I left off with a quick mid-week visit to the Pizza shop. I was trying to be friendly and wanted to give my co-workers an opportunity to embrace me or call me out. No one called me disgusting, but no one asked me over for a family dinner either.

Remember, this is where I asked Suzie for help and was asked to drop off one free to a regular customer who received a messed order the night before. I left the shop and headed for the address of the freebie.

"Damn, this is where Friendly Flirty Family Guy lives." I said to myself.

I went up to the door and knocked. The porch light came on and he answered the door.

"What's this? I didn't order anything tonight."

"The boss said there was a mistake last night and he wants to make things right. It's on the house."

I extended the box towards him and he took it.

"It's just one pizza. They didn't give me a salad container for your wife."

"Hey, you're Brie, right?"


"The wife took the kids to cabin for the week so no salad required. But it's always nice to receive a special side order package."

He is in flirt mode for sure. Now that he had the box and my hands were free, I was tugging at the bottom of my skirt. Lifting and pulling just a little. A flirt for a flirt.

"We all like special packages. I keep one close to me at all times."

"I don't mean to be forward, but are your boobs bigger tonight?"

"No, I'm not wearing my Hoodie tonight so things look different. I'm the same as always. And how are you wondering about my bra size after 2 quick meetings? Were you checking me out?"

My boobs were bigger. I'm wearing the 34C's tonight. He has a sharp eye.

"Let me get you a tip. You deserve a tip."

He retreated into his house and returned in a minute with a 10 spot. He put the pizza box somewhere.

"You don't have to tip me. I was at the shop visiting my co-workers and your house is pretty much on my home, so no big deal."

"Just take it. And yes, I was checking you out."

"Thank you for the tip and I knew that."

"My name is Ken."

"Thank you, Ken. I'll be leaving now so you can enjoy your pizza."

"Wait, what about the special package you keep close to you at all times. Can I see it?"

"No Ken, not tonight."

"But I'll be heading up to the cabin this weekend and won't be placing an order this Friday."

"That's too bad. I bought some new clothes to wear this weekend. I think you would like my new shorts."

"You mean your legs will be bare?"

"No, I will wear tights under the shorts. Cute, but not slutty is one of my boss's golden rules. He also says I can't flirt with customers so I should be leaving."

"We're alone on the porch and no one can see us from here and we have been flirting for 10 minutes."

"I know we have been and it's fun, but I like this job so I better leave."

"Are your new shorts real tight and small?"

"I refer to them as form fitting."

Then Ken reached into the doorway and turned off the porch light. We were in the dark now. Ken gently moved us to the corner of the porch where we hidden from view. I guess I have to admit that I allowed him to direct me into the corner.

"What if your neighbors have been watching?"

"Look around. What you can see out there is about the same as someone else could see back. Plus, these people go bed early during the week."

I glanced around and concluded he was right. From our position in the corner and the trees in the front yard, there wasn't much to see. I also didn't see many lights on in the windows. Maybe these folks are tucked in for the night. I suppose that's what families with jobs and kids do. And my car did not a Pizza Light on it, so it was just another car on the street. I returned to my position in the corner. Maybe someone does put baby in the corner LOL.

"Now, what about your special package?"

"What would your wife think about us standing this close together in the corner?"

I was pulling up the edge of skirt without even thinking about. He noticed. He was also rubbing his hands up and down my arms while we were talking.

"The wife would not be happy, but after 12 years of marriage we don't stand in the corner much."

"My special package may not be what you think or expect."

He lifted my skirt and started rubbing my crotch. There was no mistake of what he was rubbing and I didn't want him to stop.

"This is exactly what I expected. I knew last weekend when I looked at your neck and seen your apple."

"I kept my head downwards."

"Until you raised up and thanked me for the tip. You should wear something on your neck."

"Good point. Now what?"

"How sexually experienced are you?"

"Not much. I'm a virgin, but have provided some relief in other ways twice."

I motioned my hand in front of my mask covered mouth implying there has been activity there.

"Have you received relief in return?"

"Not really, I had one partner for two encounters and I was basically left hanging both times."

"You're hard. Do you like talking about these things?"

"You're doing most of the talking. I'm just answering your questions. Plus, you're basically jacking me off, so I should be hard."

"Where are you going when you leave here?"


"So, if I make you cum in your panties, it's not a big deal? You are wearing panties, aren't you?"

"You know very well that I am wearing panties. You should know that I'm getting very close."

He slipped his hand under my top of my leggings and went to work on my cock with earnest. I was not resisting. I even pushed my leggings down my thighs to help things along. Not too far down. I didn't want to over expose my leg hair.

"I'm uncomfortable standing in public with my pants down while getting jacked off."

"You're close. It will be over in a minute."

Ken flipped around me and reached around with his arms and continued to stroke me. It was like he was jacking himself off. This is a good position. He began to dry hump me at the same time and I'm certain I was humping him back.

"It's happening."

He pointed me down towards the porch floor and I released. I tried to be quiet as I could as I blew my load. Ken milked me and stuffed me back into my panties.

"There, now you feel better and there is only a small mess in your panties. I can wash off the porch tomorrow."

I struggled to straighten myself up and catch my breath.

"Ken, is this normal for you?"

"No, but there is a first time for everything. I think you're hot and I am opened minded."

"What happens the next time I make a delivery?"

"I have no expectations and I do not know what the future holds."

"I really enjoyed that. I think it's my turn now. I'm just not very good at it yet."

"Well Miss 2 Times, let's see what you got."


It was my turn to push him into the corner. I dropped to my knees and fished his very hard cock out of his pants. It was a very nice cock. Long, pink and hard. I put my head into piston mode and went to work on his beautiful tool. He was thrusting back with vigor and starting grunting. His was too loud, but there was a heat of the moment thing going on and there was no stopping now. His panting increased.

"Are you ready for it?"

My answer was to suck so hard my cheeks collapsed. His answer was to push deep into my mouth and explode. He pushed in so deep most of it went straight down my throat. I had to pull back to gather the remaining fluid into my mouth. After a few moments, I stood up in front of him and swallowed.

He was in "spent guy mode" and leaned back into the corner mumbling.

"That was fantastic."

"I agree. Maybe someday we could aim you into my panties and fill them?"

"We will see what happens, Miss 3 Times."

"That's Miss 3 Times Brie to you LOL."

Of course, I had to continue my limp dick fantasy so I dropped back down and took him in my mouth.

"What's this all about? You know I'm spent."

"I know, but it seems like I have a fetish for limp dicks. I won't be long."

In the last 30 minutes I went from dropping off a free pizza as a favor, to getting my balls emptied and to having another pair of balls emptied into my mouth. It's been quite a Wednesday.

"I need to get going. Thanks for all the tips, all of them. Good night Ken."

Ken staggered back into his house. I headed back to the Pizza shop to grab a salad. There were only two people left in the shop by this time so Suzie said she would grab me a salad and cash me out.

"$2 with your employee discount."

I handed her the 10 spot Ken gave me, smiled and waved.

"See you soon."

End Pizza delivery with a twist 03