We had been dating for 6 months, what happened on camp was still fresh in my mind.

We were both at college and I had also found out that she'd ended up in classes with her friends (from camp).

I had already met her parents and Fortunately they seemed to like me. Although they were quite strict as far as things went with their daughter having a boyfriend.

We were allowed in her room and I was made to feel as welcome in their home as my own, so we sneaked about most of the time when it came to playing around with each other. Discreetly coping a feel when we could of each others assets. We would often engage in soft foreplay in her room when we knew we'd got a lot of time. We masturbated each other to the point of climax, often ending up in a mess on her sheets or her catching the load just in time and swallowing it.

She always commented about that day at camp and giggled just thinking about it.

"We should go swimming again" she teased.

I smiled and moaned, grabbing her body and wrestling her to her bed.

"You just know what's gonna happen if we do.. god I love that swimsuit of yours." I said laughing.

"Oh I see, it's the swimsuit that does it for you huh?" She replied.

I just smirked and nodded "mmmhmmm, and your sexy body of course!"

We giggled and teased as she moved to her wardrobe and grabbed her swimsuit hinting and teasing me with it.

To say it drove my wild would be an understatement.

"You need to be careful, I might have an overwhelming urge to fuck you. " I whispered.

Heather giggled and responded "I might just let you."

Had it not been for her parents being down stairs, I'd have taken her there and then.

The next time she met me, a few days later she was wearing a short summer skirt and tee shirt. The first thing she did was lift her shirt up to flash her swimsuit at me. I grinned like a Cheshire cat. Just knowing she had it on was a tease enough for my cock to grow uncomfortable in my jeans.

"We're not going swimming are we?" I asked.

"No, but I thought you'd approved and appreciate the tease." She responded giggling.

Whenever she called for me to come over, her parents always greeted me warmly. Tonight it was just her mum, who seemed to be much better at reading body language than her husband was. She immediately picked up on the look in my eyes and the fact that I was incredibly excited about her daughter.

She was ok with it but her husband had made it clear about sleep overs with boys . Though she seemed to love the loving relationship we appear to have. And chose to upon occasion, 'overlook' little flirts between us - like when Heather flashed her swimsuit at me under her shirt.

She didn't see the swimsuit, just assuming it was a flash. she chose to not react to the tease, as long as I knew my place and never over stepped the mark with her daughter. We went to her bedroom and we playfully teased each other as we usually did. Knowing her mum was close by we knew we needed to be quiet.

I laid on her bed and she knelt beside me, she began to tease me in my Jean's, feeling to see what underwear I was wearing. It didn't take long for her to realise I wasn't wearing any and she bit her lip seductively and grinned. She could feel me getting hard under her touch. My hands reached and found their way under her shirt, I caressed the swimsuit covered body and breasts gently, making her moan a little under my touch. She gently unzipped me and my cock sprang free, she gave a gasp of appreciation and began to tease me in her tiny hand as she had done many times before.

She felt my girth and became breathless as she stroked me. She moved and straddled me, stroking my cock now hidden under her skirt.

"Oh my god, you're big today. Is it the swimsuit?" She asked.

I nodded and laughed "mmmhmm.."

My hands moved under the skirt and found the front of her swimsuit, my fingers delved under the fabric and I felt her hairs and moist slit. She gave a coo and wriggled as she stroked me.

We had become very good at hiding our intimacy - or just being very quiet about it.

She writhed as she felt the girth of my shaft near her swimsuit, she moved up so she could grind her cleft up and down my hard shaft as it laid on my navel. We were so close, it wouldn't take much. But her mum, we had held off sex in case we got caught. She already needed to hide the morning after pills after camp from her.

"Mmmmmm oh yeah, that's so good." She hissed quietly.

I pulled her swimsuit aside and exposed her bare pussy to my shaft. Her hot juices left a trail mark up the underside of my shaft as she began to rub herself up and down it, pinning its length between her lips and my navel.

My hands held her hips and she mimicked fucking me for a few moments, humping me as if we were alone. I was becoming more aware of our movements, I didn't want her bed to creak and give away what we were upto. But I also wanted to slip inside her.

Heather got more and more turned on. I could feel her juices lubricating my shaft, her hip movements made her slide almost the full length of my shaft as she toyed with me. We were both close to orgasm and we knew it.

She subconsciously raised her hip up and as I felt her weight move with one hand I held her swimsuit aside and with the other I guided myself up. Just to coincide with her downward movement. She paused as she felt my hot head at her wet lips. Pausing. Unsure if she should or not.

Just then her door swung open and her mum stood there, "sweetie, do you want a drink?"

The shock made her instantly drop, simultaneously impaling her on my full, hard length.

"Aahhh!! Oh shit!" Heather screamed. Shocked at her mums entrance and mine.

"Oh sorry hun, I didn't mean to startle you, everything ok?" Asked her mum.

I instantly removed my hands from under the skirt and held them innocently behind my head as I 'relaxed'

Heather nodded, desperately trying to get her breath back from being 'startled' and not wanting to give away to her mother that she had her boyfriend's cock all the way inside her and she was currently milking it with her pussy.

"Mmmhmmm no, er.. it's ok, everything's fine. Just made me jump is all." Heather replied.

Her mum looked and smiled at us as Heather straddled me. Completely unknowing I was buried inside her daughter.

"Awww just look at you lovers. It's so good to see you both so happy." She continued.

She looked at me and asked "David honey, did you want a drink?"

I nodded my head and smiled politely at her "yes please Mrs Bailey." my voice a little trembled.

She smiled and left, closing the door back behind her. I looked at Heather who had blushed bright red and we giggled together.

"Holy shit! That was close?" She scolded me.

I just grinned and twitched my cock inside her, making her writhe and moan as she felt it. She began to slowly move on me, gently sliding up and down a little, enough to feel like she was fucking me. I kept my hands behind my head as she continued. She felt every bit as good as she had at the water park. Her tight pussy clenched and milked me, I knew that at this rate it was possible I wouldn't last much longer. But her mum would soon return and Heather was very much aware of that fact. Strangely though, she never actually stopped. She continued to move her hips enough to ensure she could stimulate herself on my length.

I let out a gasp and grunt, quietly and discreetly as she moved on me. I wanted to tell her I was close, but the temptation to just fill her by surprise was too strong. I was a time bomb, soon to explode.

I could feel Heather tighten and her hot juices ran out as she too gasped and moaned. We were both so close. She bit her lip and stifled her orgasm the best she could, like she had to whenever we teased each other on previous occasions.

The door swung open again and in walked Mrs Bailey with 2 glasses of orange juice. Heather almost bit her lip open and turned immediately to her mum and gasped.

"Two drinks for the lovers." She said putting the glasses on her bedside table.

Heather was still trembling on me, as she tried to act normal in front of her mother. By now I was past the point of no return and was about to ejaculate. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't warn her about it now, could I?

"Thanks mum!" Heather strang together the words in her trembling orgasm.

I looked at her and smiled, confident that my voice would betray me. Her mum reached a hand out and cupped her face, smiling at her with loving motherly gaze.

"I'm so happy for you honey." Mrs bailey said warmly.

Just then I began to ejaculate deep inside Heather. As soon as she felt my hot spurts flood her she trembled and tensed up. Her eyes widened briefly as her mother moved her hand to my face and squeezed my cheeks together.

"Gosh he's such a cutie!" She said having just missed her daughters tensing body from my orgasm.

As I pushed the remaining load out into Heather, she was pleased her mother was distracted by my face rather than hers.

"No wonder you're dating, 20 years younger and I'd have had a go myself." She followed up, teasing us.

She let go and turned blissfully unaware that I had just filled her daughter's pussy right in front of her.

"Have fun kids." She said, leaving the room. She stopped at the door and turned

"And no funny business, I saw you flashing him!" She added innocently.

The door closed and I gave the biggest grin ever. Heather collapsed over onto me, gasping for air.

"You, absolute, bastard." She hissed angrily.

She slapped me hard on the chest, still impaled on my hard dick.

I giggled at us as she gently squirmed on my spent cock. She got up and slid off me. Her swimsuit covered her cum filled pussy and she moved.

"I forgot how good that feels though." Heather whined reminiscing. "I need to go get changed now though, you arse."

"Why?" i smugly replied.

"Because, you made a mess.. and.. if I take this off" she teased moving her hands under the swimsuit fabric.

"And have no undies on" she added, moving back to my side to kiss me.

"You'll end up fucking me again and we definitely won't get away with it a second time!"

As Heather moved, she grabbed my slick cock and put it back into my Jean's before moving to her top drawer. She pulled out some clean underwear and made her way to the bathroom. I laid there smug and smirking, pleased at what had just happened but more impressed at the fact we had just pulled it off.

After a few minutes, Heather returned, smiling with her swimsuit in hand. Giggling as she returned.

"That actually reminds me, I have a present for you." She said, moving back to her drawers.

She pulled out a packet and handed it too me. It was a pair of new Calvin Klein lycra tighty whities short legged trunks. I smiled and laughed.

"Mmmm nice! Are these for me or for you?" I asked cheekily.

Heather giggled and opened the packet, "at least these should be able to keep you all in!"

We giggled together as she pulled the trunks out and tossed them to me. I lifted them and inspected them. I smiled and got up and went to the bathroom, not wearing underwear that day was proving to be a useful thing after all.

I pulled on the new trunks, they were tight and felt wonderful against my skin. The breathable fabric wrapped itself around my contours and Heather was right. They could actually contain my bulge nicely.

I returned to the bedroom and grinned.

"So? Do they fit?" She asked.

I nodded and smiled.

"When do I get to see??" She added eagerly.

I shrugged and grinned "whenever you want" as I undid my jeans.

"Ahh.. no no no no nooo.." Amy hissed not wanting to get caught by her mother.

"If she caught you like that I'd die!" She added.

After another hour I had to go so we made our way downstairs.

"Good bye Mrs. Bailey." I shouted.

"Aww bye honey, see you soon" she replied.

The next day Heather called me, very excited and quite late in the evening.

"Hey babe, can you meet tomorrow night?" She asked enthusiastically.

"Sure thing, is everything ok?" I asked inquisitively.

"Oh. Er... yeah, but listen, I'm actually at going to be at Becky's house. but Becky has the house to herself all weekend so she's having a few friends around, could you bring pizza?" Heather told me.

"Sure, sounds fun" I replied.

"Mmmm ok baby, but if anyone asks, it's a study session To help with finals." Heather responded.

The next day I got ready, went for a shower and groomed myself ready for the 'study session'. I put on the tighty whities Heather had bought me, some black jeans and a small white, tight shirt to match the undies. I headed for the pizza place and then onto Becky's house which wasn't far away from Heather's.

I got there and rang her door bell. Becky answered with a smile and grabbed the pizza box. Looking around the dark, lifeless street she invited me in. She closed the door quickly and smiled.

For a party it was very quiet.

"Where is every one?" I asked.

"In here!" Heather yelled.

Becky showed me through to her living room where Heather, Katy and Karen were sat waiting.

"No one else here?" I asked.

Heather bit her lip, shaking her head. She quickly got up and moved towards me. We embraced and kissed each other passionately.

"Not quite no, I.. I mean we, er..." Heather fumbled.

Katy stood up and joined us "ssshh... this'll be our little secret." She hissed pressing her fingers firmly against my lips.

I was shocked at the revelation, what exactly was going to happen I could only imagine, but I was already bulging in arousal as Heather kissed me again.

The last time Katy did that to me, it ended in the best possible way.

They were all wearing joggers and tee shirts, very relaxed.

"Pizza!" Becky chimed breaking up the sexually charged moment.

Heather and I sat together on the sofa, Becky threw me a can and we all ate the pizza.

I didn't know Becky and Karen particularly well, but we all got along famously and it seemed my reputation had preceded me anyway.

There was a hint in the room that, even though the water park fun was 6 months ago and only me, Heather and Katy. It seemed like everyone knew and was desperate to talk about it. I wasn't sure though if they knew about how far we had gone with it. It was clearly the reason I was the only male there.

"So, hows it going Dave? Between you and Heather?" Katy asked.

I smiled and looked at Heather lovingly "brilliant. Thanks."

"Yeah, she tells us you're really getting serious." Becky added.

I just nodded and smiled.

"She even buys him underwear!" Katy told them.

"Ooooohhhhh" the girls teased together like a tv game show prize reveal.

Heather blushed and slapped Katy out of betrayal.

"They're really nice ones too, I helped her choose them." She gave me a wink as she told the room.

"Oooh really?" Karen asked.

"Mmmhmmm" Katy responded.

"I have them on actually!" I admitted, smiling at Heather who was yet to see me in them properly.

Heather's eyes widened and she giggled. I could tell she wanted to see them.

"I'm glad you said that, can you show me?" Heather asked eagerly.

I smiled and innocently asked "what, here?"

Heather giggled and jumped hardly containing her excitement. She reached out and began to caress my chest through my shirt.

"Yes please!" She whispered quietly.

I smirked and looked around, the girls sat there looking at me and started giggling. They had seen my lycra swim trunks and no doubt they all knew what had happened. I'd even fucked two of the girls so I just grinned back and began to strip.

"Wooohooo.." Becky shouted.

"Yay! Stripper!" Karen added.

They watched as I undid my black Jeans and slid them down, stepping out of them. Being watched by the four girls was making me hard and the tight CK's flexed under my bulging cock.

"Mmmm perfect!" Heather gasped.

As she immediately reached for my bulge and stroked it. The cheering in the room got louder, there was no regard as to the noise level. The house as it seemed was ours for the night.

"Thank you baby." Heather added.

Katy moved and reached out too, cupping my bulge and feeling the heat and hardening meat contained.

"They're better at keeping you in than your swimsuit Dave!" Katy said, smirking.

"But then, you like swimsuits, don't you Dave?" Becky added, standing from the couch.

"Mmmhmmm, Heather tells us that they really get you going." Karen joined in, sitting with the others now in a row in front of me of the sofa.

At the same time Heather broke away and the girls all grabbed their shirts and in a well rehearsed move, pulled them up and over their heads. They were all wearing the same navy blue school speedo swimsuit. Each girl was beautiful in her own right. Becky and Karen were both of a small build to Heather, I suppose being on the netball team had something to do with it.

They discarded their shirts and giggled, then reached for their joggers and pushed them down in time with each other, their legs flailing as they sat. I had already seen them in their swimsuits of course, but, somehow, I found this to be the sexiest thing I'd ever witnessed. I was still stiffening as I watched.

As they sat there teasing me. They all reached out to caress my body. Feeling each muscle and taking it in turns to feel my bulging cock.

They made a gap on the sofa for me to sit down and Karen tapped the gap. With a wry smile, I sat between Karen and Heather.

The girls giggled as Heather teased me. "So, are we gonna play a game?"

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders, I was after all, sat in my underwear between 4 girls in swimsuits.

"Mmmmm Truth or dare?" Karen giggled.

Everyone started giggling and Heather gasped shaking her head. "Nooo... I don't think so."

Karen sighed in disappointment, which was to be short lived as Heather moved and reached for box on the table. Katy closed the gap Heather had left between us and wiggled excitedly as she returned.

"Truth or dare takes too long. I think this'll be much more fun." Heather giggled.

I looked at her and smirked, it had taken them half an hour to get us to the point where we were sat in swimsuits and underwear; I had little doubt that they had a plan.

"Ok, everyone should know the rules." Heather giggled as she pulled out the twister ground sheet from the box.

She set it out on the large open space in front of us, handing the clock to Karen.

"The swimsuits should make it easier." Heather added explaining the choice of attire they had.

As weak as it was, it did somewhat explain why. I was smiling wide and was already filling the lycra CK's with my bulging heavy cock.

We stood up as Heather rallied us assigning each of us to a side. She grabbed the clock from Karen.

"Ok, so... I'll be judge for this round. First one to collapse looses and is judge next round." Heather told us eagerly.

We all nodded and smiled, taking our positions, Karen on the red side, Becky on the green, Katy at the top and me at the bottom. The thought of our bodies being contorted together was getting me worked up, surely they knew what might happen during this game.


Heather span the clock.

"Karen, left hand yellow."

Karen stepped over the red dots and placed her left hand on the yellow dot closest to me, squatting as she did, looking up straight into my bulge with a grin.

"Katy, right foot.. green."

Katy stepped forwards, placing her foot on the end green dot, looking directly across at me.

"Becky?? Right hand... red!"

Becky giggled and moved onto the mat, squatting like Karen ending back to back with her she placed her right hand on the red dot closest to me.

"Dave.... left foot... blue."