"Ah! This back is killing me, I wish I could get one of your legendary massages." said Deepa.

Deepa was the 25 year old cousin of my wife. It was almost an annual ritual for three cousins to spend a few days at a resort along with spouses and kids. We usually did that more than once a year. This time around, it was planned to make a vacation out of a common wedding which all the three had to attend. Today was our first day here, and after a very relaxing breakfast the kids were busy playing at the play area, and the others were back at the rooms. Me and Deepa were the last ones at our table, I wanted to sip my coffee peacefully, and I guess she wanted to eat what was left on her plate with none of the kids shouting their lungs out.

"What? How did you know about my massages? I have never given one to anyone other than my wife." Manas said.

Manas enjoyed giving massages to his wife, it started like a hobby but he got very good at it gradually. These sessions would get pretty intense at times, but also get very intimate towards the end. He would slowly work on her entire body, before he would get to work on giving her pleasure in ways only a lover could. These sessions usually had a happy ending to both of them.

"Woman talk you know." Deepa ended that with a naughty smile.

Manas remembered when he had first seen Deepa before he married her cousin. She must have been 20 at that time. She looked more like a teenager, with her body yet to respond to nature. Today she was a mother of a three year old, and her body seems to have filled up at the right places. Manas loved curvy women, but he had not really looked at Deepa's body in that way. She was too young and closely related for his mind to lust her body.

Manas wondered what all his wife had told Deepa about his massages, he hoped she had not spoken about how they usually ended. His face had almost turned red with embarrassment.

"Stop kidding Deepa, how can I give you a massage, there is no way you would take one too." said Manas.

"Relax Manas, Sanjana told me how good your massages are, so I have been hoping for one for a long time. I am surprised she has not mentioned that to you, she promised to get me one" said Deepa

Manas was surprised to know his wife Sanjana knew about this and seemed to be okay with the idea too. Manas wanted to play along too.

"Alright!, How about around 4pm, just before our pool plans?" Asked Manas.

Deepa's face lit up listening to this. She did not seem to believe Manas would agree.

"Great, see you at 4 in your room." Deepa seemed to enjoy the plan, as she walked to her room finishing her breakfast.

Manas too walked back to his room feeling confused about what had just happened and what he had just agreed to.

"Did you see all those ladies who were not wearing their bras at breakfast today? Many of them boldly flaunted pokies." Sanjana asked.

Sanjana was Manas's wife. They were very frank with each other. Sanjana was aware how Manas loved women in comfort wear, especially white cotton nightwear. They had spotted many ladies enjoying a lazy breakfast in their loose night dresses at the resort today.

"Deepa looked lovely in her nightwear at breakfast today, I am sure people could see her erect nipples." said Sanjana.

"How can you say that about your cousin to your husband." smiled Manas.

"As if you didn't notice, don't try to act innocent." remarked Sanjana.

Manas had indeed noticed Deepa's comfy night wear, and almost erect nipples through the thin material, however he had diverted his gaze to avoid looking directly at her. He was surprised his wife openly talked about Deepa, her own cousin.

"Speaking of Deepa, what did you tell her.? She wants me to give her a massage." Said Manas.

Manas was curious to know his wife's reaction to this.

"I just told her how good of a masseuse you are, and how you always leave me happy at the end." winked Sanjana.

"How could you reveal all this to your cousin, what will she think of me? She might think I am sort of a pervert. She is coming to our room at 4pm for a massage. What should I do now?" Manas complained.

"Give her a good massage, and enjoy it. Just go with the flow, trust me it is not that big a deal. I won't be around to see you enjoy though, I have volunteered to take kids to the play area at that time." smiled Sanjana.

Manas was getting confused signals from his brain. Should he really let go of his inhibitions and then enjoy giving massage to another woman, especially since his wife seemed to perfectly fine with it? how far can he go with Deepa. When he thought about these, he could feel his member stiffen a bit.

There was a knock at the door at sharp 4pm. Manas was thinking maybe Deepa was joking, but it didn't look so. Manas was in his usual knee length shorts and a casual tee. He walked to the door and opened it.

Deepa stood smiling at the door. She seemed to look too dressed up for the occasion, which kind of seemed odd. She was wearing a sexy backless teal halter top, with a long tight pencil skirt. It looked really unsuitable for a massage. Manas wondered what she was thinking before selecting this dress for the massage. Laughing hard, he let her in.

"Deepa, excellent choice of a dress for the massage." Manas sarcastically smiled.

"You don't like the dress?" she scowled.

"How do you expect me to give you a massage in this dress, shouldn't you be in a more comfortable dress?" Manas asked.

"Well I can directly from our ladies gathering, and I didn't have time to change. I can change into something from Sanjana if that would help you, she is anyway a couple of sizes bigger than me, it will be really comfortable." Deepa smiled.

"No don't worry, I don't have any oil prepared for the massage, I was planning to give you just a head, neck and shoulder massage." said Manas.

He could see the instant disappointment on her face, he was not sure what she expected, but for sure she didn't expect this.

"Oh really, I was looking forward to a nice massage for my lower back. Are you sure you can't give me a more relaxing body massage?" Deepa made a sad appeal.

"Sorry, it was too short a time for an oil massage, and to be honest I can't give you an oil massage with too much clothes, and I am sure you will be as uncomfortable as me, to be almost naked in front of me." Manas said honestly.

Deepa had not expected such direct words from Manas, she didn't know how to react. It was okay playing around with words, but with such direct mention of nakedness, she was feeling awkward.

"Okay, I guess you are right, it would be odd for you to see me that way. Maybe I will settle for your famous neck and shoulder massage." said a visibly disappointed Deepa.

Manas asked Deepa to make herself comfortable and sit at the edge of the bed. The bed faced a full length mirror. She could see herself in the mirror as she removed her high heels and sat on the bed. Her pencil skirt was really making her feel uncomfortable and was definitely not an attire to relax and enjoy the massage, but still she just sat down.

Manas went into the restroom to prepare himself. He usually prepared himself for the massage by warming up his hand in hot water. He returned with a bottle of body lotion from his wife's collection. Manas found Deepa sitting on the edge of the bed looking uncomfortable. Clearly she was not happy in her clothes.

Manas was wearing his usual sports shorts and a loose tee, clothes in which he was most comfortable. He climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind Deepa, and looking her in the eye in the mirror ahead, he started with his forehead.

Manas's warm hands touching her face was very comforting to Deepa, she tried to relax and enjoy the massage. He slowly started massaging her scalp and foregway from behind. He could see her face relaxing as he started using his fingertips at the roots of her hair. He too seemed to settle down into his rhythm. In a few minutes her mind seemed to clear up and she started enjoying it.

Manas was quick in some moments and slow in others, he seemed to know the exact points in her scalp to give her a sense of pleasure which her body sent to enjoy. He was now slowly moving towards the back of her head inches away from her neck. She was very sensitive in her neck, and she was looking forward to this experience. When his fingertips first touched bare skin on the back of her neck, a chill ran through her spine. She was surprised to find herself getting a little wet down there.

Manas was now done with her head and wanted to move to her neck and shoulders. He had a problem though. Deepa was wearing a halter top with a knot behind her neck. He was not able to work on her neck and shoulder with the knot coming in his way. He tried to keep his strokes around the knot, but it was a struggle. He stopped for a minute and looked into the mirror. Deepa had her eyes closed and looked pretty. He was wondering if he could ask her to remove the knot and let the straps hang on her shoulders.

Deepa realised that Manas had stopped, she opened her eyes to find him thinking about something as their eyes met in the mirror. "What happened, why did you stop?" Asked Deepa.

"I don't know how to say this to you, but there is a problem with continuing the massage. The knot at the back of your neck is stopping my strokes and I don't know how to continue with your neck massage." said Manas.

Deepa was really enjoying this and didn't want it to stop, she actually didn't mind what she was planning to say next, turning around "Do you think it is okay if I open the knot and maybe you can continue." she said calmly and untied the knot. She let the two straps hang on her shoulders and smiled at Manas through the mirror.

Manas noticed that she was wearing a strapless bra, as there were no straps and to his surprise no tan lines too. He started carefully on her naked neckline. He was now stroking the sides of her neck and trying to make sure he doesn't disturb the straps of her top. It was not an easy task though. Within just two strokes the strap just slid off her shoulders and she was not sitting there with her top just tied around her waist, and her bra fully exposed. It appeared as if someone had just peeled off her top. She was wearing a skin coloured strapless push-up bra, which seemed to give a great view of her cleavage. It was not lacy, but really sexy. Looking at Deepa's sexy cleavage was having an effect on him. He was stiffening up, and was now worried as he was standing really close to her, and he was sure she could feel his member on her back. He started continuing the message, and was now giving her shoulders long hard strokes. Which each stroke she was arching her back a bit more, and thrusting her cleavage a little more.

Deepa could feel the sure conditioning on her upper half of the body, and she knew what might have happened. She realised she was now sitting in just her bra, in front of a mirror, giving her brother in law a good view of her cleavage. She didn't seem to care much. In fact, she was kind of curious to know what effect this was having on him. Even though he was a bit older than her, did she turn him on? She wondered.

Manas was trying not to look at her exposed top, but the animal in him would not let him take his eyes off her. As he started massaging her more, he could see her nipples getting erect, and pushing the soft material of her bra. Within a few minutes he could see them clearly poking the bra, and made him super hard. He was now massaging her shoulders and arms and was bending over to massage the length of her arms. With every stroke he tried to massage her along her arms upto her wrist. As he was doing this he started getting view of her from different angles. At one angle he could see a bit of her nipples. The peek-a-boo excited him further. Sanjana had brown nipples, but Deepa had almost pink nipples. He loved them pink. His member was almost bursting out of his underwear now.

Deepa was having a lovely massage. Manas was really good at this. She didn't mind she was in her bra in front of him, she thought the sensation and relaxation she was getting was worth it. She knew her body was enjoying it, as she felt her nipples harden. She was sure Manas could see her pokies, but she didn't care much. Now he was giving her a deep massage on her arms, and was very close to her back. Was it his hardon which was pushing her lower back? She was not sure at first, but within a short while her doubt was cleared. It was indeed his stiff member trying to break through. She kind of chucked at herself at this thought. He must have been having a tough time with all this.

Manas could not continue any more, he was afraid he might not be able to control himself. He told her he was done, and she could get up now.

Deepa wanted this to go for a bit more, she was enjoying the tingling sensation she was having down there, at the same time as the pleasure from the massage. She turned around and deliberately took a minute before she tied her top back on, looking into his eyes.

"Thank you Manas, that was lovely.", she hugged him. She wanted to feel his member one last time. Saying this Deepa went to use the restroom. As she closed the door behind, he quickly adjusted his dick and looked at the large glob of precum which had oozed out.

Deepa pulled her skirt and panties down to get knees as she sat on the toilet seat. She was surprised to see a large wet spot in her panties. Her body seemed to have enjoyed this much more than she thought she did. She thought of teasing him a little more, for fun. As she finished her business, she put back her panties, but removed her skirt fully. As she walked out in her panties.

Manas stood with his mouth hung open as she walked in her skin coloured panties. He could clearly see a wet patch on her crotch, as she walked out in her underwear.

"The floor was really wet for me to wear these back there, I hope you don't mind." saying this Deepa bent over to slide her skirt back on, giving him a good view of her buttocks.

"I will look forward to the full body massage." said Deepa, Thanking him again with a peck on his cheeks, she went back to her room..

Swimming pool was in the plan, kids were super excited to get in there. Manas didn't know how to swim, but didn't mind getting into the pool. Water felt nice against his body. Manas and Sanjana took their son to the kids pool. They were the first to arrive, Sanjana sent into the pool with their boy. Manas decided to relax on the poolside lounger. He must have fallen asleep on the lounger, because when he opened his eyes others were already in the pool.He saw his wife and another relative of hers were with the kids at the kids pool. Deepa and her brother were in the main pool playing a fun polo game. Seeing him awake, Deepa asked Manas to join them. Brother and sister paired up on one side, and Manas was their opponent.

They started throwing around the ball, and to catch the ball one had to really leap into the air to block it. First time he saw Deepa leap, he couldn't take his eyes off her. She was wearing this white monokini which turned red towards the bottom, even though it had kind of shorts bottom, she looked super sexy in that dress. After the morning session with her, Manas had started seeing the sexy side to her. Seeing Deepa in a wet swimsuit was actually turning him on.

After a couple of throws, Manas threw the ball a little too far, and it went over the pool. Deepa got out of the pool to go fetch it. As she got out of the pool, with her back to him, he got to watch her wet body from the back. His eyes were struck on how her creamy ass bursting under those shorts. There was some serious bum slip on display. Knowingly he started doing this more often, throwing the ball too far, to make her go out, and he could look at her gorgeous bum.

After a few rounds, they decided to switch partners and Deepa came over to Manas's side.

"Hope you're having fun Manas." Deepa smiled as she waded towards Manas through the water. As Deepa came closer to him, Manas could not help but notice what was happening, 'camel toe'. Her red monokini bottoms clearly stuck to her pussy, and probably shaven pussy was showing up in those tight bottoms. He must not have noticed it from far, but now it was very evident. He didn't know how to react, should he just ignore it?There were many other males around, he definitely did not want others to see her this way, but he was feeling odd and shy to tell her. As she turned her back to him to start the play, he started to think what he should do. All this had given him a massive hard on, and it was easily noticeable in his swimming trunks. He slowly moved towards Deepa, standing behind her whispered in her ears. "Deepa, you may want to go back to your room and relook at your swimwear."

"What are your talking about Manas, what's wrong with my swimwear?" asked Deepa.

"I don't know how to say this to you Deepa, just trust me that it is not right in all places." said Manas.

Deepa immediately checked if her top had become transparent, which had not happened.

"Manas, don't do this to me, please tell me what's wrong?" pleaded Deepa.

"Cameltoe, we can see you down there." Whispered Manas.

Deepa turned red, and checked herself. She felt very shy and didn't know what to do.

Manas slowly walked out of the pool, got a long towel, asked her to get out of the pool and walk into the towel. She took the towel wrapped it around her bottom, and let out a shy smile as she walked back to her room.

Manas didn't meet Deepa until dinner time that day. As he was filling his plate in the dining room, he heard someone approach him from his back. It was Deepa. "Thank you Manas" Deepa let out a shy smile. "I couldn't thank you earlier, also I was very embarrassed to stay out after what had happened, I had to change as early as possible. I am glad you noticed that, I mean I am glad you could warn me before more people could see me that way."

"That was not a problem at all, to be honest I accidentally noticed that." Manas tried to cover the fact that his eyes were on her crotch.

"Now, that's interesting, why didn't I think of it earlier, I am sure you were not eyeing me down there on purpose." giggled Deepa.

Manas's face turned red, he tried to change the topic. This time, he knew exactly what he was getting into. "Do you still want that full body massage? If you are up for it, we can work out a time sometime tomorrow morning."

"That would be wonderful, I thought you would never agree, I am glad you are offering that. Tomorrow there is a ceremony for women in the morning, which I am least interested in attending. All women will be there, they have arranged sitters for the kids, my husband has plans for a short trek in the wild, are you okay to meet around 11 for the massage?" asked Deepa.

"Sanjana would be attending the ceremony, you could come over. This time please wear something more comfortable for a massage." smiled Manas.

Deepa was surprised how prepared Manas sounded. She didn't mind the progress she was seeing.


Manas did not know what to expect this time, he was excited about the way this was going, at the same time guilty if he was crossing the line. He bought this up with his wife Sanjana that night.

"Sanjana, I have agreed to give Deepa a body massage tomorrow, the last time around I was very uncomfortable, and had to just give her a head, shoulder and a neck massage. If you think this is inappropriate let me know, I can cancel tomorrow's session." said Manas.

"I think you overthink a lot, there is nothing more to this, just give her a good massage, and enjoy yourself while giving her one, do not worry too much about anything else. I know you well enough to doubt you. Have fun hubby.", Sanjana gave a knowing hug.