This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.

The train rattled down the tracks, carriages seeming to swing and sway, even though the tracks limited the range of motion that they could have as they rounded turns in the London Underground tube line. It was not the most comfortable place to sit at the best of times and even less comfortable at rush hour when one had to stand. However, on the late trains, other people had dispersed, one by one (sometimes two by two) to their respective stations, disembarking or jaunting off to other lines, all caught up in the grind of finding their way home after what one hoped was an enjoyable night.

Only...two furs on one particular line did not quite seem as eager as others to get off, relaxing into the seats the best they could, although the canine of the pair squirmed in place. Hunching forward, the African Wild Dog wriggled and tried to fold into himself, Soren trying to make himself seem as small and insignificant as possible, even though he was a dog who looked after his physical appearance too to some extent, his coat drawing taut over muscle. It looked like he'd bundled up a little too much for the chill of London on a winter's night, though one could have forgiven him for going overboard on that matter, black ears flicking one way and then the other, catching every little sound. His attire was a far cry from the scantily clad femfurs, of course, that were more often found catching the late train.

His partner there, however, was an entirely different fur altogether, dwarfing him to a comedic level as he hid in her shadow, the dragoness, Amethyst, licking her lips as she clearly enjoyed his predicament. What predicament that was, specifically, still remained to be seen but something was going on there as she relaxed, unzipping her coat to reveal a lighter jacket underneath, though she did not feel the cold so much with her green scales over the fur of a dog that was better-suited to a warmer climate.

Soren grunted, whimpering, and tried to tuck himself into her shadow, though he'd already earned himself a few looks from others in the carriage, gazes slanting curiously across him as if they knew that something, just something, had to be up with him. But it was too much, simply too much, and he couldn't sit still, wriggling and shifting his weight constantly from one butt-cheek to the other, for all the good it did him. Whereas she languished in the epitome of comfort, besides her horns knocking back against the train window, he was small and hunched down, broken and beaten, with his heart pounding in the most fervently delightful of ways.

And she knew it too -- oh, she did. Her lips twisted as she hid her smirk, playing out the moment into a stretch that had him groaning, tongue lolling out as he twisted. Oh... Oh, she knew, she really did know. She used it all to her advantage too, stretching out a wing to cup behind his back, not even allowing him the brief, however tentative, luxury of being separate from her, if only for a moment. He didn't want to shiver away from her but that little bit of distance, the gap between the seats where her thickly muscled thighs did not spill over, bare to the scales in a skirt that was only made shorter by her size, had been the only thing holding him together.

Clenching his jaws shut as a dove eyed him from across the carriage, hastily exiting as soon as her stop came up in a flutter of feathers, he tried not to moan. It was a good thing that, by that point, their carriage was empty as he failed dismally. The vibrations tingled through him, emanating from the toy crammed up under his tail, hidden to outsiders but, oh... Oh, it was so very noticeable to him, trying to lift from the seat even as a needier part of his body and psyche begged him to simply bear down into it, to let the pleasure carry him up and away. Yet with other things that his mistress had locked onto him at that time, it would be unfulfilling, the kind of climax that tapered out, simpered down, left him wanting it all even more than he had in the first place.

Amethyst grinned.

"What's got your tail in a twist?" She smirked, leaning back in her seat, although she seemed far too large for it as she perched there, though comfortably. "You"

Pondering, the dragoness stroked her chin, fingering the line of her jaw lightly. The African Wild Dog squirmed, pressing his thighs together, resolutely looking down.

"Oh, that's it!"

Smirking, she slung her arm around the much smaller fur and drew him in against her, snout squished into her breasts, rolling forth proud and heaving with chortling breath. There was no shame in how she conducted herself, showing off what she had to offer -- though an offer, of course, did not mean that anyone was entitled to it. With wickedness dancing darkly in her eyes, she tapped his nose in a way that would have been cute, if not for the remote control tucked safely away in the palm of her paw.

"The vibrations are cranking up now," she teased, sliding the dial on the remote as he squirmed and yipped in place, flushing heavily. "You can feel it... Your dick swelling, trying to get release. But that little cage is too tight for you, isn't it, my little puppy? You didn't need a very big cage to lock that tiny dick of yours up either... I'm surprised it can even get tight with what you're packing there!"

She laughed and, though the humiliation should have washed over him in a bad way, it only made it all the more obvious just how the flesh of his cock teased up to that cage, pressed into the metal bars, begging release that was not his to glean. Yet it was something that his body wanted, all the same, panting and whimpering, giving himself over to the sensation of complete and utter helplessness, a little toy to be used and abused just as she pleased, always as she pleased.

She could have patted him on the head, but she did not. She could have told him that she'd let him get off soon, but she did not. That would have been a lie. And Amethyst did not do lies, darling.

Yet her little doggie had something for her and, well, only so much teasing could be done with a butt plug, as delightful as it had been to switch it on and off (changing the vibration cycles too as she pleased) during the show that they'd been watching. It had made the slow parts of the performances and the interval especially far more entertaining than they would have otherwise have been, enjoying his squirms, how he shifted and ground, trying to rock his hips, yet all the while trying to remain unnoticed and undetected at the best of times.

Cruel... Oh, yes, she'd been called that in the past but she was even crueller than normal as she pressed the back of her paw carelessly down into his cock through his jeans, grinding and teasing. The poor little pup could not help but anxiously try to hump up against her paw like the little slut that he was, ears flattening submissively to his head. The different colours in his coat splashed down until they were hidden by his clothing, tan and white and black all coming together in a cacophony of shading that was so inherently Soren that, truly, she could never have mistaken him for anyone else. Though that was when he was in his fur alone, bare and naked, as she did so tend to lose the little pup from time to time in crowds...

Maybe the remote control butt plug would be helpful with that too? Grinning, she squeezed his shaft, feeling the outline of the cage, her tail locking around his ankle as if she thought that he was about to squirm away, say it was too much, that he couldn't take it anymore. Until his safe word came from his lips, however, anything and everything was fair game, pushing the limits of lust and love more and more every day.


Yet she didn't want him to be easy, to go easy, to have any sort of easy about him -- Amethyst just wanted her dog to be as he was. And that was a good thing, something that was easily done yet difficult to maintain, panting and whining and pressing up into her side as if she was the only stable thing left in the world. The dragon was his rock, his anchor in reality, and Soren barely managed to stifle a howl as his back arched, tenaciously balanced on the peak of a precarious orgasm that he still knew would be nothing like the one that he truly needed.

But she was about to change all of that.

"Strip down."

He blinked at her, lower jaw dropping.

"W-what?" Soren worked his jaw as if he could not quite get the words out, although his mind had already ground to a halt. "I... I can't! Not here! Please... Mistress!"

Yet no amount of begging, even that little volume, was going to get him out of what she craved for him, eyes twinkling as she tipped forward, tongue flickering out curiously to tickle his nose.

"You will..." Her eyes blazed, burning with an inner fire. "There's only one choice for you here, pup, so choose the right one."

That didn't make sense, nothing made sense, panting and groaning, rolling his head back, chin tipped up submissively to expose his bare throat, pulse pounding beneath the fur. Soren could not, would not, and yet still did, standing shakily as her tail locked him in close to her, moving as if in a dream, the train carriage shaking and rocking around him. It was hardly a stable platform to stand on, let alone change or strip off on, yet it was what he had to work with, averting his eyes studiously from his shaky reflection in the dark window.

"What if someone at a station sees?" He whimpered, although his paws still moved to obey. "The other carriages..."

"It's late," Amethyst breathed. "No one is here. No one but you and me, pup. And you're going to listen to me."

That was never in question, breaking him down and down and down into nothing, a shell of the dog he'd once been, his ancestors proud and wild. One layer after the other hit the floor -- the dragoness was not in the mood to allow him time to fold and set things aside neatly -- coat and sweatshirt, T-shirt taut over muscle, his chest large and full in the right way. It still did not make him larger as an anthro, even though he could more than hold his own in the gym or a tussle, but she wanted more, letting him reveal his chest drawing his T-shirt up and over his head. It was a brand name shirt but it looked better than ever on the floor of the carriage, image shivering into jolting oblivion.

"There now..."

Closing his eyes, he panted, toying with his belt. And yet that too had to be removed, had to slip down, metal sliding over leather, slipping out. His jeans didn't need much inclination to drop down, though it was her tail that slipped into his underwear, tugging down the snug briefs to reveal the treat that she had wanted out in public and in the open from the very beginning.

"Isn't that better?"

No... No, it wasn't better. It was better and it was worse, which was something else entirely, Soren wanted to tell her, the dragoness using her tail to toy with his caged cock, rolling and jostling it lightly. The cage extended in a series of metal rings down to the base of his cock where another ring encased his balls, keeping them neatly separate to his shaft and forcing them down with a very light stretcher. The ball stretcher itself was both there for comfort and appearances, the leather pulling his balls down further while also protecting the neck of his sack from the hard, unyielding metal. It was a small respite from a big dispute.


No, no, no... No, it was impossible to relax, even as his lips formed the word 'yes', wanting it all, wanting it all the more. Her paw stroked and teased, playing over the bars of the cage, which cage the impression that he could be freed easily, even if that was not the case.

Soren was locked up until his mistress said otherwise.

The butt plug vibrated, pulsing within his backdoor entrance, Amethyst turning about, her tail lifting as her trousers slid down only enough to cover what she needed. That she was facing the windows of the train was hardly any bother to her as the harsh lighting glanced off her scales. It may not have been the most flattering but Soren still growled as the curve of her arse was revealed, muscled with just the right amount of flesh over the top to soften it, yet her body was all about function and form over any manner of lighter, more feminine beauty.

She made her own style and sense of shape, after all.

"Come on, pup..." She crooned, flicking the fluffy tip of her tail up under his jaw. "I think you can pay me back for a little fun. After all, I've been so good to you lately... Maybe even too good."

Soren wasn't so sure that he agreed with it, the African Wild dog's hips rising, thrusting, panting heavily even as she backed up right onto his muzzle. She needed it as much as he did but there was a control in her paw that he could not embody. That was not his place -- not with his cock locked up and his prostate stimulated so wonderfully, even if she kept on cutting off the vibrations just at the point where he was going to tip over the edge.

If he leaned into her, thought only of pleasing her, the slit and fold of her pussy calling him in...maybe he could focus hard enough on her. He moaned into her sex, his nose pressing into her soft warmth, so familiar to him and yet something that he longed for each and every day. Sometimes she was good to him, his dragon mistress, and sometimes he longed for her, kept denied and needy while she masturbated in front of him. There were different nuances to pleasure, after all, but even he needed something more from time to time, panting with need, his long, flexible tongue scooping up inside her.

The dragoness groaned.

"Yes... Deeper."

A command. That, he could follow. That made things easy for him, his tongue pulling out only to swirl around her clit, tugging at it, the nub plump and full, swelling as she ground back at him. His tongue plunged back into her, savouring her tart sweetness, her juices flowing forth, glistening on her pussy lips, even while the train bumped and rattled along, jostling the two of them. They didn't notice, of course, too wrapped up in their pleasure to care.

Hissing, the dragoness rolled back onto his muzzle, her tail wound around a pole for support, though it had the effect of making things look even kinkier, as if the train carriage had turned into something cruder than what it was. The canine growled into her pussy, moaning against her, his tongue slurping and lapping deep, seeking out her G-spot, though that was more difficult than usual with the carriage moving constantly. But that was okay: that meant that they had not yet pulled in to a station, that there was no one to come by to disturb them.

And that was just the way they wanted it.

"Good, pup..."

He groaned, eyes closed, enveloped in her scent, washing over him. She had no fur and the aroma of her sex lured him in even though it was not the more aromatic musk of his species. Soren grunted, trailing his tongue around her pussy, letting the strong appendage pull lightly at her folds, spreading them just a little, enough for his tongue to do its best work. Her juices flowed strongly, freely, and he lapped them up as soon as they poured forth, drooling thickly from her sex as if she had already been filled with a load of cum.

The canine shuddered. He couldn't remember the last time his cock had been inside her, let alone been allowed to properly orgasm. That sort of thing just wasn't for pups like him. And he was a good boy.

His cock throbbed against the cage and he whined into her sex, delving deeper, moaning and slurping as he tried to lap her clit and slide his tongue into her at the same time. It was hard to decide what to do when there was so much going on all at once, head spinning with desire, ears sliding back submissively. Soren whimpered, nuzzling and lapping, his muzzle steadily soaked with her juices, though there was nothing that he would have done to change that even as he was marked, yet again, as hers.

"So needy..."

She teased and taunted him, leaning back, forcing his head against the window, trapped where he was. Thus, he could barely even squirm as she ramped up the vibrations under his tail again, the appendage trapped against the train seats, whimpering and groaning as his cock drooled and drooled. There was to be no orgasm for him, not even one that would only come with a tease of being milked and a lack of true pleasure, despite the trembling pulses that had him grunting, believing himself to be on the edge. Soren gulped, swallowing down her juices, his world narrowing to that of her pussy, so caught up that there was no way for him to come out of it -- not when he was right where he wanted to be.

The dragoness moaned, rolling her head from side to side, though the release in tension only came from the muscles that had stiffened up on either side of her neck. So close, so very close. The remote in her paw tucked back into her palm, letting the butt plug cycle deliciously, bringing her pet-toy to the prophesied edge over and over again. Yet it was only Amethyst's high that was of any concern, moaning and throwing her head back, letting passion rule as that deviously delightful tongue flickered rapidly over her clit.

Her roar blasted through the train carriage, only a little muted and subdued, as if she was daring the others in there to come challenge her, to see her there in all her glory. She ground back fervently on his muzzle, taking every last drop of pleasure from him as the jostle of the carriage jolted her back onto him, muffling his cries as his poor, swollen cock pressed anxiously against the bars of his chastity device. Oh, the poor thing: it actually thought that it could be freed! Well, he would see soon enough that that was simply not something that a pup could do, oh no...

She shook off the haziness, her pup not seeing the smirk on her lips, standing smoothly, showing off the curve of her arse with her tail swinging with a curl over his head.

"Mmm... Well, that's a good start, pup. But I think you've got more in you than that."

He'd have to do more, give more, even as she slid into his lap, a smirk on her lips. Soren panted breathlessly, though did not dare to even bring his arms up as she had not told him that he could. He sat there as still as he could, groaning minutely in the back of his throat, letting her sit in his lap, her soaked pussy grinding over the cock-cage as his prostate ached on the line between pleasure and pain. Sometimes it was good to cross that line but his sexy mistress always seemed to know just how to hold him on that edge, as tentative and frail as it could be at times.

"Poor pup," she murmured, slinking her arms around his neck as if they were merely lovers coming back after a night out, not something more than even that. "You want it so bad, don't you? If you were really a big, strong wild dog, maybe you could get off. But you're not, are you? Just my sweet...not so innocent pet."

Soren whimpered, shivering in place. It was all he could do not to thrust and keep thrusting, imagining that he could spear into her over and over again. His need ran rampant but there was nothing that could be done to satisfy it without doing the deed, head spinning, his grasp on normal reality slipping.

But there was another kind of reality for him that could be all the more alluring. He groaned softly, sinking down and down and down. He didn't need to think, only needed to be, only needed to obey. He only needed to do one thing and that was whatever it was that she wanted of him, whining softly, eyes submissively downcast.