In this chapter, Miranda continues her training as a slave while Beth supports her. This chapter contains oral, anal, vaginal, and lesbian sex, interracial and public sex, multiple partner sex, and punishment. In this fantasy world, participants are not concerned with COVID or STD's. My thanks to JohnnyGalt for helping edit. All mistakes remain my own.

My Voyage of Discovery, Ch 7 - New Treat for the Crew

When I woke up, all Master wanted to fuck was my ass from behind, thankfully. I'm not sure how much I would have enjoyed a pussy fucking given how tender my clit and cunt still felt after last night. While we were showering afterward, Master asked me what I thought about the punishment devised by Lynn.

"I didn't ever think I would not want to cum as much as I didn't want to cum last night, Master," I replied. "If anything were to rival the Slave Trainer for worst punishment ever, last night's would be it."

"I liked the idea of punishing you both at the same time in exactly the same way. I might not use it as long as last night, but it does open up options."

"Please save it for a punishment I've earned and not one for fun, sir."

"I'll think about it."

Today Master had something different planned I also didn't expect. Before he hooked my leash on, he fastened my wrist cuffs together behind my back then added a secondary cuff to my elbows to pull them closer together. It really forced my breasts to pop from my chest.

"You may get your elbows released for several minutes every hour, but your hands are to remain confined behind your back until I release them tonight. You may ask your helper to unfasten them for you, but make sure they're refastened after ten minutes. I want you feeling more helpless than usual. There will be other changes to today's activities as well. You'll hear about them at the morning muster."

"Yes, sir."

When we met Miranda and Lynn at breakfast, I saw Miranda was being treated the same as I was. She had elbow cuffs on as well. Since we had no ability to feed ourselves but lap our food off a plate, Master and Lynn fed us, exchanging slaves for the time being, Lynn feeding me and Master feeding Miranda Of course, Lynn ensured she caressed and stroked me while feeding me, making me writhe in front of the other crew members eating with us. It no longer bothered me to be used thus, so I tended to put on a good show for my watchers, leaving many of the men with stiff pricks.

Breakfast over, we were taken back to the sundeck for morning muster. The helicopter was back so we had less room than usual. They had two pillories set up, facing each other. Please tell me we weren't being punished again. At least they hadn't announced a punishment evolution. Edgar locked each of us in a pillory, the first time today my hands weren't behind my back. We awaited our fates.

"Good morning crew. We're going to have a slight change in the days activities today to make up for the otherwise boring time while we're sailing to St. Barts. Beth won't be doing her surveys today." There were some frustrated sighs and groans from the assembled crew. "They will start again in a few days, but I think everyone will enjoy the alternatives we have planned for the day.

"First, we have two slaves ready for ass fucking, Miranda and Angelique. A male is going to anoint Miranda's ass with cum and a woman will be fucking Angelique with a strapless vibrator. Their rectums have been prepared and stretched for a nice ass fucking and two of you will be the lucky individuals to take them. The woman who wins Angelique may take her to their quarters, but will be watched over by Hannah since she wants to ensure her slave is treated gently. Miranda will be fucked out here and I will ensure she's treated gently as we don't want to spoil them for future anal fucking.

"Since there are only four women crew members other than Hannah herself, they'll have a one in four chance of fucking Angelique. The men will only have a one in twenty-four chance of fucking Miranda." Groans from all the men. "We're not done yet. Don't panic. There's more to come."

Master removed Miranda's anal plug, wrapping it in a towel, and I was sure her anus was gapping slightly at the moment, though it would quickly close if left unfilled. She looked a little scared knowing her ass was now up for grabs.

"There are twenty-four numbers written on pieces of paper. Hannah is bringing a bowl around with the pieces of paper in them. All the men will gather around her and draw a number. Whoever draws number one will fuck Miranda's ass. Four numbers go back into the hat and the women will draw. The lowest one will get Angelique. Lynn will draw from both hats for anyone currently on watch. She has the current duty roster in her possession."

"After Miranda's anal inauguration, the drawing will be held for daily winners. The first name drawn will be able to fuck Beth however they want. The second name drawn may fuck Miranda except for her ass, which might be too tender to be fucked twice.

"For the rest of the morning, these two slaves are to seek every one of the crew members, who may have use of their mouths or cunts for ten minutes. The sole rule of their use during their ten minutes is they may not cum. If they tell you they're close to cumming, you must stop what you are doing. You may still use their mouth for the balance of your time, but they can't cum as they orgasmed multiple times last night and slaves don't require more than a certain allotment of climaxes."

The shit! Forcing us to multiple orgasms last night until it became painful, then keeping us stimulated for much of the day and not allowing us to cum at all.

"Their hands will be fastened behind their backs all day long. They won't need to be escorted on a leash for the entire day, while their hands are confined as they'll be busy looking for each of you. Whoever is with them when the noon bell rings is responsible for feeding them as they can't feed themselves. After feeding them, you may fuck them however you want, even their asses, and they'll be allowed to orgasm.

"Please treat them with a modicum of respect and care when you use them, taking care not to hurt them if you do. I will be extremely upset if they're harmed. This afternoon, they'll both look for all the crew members again and you each have ten minutes once more to do as you wish with them within the morning rules. When the 1800 bell goes off, whoever is with them at that time is responsible for feeding them and the lunch time rules apply again. When you're finished with them after the meal, you'll return them to me. Are there any questions?"

At least we'd get to cum during our meal breaks. The entire crew was pretty happy when they heard everything happening today. There was a fairly good chance everyone would get an opportunity to cum at least once, and possibly more. I thought about it for a minute. Twenty-eight crew members twice for each, morning and afternoon, fifty-six possible times being used. Good thing it was being spread out over the entire day and in ten minute increments.

"Gentlemen, please draw a name from Hannah's hat."

The men crowded around Hannah drawing numbers from her hat, various men groaning as they saw their number. About halfway through the crowd, a crewman named Vince started crowing, "Number One! I've got number one." He was a rawboned, rangy, lanky guy with dark hair and a permanent five o'clock shadow.

"Balls," Thomas said. "I had number two."

"I need numbers one through four for the women, boys. Fork them over."

Only one and two had been drawn so far, but all Hannah needed was the one, so she put it back in the bowl with three other numbers and passed the bowl to the three women present. Kelly was on watch, but Jìngyi got number one anyway.

Jìngyi asked if Hannah had an objection to Angelique being fucked in front of the others.

"You do realize, you'd have to take off your skirt and panties to fuck Angelique with a strapless, right?"

Jìngyi looked around at all the people watching. "Yeah, I don't really give a shit."

What did that say about Jìngyi? Was she merely becoming an exhibitionist, or was it something else?

Hannah showed Jìngyi how to operate the strapless and she removed her skirt and panties from her petite figure and inserted her end of the strapless in her cunt before disappearing behind me where Angelique was bent over a lounge chair to be used. Before everyone on the crew who wasn't currently on watch, both Angelique and Miranda had their asses fucked. Both of them had been well prepared prior to this, and more importantly, both of them were sex slaves, now accustomed to serving sexually. Their initial use was being closely monitored by their Dominants to ensure the proper care and consideration was taken by their ass fuckers. Both of them were surprised at how much they enjoyed their fucking, cumming during these forays into anal sex.

Since I was in the pillory opposite Miranda, I saw the look on her face when Vincent penetrated her. The O formed by her mouth, the looks of rapture when she orgasmed, even after Vincent started thrusting harder behind her, getting close to his own climax.

I couldn't see Angelique. She was behind me, but I could hear her and Jìngyi both cumming, their feminine moans clear above Vincent's animalistic grunts of pleasure. Hannah allowed Angelique to cum twice from her anal fucking. Jìngyi climaxed three times from wearing the strapless and doing the fucking.

"Now for the daily drawing," Master said. "Lynn, why don't you draw the name from the hat?"

Lynn reached into a hat held above her head. "The first name drawn today is Arthur. Art, why don't you come here and make use of the lovely Beth."

Art was another one I hadn't had some kind of sex with, though Miranda had. He was a counterpart to Jake, massive and bulging with muscles, except he was white. He lined up behind me with one hand on my left hip and sank into my cunt, already dripping in anticipation. He found a nice rhythm which he could maintain a long time without cumming. It didn't stop me from cumming. I'd finally recovered enough from last night to really enjoy the sex.

They drew the second name while Art fucked me. "Fred, you're the second name drawn. Miranda's mouth or cunt is just waiting for your manly prick to fill her."

I remembered Fred. He was the pudgy but solid black ex-Marine with the thick prick and cum filled balls. I'd had to work taking him down my throat and he flooded me when he climaxed. Miranda may not be experienced enough to deep throat him if he used her mouth. Miranda remembered him too. She'd been watching me suck him during her deep throat lessons. He'd made my throat bulge. He walked up in front of her pulling out his slab of meat, staring at her lipstick covered mouth, then walked behind her, studying her cunt. He must have liked what he saw back there, because it's where he put his prick, Miranda cumming when he entered her.

Both the men were able to fuck for over fifteen minutes without cumming. At one point, Art took both of his hands off my hips, yelling "Look ma, no hands," rocking back and forth into me. A few of the watchers laughed and hooted when he said it. When he got close to his own orgasm, he grabbed my hips again and thrust harder, driving for his release. I climaxed again as I felt his cock throbbing deep inside me, emptying his load of creamy goodness. Miranda had enjoyed her fucking too, climaxing multiple times on Fred's fat shaft. She didn't time her final orgasm as well as I did. She looked close, but bereft when Fred pulled out.

"If you want, gentlemen," Lynn said. "The two slaves will clean your cocks off before you tuck them away again."

Art walked around me and pushed his way inside my mouth, blocking my view of Miranda doing the same for Fred. It took less than half a minute for me to clean up the evidence of our passion from his prick before he put it away. I must have impressed him though.

"I can hardly wait until I see you later this morning."

"I'm looking forward to it as well, Art. You have a nice cock," I replied.

He stroked my hair and went off. Master wiped the cum leaking from my cunt, then released me from the pillory, fastening my hands and elbows behind my back. Lynn was doing the same for Miranda.

"Do you understand the rules, slaves? No more cumming until lunch. You must stop your fucking if you get close to cumming. Someone will be going with you to ensure you follow the rules."

"We understand, Master," I replied. "Who will be going with us?"

"Lynn will be going with Miranda. I was going to have Hannah go with you, but Jìngyi surprised me today. I think I'll have her go with you. This will allow Hannah to provide some cuddling for her slave after her anal fucking and Jìngyi doesn't seem to be bothered by public sex. Both of them will have duty rosters to help you find whoever you need to find next. Jìngyi, could you come here, please?"

"Yes, Joshua?" She asked when she was standing next to us. Her clothes were on again. The others started to head for their duties, the show over.

"Hannah has a duty roster. I'd like you to take Beth around the ship today so she can attend to everyone's needs. She'll need someone to release her elbows for ten minutes at least hourly. You'll ensure everyone gets a full ten minutes with her, but no more; make sure she doesn't cum until lunch time, that everyone is seen once before and after lunch, and everyone treats her with the respect my property deserves. I'll ensure someone else takes any watches you need to stand, though it may be a swap for a different time."

"May I please bring the strapless vibrator with me as I do this?" she asked.

"Yes, but why?" Master asked.

"I enjoyed using it on Angelique and I'm fairly certain the other women might like using it on Beth."

"They may not enjoy fucking in public as much as you seem to," Master smiled at her.

Jìngyi smiled back. "Some of them may be in their quarters or office spaces and may not need to fuck in public. It will be their choice."

"Make sure Beth shows you how to clean it before anyone else uses it. She knows how to clean sex toys," Master said. He handed her the towel he'd used to wipe me off. "You may need this as well, unless you want to clean her up yourself?"

She smiled again. "No, I'll use a towel."

"Off you go then. Have fun. Another reminder, Beth's elbow cuffs should be released for ten minutes every hour, but her wrist cuffs are to remain fastened."

"As you desire. Thank you, Joshua, for entrusting your property to me."

"Where do you want to go first?" Jìngyi asked after we started toward the ship's bow.

"Let's stop in my room so we can clean the vibrator," I replied, "then head to the bridge. That's where most of the workers who weren't at the muster would be."


We went to my room where I told Jìngyi how to clean off a sex toy which had been in someone's ass.

"It's designed for easy clean up in soap and water, and this soap is mild enough to use without worrying it will treat delicate tissues harshly. You do have to scrub it thoroughly though. You don't want fecal material to get into anyone's vagina where it can cause infection."

"Maybe you should do it?"

"I'm sorry, but my hands can't be released and I can't do it with my hands behind my back. Don't worry. It's no worse than changing a dirty diaper. You probably get shit on your hands either way. You do plan on having children at some point, don't you?"

Jìngyi laughed. "I suppose. Not having children to worship their ancestors would piss my mother off no end."

"Wash it well, then wash your hands. It won't kill you."

I watched her as she did it and she did a good job. We walked up to the bridge where Jìngyi announced to everyone in a loud voice, "For those of you not at the morning muster, Beth and Miranda are to allow everyone to use their mouths and/or pussies for ten minutes both this morning and this afternoon. I'll keep track of the time. They aren't allowed to cum, so if you do decide to use her pussy, you'll have to pull out if she needs to cum, and from what I've seen, she cums easily, so be forewarned. Of course, she can always finish you off in her mouth. A nice alternative might be to fuck her mouth until you're ready to cum, then empty yourself in her cunt. Just saying. Captain Amundsen, as senior officer, would you like to start?"

"Thomas, take command of the ship, please."

"Aye, aye, Captain. Thomas in command on the bridge."

The Captain stepped away from the helm, lowering his zipper as he did so and Thomas took his place. My hands were confined so he had to remove his cock from his pants for me. I knelt on the deck and he put his stiffening cock in my mouth. It only took about a minute for him to get hard and I did what I could to get him off in his allotted time. He was moaning and thrusting hard in a short while and taking Jìngyi's suggestion, helped me to my feet and bent me over the plotting table to finish in my cunt. I still had time to clean him before his ten minutes were up.

After the Captain, Thomas, a fellow named Norris and Kelly both took their turn with me. Thomas started fucking my cunt, while Norris took my mouth at the same time. About half way through Thomas's fucking, I needed to cum and spit out Norris to let Jìngyi know.

"Thomas out at the five and a half minute mark. You can take the rest of it after Norris is done with her mouth," she announced.

Norris finished at the seven minute mark, and Thomas wanted to get in for his finish, but Norris said he was taking his whole ten minutes, so Thomas had to wait, his cock starting to wilt while he waited. I made sure Norris had another erection before I finished for not sharing. Thomas wasn't able to climax after losing much of his erection during his wait.

"Another thirty seconds is all I need," he moaned when Jìngyi made him stop.

"Sorry, ten minutes is all you get. Joshua's orders."

"I'll make sure you cum this afternoon, Thomas," I said, thinking I'd be doing him again.

"Yeah, boys," Kelly said. "You were too greedy. Instead of waiting your turn, you tried to fuck her at the same time. It messed up things for both of you. Instead of quitting after you climaxed, Norris, you're walking around with a hard on, and Thomas will likely be doing the same unless he strokes himself off in the head. I'm next, Beth."

"Do you want to use the strapless vibrator, Kelly?" Jìngyi asked.

"No, Beth's tongue is good enough for me. She can go under my skirt."

"Do you want to pull your underwear down, Kelly? I can't use my hands."

"No, I'd like you to use your teeth again."

"I won't have as much time to lick you if I have to work your panties off with my teeth," I replied.

"Won't matter. I'm nearly ready to cum now. I might climax from you using your mouth to get them off."

I smiled at her as she walked over to where I was still kneeling. Ducking my head under her skirt I could tell she was right. She smelled highly aroused at the moment. I started tugging her g-string panties down her hips by using my teeth, my head moving suggestively under her skirt.

"Captain, permission to jack off," Thomas said.

"Me too, Captain," Norris said.

"Fine, as long as you use the towel Jìngyi has, otherwise you're licking it off the deck," Björn replied. "I won't have either of you messing up my bridge."

True to her word, Kelly climaxed while I was working her panties off. She climaxed again before her time was up and I even had time to tidy up after. She pulled them back up just as Norris was cumming into the towel. My face wasn't as tidy. Jìngyi offered me the towel, but I declined, knowing two men had now cum in it and I was as likely to smear their discharge all over my face as clean it off. I did have Jìngyi wipe Björn's cum off my legs though.