemed like a light bulb went off in his head, and the a sly grin started to show. He said, "If you are dressed like that, then you must be playing at being your wife. How about I play at being the husband?" followed by a hearty laugh.

I told him maybe another time we could play husband and wife, but I was going to be talking to mine while the contractor was here, and didn't need any extra distractions. He seemed to understand, put a small pout on his face, and said it was okay. He told me that he would only be in town a few more days before heading back to the home office for a while, and he was hoping to see me again before he went. I told him that he could give me a call tomorrow night and we can see what is going on. He seemed okay with that, and made his way out the door. I followed him out, and with one last great kiss before he opened the door, he went on his way.

I closed the door behind him, and checked my make up after the kissing to make sure I didn't mess it up. I needed to reapply some lipstick, but that was it. I made my way back to my vanity, and upon getting there I decided that I would go for a bolder red lipstick, since I was wearing all black and I could wear just about any color. I picked out my Revlon "Fire and Ice" lipstick, cleaned off the lipstick I was wearing, and applied it giving myself a few coats. I touched up the rest of my make up also, and just as I was getting done, the doorbell rang again.