The idea of family members being a surrogate parent is not a proprietary idea. It is way more common than most people believe. This is my story of what can go wrong with a situation like this.


I watched my wife as she struggled to deliver our child. It is an experience that every father should experience. I know that some dads resist being in the delivery room, but I strongly recommend it. I was excited, thrilled, and filled with love for my wife as she gave birth to our son. Yet, my sister-in-law is the mother. Okay, I know this sounds very strange, but my situation isn't that unusual. Why makes that strange. To explain what's going on, I'll have to start at the beginning for it to make any sense.

My name is Jason Thompson, and my wife is Carol. Her sister's name is Brenda. I'm not going to bore you with great details about how Carol and I met and fell in love. Suffice to say, we met in college, and we married about a year after we both graduated.

During my time dating Carol, I came to know her sister Brenda, and I have never met two sisters who loved each other more. They not only loved each other, but they were beautiful women. Carol had long dark hair, hazel eyes, and a shapely body. On the other hand, Brenda was just as attractive, but with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Carol and I were very happily married for a little over six years when Brenda married Craig Brewster IV. While I absolutely adored Brenda, I didn't care for Craig at all. I thought he was a big blowhard, always looking to put me down. I finally had it out with him at our bowling league. I missed a simple spare and we lost the game. Still, we won the night by winning two out of three games. Plus, we had total pins. But Craig continued to rag on me after the match while we were having a few beers with our teammates.

The strange thing is, Craig was a good athlete and he knew proper etiquette. Craig played baseball in college on a scholarship and was an excellent ballplayer. I was no stick in the mud as I had started all four years on my high school baseball team. I didn't play baseball in college, but I knew that you didn't get on a teammate if they didn't live up to expectations.

As we were walking off the field, Craig said in a voice for everyone to hear, "At least we won two out of the three. If a certain someone had picked up that spare, we would have won all three."

That was it for me. So, I grabbed Craig's arm and told him we needed to talk. From his expression, Craig knew he had crossed the line.

"I was just teasing," he said immediately.

"No, you weren't," I fired back. "In fact, you are constantly putting me down every chance you get. So, give it a rest or I'll tell Carol. And then you'll have to explain to Brenda why we're not doing things together. And I know that won't sit well with your wife."

After that, things got a little better between us, but Craig and I would never be friends. I don't know; there was just something about him that put me off. I suppose it was partially because he came from a snotty family that traced their roots back to the Mayflower. They didn't come from money, but in meeting his family, I certainly came away with the impression that they thought of themselves as superior to everyone else.

Life with Carol was always interesting. She was such a loving and friendly person. I used to tease Carol that she knew the person's life history in front of her and behind her by the time she checked out at the grocery store. Carol could be quite impulsive at times, while her sister was more serious.

Life for Carol and me was going along well. I loved her to pieces, and I knew she loved me. But were about to be turned into turmoil, and I was totally clueless. The first inkling that there was a problem was when Carol informed me that Brenda could not conceive. I knew that she and Craig had been trying to get pregnant for well over a year.

As Carol explained to me, Brenda's inability to get pregnant was determined to be non-malignant growths on the fallopian tubes. This made it almost impossible for any sperm to get to her egg. It was devastating for both Brenda and Craig. Brenda had been a great aunt, and I felt sorry for her because I thought she would make a great mother. For Craig, this was the first and last time I ever felt sorry for him. He was an only child, and his family had high expectations that he would have sons to carry on the name. That wasn't going to happen now, or at least that's what it seemed.

I own my own company, which means I have to travel occasionally. This time, I had to go out of town for a three-day business trip, and when I returned, I found my wife, Brenda, and Craig waiting for me in my living room. I was totally baffled by this greeting committee, but what I would learn angered me.

"Jason, come sit by me," my wife said as she patted a place next to her on the couch.

After I was settled, Carol took my hands. "You know I love you to bits, don't you?"

"Of course," I answered.

"I have something I want to ask you," she said without taking her eyes off me. "Actually, we all have something to ask you."

"Okay," I said with a shrug.

"As you know, Brenda can't have children. Yet Craig and my sister desperately want to have a child. Craig wants to carry on his family name, and Brenda is heartbroken because she can't conceive. Therefore, I have agreed to be a surrogate mother."

"What!" I said as I pulled my hands away from my wife.

"I've talked to Craig's parents, and I've talked to my parents. They are all in agreement that I should do this."

"You all made this decision without even asking me," I said, fighting to keep from yelling.

"It's for my sister, so I didn't think you would object," Carol said with surprise.

It never ceased to amaze me how mindless my wife could be at times. Most of the time, it was amusing, somethings a little annoying. But this time, it outraged me.

"First of all, Carol," I said through gritted teeth, "this is something you and I should have discussed before you said anything to anyone else. That's what a respectful wife would have done. What you did was totally disrespectful of me. I can't even begin to tell you how furious I am furious I am with you right now. In fact, I'm beyond furious. I want you all to leave right now, and that includes you too, Carol."

"Jason, you're being an ass," Carol said with some heat in her voice.

I ignored my wife and turned to my sister-in-law. "Brenda, I think the world of you, but right now, I want you and Craig out of here. And take your sister with you. I don't want to be around any of you."

"Jason, you can't be serious," my wife protested.


All three of them stumbled out of my house in shock. My wife looked back at me with sadness, fear, and confusion. When they were all out, I slammed the door shut. That was my gut reaction to the whole proposal, and I should have absolutely stuck with it. But then again, maybe what happened was for the best. In any event, I let Carol's mother convince me to sit down with the three and let them explain everything in more detail. I agreed.

So, the following night, all four of us were seated in my living room again. They all sat there like they were on a hot tin roof but said nothing. So, I decided to start the conversation. "I want to understand the whole situation before I throw you guys out of here again. Tell me how this works. Carol, will you have Craig's sperm inserted into you at a clinic? Or would they take an egg from you, Carol, and fertilize it with Craig's sperm? What's the mechanics of all this?"

My wife's face got bright red at that point, so I knew that I wouldn't like what was coming next.

"Umm, no, we've decided that Craig and I would have sex when I'm most fertile. The studies I've read says this is the best way to conceive."

"NO FUCKING WAY!" I screamed.

The room got deathly quiet, and then Brenda began to cry. Craig got up at that point and pulled Brenda to her feet.

"I think we should go so that you guys can talk."

After they were gone, I just glared at my wife. My explosion had woken the children, so I used that as an excuse to get away from her. After I calmed my two kids, I went back to the living room where Carol was sitting with a pissed-off expression.

"You were rude," she snapped, "and you made my sister cry. And I'm still angry at you for throwing me out of the house last night."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I asked sarcastically. "I just get home from a grueling trip, and you hit me with, oh honey, I want to fuck my brother-in-law and get pregnant by him. It's okay because I'm doing it for my sister. How would you like it if I came home and said, hey honey, I wanted to fuck Sylvia next door because her husband can't get her pregnant?"

"That's not the same thing," Carol snapped back. "Sylvia isn't family. Brenda is my sister."

"It's the same principle," I roared back.

"Well, I'm going to do it whether you approve or not," Carol said angrily.

"If you do, then this marriage is over. I'll file for divorce so fast; your head will spin. And seeing as you obviously not in your right mind, I sue for custody of the kids. I'm as good a parent as you are."

Carol didn't say a word. She just got up and went into our bedroom. I got a beer from the refrigerator and turned on the television. I needed time to calm down. After a couple of hours, I decided that I'd go to bed. I expected it to be frosty in the bedroom, but I didn't expect the bedroom door to be locked. That infuriated me. It always seems that when the guy is getting screwed, he ends up having to sleep elsewhere. Well, that wasn't going to fly with me. I went into the garage and got my sled hammer. With two blows to the lock, and the door flew open. Carol was sitting in bed, staring at me wide-eyed.

"I intend to sleep in my bed tonight," I said calmly. "If you don't want to sleep with me, then I suggest you head down to the couch or the guest room."

Carol got up, grabbed her blanket and her pillow, and headed down to the couch. At that point, I didn't care. I knew that sleeping would be difficult that night, so I took a sleep aid and turned off the light.

I was up at 6:30 the next morning and got dressed. Then I got the kids and took them down to the kitchen. I glanced in the living room, and Carol was still asleep on the couch. I fed the kids, got them dressed, and got ready to take them to daycare. As I was going out the front door, I tapped Carol on the shoulder.

"You better get up, or you'll be late for work," I said with no warmth.

It was hard to concentrate at work, but somehow, I managed to get through the day. When I pulled up to the house, I saw that Brenda's car was in the driveway. I really didn't want any more of this bullshit, but I truly loved Brenda and was absolutely crazy about Carol.

When I walked in, I could see that both women had been crying. Carol jumped up and ran to me, hugging me tightly.

"I'm so sorry," she sobbed. "You're absolutely right. I did disrespect you by not discussing this idea with you first. I loved my sister so much that I couldn't bear to see her unhappy. I thought I could persuade you to let me do this for her."

"Jason," Brenda said as she moved up and took my hand, "I'm so sorry that I've come between you and Carol. I have been so upset all night just thinking that I may have destroyed your marriage. I wouldn't do that for the world."

I could see the pain in both women's eyes. Carol was terrified that I would leave her, and Brenda had a double-cross to bear. She was terrified that she would be the cause of the end of her sister's marriage, and Brenda was unbelievably sad that she would never be a mother. I felt so sorry for Brenda.

"Look," I finally said, "I'm not opposed to Carol being a surrogate for you. However, if she is going to carry Craig's child, it has to be done through a clinic."

"But that isn't the best way to produce a baby," Carol started to protest.

"Stop, Carol," Brenda said immediately. "If Jason is willing to let you be a surrogate through artificial insemination, I accept with all my love."

So, it was decided that Carol would allow her eggs to be harvested, and Craig donated his sperm. However, after seven months of trying and seven months of failure, Carol came to me and asked if I would consider the first plan. The very thought of it got my blood boiling, but I didn't say anything. I figured if I just ignored the subject, Carol would get the idea that I wasn't interested. But that wasn't to be.

On a Wednesday night, I got home and found Craig's car in our driveway. I groaned inwardly as I knew this confrontation wasn't going to be anything I would like.

As I walked into the living room, the three worried faces watched me closely. I decided that I would play the clueless soul.

"Are we going out to dinner or something?" I asked.

"No, Jason," Carol said nervously. "We want to talk to you about my being a surrogate mother again."

"I thought we had this conversation already?" I said without a smile.

"Yes, we have, but things have changed," Carol was wringing her hands now. "As you know, I haven't been able to get pregnant by artificial insemination. I was hoping that you would reconsider the original plan."

I stood there looking at them. Well, I was looking at my wife and Brenda mostly. I could give a fuck about Craig. I could see that Carol desperately wanted to help her sister, and I could see the pleading in Brenda's eyes. Finally, I sat down in a straight back chair away from all of them.

"Explain it to me again," I said, fighting to keep my blood pressure in check.

"Craig and I will have intercourse on the days when I'm fertile until I become pregnant," my wife said, looking nervously at me. "Once I become pregnant, all physical contact between Craig and me stops."

"Let me see if I understand this," I said, steepling my fingers. "Craig gets to fuck you for four days, once a month until you get pregnant. And if he's successful, he gets to carry on his family name. Carol, you get to have sex with another man, and you get to help your sister. Brenda, if all goes well, you get the baby you desperately want. What's in this for me?"

I don't think any of them were thinking about this situation from my standpoint. In fact, I knew Craig wasn't because he smirked when I mentioned that he would get to fuck my wife for four days.

Finally, Carol asked, "What do you mean?"

"It's really quite simple, dear," I said with a smirk of my own, directed at Craig. "For a deal to work, everyone has to get something. In the deal you're discussing, there is nothing there for me."

Silence hung over the room for what seemed like an eternity.

"You're right, Jason," Brenda finally said sadly. "This deal isn't fair to you at all. Is there something that you would want that would put your mind at ease?"

Brenda had caught me by surprise. I sort of figured that when I pointed out that there was nothing in the deal for me, it would end. But as I looked at Brenda's pleading eyes, I almost gave in. But then an idea came to me that I thought I could live with. But I was hoping everyone else would go thumbs down on it.

"Okay," I smiled at Craig. "If you're going to fuck my wife four days during her most fertile time, I want to be able to fuck Brenda four times during her most fertile time."

"No, fucking way!" Craig stormed.

"That's not a good idea," Carol said, shaking her head.

"I couldn't be unfaithful to my husband," Brenda said.

I almost laughed at Brenda's comment, but instead, I said simply, "Yet, you have no problem with your sister being unfaithful to me."

I saw Brenda and Carol's faces both flush red while Craig was still smoldering over my suggestion. But now I had them in a box. I didn't want to have any part of this deal. But I did love Brenda almost as much as my wife and wanted her to be happy. And, if they accepted my idea, well, at least, I would get to have sex with Brenda. Oh yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that I've had fantasies about my sister-in-law. Of course, under normal circumstances, I would never act on them. But there was nothing normal about this situation. Besides, I was convinced that nobody was going to go for this idea.

Nothing was said for several minutes. Then Brenda got up and motioned for Craig to do likewise. "You've given us a lot to consider, Jason. I think Craig and I need to discuss this further. And I'm sure that you and Carol will need to also."

When they were gone, Carol just looked like a deer in the headlights. I had no idea what she was thinking, but I decided that I should give her space and went up to change. I first checked on the kids, hugged, and played with them before changing my clothes.

At dinner that night, Carol was quiet, so I talked mostly to my kids. My two-year-old, Tommy, didn't say much, but his five-year-old brother, Kevin, was a chatterbox. After dinner, I took the kids upstairs and got them their baths. We played for a while with some of their building blocks. Kevin and I would build up towers as high as we could, and then Tommy would knock them down.

After they were tucked in bed, I told Carol they were ready for their story. While she was reading to the kids, I got ready for bed and climbed under the covers. About twenty minutes later, Carol climbed in and spooned with me.

I thought she was just planning to go to sleep, but then she spoke. "When you said that you wanted to have sex with my sister, I was angry and hurt. But I've had time to think about it. In all of this, I haven't truly considered you. So, even though I hate the idea of you having sex with my sister, if that's what it will take, I'll go along with your plan.

Shit! That really threw me for a loop. It alarmed me because if Craig and Brenda agreed to my plan, Craig would be allowed to have sex with my wife. On the other hand, I can't deny that thinking about having sex with Brenda got me hard as a rock. And not wanting to waste a great hardon, I rolled Carol over, and we had some super-sex.

The next day, Brenda called me at work all excited. She explained that Craig had not been happy about the idea at all. But he had finally agreed when the thought of not being able to continue his family name was thrown into the mix.

I have to say that I was quite depressed after that phone call, but I had no one to blame other than myself. The two women's cycles were off by a week. As it was, Carol would be fertile approximately seven days before Brenda. I really didn't care about when Brenda was most fertile because she wouldn't get pregnant. I just threw that in to irk Craig.

The two sisters set up a chart that kept a check of their periods and their body temperatures. I didn't really pay attention to what they were doing because it meant nothing to Brenda. But I think she was into it because somehow, it made it seem as though she was conceiving.

The women decided that it would be best if they went to the house of the sperm donor for the days that they were fertile. I have to admit that when Carol packed a bag the first time, I was really upset. In fact, I cried a little that night in bed. But four days later, Carol was back home, and life went on. Three days later, Brenda arrived at our house, and I could see that Carol was not happy. But she quietly gathered her clothes and slept in the guest room.

I was so nervous the first night because I hadn't been with another woman since I married. And now I was going to have sex with my sister-in-law.

"I'm really nervous," Brenda told me as she slid into bed.

"That makes two of us," I said. "If you'd rather we didn't, I'll understand."

'No, I want to do this for you," she said with some urgency. "I'm just afraid that I'll be a disappointment, and you won't get anything out of it. But Jason, I want you to know that I love you for doing this for Craig and me."