Part 1: Sweet

Its 7:30 AM and Leo just got out of bed to get ready to hit the gym before work. It's been exactly a week since Yvonne made one of Leo's kinkiest fantasies become a reality, and Leo had been satisfyingly replaying it in his mind all week. Last night before bed, Yvonne told Leo that she had a babysitter lined up again, and as promised, their time alone after Leo got off work tonight would be dedicated to keeping that sexual flame between them lit. Leo really wants to do something special for Yvonne tonight to show his gratitude toward her, not only for the mesmerizingly good fucking that Yvonne put on him last week, but also for her willingness and initiative to rekindle the flame between them. As Leo packs his headphones, supplements, and work clothes in his gym bag, he's brainstorming how he can make tonight another memorable experience. Before he heads out for the day, he walks in the kitchen and gives Yvonne a kiss as she starts to prepare breakfast for when the kids wake up.

For the last week, Yvonne has also been mentally fixated on last week's steamy sexual encounter as well. During the day while Leo's at work, she finds herself at home with her hand in her pants rubbing her pussy while she thinks about how she fucked Leo last week. Every detail about how she took charge and dominated Leo sends tingles and warmth through her erogenous zones. It also has her intrigued about how it would be if she fully submitted to Leo, as he did to her. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to experience it. She even dropped a few subtle hints about it throughout the week, hoping to plant a seed in Leo's brain. As she lays strips of bacon in the skillet, she's trying to think of what outfit she wants to wear for Leo tonight when he gets home from work. She hopes she can find an outfit even hotter than the bacon grease popping in front of her, but it's gonna be hard to top last week.

The day progressed as usual. Leo spent about an hour in the gym before heading to work, and Yvonne spent the morning trying to juggle working on her laptop while parenting their young children. Yvonne CAN'T FUCKING WAIT til the kids are old enough to go to school. Then maybe she can get some much needed free time to do as she pleases. Work, study, read a book uninterrupted, take a nap, masturbate loudly, even go up to Leo's job and fuck him in his office. At least for now she can stream some educational programming on the tv to keep the kids somewhat preoccupied and not feel like a shitty mom for just sitting them in front of the tv. At least they're learning something. But even with the kids in their room watching tv, it was still hard for Yvonne to focus on her work. She couldn't stop thinking about when Leo gets off work later. She opened up a new tab on her browser and used it to search for lingerie stores in town. She sat in her bed on her laptop looking at different outfits, her right hand navigating the laptop, while her left hand made its way inside the waistband of her sweatpants and went down. She sat there caressing her pussy through her panties, fantasizing about when Leo comes home from work. She was pleasurably lost in the moment until she heard one of the kids crying from their room. Time to pause the fantasizing and get back to parenting.

Leo swung by the house on his lunch break to grab a quick bite to eat. As Leo entered the kitchen he saw Yvonne sitting at the kitchen table on her laptop. They were trying to get through the normal routines of their day but their minds were elsewhere. They were both thinking about tonight. Leo was at the kitchen counter throwing together a quick turkey sandwich and Yvonne was about six feet away at the kitchen table, but they could feel the magnetic pull of sexual energy emanating from each other. Yvonne got up and got behind Leo as he made his sandwich at the counter. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him from behind. Then she unzipped the zipper on his pants and put her hand in, slid it through the front opening in his boxer briefs, and grabbed Leo's dick. She squeezed it and stroked it and whispered, "I love your magnificent cock." Still holding his cock from behind, she slowly gyrated her pelvis up against Leo's backside, slowly humping him, sparking flashbacks of last week in both of their minds. Yvonne felt Leo's dick instantly start to grow. "Mmm, I think you should get back to your sandwich," Yvonne said tauntingly, as she pulled her hand from Leo's crotch. Leo grinned and finished making his sandwich. He finished his lunch, kissed Yvonne and hugged the kids, then got back in his car to head back to work.

On his way back to work Leo stopped by the store, then by a hotel to check the rates of some rooms. "Maybe I could us get a hotel room for the night," Leo thought. He was trying to come up with something good for Yvonne tonight. He thought about it, set his plan in motion, then returned to work and finished out the rest of his work day.

Leo was running a tad late getting home from work, but called Yvonne beforehand to let her know. As he pulled up in his driveway and got out of the car, the anticipation started to get his dick hard as he was walking up to the house. As he entered, he noticed it was just as quiet as last week. He closed the front door, and just stood there for a moment to enjoy the calm, quiet atmosphere that was devoid of chaotic children. Through the silence, he heard the click of high-heeled shoes coming from the back hallway, slowly getting closer. Then he saw a beautiful Yvonne enter the front room in a black satin robe.

"Are you ready for tonight?" Yvonne playfully yet seductively asked Leo.

Leo whispered "daaamn" under his breath as he stood there in awe of Yvonne. Even though she was covered in a satin robe, she was breathtaking. The only other thing that he could see she was wearing was black pantyhose and the high-heeled shoes that announced her approach a few moments ago. Before Leo could even respond to Yvonne's question, she untied her robe and dropped it to the floor.

Leo stood there gazing at Yvonne, capturing as many mental pictures of her as he could. He could now see that the black pantyhose were thigh-high stockings and connected to a black garter belt. She had on a pair of black thong panties and a sexy black bra that made Leo want to bury his face in her cleavage. The way her garter belt came down contouring her hips and her ass, then clipped to her thigh-high stockings, was somewhat reminiscent of the the strapon harness she wore last week for Leo, except the garter belt screamed "fuck ME" instead of how the strapon harness screamed "I'm gonna fuck YOU." Yvonne spun around so Leo could see her entire body, especially how her perfect round ass looked in her thong. It was pure, lustful elegance. The look of awe on Leo's face made Yvonne want to just sit on it and grind her wet pussy all over it.

"You like?" Yvonne asked.

"Of course," Leo replied.

"Not a bad body for two kids huh?" Yvonne said.

"Not in the slightest," Leo confirmed.

Leo loved Yvonne's body. You could barely even tell she had birthed two children in the last four years. She still looked like she was in her early twenties. In all honesty, Leo wouldn't even have cared if Yvonne's two pregnancies did take a big toll on her body. He would have still thought she was beautiful and still would have been immensely attracted to her. The few stretch marks that Yvonne had from her pregnancies were viewed by Leo as battle scars, not flaws. Something to be celebrated, not ashamed of. In fact, they turned him on.

Yvonne strutted toward Leo, sexy and confident, and requested that he take off his clothes. Then Leo delivered a response that caught Yvonne off guard.

"Not right now. I'm taking you somewhere. Go put a coat on," Leo said.

Yvonne paused and looked puzzled. This wasn't how she imagined Leo would respond to her dressed up like this.

Leo recognized her confusion and didn't want it to turn into insecurity about how she looked, because she looked so damn good. "I reallllllly want to fuck the shit out of you right now, but I made plans. Keep your outfit on, and grab a coat to wear over it. Let's go," Leo said in a commanding yet loving tone.

Yvonne was hesitant to leave the house in nothing but lingerie and a coat, but the "take charge" tone of Leo's voice turned her on and made her follow instructions. She went to the closet and grabbed a long, black wool coat and put it on. While she did that, Leo went to the bedroom and put a few things in a duffle bag then met Yvonne at the front door. Leo walked Yvonne out of the house and to the car, gentlemanly opening the car door for her so she could get in, then shutting it for her after she was comfortably seated.

Leo threw the duffle bag in the back seat, then sat in the drivers seat and started the car. He looked at Yvonne, who had a look of intrigue mixed with confusion on her face, and gave her a reassuring smile. He then put the car in reverse, backed out of the driveway, and started heading toward their destination.

Leo, focusing on the road ahead of him, glanced over at Yvonne and said, "It'll be about 20 minutes til we get to the hotel. Recline your seat back a bit, then unbutton and open your coat."

Yvonne did as she was told. She reclined her seat, then unbuttoned her long wool coat, once again showing Leo her sexy lingerie outfit.

Leo gripped the steering wheel with his left hand, keeping an eye on the road. He leaned to the right a bit, reached down with his right hand and caressed Yvonne's left leg. Yvonne instantly spread her legs, giving an unspoken invitation to touch her pussy. Leo accepted the invite and started rubbing Yvonne's pussy through her panties, still keeping his eyes on the road. Leo could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as he kept rubbing. He slid his hand down inside of the top of her panties to the bottom of her pussy, then ran his fingers up through her wet pussy lips to her clit, and started rubbing it in a circular motion. Yvonne rested her head back in the seat, arched her back a little, bit her bottom lip and moaned while she enjoyed the clitoral stimulation.

About 15 minutes into the drive, the traffic on the road started to get a little aggressive.

Leo said to Yvonne, "I'm gonna put both hands on the wheel now so I can make sure we get to the hotel safely. For the rest of the trip I want you to pleasure yourself. Close your eyes, imagine me fucking you, and play with your pussy." Then Leo removed his hand from Yvonne's vagina, sucked her juices off his fingers, and put both hands on the wheel.

Yvonne closed her eyes and pictured Leo on top of her, his big dick deep inside of her. She pictured him biting and sucking on her neck while he fucked her. With her right hand, Yvonne inserted her index and middle finger in her soaking wet pussy, and started finger fucking herself. As much as Leo wanted to watch, he had to keep his eyes on the road. But he enjoyed hearing her moan. Plus he could still see a bit from his peripheral. He turned the music completely down so he could hear the wet, squishy sound of Yvonne fingering herself. Yvonne was moaning, gyrating her hips in the passenger seat, reaching down fingering herself with her right hand, while squeezing her tits and playing with her nipples with her left hand. Leo was sitting there driving with such a hard-on that he had to unzip his zipper and pull it out to free it from the confines of his pants.

As Leo took the next turn he saw the hotel not too far off in the distance.

"We're almost there," Leo said.

Yvonne turned her head toward Leo and saw that his dick was out. She went to reach for it and Leo stopped her.

"Not yet," said Leo. "You just keep fingering yourself."

Leo watched Yvonne as he waited in the turn lane to get into the hotel parking lot. He was mesmerized watching her play with her pussy in the passenger seat. Plus she had on that sexy ass lingerie. He didn't even realize there was an opening to turn until the car behind him honked its horn.

Leo pulled in to the hotel parking lot and parked the car. He looked over at Yvonne still fingering herself and he started stroking his dick, watching her. Judging by how wet Yvonne's pussy was, it's a good thing Leo's car has leather seats. She grabbed her left tit and pushed it up to her mouth, then titled her head down and started sucking on her own nipple. The sight of her squirming in the passenger seat pleasuring herself was enough for Leo to say "fuck the plans" and just fuck her in the car.

But Leo didn't want his plans to go to waste. "Button your coat up and let's go inside," he told Yvonne. "But first give me your hand," he said.

Yvonne took her fingers out of her pussy and extended her arm toward Leo. Leo gently grabbed her by her wrist, and put her pussy juice covered fingers in his mouth. He sucked her fingers, taking his tongue and licking in between each one while sucking them, making sure he got every sweet drop. He removed her fingers from his mouth and Yvonne put her titties back in her bra, buttoned her coat up over her lingerie once more, adjusted her soaking wet panties, and exited the car.

Leo positioned his dick comfortably back in his pants and zipped up his zipper. He grabbed his duffle bag out of the back seat and carried it at his side, and placed his other hand on the small of Yvonne's back, gently rubbing it through her coat while walking toward the hotel entrance with her.

As they were walking through the hotel lobby to the elevator, Yvonne thought to herself, "What if people can tell I'm only wearing lingerie under this coat?" For a moment she was self-conscious about it, but then she became aroused by being in the hotel lobby with just lingerie on under her coat, surrounded by unknowing strangers. Occasionally in the past, she would sometimes fantasize about being fucked in public while strangers watch. If Leo wanted to bend her over a chair in the hotel lobby right now and fuck her in front of everyone, she'd probably let him, considering how horny she was. She fantasized about it as they walked toward the elevator.

Leo and Yvonne arrived at the elevator, and Leo hit the button to bring the elevator down. With every second that passed, Yvonne got more aroused, and she started slowly unbuttoning her coat. The elevator door dinged and then opened, and Leo and Yvonne entered the elevator by themselves. Leo hit the button for the floor they were going to, their suite was on the 12th floor. As soon as the elevator door shut, Yvonne looked up at Leo and dropped her coat to the floor.

"Fuck me right now in this elevator," Yvonne said, demanding yet begging at the same time.

"Say please," Leo replied.

"Please fuck me NOW," Yvonne urged. You could see the lust in her eyes and she stood there in her lingerie, slowly rubbing her fat pussy through her panties while staring at Leo in the elevator.

Leo unzipped his zipper again and pulled his dick out. He turned Yvonne around and pushed her up against the mirrored wall of the elevator. Yvonne's breasts and face were pressed against the wall as Leo held her there with his hand between her shoulder blades. Yvonne raised her arms and put her hands flat up against the elevator wall then poked her ass out toward him. He pulled her thong to the side and pushed his cock deep up inside her. Leo put his hands on top of Yvonne's hands, and interlocked his fingers with hers while he continued thrusting his cock deep up inside her, lifting her up a little with each thrust. Yvonne was on her tip toes with her heels off the floor, taking Leo's dick from the back, fogging up the mirrored elevator wall with her heavy breathing.

Leo and Yvonne were so into their own motion that they didn't feel the elevator come to a halt. The elevator door made a "ding" sound and opened on the 10th floor. A married couple in their mid-30's stood there staring in shock, and also in amazement, watching Leo fuck Yvonne. They couldn't look away. Yvonne, moaning with her tits bouncing in her bra as Leo stood behind her fucking her, turned her head and stared the awestruck wife right in the eyes. Yvonne continued staring at her until the elevator door closed on her and her wide-eyed husband.

The elevator finished its ascent to the 12th floor and the doors opened. No one was waiting outside the elevator this time. Leo got a few more thrusts in after the elevator door opened, then withdrew his dick from Yvonne's pussy and slapped it on her ass a couple times before putting it back in the crotch of his unzipped pants. The crotch of Leo's pants was soaked with Yvonne's juices. Yvonne picked up her coat and started to put it on.

"You can keep it off if you want," Leo said with a sly smile.

Yvonne liked that idea. The thought of walking through the hotel hallway in only her lingerie, strutting her sexy, freshly fucked figure for anyone lucky enough to see, made her feel a libidinous sense of sexual empowerment.

"C'mon let's go to the room," Leo said with a smile.

Leo grabbed Yvonne's coat and carried it, along with his duffle bag, under his left arm. They both walked down the hallway together to their room, with an aura of both love & lust amongst them. Leo's right hand was squeezing and caressing Yvonne's exposed, juicy ass the entire way.

Finally they reached the door to their hotel room, and Leo pulled the keycard out and unlocked it. Leo cracked the door open, then stopped and turned to Yvonne.

"Close your eyes and enter with me," Leo said.

Yvonne closed her eyes and was filled with intrigue.

Yvonne thought to herself, "Last week I told Leo to close his eyes and enter the bedroom, now he's basically doing the same thing to me. I highly doubt the outcome will be the same, unless he's got a dominatrix in here ready to fuck me with a strapon." Yvonne grinned to herself, as she had a quick flashback of last week.

Leo guided Yvonne into the hotel room. He set his duffle bag and her coat in an upholstered arm chair inside the entrance. Yvonne couldn't see anything, but could smell a scent of lavender with a hint of sage, and could hear Norah Jones playing softly in the background. Leo told her to keep her eyes closed and he started kissing on her neck while running his hands down her back with a gentle touch. Yvonne exhaled pleasurably as she felt a tingle run down her spine. Leo's hands glided past her garter belt and he gripped her ass firmly. He kissed up to her ear and whispered, "You can open your eyes now."

Yvonne opened her eyes and saw a king size bed covered in rose petals. There were rose petals on the floor as well. The flicker of candlelight lit the room. There was at least 100 candles lit throughout the room, from small tealight candles to tall pillar candles. Wax dripping down them as if Leo had stopped and lit them on his way home from work. It was beautiful and relaxing. Mixed with the aroma of lavender and sage in the room it gave off a very sensual, erotic vibe. And the room wasn't one of those gaudy, overpriced "romantic getaway" suites, it was a regular king size suite that was lovingly made into a romantic getaway. Which made Yvonne feel it was all the more romantic.

On the nightstand next to the rose petal covered bed there were two shot glasses and a bottle of Crown Royal. Yvonne and Leo weren't the type to get a bottle of fancy champagne for a romantic evening. They weren't a cliché couple, never had been. Whiskey was their drink of choice. When they first started seeing each other, before they had kids together, they would hang out all night talking, laughing & drinking whiskey.

Leo opened the Crown Royal and poured a shot in each glass. He raised his shot glass and made a toast.

"To kinky sex, fucking in elevators, and never getting bored with each other," Leo toasted.