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My wife has a friend whom I will call Mary. They have been friends since the second grade. As with any long term friendships there are some rocky patches and until recently they had not spoken in a couple of years.

Mary is one year and a few days younger than I, so at the moment she and my wife are the same age and I am one year older than both of them. None of is a spring chicken as we are all over 60. I refuse to say how far over 60, which is part of the problem.

Mary has always been something of an odd duck. My wife's theory is that something happened to her because her father died when she was 11. He had been 20 years older than her mother and so Mary has always had a fascination with older men. She never dated boys her own age for very long because, as she confided to my wife, "They just want to get into my pants or they want me to get into theirs."

According to my wife this somehow culminated in Mary stalking and seducing one of her professors in college. At the time he was 59 and due to some health issues on his wife's part, they were unable to have sex. So, he was fairly easy prey.

She apparently fucked him for several years, the last few with the wife's approval. When she died, Mary dumped him and moved on. My wife assumed that she wanted somebody to take care of her and fuck her but not marry her.

Over the years I have joked about whether I was old enough for Mary to fuck yet. My wife did not always find that amusing.

They had a big falling out a few years ago. So it was with some surprise that my wife told me that they had started talking again and that Mary was coming to visit for the weekend. I didn't pay much attention but did make sure to clean my junk out of the spare bedroom.

We picked Mary up at the airport Friday evening. On the way home, we called in a pickup order from our local establishment of a well-known restaurant chain. I mean the pandemic is still on after all.

So we sat eating and they chatted getting caught up. I kept looking at Mary and mentally undressing her. She was still fairly thin with small tits and I concluded that, yes, given the chance I would probably hit that.

I got sucked into the conversation when the real reason for her trip was finally revealed. Mary had tons of old photographs she wanted scanned and she had failed when she tried to scan them on her own. So unbeknownst to me, my wife had offered my services as resident computer nerd to set her up with one of our scanners and teach her how to scan all those photos.

I reluctantly agreed and said we could start tonight or early in the morning. Mary decided that the morning was probably better. We all turned in shortly after that.

Once in bed, I asked my wife, "What am I supposed to get out of this?"

She looked at me and said, "If you are nice to her and help her do this, I promise that I will suck your cock until you come in my mouth. Then I will swallow. If you do a really good job, I will let you film it."

Hmmmm, I was hoping it would be a shot at Mary's pussy but a blowjob sounds like an offer I can't refuse. It was better than nothing. The last time she let me come in her mouth was probably ten years ago and I couldn't remember the last time she swallowed.

Early the next morning I was up making breakfast when Mary came into the kitchen. "Coffee?" she croaked with bleary half closed eyes.

I pointed at the pot on the counter. I had put two extra mugs beside it.

"Bless you," she said.

I noticed her robe was pretty short and there was no nightgown visible below it. I'm a guy. I am now interested.

When she sat on the far side of the kitchen table facing me, the robe parted at the bottom and all I saw was leg. No nightgown. I was definitely interested.

"Scrambled eggs and bacon?" I asked.

"That would be wonderful," she replied after a long sip of coffee.

I dished some up and placed them in front of her. As Mary leaned forward to smell the food her robe fell open a little. Just enough to see that she was indeed naked under that robe and that her nipples were very erect.

Just then my wife joined us and I offered her some breakfast. She was wearing her usual style nightgown that covered everything to her knees, but her nipples were very visible. I had to hide my growing problem. So I dished up for my wife and myself and sat down quickly.

There was a little chitchat but we mostly ate in silence. I said we would set up in the spare room once I move a card table and some chairs in to hold the scanner and our butts respectively. We agreed to meet in half an hour.

"Good," said Mary, "Just enough time to shower and get ready."

I got up after she left and my wife gave me a look but didn't say anything about the lump in my pants. When Mary said shower, all I could think about was that bar of soap sliding all across her naked skin.

I had the printer with the scanner set up on the card table and was ready for her laptop when she walked in. She was wearing a tight blouse that was probably more transparent than she realized. It was definitely showing her lacy bra and her nipples poking through.

It only took a couple minutes to connect her to the Wi-Fi and then plug the printer in. The drivers loaded automatically and we were in business. I asked for a sample photograph to show her how to scan and save the images. She handed me a photo of herself in a super skimpy bikini on a beautiful beach. In the background were several young very sexy ladies walking by topless.

I tried to be nonchalant as I loaded it to be scanned. I showed her the registration marks and how to adjust the settings. She asked and I explained how the resolution would affect the amount of storage she was going to require.

She reached into her purse and pulled out a small hard drive and asked me to connect it, just in case. As I did, I glanced into her purse and saw a good sized rubber dildo. It was one of the lifelike ones that had probably been molded off a porn star's dong. Hmmmmm.

As the photo scanned, I asked where the photo had been taken and she replied that it was the French Riviera. It had been taken during a trip she had taken with her latest professor with benefits. She mentioned that they had taken quite a few pictures on that trip and implied that she was not always appropriately dressed.

After making sure she could handle the scanning, I excused myself and headed out to do some yardwork. It took a while, but raking the yard finally allowed the tent in the front of my pants to go down. Shortly after I finished, my wife called me in for lunch. For some reason her face was flushed.

Lunch consisted of more chitchat and then I went back out for more yardwork. This time it took a lot longer for my erection to subside. I had stopped in to see how her photo scanning was coming. There were a stack of finished photos face down and several laid out face up ready to scan. It was the face up photos that caused my second tenting problem.

The first was a close-up of Mary standing on the same beach. This time she was sans souci. Her hands were on her naked hips and her assets were fully on display. While not super model quality, she did look quite attractive naked.

The next photos were POV close-ups of Mary getting fucked, presumably by her professor boyfriend. He was not particularly well endowed, but appeared to be getting the job done from Mary's face. These were the real cause of my tenting problem.

I never did get those photos out of my head, so by the time I got called in for dinner, I was still pretty excited.

The girls had ordered pizzas and had them delivered so all I had to do was open the wine and pour three glasses. The talk wandered but by the end of the second bottle of wine, the topic kept wandering back to sex.

By the third bottle of wine, the topic appropriate filters were pretty much short circuited by the alcohol. So not surprisingly at some point I asked Mary a stupid question, "So am I finally old enough that you would consider dating me?"

She looked at my wife and then back to me. Finally, she said, "Stand right here," as she pointed to the floor in front of her feet, "and I'll tell you."

I staggered over and stood where she had indicated. I freaked out and looked to my wife as Mary unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my pants and undid my zipper. My wife just stared at the operation and refused eye contact. As Mary pulled my cock out I started to object, "Ok, Mary. The joke's over." But as I tried to pull back, she grabbed my butt and pulled my cock into her mouth. I frantically looked at my wife and this time she looked into my eyes and nodded.

By this time, Mary was stroking my dick with her hand and swirling her tongue over the head of my cock. I was starting to lose control. I wanted to blow my load in her mouth. I wanted to so bad. But instead I looked at my wife and said, "If this is what you want, then let's all take this to the bedroom where we can be more comfortable." I thought that would kill this, but my wife just got up and said, "Mary, let's do what he asked and take this into our bedroom."

Mary nodded and released my cock, got up and followed my wife. I stopped at the cupboard and pulled out the bottle of Viagra and quickly took one. I knew from past experience that it would take an hour to work, but it was the best I could do.

Both women met me just inside the bedroom door dressed only in their panties. My wife was in her usual drab granny panties and Mary was in a pair of racy lacy bikini style black with white lace panties. I could see the wet spot forming in the crotch of my wife's panties. The black hid any trace of a wet spot in Mary's.

They quickly stripped my clothes off and began pushing me to the bed. At the last second, I spun a little and pulled Mary and lightly threw her down on the bed. As I pulled up her legs I still didn't see a wet spot, but I could smell her arousal. When I licked her crotch I could taste her arousal as well.

I hooked my fingers into the sides of her panties and pulled. She lifted her hips and the panties slid off easily. I wasted no time in burying my face and tasting her wetness from the source.

I heard a click and looked over to see my wife with my camera taking pictures. It is not the latest digital SLR but it does take excellent photos. I was somewhat shocked for a moment because my wife hates it when I take naked pictures of her. I usually do it when she falls asleep naked after we fuck or when she is in the shower. So to see her take pictures of me eating her naked friend was a surprise, but the smell and heat from Mary's pussy could not be denied, so I turned my head back and ran my tongue the length of her slit, starting from her taint all the way to her pleasure button. For my efforts, I got two hands grabbing my ears pulling me in and pushing me down. I grabbed her legs and rolled her up to make it easier to tongue her. As I slid my tongue down, I kept going until my tongue lapped her tiny pucker.

"Oh my god, yes, lick it," she moaned as I heard the camera clicking.

Wow! I usually get a resounding 'No!' when it's my tongue on my wife's asshole. To be encouraged was a first. So I licked in smaller and smaller circles while getting moans and words of encouragement until the tip of my tongue pressed into the center of her forbidden hole. 'What the hell,' I thought as I rolled my tongue into a spear and pressed it into the forbidden zone. Mary moaned a loud, "Yessss" as I pressed past her first sentry. "OH MY GOD YES!" she screamed. "Fuck my ass with your tongue. It has been fifteen years since anyone has licked my ass. Keep going."

I could taste her pussy juices dripping or running down onto my tongue. Her cunt was sopping wet as I pushed my left index finger in. I swirled my finger to get as much pussy lube onto my finger as possible, then pulled it out and pressed it where my tongue had been.

Mary shrieked and I was afraid I had hurt her. But she pushed back and my finger cleared the second guardian. I had my index finger into her ass as far as it was possible to go. 'There is a chance I will get to fuck her ass tonight,' I thought to myself. That thought made my dick throb.

Intrigued I pushed the thumb of my right hand into her pussy and swirled it and then pulled it out. It was weird feeling my two fingers not quite touching each other.

At this point, I couldn't stand it. I looked at my wife and asked, "Can I fuck her?"

My wife paused for a minute and then said, "It is alright with me, but you might want to ask Mary."


My wife giggled and said, "I think she might be ok with you fucking her a little bit."

I stood up and stroked my cock. It wasn't a 20 year old porn stud's rock hard twelve inch cock but it would have to do. I could feel the Viagra starting to kick in and figured it would be hard enough to get into her hot wet love tunnel. As I stretched forward to position my manhood, my wife reached out and took it in her hand and wiped it up and down along Mary's very wet pussy lips. I shuddered it felt so good. Then she placed the head of my cock just inside Mary's tunnel of love and used her other hand to push on my ass.

I began to slowly sink myself into her depths, feeling her pussy flesh stretch and expand to fit me. From the pictures, I knew she wasn't a virgin, but from the feel, she hadn't been penetrated in a few years and I had to push for every inch.

I heard the camera clicking and looked to see my wife getting gynecological close-up pictures of my cock penetrating her friend. As the head of my cock passed the entrance, Mary began to monologue. "Oh god, that feels so big. I haven't had a real cock inside me in three years. Oh shit, I can feel him stretching me. Play with my tits while you fuck me. Just stroke them and then pull on my nipples. Oh just like that. Keep that up. Oh god. Don't come inside me. I want to taste your cum. Let me know when you are going to come and I will suck you off. I haven't tasted cum in a long time. My last two boyfriends didn't like me to suck their cocks. Your cock tasted so good in the kitchen I didn't want to stop. That's it. Are you all in? I felt your balls slap my ass. Hold it like that, I want to enjoy the feeling you your big cock filling me. I know you looked at the pictures so you know most of my boyfriends had tiny cocks compared to you. Oh that feels so good to be filled up like that. You can start fucking me now...." And so on the whole time we were fucking. She never shut the fuck up. I eventually tuned her out and watched my wife.

My wife was getting pictures from all angles and when she came close I grabbed her, held her close and kissed her. Not just a peck on the lips but a full on 'I love you to the moon and back' lip lock for the ages. Of course Mary had to comment, "That is so sexy watching you two kiss like that while he fucks me. Can you lift your leg up on the bed and let him finger fuck you? Yes, just like that. Give me the camera.

While I finger fucked my lady and cock fucked her friend I was in heaven. I used the camera to snap some selfies of me and my ladies. I bent down and kissed my wife's tit while she moaned from my digital stimulation. I can't remember the last time she was so wet. Her leg slipped down as she came on my fingers, so I just held her and whispered, "You are so wet, are you enjoying seeing me fuck Mary?"

She shuddered in her orgasm and whispered very very loudly, "Yes, goddammit I am so horny watching you fuck her, I nearly exploded when you touched my clit. Don't stop I am about to come again."

I leaned my wife back and kissed that spot just below her ear on her neck and licked it. It tasted electric and she screamed then shouted, "Goddammit don't stop, I'm coming agaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhnnnnn."

I held her until she stopped shaking and then I laid her down on the bed and put the camera next to her. In the meantime, Mary had wrapped her legs around me and was pulling me in hard after each time I pulled out. Then her voice changed to become more of a begging demanding whine, "Don't stop. Keep fucking me. I'm almost there. I can't remember the last time I came with a cock inside me. Those prick boyfriends always came too fast and squirted all over my stomach or tits before I could get off. Keep fucking me, deep, deep. That's it. Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd. Aaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss. Oh keep fucking me it feels so good. So good. Soooo gooooood."

With that, Mary arched her back and went rigid except for little muscle twitches all over and then she slumped down and sighed. At last, I fucking shut her the hell up. When she had gone rigid I stopped and now I started up again. It was really hard to concentrate because as she had been coming, her cunt muscles had been milking my cock and the pulsing was driving me crazy. It only took a few more full strokes and I had to warn her, "I'm just about ready to come."

She nodded and untangled her legs and unseated me as she spun around. I could hear the clicking of the camera again as she grabbed my cock and slipped it into her mouth and stared stroking the rest of my shaft frantically. I probably didn't last ten seconds before I was spuming into her mouth. I could see her cheeks puff out as she tried to contain it all. I started seeing dark spots and I pulled out and sat on the floor.

When I could see again, Mary was kneeling over my wife and slowly dripping my cum into my wife's waiting mouth. I grabbed the camera and immortalized the event in video mode.

They paid me no attention as I got still and video clips of Mary sucking on my wife's tits, my wife sucking on Mary's tits, Mary finger fucking my wife and my wife finger fucking Mary.

Finally Mary spun around and straddled my wife's face in a traditional 69 position. They were sideways on the bed with my wife's head on the edge. I captured the moment when my wife licked another woman's pussy for the first time. As well as the first time she pushed her fingers into another woman's pussy and then I also captured it when she licked those fingers.

By this time, the spectacle in front of me and the Viagra was getting me into shape for round two. So I decided to join in. I went to the closet first and pulled out the tripod for the camera. This was too good not to capture. Setting it up, I put a blank memory card in and a freshly charged battery into the camera, then screwed it onto the tripod. With a little fiddling I got what I thought was the best angle and height and turned my attention to the girls.

Based on the angle of Mary's lower half, I decided to focus on her fuckhole and surrounding pussy. I knelt on the floor and inserted my tongue into her delicious honey pot. Swirling my tongue I savored her flavor, then licked down and then back up. She was so wet and I was getting horny again, so I stood up and slipped my cock back into her pussy. When I pulled it out, I could see my wife's face just below Mary's pussy, on a whim I slapped my cock on her nose and she tipped her head back and I slipped my cock into her mouth. I briefly wondered if she liked the taste of Mary on me.

Pulling out, I slipped all the way into Mary and fucked her a few times, then pulled my cock out. This time my wife greedily pulled my cock down and put it in her mouth. I pushed forward and slid into her mouth. Normally I am pretty careful, my wife has a hair trigger gag reflex. But this time, I don't know why, but I didn't stop and slipped my cock past the end of her mouth until I felt my balls hit her eyelids. I pulled out and let her suck the head for a moment and then slid all the way into her throat again. It was fantastic and no gagging. I repeated the operation of fucking Mary and then fucking my wife's throat several times until I decided to taste Mary's pussy again.