Author's note:

Major body modification, although perhaps more silly than serious.

This can also be read as a standalone story.

These are fictitious events, by fictitious characters, in a very fictitious universe.

Please consider that fair warning.

All events depicted are by characters 18 years or older.

It was science class, and Althea thought back to her latest ordeal. It had been the first day on a new job - she had wanted to make a good first impression. She had taken a job at an upscale lounge at a private airport. The type where people arrived in a helicopter and left on a private jet.

Although the description details were fuzzy, she had been warned the job was a bit on the 'naughty' side.

When she had arrived, the head waiter had directed her to sit at the bar. A few minutes later, the bartender had set a really large, cocktail glass down in front of her that was filled with a milky liquid. The glass looked like it could be leaded crystal.

Rather pretentious. Althea thought.

Although the whole lounge was that way. The heavy wood bar and tables, and the heavy bar glasses could be Victorian. Although almost everything else, especially with the mirrored walls, looked modern, chic, and expensive.

As she was studying the glass, the bartender motioned for her to drink up. It was so big and heavy and filled to the brim, Althea decided to lift it with both hands like she was cupping a soup bowl. She took a sip. The liquid was thick and rich, like heavy cream or melted butter. However, it didn't have much of a taste, maybe something nutty or vanilla. It slightly burned her throat and made her stomach feel warm.

A while after she finished the drink, a twenty-something Latina woman showed up and escorted her back through the kitchen. Walking behind her, Althea felt light headed and her tongue felt thick.

She had been told not to eat or drink anything (except for a little water) for 12 hours prior to showing up. A weird request. Althea had thought. But they had emphasized it was important and told her she wouldn't return home hungry. Althea was generally used to submitting to authority and the opportunity was too good to argue with, so she had shrugged it off.

On an empty stomach, whatever was in the drink was hitting her fast.

At the back of the kitchen was the cleaning area with some large sinks. Another Latina woman was there waiting. The two women took hold of Althea's wrists and wrapped wrist cuffs on her. It was just nylon and heavy velcro, but as Althea looked at them closely, she could tell they would be effective restraints.

She had experimented with bondage, mostly self-bondage, and some self-bondage involving suspension. Her knee cuffs were hard to put on and couldn't be put on over shoes.

I should look into getting velcro wrap, knee cuffs. Althea decided before she had a jolt of alarm. Why are they putting wrist cuffs on me?

A moment later, she had her answer. The two women lifted her wrists up and fastened them to a cord that was suddenly hanging from the ceiling. Well I guess that makes sense. Althea mused.

Wait, wut? What's going on? Why are they tying my wrists up?

She tried to remember what this had to do with her job. It was hard to get her thoughts in order and her head felt dizzy. I guess I shouldn't have skipped reading the employee handbook. She giggled to herself.

As Althea was trying to come to grips with this, she felt the cords pulling up on her wrists and soon she was stretched out tight standing on tippy toes. As her arms and shoulders were being lifted, she could tell her top was also lifting. The black, spaghetti strap, crop top had barely covered the bottom of her breasts when her arms were at her sides. When she had put it on at home, it didn't seem unreasonable for a cocktail waitress type of job.

But now she was conscious of just how small her top was and how tiny her short, low cut skirt was. The skirt dipped so low in front, it might have been an issue if she wasn't fully waxed bare. She was showing a lot of skin between her upper chest and her pubic mound. Stretched out as she was, her small, tight, athletic body was even tighter. It also showed off her flat stomach and her taut muscles.

Althea suddenly felt vulnerable and exposed. Thoughts of bondage caused her chest to pound and sent blood rushing to her face. She looked over at the other staff that was in the kitchen. The Latino guys doing prep work were pretending they weren't checking her out, but Althea knew better. Although she didn't know Spanish, it was clear who they were talking about.

Althea knew she was sexually attractive - she got lots of male attention whether she wanted it or not. And she generally had a positive body image. But she also had a shy, easily embarrassed side. A shy side that was in constant tension with her eager-to-please personality. A shy, embarrassed side that easily resulted in a big embarrassed grin.

And she did indeed look very sexually attractive in the black, spaghetti strap, crop top that barely covered her breasts and her tiny, low cut skirt with her arms stretched out above her head so she was standing on her tippy toes. And she did indeed have a shy, embarrassed grin.

And her sexually attractive body, with her eager-to-please personality, and shy embarrassed grin were indeed the reasons she had been the top candidate for the job.

The two Latina women, who were behind her, were also chatting to each other in Spanish.

Is somebody going to explain what this has to do with being a cocktail waitress? Althea asked herself.

Althea felt hands on her back and then the spaghetti straps on her top came free. Lowering her eyes, she could see the straps hanging down in front of her. The crop top was now just a tube top that was hanging loosely from the top of her breasts.

She thought at first the straps had been cut, but then she realized the straps must have velcroed on to the back of the crop top. Wait, why do I care how the straps connect. Althea twitched as she remembered she was tied, almost suspended, in the kitchen. What's going on? What's happening?

Althea was still looking at the top, when hands on either side of her grabbed it and gently pulled it down to her lower rib cage. As her breasts popped into view, Althea did a double take.

What happened to my bra? Althea distinctly remembered putting on the small, lacy, dark blue bra. It was the only one she had that would even remotely work with the tiny crop top with spaghetti straps. She was not overly endowed - her young, tight breasts didn't really need bra support. But the thin, flimsy crop top wasn't something she would dream of wearing by itself.

Laughter caused Althea to look up, and she gasped. She had forgotten all about her audience. The Latino guys were no longer even pretending as they openly gawked at her.

Oh crap. She exclaimed to herself. Shouldn't they have taken me somewhere more private? Althea had forgotten that she didn't even know why the Latina women were doing whatever it was they were doing to her.

She lowered her eyes, to no longer have to look at her audience. Her nipples had already turned into erect, not-so-little, pencil erasers. She wondered, and not for the first time, where her puffy nipples had gone that she had just last summer.

She could see a flush spreading across her upper chest turning her pale skin red. Althea felt hot all over. Being exposed to the Latino guys open lust, even if she couldn't fully understand their lewd remarks, was making her really aroused. She was embarrassed and knew she was grinning. When she got really embarrassed, all she could do was just stupidly grin and turn red. Well, that wasn't entirely true. If she was embarrassed in a sexual way, she would also get wet. She would get wet in a sexual way.

In her red-faced confusion, Althea hadn't even felt the zipper being undone on the side of her skirt. But she felt, and saw, it being gently pulled down her hips.

What the heck? Althea gasped in shock as her crotch came into view, and she could see her bare, wet pussy. I'm back to taking my thong off without even knowing it? That hadn't happened in a while - more importantly, it had only ever happened when James or Cindy was around.

More laughter made her close her eyes in shame. Her face briefly went back to white, and then it turned back even more crimson than before.

A tap on her ankle made her lift one foot and then the other, as her skirt was pulled out from under her. Next, she felt her top being pulled down. It was loose, and stretchy enough, that it could be wriggled over her hips and on down her legs. Althea lifted her feet up without having to be told.

Fingers on the side of her mouth gently opened her jaws. Althea was not surprised when a ball gag was put in her mouth.

Althea had thought the warning about being a bit naughty job meant something like rich, drunk guys pinching her. Since when did it mean giving a bondage show to the kitchen staff? I guess I should have read the contract more closely. She chided herself, although it was rather a little late.

Hands were lifting her right leg forward and bending her right knee. Althea opened her eyes to look. A velcro cuff had been wrapped around her knee. Yes! That's what I need! Althea could see how much more convenient they were. The knee cuff was attached to another cord that was now hanging from the ceiling.

She was standing on her left leg with her right leg held up off the ground by the cord attached to her knee cuff. Hands lifted her left leg forward and bent her left knee. This caused her to shift her weight until her full weight was hanging on her arms, and then her left knee was also attached to a cord.

The two cords on her legs were tightened up until her knees were pulled up wide on either side of her armpits. Being partly suspended by her knees meant she was no longer hanging straight down from her arms. Instead, she was reclining back with her pelvis thrust out. Althea closed her eyes again as the Latino guys started hooping and hollering.

She knew her bare, wet pussy was spread open wide for their view. Althea also knew she was flushed and as red as could be.

She heard a male voice bark in Spanish. Evidently, the commotion had attracted the attention of the head waiter. A heated discussion appeared to break out between the head waitor and the kitchen crew, causing her to open her eyes and watch. It appeared that a bargain had been struck.

One by one, the male workers walked over close to Althea and inspected her body from a short distance. As the second one bent down to get a close up of her pussy, she could see his nostrils flare. Althea shivered in renewed embarrassment. Even over the chopped onions and other food odors, she could clearly smell her own arousal.

As the last one approached, he bent over and reached out his hand. She thought he was going to touch her pussy, but he just held a finger underneath her. Standing back up, he lifted his finger up to Althea's face. A thin strand of syrupy liquid was hanging from his finger - it was a couple of feet long. Althea's eyes got wide and her grin got bigger. Her pussy was already so wet, her lubrication had been dangling beneath her.

As she wondered what the hell she had gotten herself into, she gasped and jumped as she felt something press into her butthole. The woman behind her was using her finger to lube up her backside and then she slowly inserted a butt plug.

"Oh shit." Althea half mumbled out loud in surprise. This had been the most shocking development in a day full of shocking developments.

She thought it was just a butt plug. However, she gasped and jumped again as she felt herself being filled with a warm liquid. Oh crap, I'm getting an enema. Althea cried to herself.

While this was going on, the woman in front of her was twisting and pinching her nipples. She rubbed some type of lotion onto them and then held something small and shiny up to her nipple. Althea didn't realize it was a nipple clamp until she was attaching it to her nipple. Although it wasn't a clamp so much as it was a narrow, circular band that went entirely around the nipple. The woman turned a screw that was sticking out the bottom, and Althea felt it tightened around her nipple. Soon both nipples had tight bands around them.

Being displayed in the lewd bondage and the stimulation of her nipples had gotten her excited. She knew that her pussy was getting ever wetter (and even drippier).

Althea didn't think her shock could increase much more, but she looked with horror as the head waiter walked into the kitchen holding a large syringe with a capped needle. I don't remember that being on the consent form. Althea thought crossly. Although, as she had already admitted to herself, she hadn't really read anything before she signed it.

After talking to the two women in Spanish, the head waiter grabbed the band around her right nipple. Lining the needle up, he slowly stuck it straight into her nipple. As he pushed it in, he slightly loosened the band so the nipple would have room to expand around the needle.

Althea thought she should scream, but all she could do was look down and stare. She felt it going into her, but it didn't hurt. Or, didn't really hurt. It was like when she could feel her wisdom teeth being pulled out. It had felt really disturbing but everything was too numb to hurt.

It took him a long time to fully insert it. It went through her nipple and into her breast. When he had evidently gotten it deep enough, he started to slowly push the plunger down. The needle was really thin and slender, Althea wondered how there was enough space for any fluid to come out. But she could see that the plunger had moved down, and she could feel something hot spreading around inside her breast. Finally he pulled it out, tightening the band up as he did so. She looked down, but couldn't see any blood.

He moved over to her left nipple and repeated the process, and then she was just left to hang.

The insides of her breasts felt hot. It felt a little bit like how her throat and tongue felt after she ate something that was too, spicy hot. She wasn't in agony, but neither could she ignore them. Her nipples were somewhat uncomfortable, but she assumed they had gone numb from restricted blood flow.

Between the feeling in her breasts, and being distracted by being on display - especially to the male cooks - she had mostly forgotten about her enema. Until someone behind her pulled the plug out without warning.

She squealed as the liquid shot out of her. She had been far too surprised to try and close her butthole. The Latinos had stopped what they were doing to stare and then laugh. After the head waiter had let them each look, they had at least pretended to go back to work. But nobody was currently pretending that they were working.

Whereas Althea had been completely humiliated to be hanging with her spread pussy on display for all and sundry to view, she was completely mortified to have a jet of liquid coming out of her butthole. Her face felt as hot as the heat radiating from her boobs. She knew she was grinning again from her intense embarrassment.

As the gush slowed down to a stream, she wondered if she should try and stop it. However, the woman had pulled a hose and spray nozzle out from one of the sinks and was hosing down the floor. Althea noticed there was a drain directly below her. Figuring, correctly, that she wasn't going to be taken to a toilet, she closed her eyes and let it continue to trickle out.

When it had mostly stopped and she had opened her eyes, she felt the plug pushed back in and more warmth flow into her. This time it was much more liquid or, at least, Althea was more aware of it. She felt her gut and lower stomach bloating out.

As this was taking place, the woman came up and loosened both nipple bands and pulled them off. Althea humphed into her gag as the blood rushed painfully back in. But the pain quickly turned to a pleasant warmth. The woman who had taken the clips off, gently rubbed her nipples between her thumb and finger. Althea at first thought she was just doing it to get the blood flowing and would soon quit. But as her breathing got heavy and then turned to panting, she realized otherwise. Closing her eyes again, Althea knew she was getting close to an orgasm.

They must have realized that too. The woman in front started twisting and pinching more roughly as the butt plug was ripped out of her once again without warning.

When Althea came to her senses, she cautiously opened an eye. Everyone was staring at her in dumbfounded silence. She realized that even with a ball gag she had been crying out and making a loud racket.

The first person to move was the woman in front of her who picked up the hose and started spraying the floor down. Soon there was a quiet murmur as everyone else tried to return to whatever task they were working on.

The orgasm had felt incredibly good to Althea, but it had done nothing to provide sexual release. In fact, she thought it had left her even more excited.

Althea looked down at her nipples in wonder. Her early adolescent, puffy nipples were long gone and she was getting used to her nipples turning hard and erect. She felt like she now had big, 'pencil eraser' nipples. But in reality, they were not the super, humongous nipples she had seen (photoshopped?) on the web. In fact, her nipples weren't particularly big or long. They were probably only a quarter inch wide and a quarter inch long. In fact, they really were about the size of the eraser on a number 2 pencil. But they stood out proudly from her small, tight body. The type of nipples that the boys at her school called glass cutters.

However looking down at her nipples now, they looked twice as long as normal and thicker to boot. At a half inch long and almost a half inch thick, they would look like an eraser cap if you put them on a number 2 pencil. As she inspected herself, she thought her breasts looked swollen too. Her skin felt like it was being stretched out.

When the woman had finished with the floor, she sprayed down Althea's butthole. Althea expected the water was going to be cold, like an outdoor faucet, but it was warm. Actually, it was to the point of being almost uncomfortably hot on her tender, intimate skin.

Althea thought she felt the plug being put back in her butt, but something was different. For starters, whatever it was was much bigger in diameter. She felt her sphincter stretched uncomfortably tight around it. Looking down, Althea couldn't see what had been pushed into her butt, but she could see that the woman behind her was positioning something below her. It was like it was a super long, oversized round hair brush, or maybe it was a super skinny, round toilet brush. Or, Althea realized as her normally red face turned white, it was a round, bristle-brush cleaner for Althea's butthole and gut.

She watched, and felt, it being pushed into her. Whatever had already been inserted that was holding her butthole open was probably also protecting her sphincter from the bristles. After it had been pushed deep into her, she felt the bristles stiffen and it was pulled back out. This was done several times, before she got another enema.

Can this get any worse? Althea felt so demeaned that her gut was being cleaned out like she was just a toilet bowl. And all of this was happening while she was still hanging nude with her legs spread wide, with her bare pussy spread open, with her wet and aroused bare pussy spread open, and all the Latino guys watching her.;