Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up. I do not make money from these stories. Please do not copy and plagiarize my work.

Special thanks to my friend Winry. This story was written for him and the theme was his idea. Enjoy!

Los Angeles, California

Gold lining covered the corners of the hall with a strip running down both sides. Down below, a crimson red carpet was embedded over what appeared to be white marble tiles offering a subtle reflection with each passing step. Taking in a heavy breath and then sighing in relief, Alec carried himself while the foot steps were audible of two men coming behind him. Friends that had come along for what would be a grand reward for today's memorable event that had occurred merely hours ago during the afternoon. The sun had already begun sinking down into the water across the bay before they had even arrived at this grandiose hotel. By invitation of Alec, as his friends were unknowing guests to a special lady.

Standing tall, Alec had on a simple black polo shirt with a color and jeans covering his lower body. His hair was short, slicked back brown locks that would've matched any facial hair if he wasn't clean shaven for this particular day. At twenty-four years of age, he had landed what was a dream of a woman in his life by dating Jennifer Lawrence. How they had met had become irrelevant over time, as he had learned early on that she was a woman of exquisite taste and wild adventures despite the wealth her status of celebrity commanded. It seemed to be something of a fairytale for her to find him, a working class regular man who had assumed the role of 'booty call' as a man may have called it. That was over a month ago, time he had spent sleeping with her when she needed to fulfill her naughty desires.

The day before her Comic Con event, Jennifer had teased Alec about the possibility of having a wild adventure between them involving another person or even a group of men. He had taken this as an idea though it may have been nothing more than small talk to come out of her filthy mind. Alec had learned early on just how kinky and dirty Jennifer could be when the lights were low and her clothes had been stripped from her lovely body. In all of his years working various wage jobs, he had come to live the dream of satisfying her sexual urges. No one could've guessed that Jennifer Lawrence of all women would be looking for men on the outskirts of L.A. and finding someone that met her eye and liking during the wee hours of morning. At least with having the second duty to fuck her, he had gone from working late shifts at 7/11 to having a much fancier apartment across town paid for by the woman herself.

Stepping their way over the carpet down below was Alec's two companions; Luthor to the right and Jean to the leading man's left hand side. Long time friends, Alec had known Luthor going back to high school. A tall black man with a bald head and a slight goat tee of dark facial hair. Luthor wasn't anything special, with an average build a bit of a gut but Alec never judged a friend for looking ordinary. It had only been recently that he had stepped through a doorway of sorts into a different kind of life, all from knowing one special blonde haired woman. Jean was the opposite of Luthor in almost every category from skin color, hair and body build. A skinny white guy with curly dark hair, a pair of round shaped glasses to aid his vision and no facial hair. Both he and Luthor wore white T-shirts while the black man had on a pair of khaki pants, Jean was in cargo shorts for the day.

With nothing looking overly unique for the trio of mates beyond their skin color and names, they easily blended in with the rest of society outside of Hollywood. It was only in their wildest dreams that it seemed possible they would be stepping through a doorway to another world and bedding one of the most sought after women on the face of the planet. Down the hall, several doors on the left would lead to one with the numbers 721 engraved in gold lining. Alec came to a stop with his friends standing behind him. Jean already peaking over his head for the moment they were quietly anticipating. Nothing was heard from beyond the door until several seconds passed that felt like minutes ticking through time. When the door knob turned, an audible gasp was heard from one of the two men standing behind Alec as the door cracked open and blonde hair was visible.

"Hey, honey..."

Jennifer Lawrence's voice called out to Alec before he met her beautiful blue eyes. Her eyebrows quirked up when she noticed the company behind him, but all Alec could do was gaze down upon her outfit. A black leather dress clad over her body, squeezing her large breasts that were begging to spill out with an ample view of cleavage. Down below she was still wearing the same silver high heels from earlier in the day.

"Holy shit, it really is her!"

"Yeah, that's definitely the woman of the hour."

It was Jean's calling out before Luthor's deep voice replied and then gave a whistle. Jennifer stepped back, inviting the men in as she looked over at Alec.

"You didn't tell me you would be bringing anyone with you."

Alec chuckled as he stepped aside, offering his friends the chance to see Jennifer in full display before them.

"Really? You didn't tell me I couldn't bring any friends along with me. So Jen, this is Jean and Luthor."

The two men were quick to raise their hands, Jean first and then Luthor as they greeted the woman. All she did was smile, offering a handshake to the black man first before Jean had the chance to touch her smooth skin. Jennifer stomped her heels over to the door, slamming it shut. With her back facing all three men, Luthor couldn't help but whistle at the sight of her rump tightly squeezed into her black leather dress. Jennifer couldn't help but giggle, turning around.

"I take it you fellas see something you like, huh?"

Her words did not surprise Alec in the least bit. He had become well aware of Jennifer's kinky side from his time spent as her 'booty call' as he could put it within the back of his mind. For living in the high society of Hollywood, Jennifer certainly had an inner-slut that would revel and come out in full force under the right circumstances. Such conditions that caused her wild side to blossom were now on display with three hungry men gazing down at her. She leaned over the door and suddenly skipped introductions all together as she looked at Alec and began to speak.

"I was looking forward to having some alone time with you. I never thought of you as the kind of man that liked to share."

She forced a smug grin, it was that same smile that Alec knew of her. When Jennifer wanted to, she could display a flare of smugness and now Luthor and Jean were getting her eyes locked on and that same grin. Without uttering any words or waiting for a response, the blonde actress stomped her heels, forcing the click and clack noises to boom over the carpet covered floor below as she walked past all three of them. Turning back around to face them, she placed her hands over her slender hips and then quirked her head to the side, quietly calling out to them to come closer with a simple gesture.

"Let's not beat around the bush, fellas. I just hope the two of you know how to fuck a woman as good as Alec."

Her eyes then shot to the man by name.

"Don't disappoint me with this."

Sight glancing away from Alec, Jennifer then clapped her hands together to secure their attention focused entirely on her.

"Alright guys, get naked. Allow me to help you get those cocks nice, hard and long..."

She looked at all three of them, following Jean's eyes, then Luthor and Alec in a clockwork motion. The three men stood in front of her, with Luthor in the middle. Jennifer stepped back as coffee table was in front of them, clean with nothing but the glass surface allowing a reflection upwards at her beauty. She pulled the straps of her dress and began to take it off, turning her back to them as she bent over and pushed her ass out while shoving the black dress downward. If not for taking off his own clothes, Alec would've gave her a helping hand as he enjoyed to do in all the previous times they stripped down. The sound of all three men rustling through their clothes could be heard with the metal ding of a belt buckle, zippers coming down and other noises.

Hands on her hips, Jennifer shoved her dress down and stepped out of it, revealing her voluptuous body in nothing but a black thong and matching bra. She turned to face the gentlemen as her eyes scanned over them. Apart from Alec, she wasn't overly impressed with the build of Jean and Luthor. It was nice to be in the company of a strong black man, though both of them appeared to be average. She only hoped they would know how to use the tool residing between their legs and how to please her. It had been a couple years since Jennifer indulged in a gang bang. With Alec, she expected a threesome in the future but not a company of four that would complete the gang bang line up. The three men stood there and looked over her body, prompting her to finish undressing.

"Show us your tits, Jen!"

It was Jean's voice calling out in excitement. With a grin, she looked at the goofy man and then pulled her left hand at her bra strap. There was a slight jiggle before her large breasts came spilling out freely. She watched the expression over Jean and Luthor's face, seeing the slight jaw drop and then gasp as the cool air could be felt over the surface of her bare nipples.

"Like what you see, boys?"

"Ohhh, fuck yeah!"

"Damn straight, now you ain't done. Take the thong off and show us that va-jay-jay."

It was Luthor's voice speaking after Jean's call of enthusiasm. Jennifer didn't laugh at the funny reference of her pussy, for she was already dripping wet over the thoughts of three hard cocks to please and penetrate her tight holes. Alec remained standing over to the right side as she hooked her fingers down to her silky thong and shoved it down, spreading her legs out as another chorus of gasped of excitement was audibly heard. Her thong dropped down to her ankles and she stepped her heels out of it. All three men were naked, all with a hand around their hardening cocks as they began to wank before Jennifer. She didn't pay attention to see if they were attempting to take a view of her sweet pussy down below. Her lips slowly curved into a smug grin, loving the fact that she could command such attention like this. Narrowing her eyes down, she began to observe the length of their cocks.

Alec's rod was nothing new for her, knowing he had a respectable size she didn't spend much time gazing down upon it. Luthor in the middle had a thick pole, longer than Alec and enough to quench her thirst for a taste of big black cock. Jean's cock appeared to be around the same size of Alec's, if not slightly fatter. For a man with an average build, at least he had a rod that was now demanding her attention. Stepping over the glass coffee table, Jennifer brought her knees down upon it instead of moving to the floor. The three men moved forward in front of her as she quickly reached her hands out; left hand grabbing Alec's hardening rod and her right hand going for Jean's dick. In the middle there was Luthor approaching her with his big black snake neglected from her touch.

"Mmmmmmm, three cocks. All long and hard, all for me."

Fingers wrapping around both lighter skinned cocks, Jennifer took a firm grip with authority, almost as if she owned those cocks. In fact, she did own Alec in her own way. Her smokey blue hues glanced over at Jean and then she looked back at Alec. Up and down, up and down, her hands worked frantically to wank their dicks back and forth. Luthor stood facing her, towering down over her with his tall stature, feeling left out. He gripped his cock, moving towards her and then playfully swinging it.

"I think you are leaving someone out, little miss."

Jennifer's eyes glanced up to see the expression over his face. Luthor had a smirk, quirking his eyebrows up almost with a shit-eating grin that she knew only oh so well from men who had the privilege to share this level of dirty fun with her. Without speaking a word back to him, Jennifer parted her lips and gave him a nod of invitation for his long black snake to slither into her mouth. Luthor didn't waste any time slapping the head of his long black dick over her tongue and then shoving it in. Jennifer enveloped her lips around his thick pole and began to suck hard while wanking the other cocks simultaneously with her slender hands.

"Ohhhhhh man, look at that. I think she was hungry for some fucking dark meat."

Jean let out a moan as he bragged about watching Jennifer slobber all over Luthor's hard shaft. The black man let out a chuckle.

"Yeah, all you're getting is a handjob, must suck to be you."

"Hey, fuck you! I'll have her spitting all over my dick before you know it!"

"Shut up and just enjoy her, damn it!"

It was Alec who called out to break up his friends slight bickering as he watched Jennifer's hand frantically pump his shaft back and forth. She let out a moan as she pressed her tongue around Luthor's shaft, slowly sucking on him. 'Mmmmmm', the muffled moan was audible among all three men breathing in heavily. Her big blue eyes glanced up at him as she began to bob her head up and down, sucking inch after inch. The slobbering and sucking noises that her mouth produced were meth with the cries of Luthor's voice in response. He soon brought his left hand down to the back of her head, shoving her down a bit as Jennifer suddenly gagged on his cock. Her hands came to a stop from wanking the other two cocks and then Luthor abruptly snatched his cock free from her mouth. An audible pop sound was heard as Jennifer gasped for breath.

"If you can't handle it, don't force yourself baby."

Luthor called out to her before wrapping his right hand fingers around the base of his massive black pole. Jennifer knew he was taunting her for choking with such a remark. She resumed to moving her hands up and down Alec and Jean's cock while Luthor brought his rod over to her face and began to playfully slap the head across her forehead. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed and offered a stark contrast with his dark ebon cock and her smooth ivory skin. Luthor took a step back and now Jennifer decided she was going to divert her mouthy attention to one of the other cocks. Her eyes glanced towards Alec, offering him a subtle smile before she turned her way over to Jean. Flicking her tongue over her lips, she leaned in and spit on the head of his cock as she pumped her hand down to the base.

"See! I told you she'd spit on my cock! That's a good fucking slut right there!"

Just who this man thought he was talking with such a goofy tone was amusing to Jennifer. She moved her hand away from his cock, now pushing her lips down it to begin bobbing her head up and down. Jennifer didn't hesitate to work her hand up and down, moving it in sync with her lips slobbering all over Jean's pole while her other hand was stroking Alec's cock simultaneously. This left Luthor as the lone man not receiving any attention from her, but he couldn't complain when his long black pole was shiny, dripping from her saliva that drenched it. Jennifer didn't waste her time sucking Jean for too long, as her lips came popping off his cock, her blue eyes shifted back towards Alec. It was now his turn to have his cock shoved between her lips.

"Just like that baby, yes!"

Jennifer didn't hesitate, not wanting to waste any precious time as she began to slobber all over Alec's pole while her hands alternated to wank the wet cocks she was previously sucking. While she was bobbing her head up and down, Luthor leaned over to see her back side, attempting to catch a view of her plump ass that was resting on her silver heels. Caressing over her smooth skin down her back, he squeezed one of her ass cheeks while the blonde beauty was still busy, devouring Alec's shaft inch by inch. Upon feeling his touch, Jennifer appeared to be alerted as she stopped sucking but kept Alec's cock in her mouth. She moved her hands away, pulled the rod out of her mouth and then motioned for Alec to step back.

"What are you doing babe?"

"Just step back for me, I gotta get off this table."

Jean was hear giggling under his breath as all three men watched her move off the coffee table and down to the floor. Jennifer stood on her knees, palms pressed into the floor and with a mischievous grin across her lips.

"I wanna see that ass, spread those legs!"

It was Luthor's voice calling out to Jennifer and she soon gasped upon feeling the palm of his dark hand striking across her ass.

"Ohhhh yeah! Spank my ass! I like that!"

"You do huh?"

He smacked her ass again while her eyes glanced up at Alec and gave him a quick wink. Jean was standing off to the right side, wanking his cock as he was neglected from Jennifer's attention. All he could do was stand there and watch as she crawled between his friends legs and turned her head, proceeding to dart her tongue up the crack of Alec's ass. He gasped and suddenly screamed out in excitement.

"Jesus fucking Christ!"

As Alec screeched, Luther had leaned down and gripped Jennifer's ass cheeks to pull them apart. Jean remained standing there as he watched two of the trio having their fun with this woman. Jennifer's tongue dangled at Alec's dark little hole, rimming him as he began to pant and moan wildly.

"Holy shit. This is one kinky fucking woman..."

Jean spoke aloud but what he soon witnessed from Luther was repeating the actions that Jennifer was already engaged in. His tongue darted down the crack of her fine ass, simultaneously in key with Jennifer's own tongue twirling around Alec's dark little hole. As he still felt left out from the action, almost to the point of sighing and moaning over this neglect, Jean spoke again to get their attention.

"I never knew you were an ass-mucher Luther, damn. I want some of that."

Raising his head from Jennifer's ass, Luther looked back at his friend with an annoyed expression.

"Hey man, fuck you! You want some of this? Make a move and get it yourself!"

A muffled moan was soon heard from a female tone of voice. Jennifer pulled her tongue away from Alec's buttocks and then climbed out from beneath his legs.

"Mmmmmmm, I don't wanna see both of you fighting over me."

Jennifer reached out with one of her hands, grabbing Jean's cock as she pulled him closer and began to wank him. Her other hand found it's place wrapping those slender fingers around Alec's pole like before. She soon felt another hard smack across her ass from Luthor's venturing hand.

"I'm ready to take a crack at this juicy ass."

Her golden hair flipped as Jennifer glanced beyond her shoulder and nodded to the man from behind.

"Oh yeah? I could've guessed you'd want to fuck my ass first!"

His hand came down striking her buttocks once more as Jennifer let out a sharp moan. She could hear Jean sigh before he opened his mouth to protest.

"Seriously? He gets to fuck your ass after I've been standing here while you have fun with-"

"Wait, wait! Hold up there before you start bitching."

She swiftly cut him off in speech, getting her point across by squeezing her fingers around his shaft. Jennifer had come to a halt from wanking both cocks as she first glanced up at Alec, then moving her eyes towards Jean.

"I want one of you to fuck me while your friend is going to ram me up the ass. Are you gonna be the one that goes first?"

"Fuck yeah it's gonna be me!"