"Vanilla & Chocolate"

Mystery! If there is something that craved my attention more than desire and passion is mystery! Is my curiosity getting the best of me? Maybe, but I can't help myself! My Gemini intuition is like a Mongoose! If you don't know the reference, then clearly, you've never read "The Jungle Book"! At any case, on a Friday, I want to find out all about the Flasher.

By the way, I remember what happened last night! On our way to the camp, Yuki received a message from her phone. And wouldn't you know it, it was from the Flasher! He told us we went far beyond his expectations to bring hundreds of people to have an orgy. So, in that regard, we paid him in full from that stunt. Incidentally, that stunt was an accident, but because of that, we were spared from further humiliation. On the other hand, if that was the case, then the Flasher was right at the convention center!

I sighed as I looked into my notebook. The scribbling of a lot of people getting some might not help other people. But me? It sure helped me. The Flasher only comes out when people got some action! Some group sex, he's there! Some lesbian party over in the woods, there he was! A girl masturbating over her crush? Bam! He got her!

Yep! That is the main factor! The sex! So, how did that guy know where and when to take pictures? And if he could figure out the perfect angle, that meant he knew where to shoot firsthand! I bit my pen's cap, realizing one thing. "That guy is a professional photographer!"

"Who is?" A voice came behind me. I turned to see Mitsuaki, looking at my latest work. "And, is this the latest chapter you're doing??"

I grimaced. "Yeah? Girl, if your nose decides to bleed, get outta my room!"

"Wait, wait!" Mitsuaki took her breath. "I can resist such sexual temptation!"

"Said the woman in the center of a hentai convention orgy yesterday!"

Mitsuaki was taken aback on my comment. "But...Kinto looked so good with that Rogue Vegeta outfit! So...tight in all the right places!"

"Okay, Bulma." I piped, going back to my notebook. "I'm only looking into the chapters which concerns the Flasher." "Yeah, I mean to ask you that. Do you know anything about this guy?"

"Well, I know this guy is professional with photography."

"No shit, Briscoe-San!"

"Hey, you want my input or not, Logan-San?"

Mitsuaki knew I don't take her snarky attitude so well, plus I can make as many quips as she does. "I hate you."

"And yet you still love me when I give you my erotica for inspiration."

"Shut it!" Mitsuaki clicked on her heels and left. I guess she didn't want to know about the Flasher after all. She just barged into my bedroom to...steal my notebook while I got distracted! "Son of a bitch! Mitsuaki!!"

I rushed out of my room faster than a rabbit chasing cabbage! Mitsuaki ran into the kitchen with my notebook in her arms. She didn't even make it to the door when she caught her "Vegeta" sipping tea in his topless uniform. The man looked at her, said his good morning in his deep tone and licked his chops. Oh, that girl's hormones went into overtime since that afternoon! She threw the notebook and jumped right on him!

I caught my book in time. As I saw that thief ripping her boyfriend's pants, I saw that pants flew into the ceiling. And somehow landed on my face.

Did I cry out in shock? For some reason, no. The pants drooped off my face when I saw Mitsuaki rocking those hips to the now excited Kinto! I was bewildered as Yasmine came back from her morning jog. She stared at the action, scratching her curly head. "So, did I miss something, Kens?"

"Uh-huh." I replied, the pants now dropping on the floor. "America is such a bad influence on Japan."

"How are we a bad influence? Did we make them love the bottom halves of women's bodies? Did we convince them that booties are awesome?" Yasmine walked over to the fridge and grabbed her bottle. "I think I'll head out for another jog. Kens, wanna come with me?"

"Why not?" I answered. I put on my sneakers and poured my orange fused water. When I joined Yasmine, we went out for a jog. I learned about a few things while I was out there. One, I learned to appreciate nature. Two, the lake was bigger than I thought. And then there's three. Jogging is not one of my favorite exercises. My body proved it to me when I blew my breakfast in the nearest restroom!

Yasmine was waiting outside the restroom, feeling sick herself when she heard me heave. She sighed and knocked on the door. She wanted to know if I was alright. Well, yeah, I was. Coughing during jogging was one of the signs of my allergies...and I should have brought an inhaler! Yeah, next time I jog, I need to bring my inhaler. I should have also taken my notebook with me.

I came out when I've finished, my head a bit light. I saw Yasmine distracted by something. "Yas, what's up?"

"You know about some of the people in this place?" She asked me, looking at some of the men playing basketball. I looked at Saul jumping at Kevin trying to get the ball. I smiled as Saul tried his best to reach for that orange ball. "Yeah. Those are the guys from Texas State U. Kevin is the tall one."

Yasmine noticed how Kevin turned his head over the couple of girls with revealing clothes. Saul made his opportunity to grab the ball and made the shot. When the ball went through the hoop, he hollered and jumped all over.

"Oh yeah! In your face, skyscraper! Short guys can jump!"

"What?" Kevin looked down and found the ball gone from his hand. "Saul, you cheated!" "I did not!"

"Yes, you did! You stole my ball!"

"Well, sorry if your eyes got distracted."

"It's not the eyes, it's the boobs!"

When Yasmine heard that discussion, her jaw dropped. "Man, Kevin sounds...like an idiot."

I nodded with guilt. "He can't help it. He grew up in a suburban with highly protective parents. Too bad they didn't teach him about the birds and the bees."

Yasmine made a little sigh. "Wish my parents didn't tell me. I'd rather be ignorant and stay blind about sex until the given time."

I looked at her as she walked from the restroom lodge. "Come on, Kens. Let's go back. Rosa must be up right about now."

"Yeah, if those Akihabara lovebirds didn't wake her up, nothing else would."

Yaz and I laughed over that when we bumped into Claudine. She came out of her car and had bags of groceries. I don't know how many, but it looked like a LOT from her trunk. Yasmine and looked at her shopping bags and knew we needed to help her. We ran over to her and offered her some help.

"How kind of you, girls, to help me!" Claudine told us after we put the last bag on Fred's table. There were bags of steaks and hot dogs along with some tropical fruit. There was also a bag of toiletries like subtle smelling perfume and nail polish. In one small bag, a pair of panty thong dropped out of it. Yasmine and I didn't laugh at it as the woman snuck it away.

It turned out, as you already know, Claudine hit it off with Fred a lot. A lot of their encounters took place in the garden after Fred's work on it. Claudine helped out bit by bit. And boy, when they saw each other in work clothes...or lack thereof, they couldn't resist eating their own forbidden fruit. But we didn't force her to tell us one bit of it at that time. She later explained it to me at the beginning of Pie Bar. (Don't worry! You'll find out about the Pie Bar later!)

"It was nothing!" Yasmine said to Claudine after the panties dropped on the floor. She ignored the older woman's reaction to the drop and carried on. "My mom raised us to be respectful to everyone. We may have grown differently to what she expected, but we still have our good behavior."

Claudine's eyes sparkled. "My, you are wonderful. Yasmine, right? You know, you remind me of my mother when she was about your age. Her kindness didn't go unrewarded. It landed her a husband, some riches and a home."

I stopped putting the refrigerated food away as Claudine talked about her mom. There were so many things about Rose Klein which made me believe she was stronger. In this visit, after she pulled me out of the fridge and let me sit in a chair, she talked about how her mom got through the loss of her husband. Her hubby, in turn, wasn't much of a man. He cared more about his family (his mom's other kids) than his wife and kids. He would spend thousands of dollars on them.

"I'm not so sure if it was true, but he sold his guns for lottery tickets. He was a compulsive buyer! He ordered three different pan sets. Imagine the shock my mother had when he left her in debt."

Yasmine's jaw dropped and mine already fell on the floor. Claudine nodded. "Oh yes, my mother wept, feeling our dad didn't love her enough. She mourned him yet she cursed him out. You know, see-saw tides of emotion. She lived in Pennsylvania at the time, and she thought she couldn't live on after that."

"So then...how did she become the Matriarch of Orlando?" I asked Claudine. The daughter snapped her fingers. "Perseverance, my girl, perseverance. There wouldn't be a time for mourn. She knew she had to move on. So, she sold everything from that old shack and she had enough money to move. She wanted to live in Florida...always did. And, well, she was stubborn, she got her way in the end.

But in there, her life changed. She liked the people and spent a lot of time with them. She even helped some of them getting back to their feet. And after some more time, she would give parties to the unfortunate. She earned that title 'Matriarch' because she acted like a mother to all of them." Claudine sniffed as she tried to hold back her tears. "I miss all those calls she would give me every Saturday. I would tell her about my life, and she would tell me hers. We backed each other on our good and bad days. I remember still our last conversation.

"'Claudie, lovey,' she told me. 'I am going to have my gallbladder surgery on Tuesday. My doctor will let you know about my progress after my surgery. Listen, my girl, come to Florida and after my recovery, we will go do all sorts of mother/daughter things! I would love to spend time with all of my children before my time on Earth is up.'

"Poor Ma. Our last time with her was when we buried her." She was sullen when she said that. I felt that. It was as if a weight grabbed my heart and sunk it at the pit of my stomach. Do you feel that? That's what grief and regret together feels like. It made me want to talk to my mom and dad at the end of the day. But at that time, I wanted to know more about Rose. More importantly, I wanted to know about her last days of her life.

That got my cogs in my head turn. "Claudine, please forgive me to ask this, but who was her doctor that gave her the gallbladder surgery?"

After rummaging through her purse, she gave me a card with a doctor's name. "Here it is. This is the guy that worked in her surgery. His name is Spencer Caliber."

"Wait, you know his first name?"

"Of course. He introduced himself at the beginning of my mother's wake. He was the one that knew Rose the longest since her move to Orlando. So, they're good friends...I mean they were."

Our visit lasted for another half hour. We talked about random conversations like relationships. I guess Rose's relationship with Spencer started that. The thought of the doctor and his patient made my stomach turn. There is something about my thought that want me to search and find out. And after our visit with Claudine, Yasmine and I decided to talk to this doctor.

"You're going where?" Ingrid asked us, putting the mixing bowl in Betsy. "I mean it's great that you are exploring Orlando, but the Regional Med Center? I don't think anyone would want to go there unless you're injured or sick."

Yasmine stared at me as she dipped a fry in the chili sauce. "I told Kendra that. She can't be a risky detective to figure out the truth. Give that job to the professionals."

"I'm no detective."

"Exactamente! So, what's with the interest with Rose Stein suddenly?"

"May I be frank?" I asked to her. "I didn't want to bring my opinion to Claudine, but I need to say it. It's been in my chest and brain for quite a while."

"Sure?" She and Ingrid moved closer. I let out a deep breath. "From what I heard from Claudine and Donald, their mother was completely healthy by the time she passed."

"So what?" Ingrid asked me with her eyebrows raised. I shrugged. "Don't you think it's suspicious that a woman that was healthy one minute just croaked the next minute?"

"It's called dying in their sleep." Yasmine said coolly, sipping her iced tea. I was annoyed with her answer. "How could there were no complications to her passing? What about a cardiac arrest or maybe some complications elsewhere? There has to have a reason she died while she was healthy."

"You ever think about old age?"

"Yasmine! Think about it! How did your grandma die?"

"In her sleep at a ripe age of ninety. There was no cardiac arrest if you must know."

I sighed in frustration and put my head down. Yasmine, on the other hand, had a light bulb flashing above her head. "Although...the medical reports did say she had a ruptured appendix. At least that was what the doctor told the family."

I looked up at Yasmine, realizing what I was talking about. "Ah-huh?"

"Oh my..." Yasmine pulled her curly hair. "Dios Mio! Girl, you made a good point. There must be some sort of complication. You're right! So, how will we talk to the doctor?"

"That's what we need to figure out and fast. I don't even know if the doctor is working today or not."

"Well..." Ingrid looked around the diner to make sure there weren't any further listeners. "I know someone that has Dr. Caliber as his doctor. Do you think I can persuade him to call him up for you?"

"And how would you persuade him?" I shouldn't have asked. Mr. and Mrs. Mersfield were out shopping for their special menu in the upcoming Friday. So that meant Ingrid was in charge. I mean the owners trust her with the diner. What can go wrong?"

"Oh, fuck yeah! Ingrid, how long have you been planning this?" We heard Raymond yell out from the kitchen. Yasmine and I were the only customers at that point. We had a pretty good idea what Ingrid was doing to that dishwasher. She was on her knees fixing his zipper. What?? You expect me to tell you what she was doing exactly?? A pox on your nearest whorehouse! Well, let me give you the monologue from that took place.

"Yeah, that's it, baby! Give this beast your lips! Fuck, not so hard! Give me time!" (Grunting and heavy panting ensues) "Damn you, Ingrid! You want me to fuck your pretty little face, don't you?" (Thrusting noises now) "How's this? Oh, you're blushing. You are enjoying yourself. Yes, rub that sexy pussy for me."



"Hey Raymond...hi Ingrid. May I join you?"

Yasmine and I were too curious to not watch. We moved to the door and watched what took place. Sure enough, there was the thin girl with long black hair on her knees next to Ingrid. Both of the girls had their way with his cock, their tongue brushing him like a canvas. Holy fuck! That was what Yasmine and I thought. "Holy fuck!"

"You see how huge his cock is?" Yasmine whispered to me. I nodded. "Holy merde! No wonder many of the girls want to get into his pants!"

"Yeah and Rudy." I quipped.

"Oh, is she one of the older residents here?"

"Girl, what made you think Rudy is a female??"

Yasmine made a frog face and went back watching. I felt rather guilty letting Ingrid doing this. I shouldn't be since she wanted to do it. But still...

"Right!" Raymond kicked the door a few minutes later. His pants were zipped, and he sighed of relief. "Thank goodness Tony wasn't here. Otherwise he would give me hell about health violations!"

"You and us both." Ingrid replied, out of breath with drool at the edge of her mouth. She and Tabby relaxed on the stools as Raymond walked to us. "So, Ingrid told me you wanted to see me before she went on her knees. You it's funny. I thought she would be begging for me to see you two."

"So we saw." I said as I combed my ebony hair. "Listen, we do need your assistance, Raymond. You are one of Dr. Caliber's patients, right?"

"I am."

"Great! I want you to call him and tell him you need to see him right away."

"I don't have to be on my knees, do I?"

"Hell no! Tell him there is something wrong with you. Let him see you. I'll come with you and pretend I'm your fifth cousin twice remove."

Raymond made a horse lip thing. "I see! Fifth cousin twice remove, sure it's not sister-in-law?"

"Bear with me, will you?" I continued my plan to Raymond when Katie rushed into the door. She was in a panic zone! I knew that face too well! The only time she made that face was when she was going to be late for...well anything! And wow! What do you know? She was about to be late for her shift!

She slipped on a shoestring. One shoestring, and she fell forward. The next thing I knew, everything went blank. I didn't think of anything until I saw a light. You know it was so strange. I saw Rose's face. I saw her face! She was absolutely healthy! "Wait, am I dead?"

"No, child. You're still alive. You just have a nasty bump on your head. That friend of yours fell on you and you bumped the back of your head on the counter. Luckily, that tall guy and your friends got you to the hospital in time."

"Holy cow! Thank you, Rose! I mean, well, since you're here, there must be a reason you came to me."

"You want to know how I die."

"Yes! That's exactly what I needed to know!"

"I'm afraid I won't have time to tell you. You're about to wake up soon. But don't panic. I'm going to say something to you. You will tell Spencer my words. He'll know it. Tell him 'Remember the tall oak on a late spring day.'. Will you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Wake up, dear."

My eyes popped open and my mind snapped back from my hazy unconsciousness. I looked around and Yasmine brushed my bangs from my forehead. I turned my eyes to a man in a white linen coat. His hair was dark with some blue and violet streaks and curls. His eyes were hazel with a hint of gold around the irises. His skin is slightly wrinkled, but he still looked good for his age. I assumed he was forty-one for the most part.

"Ah! There we are! Hello, Kendra, welcome back." He patted my hair as he turned off the air conditioner. "Noisy thing. It's too chilly too. Great quality, but too good a quality." I gathered this doctor was a man with specific needs. He was one of those people with a tendency of order and cleanliness. He might be an ally of Themis if Ancient Greece still exists. Maybe even a friend of Sherlock.

"Doctor...Doctor Caliber I presume?" I asked. The man turned to me. He made a little muffle and nodded. "Why yes! Spencer Aaron Caliber, PHD. Raymond was worried there. And no wonder, you got that huge bump on your head."

I lifted myself up to feel the lump. I noticed how light my body was when I first sat. My fingers felt the length of my hair. My hair, my luscious hair that I worked hard to keep straight and sleek, was gone! My bangs were there...but the length of my hair was gone! I did feel that bump, though. EEK!

I was surprised at first, but I could understand why he had to cut my hair. It was difficult for anyone to see my scalp with all that hair! My hair was so thick, much like the rest of my body. Well it still is! I just kept my hair short since then. I liked how my hair looked. "You cut my hair."

"Yes. Despite me having a Bachelor's degree on medicine, I do have a knack for hair." He hummed as he huffed on his stethoscope. "It's not too serious, Miss Robbins. I am amused about how you got that, though. Through collective sources, you fell on the counter via a pair of grapefruits."