Ronnie finished washing her face in the bathroom sink, then strolled into the bedroom. She was wearing her white baby tee and black panties. "Jo?" she called out. She looked around the dark bedroom, only lit by the red bulb from the night table lamp.

The door to the walk-in closet opened, then the light went on. There stood Jolene, decked out in a leather corset. She had on black gloves, aviator shades, and a cap resembling a police officer's. She stood with her hands on her hips.

"Well, what do we have here?" asked Jolene in her most authoritative voice. "Someone's been a bad little girl."

Ronnie froze, afraid to burst out laughing. "So...what's the charge?"

Jolene licked her lips with a satisfying smack. She flexed her tits, making them bounce in the corset. "We had a noise complaint. Seems like someone was making way too much noise during lovemaking."

Ronnie clicked her tongue. "Well, I don't remember making that much noise." She twirled her hair up with her finger. "Someone's been awfully negligent with me lately."

Jolene stepped out of the closet and got near Ronnie's face. "I don't remember asking your opinion on the matter, ma'am." She took her shades off and tossed them aside. "Now, you're going to cooperate, aren't you?"

Ronnie gently reached up and took Jolene's cap off, then put it on her own head sideways. She put her hands on her hips in defiance. "Does this answer your question?"

Jolene heaved air out of her nose and screwed up her lips. "Okay, it looks as if I'm going to have to take you in."

"Yeah, you like taking things in, don't you?" Ronnie laughed and held onto the brim of her new cap. "I'm doing nonviolent resistance."

Jolene took Ronnie by the shoulders and held her close. "You will respect me and my laws. Do you understand?"

"Hey!" Ronnie pushed Jolene's hands away and stepped back a bit. "You have to read me my rights first!" She crossed her arms and turned defiantly.

Jolene made her way over and placed her hands more gently on Ronnie's shoulders. She leaned into Ronnie's ear. "You have the right to take me on this bed."

Ronnie smiled. "What else?" she asked behind her.

Jolene rubbed her hand along Ronnie's butt cheek. "You have a right beautiful bum."

Ronnie snickered, then turned around. She placed her hands on Jolene's rounded shoulders while Jolene held onto Ronnie's bottom. "You would have made a pretty good cop, my little muscle babe."

"Ooh, not when I was younger," Jolene replied. She gave Ronnie a smooch. "Now? I'd like to see someone mess with me."

"I know what you mean!" Ronnie ran her hand along Jolene's upper chest. "You gonna cuff me tonight?"

Jolene hooked her finger into Ronnie's top. "Am I going to need them?"

Ronnie giggled. "No, officer!" She held up her hands pulled back as if she was expecting to be cuffed. "I'll come willingly."

"So who gets it tonight?" asked Jolene.

The two of them held up a palm and fist. "Rock, paper, scissors—SHOOT!"

Ronnie was rock, Jolene scissors. "Yay!" cheered Ronnie as she threw her fists up. "You're too easy, babe. You don't have to scissor on everything."

Jolene snickered as she removed her corset. Ronnie pulled her t-shirt off, then went in for a kiss.

"You be gentle," warned Jolene. "I think I have an inflamed urethra."

Ronnie rolled her eyes. "For God's sake, Jo!" She went to the nightstand and got their latest realdoe, which had a low vibe setting that Ronnie liked to turn on once they really got going. She got it ready with a small amount of lube, then pulled her panties off. Ronnie inserted the tip in and gave it a good wiggle.

Jolene pulled her own panties off, then stood and flexed her biceps. "How do I look? Really?"

Ronnie bit her lower lip while she smiled. "Like...nice. You're my dream girl." She then reached down and gave her fake dick a few good strokes. "How do you want it?"

"You be on top first," said Jolene. She sat down on the bed, then got on her back. Ronnie got on the mattress on her knees, placing her hands gently on Jolene's thighs.

"Spread 'em," Ronnie whispered. Jolene got her legs wide and sat up a bit to watch. Ronnie loved the way Jolene's abs tensed up as she did it.

Ronnie got into position and inserted the fake cock into Jolene. Jolene sighed and tensed up her shapely muscles while Ronnie pushed in. Ronnie held still for a bit as the two of them kissed.

Ronnie propped herself up on her elbows and moved her hips back and forth. Jolene shut her eyes and smiled wide. "Darling, this is so great," Jolene moaned. She reached down with both hands and held onto Ronnie's butt, trying to force the realdoe into her faster and harder.

Ronnie's tits swung back and forth about an inch away from Jolene's face. "Sweetie," Jolene panted. "You do this so well."

Ronnie panted as she smiled. "You're gorgeous, hon." She kissed Jolene's neck while she pounded away. Ronnie rubbed Jolene's muscular shoulders as she tried her best to keep the fake cock inside of her.

Jolene reached up and felt up Ronnie's soft boobs. She noticed Ronnie was getting sweaty. "Getting tired, love?"

Ronnie nodded, so they switched up. Jolene got on all fours while Ronnie got up on her knees. Ronnie gave a flat-palm slap on Jolene's rounded butt with both hands. "Look at this bubble ass," Ronnie commented. She grabbed onto the realdoe and pushed it into Jolene's fat pussy.

Jolene grunted, then began to relax. Ronnie rubbed the back of Jolene's tight thighs, then adjusted the cock and worked it in and out.

Jolene curled her toes while Ronnie fucked her. "God! It's been a while, dear." She licked her fingers, then reached under herself and rubbed her cunt. She pushed back with Ronnie's thrusts as she pushed her chest down to the mattress. Ronnie went wild watching the muscular back both flex and bend.

Jolene squealed and moaned as she felt the strong pounding from behind. She then stopped as she felt the pop from her pussy. Jolene looked back to see Ronnie slump over sideways on the bed.

"Veronica!" Jolene turned around and looked at Ronnie up close.

Ronnie was slumped over with her mouth hung open, snoring. Jolene tightened her lips up as she stared at her sleepy wife. She looked down and saw the realdoe sitting on the bed, glistening from both of their love juices. Jolene picked it up and examined it. She looked back at Ronnie, sprawled out on her back.

Jolene got to the other end of the bed and laid down. She held onto the realdoe and rubbed it along her pussy lips. She admired her sweet wife lying there. Jolene loved looking at Ronnie's breasts while she fiddled herself.

"Well," Jolene whispered as she chuckled. "Better not let this go to waste." She inserted the realdoe and fucked herself for all she was worth.

Ronnie had good reason to prematurely bow out. She had been working sixty to seventy hours a week. Ronnie's new business as a handywoman was taking off to the point that she actually had to turn down work. Ronnie would come home late with a temper and little to say.

Jolene was getting impatient as well. Ronnie was rarely in the mood for sex, and she was getting more irritable as a result of that as well. She was also slacking at going to the gym, which Jolene sympathized with as she was working so hard at her job.

One night when Ronnie came home past seven, Jolene sat her down at the kitchen table. There was chicken breasts for dinner, which Ronnie dove into right away.

"Sweetie?" Jolene was careful to approach the situation with understanding. "I love that you're trying to get a little business off the ground, but's time to get some help."

Ronnie scoffed. "What? Go to the shrink like you're doing? I don't really have time for that."

"No, Ron," Jolene answered. "I meant to hire another worker."

Ronnie stopped eating. " mean...?" She placed her fork down gently. "I get to be Boss Bitch?!"

"Yes, darling!" Jolene petted Ronnie's arm. "This will let you take on more jobs, and you won't have to work yourself so hard."

"What am I gonna do about a new van, though?" asked Ronnie.

"We'll get another lease," Jolene assured her. "I don't mind backing it."

Ronnie put her head back and groaned in relief. "God, this is better now. I just felt so much pressure to get ahead. I'm so tired!"

Jolene leaned in and gave Ronnie's forehead a kiss. Ronnie was clearly bingeing more on fast food for lunch, because her skin was getting rough.

Jolene's Wednesday session with Dr. Fleming came. Jolene laid back down on the couch. "I am very proud of Ronnie for starting her new business, but she has little time to devote to me. She's going to hire more help, which will be good, but I can't help feeling guilty for expecting her to want to spend time with me." Jolene sighed and hugged the throw pillow to her chest. "Her acne is coming back, which I know terrifies her. If she would only eat healthy lunches, she would be fine. Then I feel bad that I don't pack her lunch for her, and--"

Jolene sat up and looked behind her to see Dr. Fleming hiding her eyes. "Dr. Fleming?" Jolene sidled over on the couch to be closer to the therapist. "Are you all right, dear?"

Dr. Fleming pulled her hand away and tried to manage a smile but just grimaced. "Marshall hasn't touched me in so long." She sniveled while Jolene got a tissue and gave it to Dr. Fleming. "Thank you. I tried to arrange a getaway, just to rekindle the spark."

Jolene put her hand on Dr. Fleming's back. "Dear, why don't you lie down?" She got up and guided Dr. Fleming to the couch. Dr. Fleming laid down, while Jolene took the chair and picked up the writing pad. She picked up a pen and got out her horn-rimmed glasses. "Now tell me about your problems."

"Jolene, this is highly unprofessional of me," Dr. Fleming sniffled as she hugged a pillow to her chest. "I should be the one providing counsel to you."

"Nonsense," Jolene protested. "I find this very relaxing. Plus, if my own therapist is distracted or in despair, how am I going to feel better?" Jolene tapped the pen on her pad, looking for something to jot down. "Now, how long ago did this start?"

Dr. Fleming covered her eyes with her hand. "Oh, maybe a year ago. Marshall suddenly took no interest in me sexually. We were doing just fine! I don't understand."

"Have you talked to him at all?" asked Jolene.

Dr. Fleming sputtered. "How do you talk to your own husband about this? I get it, I'm and young anymore! But I figured men liked to get fucked once in a while!"

Jolene nodded. "Constance, we want to keep things civilized, yes?" Dr. Fleming nodded. "Good. We can use alternatives to cursing, I think. Now, do you suspect he is having an affair?"

"No," said Dr. Fleming quietly. "No, I don't think he would do that. I mean, he could if he wanted to. He's still in great shape for a 54-year-old."

Jolene wrote down the number. "And right before the sex ended, how would you say it was in terms of quality?"

Dr. Fleming sighed. "I was fine, but...he was kind of losing his edge, if you follow me." She sat up and looked back at Jolene. "Like he wasn't...stiff like before. Back during grad school, he used to know...rock-hard."

Jolene stared up at the ceiling. "It sounds to me this might be a simple biological issue. Perhaps as Marshall is getting older, things aren't working for him so well."

Dr. Fleming gasped. "Oh, but he's still a young man, and he works out three times a week..."

Jolene shook her head. "He might also be hesitant to talk about it. Men usually are. For them, they talk about sex all of the time, and when it comes time that they can't perform, they see it as a failure on their part." She raised a cautionary hand. "I am just suggesting that the abruptness of it is one of many possibilities, but it makes the most sense to me."

"So what do I do?" asked Dr. Fleming.

"Ask him," replied Jolene. "This is important to you. You're still quite young and attractive. This should not be the end for you, and you should never have to settle. Now there are a lot of medications that can help with this. The important thing is to be gentle and understanding."

"Okay. Okay, I can do this," assured Dr. Fleming. She sat up from the couch and wiped at her eyes. "Oh, Jolene, I feel terrible for wasting your time with this."

"Not at all!" Jolene smiled. "This is a great amount of fun! No wonder you pursued a degree in therapy."

The two got up, and Dr. Fleming gave Jolene a gentle hug. Dr. Fleming pawed around at Jolene's arms and shoulders. " I think this is the first time I felt these!"

Jolene laughed heartily. "It is a bit of a shock to some people when they first see all of me. I'll bring in some of my glamour shots sometime!"

Jolene left, and Dr. Fleming got out her pocket recorder. "November 26th...talked with Patient W today. Suggested medication for...marital issue. Subject is heavily into role playing and juxtaposition of both roles and power structure. Possible narcissistic personality due to exercise routine...or completely sincere."

Ronnie was struggling with some of the new prospects she wanted to hire. She was willing to take people out one at a time and show them how the business is conducted. One male, who might have weighed one-twenty soaking wet, could not stop his hands from shaking the entire day, and his teeth were almost black. Ronnie ruled him out as a prospect immediately and did not ask him for a second day.

One girl wanted to start at ten, then wanted to quit at two. She did not look up from her phone the entire time Ronnie was at houses trying to show her how to do the job. Ronnie gave her a second chance, but the girl texted and said not to bother.

It had been nearly two weeks and Ronnie was at the end of her rope trying to get a new hire. She finally got an e-mail from a college graduate with a background in electrical engineering. This caught Ronnie's attention right away, so she called the girl up that night and arranged a pick-up the next day.

Ginger was a beautiful young lady, with a long neck and tall enough to be noticed at 5'10". She had a lean body, hardly tomboyish with a few curves. She had darker skin that Ronnie certainly had. The most striking thing about her was her large head of curly red hair and dark freckles on her cheeks.

Ronnie picked her up that day and they went to the first customer. Ronnie took Ginger into the bathroom and showed him some of the things to look for. She peeled back the baseboard trim, which was just stick-on. "Oh my God!" exclaimed Ronnie. She showed Ginger how she could reach under the drywall and lift it right up. "This is so wrong. These are supposed to be screwed down at the studs. You can see where it's popping out at the sides. Someone nailed this sheet up. You need to use drywall screws or it's a code violation. They didn't even secure the bottom here." She let go of the drywall and got up.

"How do you know all this stuff?" asked Ginger.

"Read and watch videos online," Ronnie said. "I'm telling you that you'll need to do it for this job." She looked down, only to see a cockroach crawl out from under the drywall. Ronnie screeched and pushed Ginger out of the way to run out of the bathroom.

Ginger followed her boss out and laughed. "You okay?"

Ronnie looked ready to gag. "I hate bugs! Hate them!"

Ronnie explained the situation to the homeowner about the bug infestation, which turned out to be far worse than Ronnie imagined. Ronnie agreed to come back at another time while they had the bathroom sprayed out.

Ronnie and Ginger went to the van to get to another appointment. "Well, that was shorter than I expected," Ronnie said as she looked at her phone. Ginger sat patiently while Ronnie called up the schedule. She held the phone up so Ginger could see the schedule. "See? I have it made up so you have the map, the job details, and the payment options. It's a really good idea to get payment in advance, or at least the deposit."

"I wasn't sure what to find out," Ginger admitted. "Like, you, for instance. I didn't know what to expect!"

Ronnie smiled. "What did you think you were going to get?"

"I don't know!" Ginger pushed her curly hair out of her eyes. "I thought maybe you were some big burly chick with a biker tattoo or something."

Ronnie sputtered. "Well, I'm into girls if that's what you're implying."

Ginger's eyes widened. "Oh, wow! I think that's really great!" She faced forward. "Um...I'm straight."

Ronnie smirked while she played with her phone. "That's perfectly fine. Won't affect your hiring."

The two of them went to the next job, which was a simple wiring job. "We do a lot of these odd jobs," Ronnie explained on the ladder as Ginger observed. "We can only charge a thousand dollars, parts and tax included." She twisted the wires off, then got down from the ladder. "Anything that needs a real contractor, like certified, we have a couple of different contract companies that I can recommend jobs to. I get paid for doing that as well, so make sure to pass that along."

The two of them headed to the sandwich shop for lunch. A trio of tradesmen were waiting near the entryway having a chat. When Ronnie and Ginger walked out near the door, one of the older, fatter men decide to speak up. "Yeah, looks like these girl carpenters are trying their luck."

Ronnie stopped and looked down at her coveralls. She turned slowly to look at the man, while Ginger looked on. "Yeah, well they had a man do the job first, then they called me to get it done right." The other men let out an ooooh.

The old fat man chuckled. "Probably like women, don't you?"

Ronnie rolled her eyes. "Yeah, your mom didn't seem to mind."

The old man's face got serious. "My mother's dead."

Ronnie shrugged. "Yeah, 'cause I fucked her to death." She turned to leave with Ginger following. The other two men roared with laughter, while the old man sat sullen.

Ginger laughed all the way to the van. "Oh my God! Weren't you scared he would come after you?"

"Huh," scoffed Ronnie. "I got my lesbian super powers to fight him off!"

Ginger was helping a great deal to speed things up for Ronnie, and she was able to wrap up her day in a reasonable time. Ronnie dropped Ginger off at her house, then headed home.

Jolene got home a few minutes later. "Veronica, darling! You're home!"

"Yeah, no shit," she giggled as they kissed. "Come on, let's go out to dinner." Ronnie unzipped her coveralls and pulled them off as she made her way to the bedroom. "I need to shower first!" She got her dingy t-shirt off, then yanked off her shorts and undies and turned on the water.

Ronnie got the hot water running and stepped in. She got the dust and grime out of her long hair, closing her eyes as she felt the water trickle down her cheeks. She reached for the body wash, when she felt it handed to her.

"Thanks," she said, then froze. She could hear Jolene giggling. "What are you doing?"

Jolene reached in from behind and felt up Ronnie's tits. She leaned in and kissed Ronnie behind the ear. "I missed you."

Ronnie squirted out a generous amount of the body wash, then covered her front with it. Jolene got a lather going on Ronnie's chest. "Woo! This is fun."

Ronnie held out her arms as Jolene went to work. Jolene flicked Ronnie's nipples with her thumbs while Ronnie put her head back. "What about dinner? Ohhh..."

Jolene squatted down and placed her hands on Ronnie's hips. She leaned in and licked Ronnie's tight lips."Jo, sweetie!" Ronnie put her hands on Jolene's head. She could hear her wife slurping away on her pussy. Ronnie bit her lower lip as she braced herself. "I mean, I'm getting hungry."

"So am I, love," muttered Jolene in between licks. She suddenly pulled back. "Ugh! Body wash!" She sputtered and spat.