Author's Note:

Mistress Pepper and Sophie are "anonymized" versions of me and my slave-girl. The real me. All of my stories are (or should I say will be) my memories of a session with a sub. Thus, they are true stories. Only in this version details have been changed to protect the sub. I do live in Mobile about 10 months of the year (the remaining two I spend in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, where my father is from and lives), and almost all of my subs live in Mobile or a bordering county. I'm originally from Baldwin County, next door to Mobile. I moved across the bay to attend USA. As is/did Mistress Pepper. But I'm not a blond. And you'll most definitely have to guess at my bra size!

And remember, the names and such have been changed in this version to protect the slutty. Only Princess Lilly appears as herself. But she truly has no concept of shame.

Session Date:

05 November, 2020

This Story Released:

24 December, 2020

The Dorm


In case this is the first of my stories you've read, there are a few things I've skipped over in this story since there are several other stories I've written about this same sub. I tend to write a story after almost all of my sessions with my toys. But I publish very few of them online.

My name is Pepper Rodgers. I'm a 19-year-old Domme, living downtown Mobile, Alabama. I have a decently well-stocked playroom in the second bedroom of my fourth-floor apartment (most of my neighbors are corporate types who aren't always around, giving me a lot of privacy, even in the halls and elevators). I also have a decently stocked toybox. I prefer my toys to be older than I am, around 30-42 years old. I prefer men for myself, however not for my toybox. When it comes to toys, I find women and couples to be far more amusing. Single men tend to be needier, and often too clingy. But that doesn't mean I don't have a few of them in my toybox. I do. They just don't have the same chances of getting there as couples and single women do.

I'm petite. Actually more "tiny" that petite. I'm 5' 1.75" and 91 pounds. I'm not bony, though, I've curvy, like a small-sized woman. I have blond hair down to my shoulders and blue eyes. Oh, and my chest is the only place I'm not small. I'm a 32-D, and I'm very pert. Which makes me popular with the boys.

I'm also slightly bisexual. I'm attracted to men, not women. I would never choose a female partner for even a date, let alone for sex. But I'm not opposed to masturbating with a female toy. Sophie happens to be my favorite sex toy to pleasure myself with. Her tongue has two big advantages over my vibrator: one, it's very delicate and tender. Two, no matter how much I use it, its batteries never die at the worst possible moment! It's better than fresh bunny batteries, it just keeps going until I want it to stop. And I don't even have to hold it in place!

When I want sex I never use one of my toys. I never allow a toy touch, or even see, all of me. And I never bring a toy to my bedroom. Nor do I choose a woman. I pick a man, usually one I find in a club or cafe, or wherever. I flirt, dance dirty a little and if he meets my standards, I ask if he's interested in a one-time-only, no-names-exchanged, hook-up. I've never been turned down.

I have a few standards for my hook-ups. I never pick a guy I know or even just see around. And I insist on a cock between 7 and 9" long and 1.5" across, plus or minus a small bit. I won't touch a guy who isn't circumcised, either. I hate the way the foreskin feels inside me. I want to feel that fat head. The dirty dancing gives me plenty of time to tease a guy hard and feel for myself what he's got. It's the only way not to be disappointed. Guys always lie about their equipment!

Sophie is my 19-year-old live-in slave-girl. She's slightly petite at 5'4" and 119 pounds. She's pretty, too, with long honey-blond hair, green eyes, and a 34-B chest. Sophie is extremely devoted to me. So devoted, and so happy as my slave, that despite not being attracted to women, she's a virgin with men. She serves and pleasures only me, and those I give her to. And while I use her, even with my male toys, I won't allow any man to touch her pussy or penetrate her bottom. Those are mine. Only mine. I've owned her since she graduated high school, but I've known her longer. Since about two months after her 18th birthday, which was also about two months before she finished high school.

I have three BFFs, (Isabelle, Reagan, and Ellie) none of whom are into my little games. But all of whom occasionally creep into my stories. After all, they are my BFFs so they tend to be around. Luckily they're not offended by anything they happen to see. They're just not eager for me to put on a show on their account.

I also have a circle of five other women friends, all of whom are Dommes as well. Andrea (26), Janelle (35), Colette (39), Diane (43), and Olive (44). we usually get together every couple of weeks for coffee and a little chat about who's doing what to whom lately. We sometimes share, or loan, our toys to each other, but not that often. Sometimes we do a favor for each other, such as providing something different for a toy. Mostly we do what girls do: we gossip.

I get all of my toys through networking. It's almost always either one of the women in our circle who has a toy she doesn't want and offers to point it at another who is interested. Or sometimes one of my toys tells someone, who tells someone, and so on until someone asks my toy to introduce someone to me. Rarely it's someone I don't play with, but who knows what I'm into, who asks me to meet someone. I get plenty of emails inquiring about meeting me, and while I will email and maybe chat with a sub online, I haven't yet met any. I won't rule it out, but meeting online is risky enough that someone would have to convince me before I'd think about it. A girl's gotta be careful!

Chapter 01: Newbie

Miss Rodgers;

I get that you are busy and you don't know me. Thanks for agreeing to read this note. I really haven't a clue where else to go. You're kind of famous around campus.

I don't know what Izzy has told you about me. I'm 18, a freshman majoring in elementary education. I'm 5'4" and 108 pounds. I don't have a boyfriend or anything right now. I'm from up by Selma. I'm kind of shy and quiet, but I guess I'd better just say it.

I am so horny that I can't think about anything else. Not even in class. And there's nothing I can do to fix it. I've tried. I can cum unless I'm tied up pretty tight. My ex-boyfriend started that. Ever since he tied me that first time, I have never been able to cum if I wasn't tied.

There is so no way I'm going to let some random guy tie me like that. I just don't know what to do. I'm not, like asking you to have sex with me, but I don't know what to do! Please, will you help me? I will do whatever you want, anything, if you will help me out. I mean, don't hurt me where I can't go to class or anything like that. I don't know, and I really don't care, what you can do. Give me to a guy who can take care of me? I'm not into girls, but I'd let a girl fix this for me. I would so do anything because I'm going insane!

When I came down here, and my old boyfriend went into the Army, I didn't think it would be like this. I mean, I figure there would be something I could do. And I didn't think I would get so horny. I've never been so horny I couldn't think before. Now I don't know what to do! I live in the dorms, and the few closer friends I have aren't going to be interested in helping me out, and they wouldn't know what to do anyway. I'm way too shy to just go out and meet someone for that! I only told Izzy as much as I did because I had no other way to meet you! Please help me.


From time to time, someone will approach one of my friends, or toys, and ask them for an introduction to me. I always tell them the same thing, whomever it is may write me a single note that tells me who they are and why they want to meet me. If they catch my interest, I'll get in touch with them. If not, they won't hear from me, and please, don't forward anymore notes from them. I won't read them.

Izzy didn't even bother to ask me about Sydney. She already knew what I'd tell her. She's known me literally for her entire life, and she knows what I tell everyone. Instead, she just told Sydney that she would forward one note to me. That Sydney should make her case, her plea for a meeting, in her note and hope that she caught my attention.

When Izzy brought me the note it was all folded up like the notes I used to get in middle school. Tightly folded up, as if she desperately didn't want Izzy to read it. Izzy wouldn't have anyway.

Sydney has not caught my attention. I have enough toys in my toybox now that when I consider meeting a prospective toy, I think about what the toy might be able to add to my toy box. Something that's not already in my toybox. Obviously, Sydney has discovered that she has some submissive desires in her. She might not realize that's what it is, but it is. It's why she needs to be tied. Tightly bound, she has no control. She's at the mercy of her partner. And now that she's experienced that loss of control, she's not able to climax without being there. Maybe other D/s or BDSM things will equally excite her. Maybe not. But I already have Joey, an 18-year-old toy a few months younger than Sydney, who is very submissive. And Joey is well experienced.

But I also know that Sydney has been kind of a study partner with Izzy. So I hand Izzy the note Sydney wrote to me and ask Izzy straight out if she wants me to help Sydney or if she doesn't care if I do or not. Izzy says she'd never ask me to. My playtoys are, in Izzy's opinion, a private choice. She says, were it something else, she might well ask me to help the girl because she kind of likes Sydney and slightly feels sorry for her. She thinks Sydney is a little too shy for college life, but otherwise a good girl and she's been a help to Izzy.

I've never been opposed to a "one-off," a little one-time fun with a toy. Whether it's my toy, or someone else's. I do know a couple of guys I could point at Sydney. Guys who would gladly scratch her itch for her and take good care of her as they did it. And I admit, pointing one of them in her direction is my first impulse. Why not? It sounds like all he'd have to do is tell her that I sent him, take her out, and take her to bed. From the "frat guy" perspective, that's about an ideal date. More so since Izzy tells me that Sydney is "cute." Sydney could end up with a "fuck buddy" who was more than willing to tie her up, and I could end up with a good-sized IOU from a guy.

I decide to put that idea on the back burner for a moment. Instead, I decide to see for myself what Sydney is like. What might arouse her and what doesn't? Mostly I'm curious whether it's the bondage that excites her or the subjugation that does it for her. If I'm going to give her to a guy, then I'm going to make sure I give her to a guy who is going to make the best use of her. One who is going to be fully satisfied with her, and will ensure that Sydney gets so much of what arouses her that she can't stop coming back for more. Besides, Sydney doesn't know herself yet. Who knows, maybe there is something we will both discover that fills a niche in my toybox.

I send a note back to Sydney. I swear, I've written versions of the same note so many times by now that I should have a form note. I could just fill in a blank or two and send it on. It points her to my website where there's a form to fill out for those who want to play with me. It's fairly detailed and some of the questions are definitely private. I tell her to fill it out. That way I'll know most of the basics about her and whatever experience she has had.

Then my note makes my usual offer. I'll see her once. She'll belong to me for the session. She won't be free to leave. I can do anything I dream up with her, and she'll have no say in it. And share her with anyone I wish. However, I wish. I make her only two promises. One, she won't be injured. And second, I will keep her secret, as will all of those whom I might share her with. Anything else is fair game. She will truly belong to me. I don't even promise to tie her. Although I definitely imply that when I leave, she will be satisfied.

She answers all of the questions that night. Although those that call more than a plain, easy, and direct answer tend to be answered rather modestly. Answers that normally would earn the toy a quick boot. But Sydney has been on her own all of two months now. She's far from the middle-aged toys I usually play with.

I email her back with a message telling her that I will "visit her" within a week. That she might get almost zero notice of when it will be. That it will be at a time that's convenient for me, not her. It will be the only chance she gets. When I'm ready for her, she will submit herself to me then and there, or never. Take it or leave it. She manages to obediently email me back the two-word answer I told her was allowed. "Yes, Ma'am." She accepts my conditions.

Like all girls in the freshman/sophomore dorms, Sydney has a roommate. One she didn't get to pick. The junior/senior dorm has some two-girl rooms as well as some single-girl rooms. But there, students have their choices of available beds and roomies. It doesn't take me much to find out that her roomie is somewhat of a "wild girl." not exactly a party animal, but the kind of girl that, finally out of her parents' house, is going to make the most of it. Not the kind of girl likely to hang around the dorm room.

I get Sydney's answers on a Monday. After that, I only leave her waiting for two days. I'm sure she spends those days very nervously wondering what I am going to do to her. And even more, anxiously waiting for me to do it. I pick Thursday because I have some time available late afternoon when Sydney will be done with her classes. I'm sure she'll be close to her room then. According to Izzy, Sydney is the kind of girl who's always in her room when she doesn't have someplace to be. It's also a time when her roommate isn't likely to be around.

It's 4:00 in the afternoon when I go to Sydney's dorm. I stop downstairs, just outside the building. I've brought Sophie, my 19-year-old live-in slave girl with me. I almost always bring her with me to play with my toys. I've also brought Paige, my 19-year-old live-in whore. I almost never take Paige with me. But I'll be needing her services to deal with Sydney.

I video-call Sydney from the door of her dorm. But before I make the call, I put a little piece of black tape over the lens of the camera on my phone. That way, all Sydney will get is a black screen while I have a good view of her. Luckily for her, Sydney answers my call even though she doesn't recognize the number. I guess she doesn't want to chance missing my call. I greet her by asking if she knows who it is.

"Yes... it's Miss Rodgers, right?"

"Good girl." I sweetly tell her. Then I pointedly ask her where she is. She tells me she's in her room. I tell her to unlock the door of her room, which she does with only a slight hesitation. Then I tell her to stand in the very center of the room with her back to the door. She does. I have her hold the phone up where I can see her, and see that she's standing as I told her to.

"You will stand just as you are until I say otherwise. You will not turn your head. You will definitely not look behind you. No matter what. Period. If you try, I will leave. Just stand still and wait for instructions. Can you manage to do that?"

"Uh... yes, Miss Rodgers..." Sydney lets a good heaping of the nervousness she's suddenly feeling seep into her voice as she tells me that she'll do it.

I watch the screen for a few seconds, seeing that she's in place. Then I hand my phone to Sophie, muting the call as I do. I tell Sophie to watch Sydney closely and make sure she stays put. Especially now that the call is muted. It leaves Sydney nothing but a black screen and silence on her end. But it leaves Sophie a good image of Sydney and the audio.

It only takes us a couple of minutes to walk into the dorm and up to Sydney's room. I don't bother checking in or asking for directions as I should. I walk in as if I'm just another student who lives there. No one thinks to question the group of three girls walking in. All of us could easily live there. And if I did live in the dorms, I would be in this one. We don't even pass that many girls on our way up.

I don't knock. I stop at the door. As soon as I have my hand on the knob, Sophie clicks the call off. As Sydney's phone is showing the call lost, she must hear the door opening behind her. I see her jump. I love it, the way that the suddenly surprised tension slams over her body. Somehow she manages not to turn around and look. But she can't stop herself from asking "Miss Rodgers, is that you?"

"Shut up. I didn't say you could speak to me. I said stand still."

"Yes, Miss Rodgers. I'm so sorry, Miss Rodgers!" Sydney blurts out.

I ignore it. I lead Sophie and Paige into the room and shut the door behind us. I quickly point Paige to stand against the wall with her back to the room. Silently Paige obeys. She stands with her nose almost against the wall, staring at the nothingness as she waits for me to use her for something.

I don't tell Sophie anything. I walk up behind Sydney. I already have a blindfold in my back pocket. It's a sash of dense black silk that she won't be able to see so much as a ray of light through. Sydney stiffens up instantly as I put it around her eyes. As I'm tying it, she starts trembling just slightly.

I hold my hand out to Sophie. Sophie has the duty of toting the bag of toys I've brought with me. I use a few quick hand signals to tell Sophie what I want. Sophie quickly digs it out and puts it in my hand. She does it silently, something I've told her to do. I've told her not to make a sound in Sydney's room until I tell her she may. For now, these first few seconds, Sydney doesn't even realize that she's not alone with me. That surprise will come next.

I asked Sophie for a gag. The only one I have in the bag is a ball gag. I don't warn the blinded Sydney that it's coming. I just put one hand to her jaw and pinch the corners of it, forcing her to open her mouth. I hold her jaw wide as I push the rubbery ball between her teeth. As I do, Sydney trembles harder. She cringes, too. But she stands still. I start buckling the gag's strap behind her head. "This is what girls get when they speak out of turn. Now you won't speak at all." I finish buckling it.

I grin to myself. Then I snap my fingers. It's my signal to Sophie that she may now speak. "slave, strip this toy naked." I sweetly tell Sophie. It takes Sydney about half of a second to realize that she is the toy I'm talking about. When she does, a sharp tremor runs through her body.

"Yes, Mistress," Sophie answers in her Southern-accented voice just as that tremor is sweeping over Sydney. That should be enough for Sydney to now realize that I've brought someone else with me.

But if it's not, then she must know it a second later when Sophie's delicate and feminine hands are on her body. I watch as Sydney flinches hard at every little touch. I know it's the first time Sydney has ever felt another woman's sensual touch. Just as I know that Sophie is doing everything in her power to make her touch as soft and tender as possible. Not because Sophie is interested in women, but because she's devoted to me and knows that's what I want.

It seems to be having the desired effect. Sydney was well dressed for the meeting. Sophie has to start by taking a high school jacket off of the petite girl. I'm sure the jacket is just a leftover from last year. Something Sydney wears around the dorm to be comfortable in.