After having two intense sexually-charged sessions in a short time span which involved me blowing off huge loads onto or in-between my newly-minted girlfriend's marvellous rack, I was hooked on it like a drug.

The sex-crazed teenager in me constantly wanted more action but there was no real opportune time. A trip to the theatres for movies phasing out or study sessions at each other's places didn't pan out as what we intended, only providing us a temporary but insufficient reprieve. We snuck in rushed kisses, gropes and some rubbing but unfortunately we didn't mange to progress any further.

Jarelle didn't explicitly state her desire for the physical aspect of our relationship, but she definitely showed it through her actions; with increasing revealing clothes, showing that extra inch of cleavage, or even initiating a trip to a secluded handicap toilet at the mall, evoking good memories of that Friday's sexual escapade. Especially during this dry-spell that Jarelle and I were going through, recollecting on our lustful encounter served as good jerking-off material, even though it never sated the same thirst.

Emy and Andy made it a point to join Jarelle and I on our study dates as preparations for our national exams commenced. It had definitely helped in terms of giving everyone a disciplined regime of revision and more importantly, it meant that I couldn't make a move on Jarelle, or Andy on Emy during our supposedly study time. However, for Andy and I, it meant that we had more distractions in the form of two buxom babes instead of only our own girlfriend.

Typically, Emy would be decked in her usual jumper and shorts, while Jarelle took a more flexible approach, in the form of wearing blouses and tops, with a denim jacket or matching cardigan. Over the last few sessions and days, there was a passing heat wave, and Jarelle had discarded her jacket on most days, treating us to a sight. From a crop top which showed an excessive amount of her underboob, to a form-fitting sexy sleeveless blouse which showed an incredible amount of cleavage, it was fair to say that she caught a fair bit of attention. Despite Andy's best efforts at being discreet, he had been caught sneaking an increasing number of peeps and glances at my beautiful buxom girlfriend throughout the week.

Throughout the week, Emy had been seeking help from me on her Chemistry revision, and it had seemed just like any other study session, when Emy had plopped down on the seat directly opposite me and began bombarding me with questions. Andy strolled in not long after, munching on the sandwich he had just bought, and his eyes were almost glued onto Jarelle's voluptuous cleavage, which was on show, accentuated by her V-neck black floral print romper.

Emy, in her jumper, was already sweating buckets due to the incessant heat, and cursed out, "Damn, I regret this sweater outfit already. I should've known by now."

"You wanna head home to change? We could go together." Andy suggested, almost too innocently.

"Nah, I will just take this off." Emy replied. She pulled over her jumper, and what she wore underneath, evoked memories of me seeing her in her sexy state in the male washroom that eventful Friday. Emy wore a white tank top, with the low cut scoop displaying a delicious creamy cleavage of her snugly encased tits. Her boobs strained heavily against the tank top holding them and I could make out their perfectly round shape. The school uniform had looked like sexy lingerie on Emy that night, with one button too many undone, showcasing her glorious bra-cladded orbs. Arguably, what was in front of me now, was even hotter.

As I traced the beads of sweat glide from Emy's neck down to her cleavage which was on show, I couldn't help but develop a massive boner. My mind couldn't help but drift to the different possibilities that could have happened that night. Did Andy managed to see more? Did Emy jerk him off or gave him a blowjob? Maybe Emy had given Andy a titfuck, and the visual stimulus led to him blowing his load so quickly. Is Emy still a virgin?

From that, it escalated to the different fantasies I had of Emy. One of my favourite was me blackmailing her regarding what I heard or saw. Right by the sink, I would slowly unbutton Emy's blouse. I could almost see her pouty face, in some form of unwillingness of protest. However, she had no other alternatives but to comply. I could jerk myself off until I blew a hot load into her mouth or onto her face, much to Emy's digust. Alternatively, and more favourably, if Emy was willing, I could trade sexual favours in return for being coy and the tutoring. Emy and I could even have a quick rendezvous in the toilet while our respective oblivious parents were studying. We could mutually pleasure each other, before I fingered her into lustful oblivion and she stroked me off to coat her majestic perfect orbs with my seed. I couldn't deny that my deepest darkest fantasies involved Emy, and that they often coaxed the largest loads out of me.

I was so distracted that I didn't realise that the girls had already gone for their mid-day Starbucks treat, and was snapped out of my daydreams by Andy's sudden frustrated bellow.

"What's up? Are you stressed or are you frustrated at something else?" I questioned, half laughing at Andy's sudden outburst.

"Yeah I am stressed by Chemistry and pent up too." Andy snapped back, as he sulked, lamenting the lack of opportunities.

"Chemistry, I can help." I offered, "But pent up, I can't." I laughed. I could understand Andy's frustration as I was in the same predicament too, having contemplated seriously about cutting my session short to head home early just to rub one out.

"Sigh. If only I knew what Emy was wearing underneath her jumper, I would have insisted that we go back to hers for a change in clothes." Andy grumbled.

"Are you sure you guys will be just changing clothes?" I teased Andy.

Andy gave me a friendly punch and boasted, "Well, getting the clothes off is definitely part one. I am sure when she sees the D, she would be in a rush to get hers off." It was one of his jock moments, which was relatively crude but I've learnt to accept it. I was never one to kiss and tell and stuck firmly for my principles.

"Yeah right, I am sure she will be." I nonchalantly waved Andy off.

"How're things going between Jarelle and you? Her dressing is so on-point recently!" Andy commented. We had an unsaid common understanding that our eyes would inadvertently wander to each other's girls. I couldn't help but wonder if Andy did fantasise about Jarelle, like I do about Emy.

"All is good." I gave a curt reply, as I had mixed feelings about Andy thinking about Jarelle in that manner. Feeling hypocritical, I wanted to change the topic, and I asked back, "How about Emy and you?"

"Well, wouldn't mind having more sexy time. Opportunities a little hard to come by." Andy dejectedly said, before questioning, "By the way, you stay till late everyday right? Like almost everyday."

"Yeah, I am so behind schedule. Today is gonna be one of those days again." I stated.

"How's it like?" Andy asked, innocuously.

"Tiring?" I answered, not understanding what Andy was referring to.

"I mean, is it quiet and private over here at night!" Andy gave me another friendly slap on the back in mock anger that I didn't catch it the way he expected.

"That's a pretty good idea..." I said apprehensively. "It can get pretty quiet here at night, and there isn't anyone else normally. I mean I do stay till quite late. And yes, I am planning to stay but I can leave earlier to wing you, if necessary."

"No no no, you gotta stay." Andy's eyes glowed up temporarily.

"Why?! I don't want to watch you guys neck." I raised my hands up defensively, covering my eyes and making a joke out of it.

Andy punched me playfully and said, "You're the ticket to Emy staying because she won't want to stay for nothing. Can you please say you're doing Chem and won't mind helping us out if we wanted to?"

"And then leave you guys after a while for a kiss break or something?" I saw through Andy's ploy.

"Yeah yeah yeah!" Andy excitedly said.

"I think Jarelle's got to go back earlier, like for dinner. I guess I could offer to walk her to the station, and buy back dinner. That's a cool time period? Perhaps you can drop me a call when it's safe for my eyes." I suggested.

"Great! It's all set then." Andy excitedly said, as he rubbed his hands together in glee.

I was slightly envious of Andy, about the possibility of getting a hand job or blowjob from Emy. It had been a solid 5 days since my last release, with the bulk of my time spent on studying and resting. With the rising stress levels due to our imminent exams, coupled with provocative dressing from the girls teasing me throughout the week, I was even more adamant about shooting a load by the end of today.

Not long after, the girls had returned with their Starbucks, visibly enthused by something. The prom date had been settled for about 3 months after our graduation, and was just officially released by the school and the relevant planning committee. Jarelle and Emy engaged in zealous discussion about prom plans, like clothes, shoes, flowers, limousine services and even a pre-prom photoshoot. What perked Andy and my attention was the post-prom activities. Joining the post-prom party as the girls had suggested, would definitely involve getting a hotel reservation. It was clear that it was just a workaround to spend post-prom in a hotel room, and that we were definitely going to get lucky that night. I could even swear that I saw Emy gave Andy a knowing wink when she thought no one was looking.

With the sky rapidly darkening, and the study area clearing out slowly, Jarelle excused herself, stating that she had to be back for dinner. I volunteered to walk Jarelle to the station, and as promised, I suggested, "How about I grab dinner back for all three of us, if you guys are staying? I am doing Chem later, and by the looks of it, you guys still have tons of questions."

There was only one other group in the study area, and they seemed to be packing up at that point of time. I hoped that Emy would take the bait, and Andy would observe the situation and use the time alone wisely thereafter.

"That would be great!" Emy animatedly agreed.

While Jarelle had packed her bag, I checked my watch, and noticed that Jarelle had some buffer time to spare and would be almost too early for dinner. I suggested to her once we had left the vicinity, to take a large detour to the station, walking the long way which had involved going through other buildings in the compound. I was glad that I got to get some time away from the books, as well as some alone time with Jarelle, even it meant just strolling.

Jarelle excitedly chattered on regarding prom and other post-exam activities that she had planned out. I couldn't help but get excited, as I realised that the girls were planning for a few surprises, from the outfits, to the post-party activities for the clique and for each individual couple. Despite my relentless probing, Jarelle just wouldn't let me in on more details.

"I won't tell you more baby, so stop asking!" Jarelle laughed, as I sulked jokingly, at the suspense she was keeping me in.

"Poor baby." She teased, as she stopped in her tracks, and gave me a peck on my lips.

"I wouldn't mind more of this." I hugged Jarelle, hands slipping down to cup her perky round butt through the thin material of her romper.

"Any special requests?" Jarelle whispered into my ear. "Lingerie? Bikini?"

"You're such a tease." I croaked out.

I engaged Jarelle in a deep lustful French kiss, with our tongues intertwining and battling for supremacy. Once we broke apart, I desperately asked, "Shall we go somewhere more private?"

"Where can we go?" Jarelle teasingly asked, seemingly having a plan concocted in her brain already. Her hand slid down to my dick, and she rubbed unceremoniously.

"You're so hard already." Jarelle moaned out, her eyes betraying her lustful enjoyment.

"Anywhere. A seminar room?" I suggested, as I kissed her neck and up to her ears, knowing that it would turn her on and hoping that it would be enough for her to accede to my lustful request.

Not waiting for her to reply, I pulled Jarelle by the hand and led her into the nearest seminar room, closing the door hurriedly behind us. Lust took over my senses, making me more concerned about getting off than getting caught. With the lights switched off, light from the street lamps outside shone through the slightly tinted windows, allowed us the bare minimal of visions. Jarelle opened her mouth to protest, but before she could get a word out, I pinned her against the closed door, mashing my lips against hers. I groped her marvellous boobs, mauling them, feeling the impossibly smooth skin and bouncy feel of her titflesh. I moaned deep into her mouth, and in response, her resistance melted while she probed her tongue deeper into my mouth.

Jarelle reciprocated by wrapping her hands around my neck, and continued engaging me in another tongue duel. With my other hand, I groped her butt, pulled her even closer to me, while grinding my engorged bulge against her soft womanly parts.

"I missed this too baby." Jarelle unzipped my fly and her hand clasped around my erection with a series of deft movements and started jerking me off skilfully.

"You're so wet already." I told Jarelle, as I manuevered my fingers to her nether regions, applying just the right amount of pressure to probe, but not enough to penetrate.

With my other hand, I sought out her hard erected nubs, and rolled it masterfully between my thumb and finger, exposing her boob in the process.

Jarelle whimpered in lustful pleasure, but stopping me in my tracks, "Don't tease me baby please, we don't have much time."

With that, I mauled Jarelle's boobs like a man on a mission, alternating between forceful gropes and light teasing pinches on her nipples, while slipping my fingers into her wet panties, locating her clit and rubbing in circular motions. Jarelle's moans were getting louder and her hand job was increasing in speed but not technique.

To prevent attracting too much attention, I muffled her using my hand, releasing her boobs unwillingly. It had seemed to turn Jarelle on even more, and in her moment of lust, Jarelle groped her own boob and pleasuring herself, while I continued to frig her clit, pushing her into her orgasm. She slumped down to her knees, as she rode through waves of pleasure.

"Is it your turn baby?" Jarelle panted as she caught her breath. She raised her hand to my erected penis, stroking it deftly, spreading the precum around the engorged knob.

"I can't stop thinking of our last time in school." She admitted her lust, "Especially shooting your hot load over my boobs," following which she pulled my hips forward, stuffing my cock into her mouth.

I moaned out in pure lust.

Fuck, that felt good. Her soft sexy lips that I loved kissing so much, descended down my shaft, inch by inch. Halfway through, I felt that I've hit the back of her mouth and I could hear her swallow back a cough/gag. She maintained eye contact throughout the entire episode, with her beautiful brown eyes looking back on me as if seeking approval. Jarelle was squeezing her own tit with one hand, while wrapping her other hand around the base of my hard pecker that she was unable to swallow. As she start pumping, every single motion shook her melons, stimulating me visually and turning me on even more.

Jarelle slowly withdrew my cock out from her mouth, keeping the head only in her mouth. Using her tongue, she swirled around, making love to the underside of my cock and also at the head. I could feel my precum oozing out and she was slurping at my dick. She twisted her head and maintaining eye contact, showing me how much my cock was stretching her cheek. She moaned and slurped at my cock hungrily, never stopped jerking me.

A huge pop went off when she finally released my cock from her mouth. I groaned in disappointment.

"Baby, your cock feels so hot in my mouth." Jarelle teased, before slurping at my dick again.

"Can I fuck your tits?" I demanded, as I reached down to squeeze her boob.

"You want me to wrap my big boobs around your hard cock baby again? Are you going to cum all over them just like last time? I can't wait for that. I loved that feeling so much...." Jarelle teased me with her dirty talk.

She undid her bra, and adjusted her romper, scooping out her fun bags before cupping her and seemingly offering to me. Jarelle beckoned me to come towards her and I knew that it wouldn't take me long to spill my seed.

I felt like I was in heaven when my cock was wedged against her tits.

"Just fuck my tits baby," Jarelle moaned, pressing her warm slick pillows around my hot desperate cock. I thrusted in and out of her cleavage like a madman.

The sensation of sliding my rock hard cock in-between her tits, coupled was mind-blowing. We were taking turns; for me to fuck her tits and for her to fuck my cock with her tits.

Jarelle grabbed her boobs, shifting them up and down my rod, kneading her own nipples in the progress. She moaned in lustful pleasure.

"Fuck I can't hold it in anymore!" I groaned, feeling my cum boiling up my cock as I saw the sexy sight in front of me.

That only seemed to spur Jarelle more. She french-kissed and sucked my dickhead every time it popped up from her sexy cleavage, swirling her tongue to collect all the precum hungrily.

I cupped Jarelle's boobs in my hands and squeezed them, mashing her sexy tits together and harder around my hard cock, fucking her tits with all the strength I could. I bounced her slippery tits up and down my cock and I could feel my muscles seizing up and the cum boiling over.

"Fuckkkk!" I shouted as I came. Spurt and spurt of white hot cum erupted, some splashing against Jarelle's chin and flowed down into her cleavage. I was still shooting cum all over her boobs and giving my final thrusts.

As I removed my spent semi-hard dick out of her tit embrace, Jarelle grabbed it, giving my cock a few final tugs before sucking it clean of the last drop of ejaculate.

I leaned back gently, enjoying the sensations of my cock being sucked post-orgasm, with Jarelle's tongue swirling around the sensitive bulb of my cock head. I couldn't help myself and lowered my hands, taking another serving of her big succulent cum-plastered boobs.

A low feminine gasp around the corner seemed to have caught my attention, but when I turned, I didn't manage to see anyone or anything. I assumed that it was just my imagination, but I kept my alert high. I engaged Jarelle in a light peck as she was cleaning up my cum with some tissues. As we got dressed, I ensured that there was no residual cum on her clothes, and constantly checked the coast. We left the seminar room shortly, both sexually sated for now. The walk to the station was filled with subtle gropes, fleeting kisses and Jarelle kept me excited with the relentless teasing about the different scenarios and fantasies.

After bidding my goodbye to Jarelle, I grabbed 3 subs for Andy, Emy and myself, with an extra skip in my step, I headed back to the study area.

I was afraid of disrupting anything, and decided to give my friends slightly more privacy in the event that they required it. I took a detour, thinking of how I could ensure myself from appearing out of the blue. Instead of heading straight into the study area, I took the stairs to go a level up once I was approaching the vicinity. The higher vantage point, coupled with the architecture and structure, would definitely render me to be within eyeshot, but it was built in such a sense that it would be easier for me to see than for them to spot me.