In the original story I relate the experience of my wife Paula having a 'clothes on' threesome with my friend Roger and his girlfriend Jean while I watched. This story will make more sense if you've already read that.

Strange as it may seem, in the weeks that followed, Paula and I didn't delve into an immediate discussion of what took place with Roger and Jean at the barbeque. I know Paula all too well in this regard and know if I bring this up with her before she's ready to talk about it there can be trouble. The subject was avoided for quite some time. I don't know if we were both uncomfortable about it or she was ashamed or what. I know we both have a tendency to lose our inhibitions when we are really drunk or turned on and in that case both applied. Part of me was glad that it didn't turn into more but another twisted part of me wondered how that might have played out.

Running into Roger at work I almost cringed wondering if he was going to be an asshole about it. The whole "I had fun with your wife" thing would really piss me off. We've been friends for a long time and I didn't really want to end that, but I had no intention of putting up with him if he was going to be a dick. Thankfully he was very cool. The only things he said were that the experience was the hottest thing he had ever done and thanks. He did hint that we should get together again, but it was in a general way with no specific date mentioned.

So life goes on for a few weeks and I'm thinking that this was a one-shot deal. Paula mentioned that Jean had called her a couple of times and they talked. Part of me wanted to interrogate Paula about the conversations but I knew that wouldn't be productive. I figured she'll tell me eventually, or she won't. Our sex life was good, at least by our standards in that we fucked probably three times a week. There seemed to be a subtle undercurrent of heat during our sessions, almost a longing for something just a bit more, but maybe it was my imagination.

I gently broached the subject one night while I was eating Paula. She was heating up well and I like to talk dirty to her when she's that way. As I ran my tongue over her wet pussy I stated, "One tongue is good, but two would be better."

Now this could have gone badly but thankfully Paula was heated enough to reply only, "I don't know".

"What do you mean you don't know? Roger and Jean each had a tongue on you here. Wasn't that even better?"

"I had my bathing suit on."

"Well, you must have had at least an inkling. How was it?" Driving my tongue deeper.

"Oooooh!" responding to my tongue. "It felt nice."

I guess I was in a twisted mood, so I took it a little further.

"Do you want to do that again?" I gave her a nice hard lick to punctuate the question.

"I don't know." She responded breathlessly. Her stock answer. The answer that takes no responsibility. The answer that really means yes because she can say no when she means no, but has trouble with yes.

"That was a lot of fun." I added.


So the subject was finally broached and there was no disastrous fight. Seeing Roger at work he again mentioned that we should get together again. I thought about it a lot, wondering how to advance things gently. I knew if I pushed Paula she would shut it down and then it would be much more difficult to try again. I know it seems strange, I mean you would think that as a married couple that shared this experience we could talk freely about it, but maybe it's a quirk of my relationship with Paula that we just can't.

Who am I fooling? It's just the way she is, so I take the good with the bad because the good can be so good and I've found ways to work around the bad.

So now three weeks have passed. Summer is not that long on Long Island and we are into August. Paula mentions that Jean called again and suggested we all get together again before the summer is over. I'm trying to gauge Paula's mood.

"What do you think?" I ask.

"Well, we should probably reciprocate, they were nice enough to have us over we should return the invitation."

"OK. This weekend?"

"No, the kids have a lot going on this weekend, but next weekend looks good."

"OK, I'll see if they can make it next weekend."

"Well, Jean said that next weekend should be good when I spoke to her."

OK, I'll ask Roger about next weekend.

I thought about this a bit. It seemed to me that the women evidently had already set things up which I guess was a good sign. Again I wondered just what went on in their conversations, but resisted questioning Paula. While I'm not as attuned to what was going on in the kid's lives as Paula is, usually only finding out when I needed to drive someone somewhere, I didn't think they had that much going on this weekend,. I didn't press Paula about it. As the weekend approached I did notice she had her period which may have explained why that weekend was no good.

As it turned out the following weekend was good for them and it was a date. We did the usual preparations of cleaning the house, vacuuming the pool and stocking up on food and booze. What was a little different this time was that Paula seemed to be taking an active role in farming the kids out for the night. The two oldest were to hang out with friends and the youngest was going to grandma's. There was a little static from the oldest in that her best friend wasn't available but Paula deftly directed her to the next best friend and it worked. This was definitely getting interesting I thought since we don't routinely get rid of the kids when people come over.

Finally the night before the get-together I could hold my tongue no longer. Paula was in a happy, sexy mood all evening and I had to find out what was going on in that head of hers.

"Pajamas or no pajamas?" She asked coming to bed from the shower in a towel.

"Definitely no pajamas."

With that she ditched the towel and got into bed next to me. I ditched my underwear moving to her side as she laid onto her back and we finally fell into each others arms and started kissing. She was still very warm and a little damp from the shower. As we kissed my hands worked their way down, first lingering over her heavy breasts, then over her tummy until finally gently caressing her pussy.

"Nice. Feels like someone has been busy with her razor." I remarked, feeling no pubic hair on her nether lips.

"Just a little clean-up."

"You know how much I love that." And I do, I'm really weird that way.

"I know, I like to make you happy."

"What a good wife." As I resumed some heated kissing with her, my fingers working their way into her. Moments later she moaned and if by magic she was suddenly very wet.

Paula's left hand was stoking my cock as I fingered her. I removed my hand only long enough to grasp her right hand, moving it to her crotch. She knows the routine and began to pleasure herself, finally plunging a finger into herself. I allowed it for a moment before pulling her hand up to our kissing mouths where she dutifully slid the sopping digit into both of our kissing mouths. This is another of my twisted fetishes she indulges and it was exciting for me to share her taste, feeling her tongue with mine as we cleaned her juices from her finger.

"You taste sooooo good." I remarked, as I moved down between her legs to sample her directly. Sure enough, she had shaved her pussy except for a sexy little 'landing strip' above her now wet and open slit.

"Just perfect. A perfect little porn-star pussy." I complimented.

"I didn't go too far?"

"If you took off every hair it wouldn't be too much, but I like this the very best." Planting another long lick between her folds.


She was heating up, right where I wanted her. I licked some more bringing her to the edge of orgasm.

"Maybe you would like two tongues on you here."

"I don't know."

"I think Jean would like to have her tongue on you."

"I don't know."

"I bet she would. Her and Roger both, maybe together. I'd like to join her here. I'd love to share your yummy pussy with her. Lick it with her."

Taking her left hand, I placed it over her pussy where she promptly began running her fingers over her clit. I kissed the top of her hand firmly, pushing it against her. Paula took the hint and slowly dipped her middle finger into her sex, first just the end and finally plunging the whole finger. Panting, she withdrew it, shiny and wet and offered it to me. I sucked her juices off, savoring them before pushing her hand down again with my kisses. Again she buried her finger into her sex, moaning and growing closer to climax, but this time when she withdrew it I moved her hand up. Paula dutifully brought the sopping finger into her mouth, even leaning slightly forward so I could watch as her tongue ran over it.

"I bet Jean tastes just like you. I bet she wants you to taste her."

"I don't know."

"Would you taste her with me?"

"I don't know."

Between my ministrations on her pussy and the sexy talk, Paula was getting a little too close to orgasm. I moved back up along side of her, laying on my back, my cock standing upright. She immediately went down on me, pushing my cock deep into her mouth. I can tell how turned on she is by how hard she pushes my cock against her throat. She can't really deep-throat me, but when she's really turned on she tries hard. Tonight she was trying.

Much as I enjoy her sucking and would love to finish there in her mouth, I had plans to fuck her silly, so after a minute or two I pulled her away.

"Let's find another hole to bury that in." I stated as I got to my knees between her spread legs. What a fantastic view I thought as I positioned myself above her, her look of arousal and anticipation, to the hard nipples on full breasts, the still narrow waist down to an open, wet pussy with it's sexy little landing strip. I had to be careful or I'd come instantly.

Paula was so sopping and with her saliva still covering me, I slid inside immediately. The feeling of bottoming out was exquisite, that first feeling of being totally joined. Paula moaned as she was filled.

"Still the perfect fit." I remarked.

"Oh yes, oh yes."

I fucked her gently for a dozen strokes before pulling almost all the way out and taking the opportunity to tease her.

"If you want it back inside, say the magic words." I demanded.

"Fuck me."

This time it wasn't gentle as I banged it into her hard. Thrusting firmly, our pubic bones bumping each other. Paula writhed and moaned, growing ever closer to orgasm. Part of me wanted to just bang her and bang her until she came, but I was so cranked up I was afraid I'd cum I before she did despite her arousal. Besides, I still wanted to know what she had planned.

"Get on your knees." I commanded as I rose off of her. Paula complied, offering up her tushy as I got behind her. I stuffed my cock into her and began fucking her doggie-style.

"Hmmm, in this position your mouth is still available. Maybe you would want Roger's cock in your mouth as I fucked your pussy."

"I don't know." She responded breathlessly.

"Or did you plan to eat Jean while I did this?"

"I don't know."

"You know with another couple there are near endless possibilities. I could fuck your pussy while Roger fucks your ass."

"Oooooohhhh. I don't know if I could take that."

Paula was really getting close, as was I.

I put my thumb into my mouth, wetting it thoroughly, then pushed it against Paula's anus. Her pussy juice had already run over ass, so my thumb went inside easily. I could feel my cock thrusting into her pussy with my thumb and vice-versa. Paula grunted and moaned.

"Hmmm. Somebody seems to like both of her holes filled." I commented. "Would you like me to fuck your bottom?"

"Whatever you want."

I pulled my slick cock out of her pussy and pressed it against her ass. Paula initially moved away slightly as I pressed it against her rear opening, but I held her hip with my left hand keeping her close as I guided my cock with my right. I continued pressing as my cock slid into her tight ass, an inch at a time. I pulled back slightly before again pushing in, more inches. Paula moaned but didn't pull away. Again, more inches in and then back out. I had it almost all the way in and hadn't even had a chance to do any proper thrusting when Paula came, pushing back against me hard as her body was wracked by her climax. This was too much for me and I came as well, dumping my cum into her bowels.

Finishing, I pulled her onto her side, my cock still hard and wedged into her. I was totally satiated.

"Wow. That was really hot." I commented, out of breath.

"Sean, you are so good."

"No, we are so good together. But while I've got you here, I have to know what exactly you have planned with Jean."

"I don't have anything planned."

"Cmon, don't give me that. You've been talking to her, suggesting we invite them over, ditched the kids; what's in the works?"

"Nothing, really. I just thought we should invite them over since they had us over."

"That's total bullshit. What went on last time was the sexiest stuff I've ever done, it was the sexiest stuff Roger said he'd ever done. Was it the sexiest stuff you've ever done? How many threesomes have you had?"

"Well, yeah, of course it was sexy. I've never had any threesomes except that."

"So, you think that was that and we'll have them over and we'll swim and eat and drink and talk and that will be all?"

"I don't know what will go on. Jean and I didn't discuss it."

"You've never discussed with her what happened before or what may happen next time?"

"No. I mean we both said how sexy it was and I don't think there are any regrets, but we didn't say we were going to do it again or anything."

I was incredulous. I couldn't believe what Paula was saying.

"What do you want to happen?" I asked.

"I don't know. I thought we'd just wait and see. I mean, I didn't set it up last time, you guys kind of made it happen."

"I don't think anyone set anything up last time. They told us about the whole bar scene they had in Vermont and how, well, I don't have to rehash it, you were there. I probably let my mouth run before I really thought it out, but it was just the situation."

"Yes, just the situation."

"Well, I can't say for certain what their expectations are, but if I were to guess I'd say they are hoping for some kind of repeat. I'd like a repeat, but I don't want to be a bystander like last time."

"No, that wouldn't be fair to you. Maybe we can pretend again and you will take Roger's place this time."

"Well, that would certainly be better for me and I guess fair is fair, so what do we do? Ask if we can do it again with the roles reversed?"

"We'll have to wait and see. Play it by ear. See where it goes."

With that part discussed, I took the opportunity to question Paula on what she would do or not do.

"Will you do the stuff I talked about?"

"You mean let them run their tongues on me again?"

"Well, that and other things."

"You want to run your tongue over her?"

"Yes, and more."


"Yes, run my tongue over her with you."

"That turns you on?"

"You know it does."

"Why do guys get turned on when women do other women?"

"I have no idea, it's something in our wiring."

"You'd want me to do that, with you?"


"And the other stuff, you know, Roger in my mouth as you fuck me?"

"Well, it's very sexy and I thought it might be something that would excite you too. Does it?"

"Yeah, but wouldn't it bother you? Me sucking another man? Having him in my mouth?"

"Well, it's not like this is the one thing I want, but it would be sexy. It wouldn't bother me in that setting, all of us together. Don't get any ideas about doing that without me."

"I wouldn't. I have no interest in anyone but you."

"I don't want to make you do something you don't want to do, something you are uncomfortable with."

"I know, but I like to make you happy. I can't say right now that I would or wouldn't do it. It depends on how things feel then."

"And if you've been drinking."

"Well, you know me with alcohol."

"Yes, so you shouldn't be totally hammered. It's not fair and I don't want you to have regrets the next day. Like I said, I'm not trying to con you into anything."

"No, that wouldn't be good."

"And I don't want this to affect our relationship. This is something we are doing together as a couple and we don't want to do anything that will hurt us as a couple."

"No, I agree. If something doesn't feel right for either of us, we should say something."

"Like a secret safe-word either of us could say that would stop everything?"

"Yes. What shall we use, red-light?"

"That's a little obvious, you may as well shout 'STOP!' I was thinking something a little more subtle, that would gently stop things and allow us to talk before going further without weirding out Roger and Jean."

"How about time-out?"

"Yeah, that sounds a little more mellow. It just pauses things without ending everything. Let's try to remember that."

"We are going to keep our suits on right? I mean, all that stuff you said, that's just theoretical right?"

"Right." I lied.

With that, we cuddled and fell asleep. My curiosity was answered. Unless she changed her mind, it would seem that Paula was theoretically willing to do quite a bit with our friends. I was both excited and nervous. Excited about the possibilities of expanding our sexuality to include a third and possibly a fourth person and nervous about how the whole thing could turn out and if it would damage our relationship. Sex is fun, divorce is not and I reminded myself to keep this in mind before I pushed things to a higher level.

The next day dawned bright, warm and sunny which was a plus. We both busied ourselves with house, yard and food preparations. The pool was sparkling and the beer was cold. Paula mixed up some sangria for the ladies.

Right on time, Roger and Jean showed up already in their bathing suits. I noticed Jean's suit was different from last time which shouldn't have surprised me since women always seem to want to be dressed in a different outfit. This bikini was definitely smaller than the one she wore last time, with mere strings holding each part. While it wasn't a 'thong' style, the bottom was brief.

"Nice suit Jean, is it new?" I complimented.

"I got it just before our last cruise, but I ended up not wearing it much since it's kinda small."

"It looks like it fits you fine."

"It fits, it's just that it shows kind of a lot and I didn't feel comfortable wearing it on the ship and stuff."

"I'm glad you're comfortable wearing it today."

With that, Paula came down from our bedroom, also in a bikini, one I hadn't seen before either. We all took a moment for the obligatory 'men shake hands and the women give everyone peck kisses'. I took a moment to assess Paula's bikini. It was far smaller than the one she wore at our last visit so I surmised she must be feeling more comfortable as well. It was cut similarly to Jean's but the top was probably a size too small in that while it covered her breasts, the bottoms of the bra cups were suspended just barely above her ribcage, held out by her breasts. Cool. This lack of coverage really allowed her rack to sway as she moved.

"That bikini is driving me nuts." I complimented her quietly.

"You like?"

"You better believe it."

"It's only for the back yard."

We all headed for the pool, drinks in hand and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of sunning, swimming, talking and drinking. Nobody broached what I thought was the obvious subject, including me.

A few hours later we went inside as a thunderstorm rolled in. By now we'd all had a few and the conversations seemed to be getting more risqué. I guess I wasn't the only one waiting for an opportunity to bring up the subject at hand.