Darcie Gets Fooled (Darcie's First Fantasy)

Part 1 of Darcie's Journey

I've re-written and heavily edited my first version of this story, Donna's First Fantasy. The name of the wife was changed from Donna to Darcie to reflect the changes. Hopefully it will read easier than the first version, as this is written from a third person perspective rather than first person.. Hopefully, it will flow better into Part 2, Darcie Gets Fooled Again, if you decide to read that far. Donnie Downer's that don't like wife-sharing stories, save yourself an hour and go ahead and give the story a 1. Hate to see people waste their time.

"Enjoying this Bill? Oh, you are, aren't you!" Bill's lovely wife of nearly 30 years asked, before turning back to face the tall cowboy that held her in his arms.

Darcie was as striking to husband at 45 as she was the first day he saw her and fell captive to her large hazel eyes and long red locks. Her hair was still a deep auburn with matching cream white skin, light colored nipples and 36" D cup breasts on a well-proportioned 125 lb, 5' 6" frame. She really cared for her face, like all redheads should, and looked years younger than her actual age.

Smiling with the knowledge that her actions that evening were the cause of her husband's "inflated" condition, she resumed kissing their new friend, allowing his large rough hands to explore her upper body, covering and squeezing each breast outside her thin blouse. She was well aware that her spouse's biggest fantasy was to watch her make out with another man and that he would be ready to pummel her when they got home. After teasing Bill all evening during the concert, dancing with a stranger afterwards and kissing her hot dance partner good night for the evening, she anticipated a good hard fuck when they got home. Letting this new friend grope her breasts while her lover had to watch, was the icing on the cake. It was a good way, she thought to end their evening.

Darcie still believed her fun night would be over after kissing their new friend goodbye and letting her husband watch him feel her up a bit. Unknown to her, the two men she stood between had made ambitious plans to fill her that evening with more than just a little bit of parking lot smooching.

Bill was beside himself with what had happened so far that evening and very aroused by the situation he had engineered with "Jim's" help. Jim, her "surprise stranger" dance partner for the evening had accompanied them from the club "because of the dark parking lot and long walk to the truck." Amazingly, his redheaded sweetheart was even willing to kiss Jim good night to thank him for the good time she had dancing after the concert. It was time, Bill thought, to push things along, to a much more erotic conclusion. He stepped closer and embraced his wife from behind, sandwiching her between two horny men and their erect expectations.

Darcie's adventure had begun weeks before when Bill, Lazyboy on the internet, met Cowboy48 on a online fishing forum. He discovered that Jim, Cowboy48, lived near a Fort Worth lake they both wanted to explore. After some back and forth conversations, they ended up chatting privately on Messenger to get to know each other and learning they had more common interests than just fishing. Redheads quickly became a topic of discussion., Bill sent him a cute innocent picture of his wife and received a nice photo of Jim's wife in return. "Wow," Bill thought when he zoomed in and compared the two women on his desk top computer screen, they even looked a bit alike, similar age, body shape, large boobs, and even some facial features.

In the chat box Bill commented, "Your wife looks great!"

"Yours too, Any time you want to swap, let me know! Her pear shaped ass looks especially great! LOL," Cowboy48 joked.

"Ha, Ha, me too guy. In our dreams..." Bill answered, unembarrassed since chatting on the internet was about as anonymous as it gets. He enjoyed learning that another man desired his wife like that though. One of his private fantasies was to watch her have sex with someone else.

"No, really Lazyboy, my wife and I have occasionally done something like that," Cowboy48 boldly answered. "We aren't exactly swingers but every now and then, a situation arises, with a buddy or friend of a friend, which allows us to safely play on the wild side. It has added spice to our sex lives, and let's face it, what couple after 30 years of marriage can't use a bit of pepper or hot sauce in their relationship ;-) We only play with committed couples though, that seldom or have never swapped, for safety's sake. We get a kick out of introducing committed pairs to our lifestyle" He continued to shock Bill with his revelations, "We've found that sticking by the 'committed' rule limits relationship complications, if you follow what I'm saying..."

"Wow," Bill was floored by Jim's direct admission. Their chat had moved on from 'friendly getting to know one other' to a mindbender in just a few seconds. His mind and imagination raced in crazy directions but he still found a way to answer. "Sounds like you guys have a great and trusting marriage. It would be awesome to experience something like that, but it could never happen for us. I would jump all over the idea, in my head and so would Lazygirl, but it would just be fantasy. Reality never meets fantasy for us. Maybe, if we were younger, my wife and I would have been daring enough to try something like that, but nowadays, once or twice a month quickies are the norm."

"That's where Cowgirl and I were, a few years ago." Cowboy48 explained, "We got into a romantic rut, thanks to life, kids, jobs, and taking care of our parents. A friendly couple we knew socially, suggested a double date at Billy Joe's. With alcohol lubricating our inhibitions, good music and a little dancing, we were seduced a few hours later in a nearby hotel by a hot, great looking, sexy couple and never looked back. The barriers that had built up between my sweetheart and I over the years broke down. Our sex life has never been better since that night. Now when our libido and passion start to wane, we plan a new fantasy night and look for a new couple to initiate and perk it back up again."

Never lacking for imagination, Bill's fertile mind quickly filled with possibilities. "If only my wife and I had the courage to try something that risky. It might perk our tired relationship as well for a long time. We have always been in love. Sex, when we have it, is great. Quantity not quality has been in short supply for the last few years," he answered wistfully.

"Have you thought about something short of a full-swap to see how Lazygirl responds. What fantasies do you guys share during sex? I know you do, everyone does...at least if they've been married more than a few years." He continued to hold Bill's attention, "Before we started swapping, I asked a guy my wife didn't know to hit on her at a bar for me. I knew what was going to happen, but it was a complete surprise to Cowgirl. They danced a lot that evening while I sat and watched. She even give him a good night kiss at our car. She devoured me when we got home. The experience made her feel attractive and desired. She was a tiger in bed and very loving for weeks after that."

Bill became aroused as his imagination filled with possibilities. He had fantasized about similar scenarios many times. In some of his fantasies, he was watching her dance with a stranger at Billy Joe's while he sat at the table, just like his friend described. She also, knew it would make him very hot to see her held by another man, as he had told her that many times. If the stranger also happened to hold her close and cop a feel or two where he could see, she might even let him. Teasing him, sexually, was her favorite foreplay. Often, in public she would tell him if some guy had brushed against her breasts or got a glimpse of something as she bent over. On a cruise once time, when she was drunk, she played a game where she would point out random good looking men and say "I'd do him!" Sometimes, she just made up stories to please him, but it was still a turn on for both of them. "This might work!"

"So, do you like to dance, 'cause I suck at it? BTW, my name is Bill" That was the beginning of their plan to surprise Darcie with an erotically charged evening of pleasure. It didn't happen overnight. A lot of emails and messages were privately passed while the men schemed and planned. Bill used an 'unknown to his wife' Yahoo account for privacy to share ideas, a few intimate pictures of their wives, copies of drivers' licenses and make plans. They lived close enough together to meet a few times breakfast and to get to know one another face to face. Planning for the right moment proved to be a bit of a challenge due family responsibilities, jobs and dogs that needed a sitter. Patiently, they schemed and waited for the right opportunity.

Their plan was pretty simple. Engineer a situation so Darcie could dance and flirt with a stranger, who would be Jim. If things went well, she had a good time and wanted to, Jim (Cowboy48) would walk them out to the parking lot and attempt to kiss her good night in front of her husband. Rules of engagement were agreed to. Jim had permission to do whatever Bill's wife seemed comfortable with and Bill was o.k. with Jim taking the evening as far as Darcie was willing. The plan even included safe words for stopping any action that made anyone uncomfortable. If she was drinking, Bill planned to stay sober to drive home. And, a hotel room would be rented close by, just in case. Who knew how far this could go? Having done this before, Jim thought it best to plan for success.

Bill's erotic arousal was always tied closely to his wife's arousal and had often tried to explain it to her that turning her on, seeing her turned on, turned him on. He didn't think she ever truly understood. He expected her to have a deeper understanding soon, if they managed to pull this off.

Jim, got permission from his wife with a promise that if things turned out well she would be included next time. His wife, Laura liked the few pictures she saw of Bill, but "Amazingly," Jim shared, "she was more turned on by the pictures of Darcie."

"It's like seeing me naked!" Laura had told him. Bill laughed when he heard that, thinking to himself, "Seeing both women naked, TOGETHER, now that would be a trip! That may be my next fantasy to try and fulfill!"

A concert at Billy Joe's Honky Tonk finally provided an opportunity to put their plan in motion. Darcie's favorite country singer was scheduled for a concert and she really wanted to go. At the last concert they enjoyed at that venue, Darcie got loose and pretty toasted, teasing her husband with lewd dances in his lap and private squeezes in the dark. Bill was encouraged to play as well so he grabbed her butt and breasts when the lights were turned down and no one was looking. Afterwards she talked him into dancing where house band played on their way out. Bill tried to move around the dance floor and she told him that he did o.k., but he knew he wasn't much of a dancer. This time, the dancing after the concert should prove much more memorable and fun.

Bill believed, that part of their decline in passion was that his wife no longer felt desirable, a common middle age failing. Their lives had been down some difficult roads lately with family responsibilities and daily grind. So their relationship had fallen somewhat into a not uncomfortable, but bland, routine. Sex was intermittent and seldom much more than heated morning couplings. Bill wasn't really complaining. Their morning meetings weren't bad, but didn't last long enough to include real foreplay or cuddling. Bill hoped the planned encounter would help to boost Darcie's ego and self image while fueling months of erotic fantasy and sexual play like Jim and his wife enjoyed.

The evening started innocently enough with Bill and Darcie leaving for the club as planned, arriving early so she was able to down a few Buttery Nipples before the concert. When the lights went out she became touchy-flirty as expected. She squeezed her husband's crotch in the dark and he grabbed at her butt while trying not to get a public erection thinking about his plans for her after the concert. Once, in the dark, to his wife's chagrin, he managed to slip a hand down the back of her jeans to find a wet puddle between her legs. She was definitely "feeling it" and having a good time.

After the concert was over, they walked out hand in hand past the dance floor. Darcie, as expected grabbed her man's hand and pulled him towards the band playing there. He acted coy and a little hesitant at first, to avoid suspicion later, then followed her. She was ready to start dancing right away but was talked into finding a table first. "Where would we set our drinks?" Bill asked. Of course, that meant they might be staying a while, so she started looking for somewhere to sit. There never is an empty table at Billy Joe's so they looked for one with a couple of empty chairs they could maybe share.

Bill spotted Cowboy48 alone at a table with two extra seats, as planned, and he pointed it out to Darcie. She hesitated for a second, unsure if the chairs were free. But it looked like he was there alone. "If he is here without a date, maybe he will want to dance with you! I'll bet he dances way better than I do." Bill quipped.

"Yeah, right," she said "like he would want to dance with an old woman like me." Darcie retorted, but headed towards the table.

Bill ,for a fact, already knew the lone cowboy would want to dance with her, but that was still a secret. Boldly, Darcie asked him if we could share the table. Jim smiled and said, "Of course," and pointed towards the empty chairs, even offering to buy us a round of drinks. Bill declined as he was still nursing a concert beer and had plans to stay sober. His wife quickly asked for and downed another Fuzzy Navel. The men chatted and everyone introduced themselves and enjoyed 'small talk.' Darcie began to giggle and wiggle in the chair to the music which signaled she was pretty toasted and ready to dance.

Darcie never really complained about her husband's dancing. She just loved being on the dance floor and moving to the music. He managed to move and spin her around the floor enough that was having fun. Making note of Bill's lack of dance skills after a couple of songs, Jim offered to swing her around a bit. Darcie's face was flushed from the alcohol and exercise. The embarrassment of his invite, however, may have added to it. She was pleased, of course, for the chance to really dance and took his hand. They were 'two stepping' before they made it to the floor. She managed a wink at her husband when they turned the first corner. Bill was always teasing her about how much fun it would be to see her dance with another man and she wanted him to know she remembered.

Bill really enjoyed watching his wife and her cowboy move together. Jim even wore a dark hat to complete his persona. Darcie was able to swing around the floor with a real dancer as he led her in some fancy steps and swing moves. After a couple of songs, they made their way through the crowded dance floor back to their table to rest. Darcie brushed her hand under the table, pleased with her spouse's rising approval. About all he could do for a while was grin sheepishly and make small talk.

The next dance was a slow one that Darcie knew was easy for her husband, so she took his hand and led him into the crowd and music. They waltzed around and she pressed her body and breasts into him. "You really do like seeing me dance with a stranger, don't you sweetheart?"

"Actually, I would prefer to see you dance close with Jim like this while he runs his hands all over your body." That comment got him pinched very hard in the side.

She laughed at what she thought was a joke, then kissed him saying, "I love you, you can be so funny."

The song ended and the band began another slow one. Bill faked being a little too tired for two in a row so Jim held his hand out to Darcie for his turn. She looked a little sheepish at her husband, but he just smiled. "Please go ahead. You know I don't mind." and gave her a knowing wink.

"I'll bet you don't," she whispered to no one in particular and followed Jim to the floor.

Bill did not know what would happen next, but they had talked at length about it. He watched from the table as Jim held her close against his body from the very beginning of the number, leading her around the dance floor with a lot better rhythm and skill than she was accustomed to. Midway through the song, Darcie's head was on her dance partner's shoulder with closed eyes. Jim's hands had moved down; his fingers almost to her back pockets and moving lower. Darcie probably didn't know her husband could see her across the floor and didn't protest. The Buttery Nipples probably helped. As the song was ending, he was holding her against his body and squeezing a bun with his left hand, holding her close with his right. Her breasts were flattened against his chest and his left leg was moving with the beat tight between her legs, spreading them slightly. On the way back, he whispered a few words and thanked her for the dance in a way that left her blushing brightly as she approached her husband.

Back in her chair, mindless of the crowd and a little drunk, her hand found Bill's dick under the table and squeezed it hard several times. He had to move her hand away before being embarrassed with an erection that was getting very hard to hide. That was the signal, however, she was ready to get laid. Time to go! Jim, taking the cue, mentioned that it was probably time for him to leave as well and offered to walk out with us since it was a long dark walk to the parking lot. Darcie looked quizzically at her husband, but swiftly agreed to leave.

Upon reaching their parked truck, Jim said, "It's only fair, don't you think, that I get a goodnight kiss from our dance partner for the night!"

"Yeah right," seemed to be the only thing Darcie could blurt out and looked at her husband for any signal of disapproval from him. Intoxicated as she was, she knew that this might be an excellent opportunity to tease her man knowing how much fun they would have talking about it later.

"Sure," Bill said with a wink, "Why not? But it is up to her."

Darcie stared at him with chagrin for a second not believing she actually had permission to kiss her tall cowboy stranger in front of her husband, yet she was sure she wanted to. Maybe she wanted to tease her hubby one more time for the night and fulfill his fantasy about wanting to see her held by another man. Or, she thought, "Maybe I just want to kiss him."

"Come here Cowboy!" Darcie turned to face Jim and leaned in for a quick smooch.

Jim on the other hand had been periodically chatting with Bill for weeks planning for this day and knew Darcie's husband wanted to see more than a quick peck. He took his hat off, laying it in the bed of Bill's truck, before surrounding her in his arms, and kissing her with a teenager's enthusiasm. Something wicked clicked in Darcie's brain and she melted into the kiss, knowing her husband's barely hidden erection would not be hidden much more and delighted in knowing his discomfort. Besides, she was quite wet and lubricated herself from the flirting, touching and teasing all evening. That, and the Buttery Nipple shots that she had gulped all evening had removed most of her inhibitions, leaving less than a horny shell behind.

Jim's hand quickly slid up from her waist to cup her left breast, roughly squeezing it while continuing to explore her mouth with his tongue. At first, Darcie tried to pull back, but something warmed inside and the puddle between her legs expanded. The attention of a strange new man and the excitement of showing off in front of her perverted thinking husband created a desire that she had not felt in many years. So, while allowing Jim to massage her breast she reached back with her left hand and moved his right hand lower so he could squeeze her butt cheek like he had done on the dance floor, but this time where her husband had to watch.