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This is the final chapter in To My Senses, and, I expect, the final chapter in the Gary series. While I do have ideas rattling around my head for further books to post on this site, I think I'm going to give Gary some well-earned peace and quiet. I see no need to return to his story, nothing else that needs to be added to complete his journey.

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The Jeep rolled up the driveway slowly, under the forest canopy. The trees reached up towards the cloudy, steel gray sky, barren of leaves, skeletal from the cold wind. Enough evergreens remained that dark needles blocked out the view around the bends in the road, the dull sky overhead.

I could feel eyes on me as I drove, and smiled. That'd be Carman, watching over her family. The Russian Shepherd dog was much more task-oriented than her mate, Neit, and constantly patrolled the property, like a giant, furry Terminator. Neit was probably lying in a hole he'd dug out back, watching the kids.

The three-story dome house appeared around a bend in the driveway, and I smiled. Home again. Home for a weekend. Then out on the road.

I got out into the cold fall air, pulled the garage door up with a clatter, then put the truck into drive and drove in. The cold bit into my skin, gnawing pain jumping to life in my head and arm and leg. I had a metal plate holding my head together, and a metal hip, fused vertebrae, and all of them burned as fall receded and winter approached. My arm... My arm just hurt. Ten years after being shattered by a bullet, it still gave me grief. My old injuries didn't slow me down much though, between hiking and weight lifting, I kept myself in shape. I was forty years old and hadn't lost much of a step over thirty years old. Maybe I even I was in better shape.

There had been a couple of close calls, gunfights in Minneapolis and Milwaukee, fighting off an infection, but I felt GOOD and ignored what didn't.

The kitchen I walked into was spacious and smelled like bread and roasting vegetables. I closed the door silently behind me and watched the woman at the sink, a soft smile growing on my face. I walked over and she stiffened as she heard my boots on the tile floor, didn't turn from the dishes.

I wrapped my arms around her just-beginning-to-expand waist, nuzzled my face into the curve of her neck, nose buried in silky white-blonde hair. "Hey, wife."

"Hey, husband." Sienna shook suds from her hands, wiped them on a towel, and then clutched my arms tightly, pulling my embrace even more snug around her. Her ass began to grind against my groin, slow shifts of her dress-clad rump against my slacks.

"How was your day?"

"Good. Did some schooling with the kids, sent them out just a little bit ago to work on the garden. Started working on dinner right after that."

"So they're outside?"

"Yeah, with strict orders not to come in until you bring them in. Check the cameras."

I stepped away from my wife, looked at the LCD panel set into the wall showing the camera feeds. Several little figures moved among the tan stalks of corn, moving between that long patch and a couple of big totes on the ground. I smiled big at the sight of my family.

Amazing how much could change.

I turned back to Sienna, looked her over. Her figure was still slim, though beginning to swell with our next baby. She looked more regal, more refined than when I'd meet her a decade ago, her posture straighter, her body a little less soft and coltish looking.

She'd grown up, survived shit most people couldn't have imagined, much of it by my side.

She still had those beautiful green eyes though, the same brilliant smile, that thick, sleek blonde hair.

And a body that got me hard, even though she was fully dressed.

I stepped over to the counter and picked up a thin strap of leather. Green, set with a clasp and three D-rings from which dangled small silver-set emeralds. "Kneel please."

Sienna bit her lip in a shy smile and lowered herself to the floor, holding up her platinum hair so I could collar her.

The kids called it "Mommy's indoor necklace." Mommy had an outdoor necklace too, a slightly thick silver chain dangling three identical gems. They were family and public acceptable collars, and passersby and our kids didn't see them as abnormal enough to question.

Sienna rose gracefully, holding my eyes forcefully, lip between her teeth. I stepped up close enough to feel her body heat, feel the movement of her breathing accelerate. My hand found the hem of her sundress, lifted it. My fingers slid over the top of her stocking, brushed the garters on their way to her groin.

With a family underfoot, I couldn't very well mandate that my sub forgo underwear in order to be available to me at my whim, so requiring stockings and a garter belt under her panties was the next best thing.

Sienna gasped slightly as my fingers tugged the gusset to the side of her vulva, stroked the smooth skin. She blushed. "I tweezed those few hairs you found during our bath last night. Am I smooth enough for you, sir?"

I explored her pussy further, tracing the edges of her labia up to her clit, down to slide a finger into her slick depths. Green eyes squinted and she inhaled sharply, a plaintive look crossing her face.


"Yes, schoolgirl?"

She smirked again at my use of her nickname, gasped as my fingers found a particularly pleasurable spot inside her. "Grab my ass, please."

I did, hands sliding around her waist under the dress, pulling her close by my grip on her glutes so I could kiss her with bruising force. My fingers wandered over the crack of her ass, squeezing and parting the cheeks, and I felt something unexpected.

I pulled back fractionally, caught the blonde's eye. "Is that what I think it is?"

She bit her lip, nodded.

"You didn't have to do that, you know. You already did that once this week."

Her brilliant green eyes lifted to mine. "I know. I just thought with you having a stressful week at work, you'd find it a relaxing way to destress tonight."

I put my hand on the side of her face, held her face so that I could address her. "You know what this means?"

"Mmmhmmm..." Sienna shifted sensually against me. "Yes," she said breathily. "It means that tonight after my maintenance spanking, after I thank you with my mouth... or my cunt...I crawl over to our Saint Andrews Cross, get chained up, take your rock hard dick up my tiny little asshole. That's why I wore my plug today, cuz I know how big and hard you'll be and I don't want it to hurt."

I felt my erection come to life at the thought of backdooring my wife tonight, and I pulled her to me for a kiss, so she could feel what she'd inspired between us. Sienna surrendered to my lips and tongue, moaning quietly as I explored her mouth with my own.

Eventually, she stepped away. "I need to confess something, master."


"I made myself cum a couple of time times this morning."

"I don't remember receiving a text or a phone call..." We had a rule, if she wanted to masturbate, she had to let me know. I didn't tell her whether or not she could cum, but I did require that she inform me she was pleasuring herself.

"I was doing it to get ready for my plug, I wanted to surprise you."

"You didn't need to tell me about the plug, just that you were touching yourself."


"Tell me what you did."

Sienna bit her lip, looked at the floor, then back up. "Got the kids ready for breakfast, told Jane to get them cleaned up while I took a bath. I showered and then used that realistic dildo that Tori gave me back in Minnesota."

"Tell me," I commanded.

"First, lying on my back in the tub, feet on the wall, with the faucet pouring on me. That was REALLY nice." She blushed, red spreading across her fair skin. "Then I stuck it on the wall and backed up on it, like you were taking me from behind. After that, I put it on the edge of the tub and rode it."

"And you got off every time?"


"And then when I got out, I lay down on the bed, reached back, and VERY slowly put that toy in my butt. I made myself cum like that, then put my plug in."

"So you came...four times?"

"Well..." Sienna blushed. "Six. Three using the dildo under the faucet."

"It sounds like you're telling me I should spank you thirty times."

She gave me a little giggle. "Maybe twenty-four tonight?"

I widened my eyes at her. "Tonight? I seem to remember a discussion we had a few weeks ago about immediately correcting bad behavior whenever possible."

"Right now?"

I looked over at the display on the wall, counted heads. All there. "The kids are gonna stay outside, right? No chance of them seeing?"


"Then right now."

"Yes, sir."

I pulled out the bench from the side of our kitchen table, sat down, patted my lap.

Sienna walked around me, lowered herself to my knees, toes and fingers on the floor. She lifted her head, fine blonde hair spilling around her face. "Like this?"

"Like this," I confirmed.

I gently pushed the hem of her dress up her stocking-clad legs, over the curve of her butt, up around her waist. Those creamy curves turned me on, so much flesh now on display. I tugged her panties down just as slowly - glad she'd remembered to put them on over her stockings and garter belt - exposing her private parts for my gaze. Years of habit made her spread her legs to hold the tiny garment around her knees. Her cheeks were already wide-parted by the emerald set into the flange of her buttplug, the thick stem disappearing inside her. She shivered as I ran my hands over her bottom, inside the curves of her thighs, inhaled sharply as my fingers found her smooth pussy, the folds already wet with arousal.

"Ready?" I asked quietly.

"Yes, sir."

I pulled my hand back, brought it down on her lifted rump. She inhaled, looked back, and grinned. "Hey..."

That hadn't been hard at all. Neither was the next one.

It took ten swats to her ass to work up to a strength that would actually cause a sting of pain. The first one of those caused Sienna to raise her head sharply with a hissed inhalation. She watched me pull my hand back for the next, let out a little cry at the impact.

I spanked her twenty-two times instead of the twenty-four she'd suggested, and the thirty I'd suggested. I'd give her the rest tonight, and probably more.

She reached back to rub her red bottom, giving me a shy look that was part pout, part arousal, part pretend anger. I returned my hand to her bottom, this time to knead and grope and massage.

"You like this, don't you, See?"

She let her head hang, gave no response.


"Yes..." Her whimper was breathless.

"You like being the cute housewife. Taking care of the kids and the house. Pleasing your husband whenever and however he desires. Getting disciplined for any bad behavior. Does that make you happy?"

"Yes. Very much."

I pulled up her panties, pulled down her dress, and the blonde slid off my lap, arranged herself on her knees in front of me. "Thank you for spanking me, Gary."

"You're welcome."

Her fingers pulled at my belt, undid my zipper, freed my erection from my boxers. "May I?"

"If you want."

"I want." Her voice was dark with arousal.

Sienna closed her lips over the head, pulled away gently, did it again, and a third time before sliding down my length, sucking as she began to bob her face in my lap, making me groan. I hadn't had time for fucking before heading out the door this morning meant I was quickly aroused, on the razor's edge of sexual tension.

I stroked the blonde head hanging over my crotch, and Sienna hummed happily ad she pleased me.

Fuck this. I wanted to take my woman.

I gently guided her up, and she gave me a surprised look. "You don't want..."

I bent her over the table, hiking her dress up again and tugging her panties back down to her thighs. Dammit, that was a gorgeous sight.

Sienna arched her neck and wiggled her feet apart, gazed back. "If you want my ass...take it. No need for you to wait till tonight."

"I'll wait." I rubbed the swollen head of my prick against the wet, fleshy lips of her twat, and the blonde arched further as I pushed in. Her vaginal canal was slippery but made even tighter than normal by the presence of the plug clenched in her ass, and I moved slowly until she was used to the sensation.

"Shit, that feels good," she moaned.

"Oh yeah."

I was moving faster now, drawing yelps and cries of pleasure from my wife, and I fisted her blonde hair, pulling her head off the table. I wanted her to feel powerless, and I wanted to see her face when she came.

It was almost like she read my mind. "Don't worry about making me cum, master. Just let go, it's fine..."

I kissed her, forcing my tongue against hers, making her whimper, barely audible over the smack of hips against glutes.

My other hand snaked around her hip, found her slit, and she stiffened, screamed into my mouth as she climaxed, body going rigid from my fingers on her clit. I held still, held her while the convulsions of pleasure tightened and relaxed her, then eased her back to the table.

I gathered her wrists together behind her tightly, put a hand on her hip, and began seeking my own climax.

I didn't have to wait long. The boiling reached its crescendo, and I pressed hard against her ass, straining for another millimeters depth as I painted her vaginal walls with my creamy spunk, each throb splashing out rope after rope of sperm into her depths. My whole body tightened with the exertion, and I grunted loudly as I came.

Sienna just looked back at me with a satisfied smile.

After a long moment of closeness, bent over her back and kissing her neck, I pulled away, wiped a single drop of cum from See's netherlips with a napkin from the table, cleaned myself off. She turned, pulling up her panties, adjusting her dress as I tucked myself away and refastened my pants.

She leaned back against the kitchen table, breathing hard, smiling happily at me. "That was worth waiting all day for."

I tossed the napkin in the trash, returned to kiss her forehead. "Yes, it was."

She straightened, put a hand on my chest. "Go change, then check in on the kids, ok?"

"Planning on it."

I gazed down at my wife, the woman who'd been by my side for years. Who'd given me children I'd never thought I'd wanted. Long ago I'd been afraid to let her into my life. Now I couldn't imagine my life without her. "I love you, schoolgirl."

She brushed her lips against mine in a brief, tender kiss. "I love you too, professor."

The kitchen door opened into the dome house's greatroom, and I sprinted up the stairs on the outside all to the bedroom. The entire second floor was ours, the kids' rooms on the third floor above it. I unlocked the door, moved through the "airlock" -- the normal little waiting room that people were allowed to see, unlocked the bedroom door.

The sex furniture was why we had the waiting room. Half the floor was bathroom and closet space, the other half was a one-room bedroom and dungeon. I changed into heavy jeans, hooded t-shirt, heavy wool flannel, put my shoulder holster back on. Moving to Wyoming countryside meant that four-legged threats were more prevalent than two, necessitating an upgrade from the Sig. Rifle on a sling when venturing outside the yard, ten millimeter CZ and a Bowie on me at all times...I sometimes chuckled at the thought that I'd become a vision of a modern-day pioneer or cowboy.

Life had certainly changed.

For everyone.

I stepped out the backdoor after kissing Sienna again and grabbing my rifle from above the door and headed to the fenced-in garden.

As expected, Neit was lying on a fresh patch of dirt, ears up, watching the movement of small figures among the tall dry stalks. Half of the massive patch had been picked clean for canning early in the season, the rest was allowed to dry to be turned into cornmeal. It was a far cry from my little under-the-window side yard spice garden back in Minnesota.

I scratched the coarse fur on the gigantic dog's gigantic head, and he turned towards my fingers, encouraging harder scritches, then rolled happily to his side so I could kneel and give his belly a rub.

Having rewarded the guard dog, I stepped into the garden. "Hey, kiddos!"

Small figures shrieked with happiness as they darted towards me through the patch of corn, and I grinned wide as they came into view. Jane was nearly eleven, the oldest. Her sister, Nancy, was biologically Morgan's and Sienna's, about three years younger. Nina and Mike were twins, birthed by See with Jessie's frozen eggs and my frozen sperm. I'd gotten a reversal on my vasectomy, and had impregnated Sienna the old-fashioned way about a year after the twins were born, and she'd given birth to Bear.

I had a surprising number of young children for being forty, but they were well-behaved, and we kept them tired out with running and other physical activity so they didn't act out too much.

I crouched so they could hug me, four little voices babbling about what they'd done today, and I felt an impossible glow of love warm my whole body. This was my family.

Jane approached, held out her hand. "Dad."

I shook. "Keeping them in line?"

She smiled and for just a moment I could see Morgan Skolnich's rogue-ish looks in her features and short blonde hair. Somehow she'd even developed a hint of a southern accent as she'd aged, despite never going below the Mason Dixon line. She was an odd child, serious, always looking after her siblings and putting herself second, working and studying and exercising harder. Maybe some of that drive that had led her biological father to become a Force Recon Marine had transferred to her DNA. "Always. Corn is almost all in. You have a good day?"

"Better now that I'm home. C'mon, let's put the bins away, leave the rest of the corn for tomorrow, and then go for a walk."

"Walk?" Bear asked, still uncertain with words.

"A walk, silly," Mike told him. "Out there!" He pointed at the forested hills rising up and up behind our backyard.

I carried one bin, Jane dragged another, and the four smaller kids pushed the third back to the garage. I stacked them in front of my truck, and we headed back out into the chilly October air, trudging across the backyard and into the hills. I kept slinging one of the three smaller kids up on my hip to carry them for a few minutes, putting them back down, picking up the next one.

Out of the long grass fields and into the bands of forest that striped the holds, and I set the kids to running. They dashed, laughing from the paths to locations I pointed out ahead, waited panting for me to walk to them.

I sighed, inhaled deep of the chilled, country air. It smelled fresh, sharp, with a hint of smoke. One of the nearby farms was probably burning something.

This was relaxing. Time with my kids, listening to them ramble excitedly on. Getting out into nature, seeing the beauty of the state as fall descended towards the bitter cold of winter.

The forest broke at an outcropping and Jane kept the smaller kids from going too near the edge, from falling to the rubble-strewn hillside below. Nina pointed at the distant dome of our house, a tiny figure heading towards the treeline. "Is that mom?"

The kids crowded behind Jane to look, and I chuckled, flipped the quick detach levers on my FAL to remove the scope, cranked the magnification up to eight power and played the reticle across the countryside. Wow, we'd really climbed...

"Yeah, yeah it is."

They broke, yelling for the treeline we'd just exited, and Jane rolled her eyes at me and followed.