I'm looking over at my new roommate, Cindy, making out with the guy she just met at the club. He's quite a hunk and she's had a few too many drinks. They're over on the other sofa and his friend and I are over here on this one. Wow, they are really getting into it. Cindy turned out the lights but you can still see them groping each other as if they were alone.

When we met from a Craigslist roommate-wanted ad and decided to share an apartment I never would have guessed she was so into guys. There's no harm in that not that my mother would agree. The club was fun. It's not my usual thing but it was nice to get dressed up and flirt with hot guys. Since graduating university a couple of years ago, I've been working two jobs and hardly going out. Cindy seemed to be in her element there.

My guy, Greg, is a gentleman, not aggressive and flashy likes Cindy's. it was great dancing with him at the club. He has great moves, and his body was nice to touch on the dance floor. My goodness I haven't been with a man in a year. It was so nice when he complimented me and made me feel very feminine. I wonder if he saw me blush. Maybe we can go out again.

Feeling nervous just watching the show on the other sofa, I ask him, "Would you like a beer?" I'm trying act like things are normal when our friends are getting down and dirty.

"Sure, cool." I can sense he's trying to act like they aren't affecting him too.

I walk past the lovers who don't notice me and come back with two beers. We sit silently sipping our beers and watching the other guys. Greg slips a hand around my waist and I instinctively lean my head against his chest. Some tension seems to go out of the room. It feels good to have him holding me. My breast against his chest is very nice. Jeez, the other guy has his hand inside Cindy's top, feeling her breast. Greg must be seeing that too because a little grunt came from his throat and his hand went down and squeezed my bum. It is erotic watching a couple make out. I've never been in this position before. God his hand massaging my bum feels so good. There's no harm in a bit of adult play. Why not? I put my beer down on the coffee table, embrace Greg and kiss him on his neck under his ear. He leans forward and places his beer on the table too and hugs me to his strong body. We fit so perfectly. It feels right. There's nothing wrong with some touching.

A feminine sigh from the other sofa has me looking over and seeing a male hand up between her legs under her skirt. Cindy is loving it. I've never done that on a first date. Damn, it's a real turn-on watching them letting go. I reach my lips up to Greg's and we kiss passionately and long. He's such a great kisser. Both of his hands are now massaging my ass-cheeks deeply. Wow, my pussy just throbbed suddenly. Was that me sighing. Christ, it is. I roam my hands over Gregs chest. I can feel his strong muscles under the cloth. He reciprocates and cups my breast over my dress. In a panic of embarrassment, I look over at the others. Making out has always been such a naughty, private thing. They are too busy to care about us. It feels like we are alone. I kiss Greg and put my hands behind his neck to give him free access to my body. His hands grope one breast and then the other expertly. He finds my hard nipple inside my bra and rolls it between his fingers. A lightning bolt of pure lust shoots down to my crotch.

A wave of feminine sexual odor hits my nose. I look over and see Cindy's panties around her ankles, her skirt over her waist and a male hand stroking her shaved pussy. Greg is looking over at them too. This is getting very hot. Maybe I should stop it. But it's not like real sex. We're just making out like adults do. I can tell Greg is a real gentleman. No will mean no. But I do need more. My body hasn't been touched by a man for so long. I'll unbutton my blouse and let Greg touch me skin on skin. Now to also open the clasp between to cups to free my breasts completely. Oh, sweet Mary, his hand feels so wonderful on my breasts. I've never acted like a slut like this before. But next to Cindy, I'm a saint. Hell, I'll likely never meet this guy again.

Greg moans loudly, "Your breasts are so perfect."

I cringe knowing the others must have heard that. I hide my face under in the crook of Greg's neck and enjoy his sensuous exploration. Brazenly, I open his shirt buttons and run my hand over his hairy, strong chest. My pussy is throbbing like nothing I've felt before. Greg dips his head and takes my nipple in his mouth. I groan of pleasure escapes my lips. Over Greg's bended back I see Cindy's man looking at me boldly. My breasts are exploding with pure pleasure as I stare back at him. A shit-ass grin comes over his face as he unzips and pulls out his long, thick erection. I bite my lip and stare at it with my brain in a fog of lust. He casually reaches over to Cindy's head and pulls her lips to his cock. She gobbles the head and he stretches his hands across the back of the sofa and lets her work his cock herself. What a conceited man. But that is one beautiful piece of male equipment that comes into view every time Cindy's head bobs higher.

I feel a hand on my knee. My pussy is begging to be touched. I open my knees to signal my desire. His hand doesn't move. I need his fucking hand on my pussy. Who cares if he thinks I'm a tart. I say, "Yes, feel me up there." His hand rides up my thigh as I spread my legs wide. I look back at the erotic scene on the other sofa as Greg's hand reaches my hungry crotch. I open my mouth and let out a gasp. Holy fuck, YES! His lips sucking my nipple as his hand gropes my pussy is crazy-making.

In a fog, I see the others stripping naked and Cindy being mounted missionary style along the length of their sofa. That is so bloody erotic. I'm sure Greg would be okay with me holding his package. My god, I've never been that bold. I slip a hand down to the tent in his pants. His mouth stops sucking my nipple as I feel the length and breadth of his manhood. The animal grunting and moaning from the other side of the room is raising my lust-meter into the red zone. Greg's cock feels so good. I'm shocked that I'm even thinking of pulling the zipper down to release it. That would be totally sluttish. I look over and see Cindy with her hands on her man's ass-cheeks urging him to fuck harder. I frantically pull down the zipper, reach in and find a stiff, warm erection. I haven't felt too many men down there, but this is a nice one. I pull it out in the air and it's now sticking up proudly, tall and thick. I hold the shaft. It's like velvet over granite.

Greg lifts his head from my chest and kisses me passionately. Our breathing comes in pants through our noses as our tongues search frantically for the other's. Greg's hand reaches up to the waistband of my panties and then inside to my pubic hair covered private parts. A sensual sigh from deep in my throat tells him that is very okay. His fingers dip inside the very slick wet folds of my sex and waves of sensuality wash through my pussy.

He whispers in my ear, "Let's go into your bedroom."

That is joyous music to my ears. I reply, "Yes, great idea." I can be much freer with some privacy. I haven't had a good fuck in ages.

We get up and tiptoe through the door and strip off our clothes. His body is fit and lean. we mount the bed eagerly and, too late, I see the bedroom door is open and I can see the lovers clearly through it. My god, they can see us too. That thought vanishes as Greg pulls me strongly towards him. We are face to face on our sides and we kiss as his hand cups my bum. His ass feels delicious, tight with a light coating of man hair. I put a knee over his to spread my legs. A blast of my pussy odor hits my nose. My god, that's my aroused sex. A manly grunt comes from deep in Greg's throat. He must instinctively smell it too.

I'm too fucking horny for foreplay. I roll to my back and pull on his head and ass as a signal to mount me, sweet mercy to fuck me. I spread my legs in eager acceptance as he covers my body. His nude body against mine feel so natural as he instinctively positions himself for erotic action. Sweet Mary, I can feel his hard erection graze my thigh as hips shift. I wrap my arms around his upper body and kiss his neck in total surrender. Oh YES, his cockhead is notched in my vagina entrance. A manly grunt from Greg mixes with my girlish whimper as his big cock splits me and lodges deep inside. It instantly withdraws and plunges in again with a thud as our hip collide. My pussy loves his masculine energy as he fucks with total abandon. My legs open insanely wide to accept every sweet inch of his wonderful cock. I look out through the door and see Cindy's guy looking over at us fucking with a big shit-ass grin on his face. My crotch is vibrating, and I close my eyes and go inward into a lust-filled fog.

Holy shit, an orgasm is coming at me like a bloody Mack truck. Oh fuck, I might die. I kiss Greg's neck and shoulder frantically to urge him on. I can hear a far-off woman's voice begging for more cock and realize its mine. Greg's animal half-words fill my ears as his cock pistons into my greedy pussy.

Oh fuck, the Mack truck is about to fucking hit me. I scream, "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, OH FUCK, I'm fucking CUMMING. MY GOD, YES. Aaaaaahhhhh. Whew, my god. Holy fuck, excuse my language, wow."

The world slowly comes back to me as my pussy pulsates around Greg's cock. His body is still and we are panting in body-to-body locked together harmony. I can feel his wet seed dribbling into the crack of my ass. He must have cum too. I was too busy with my orgasm to notice. Our breathing slows and I feel his softening member slip out of my vagina as Greg shifts off me and rolls onto his back. A gush of his seed has me groping on the night table for tissues. I pull out four or five and put the handful on my crotch.

Greg says calmly, "Could you pass me the box?" I do.

I lay in silence wondering what just happened. One moment we were having a beer, then a whirlwind of lust. Whew, what a ride. But it was great I have to admit. My body is still tingling. I look over at Greg who is lying with his eyes closed and a satisfied smile, mellowing out. He must think I'm a real slut having sex with him when we just met. There's no way a healthy relationship can start like this. Oh well, he seems like a nice guy.

Greg looks over and says, "I have to take a leak." He jumps out of bed and I watch his tight ass go out the bedroom door. I sit up and pull the sheet up over me. A couple of minutes later I hear talking Cindy and the men talking. My robe is hanging on the bathroom door and I'm shy about going out nude to see what's happening. Maybe I could wrap the sheet around me and go out to see.

Cindy's guy comes and stands at my door proudly fully frontal nude with his penis hanging down. He is a real hunk. Smiling confidently he says, "Cindy wanted to talk with Greg for a while in her bedroom and I thought we might have a chat."

His words hang in the air as the erotic meaning washes over me. Holy shit is this really happening?

He continues, "I think you are very attractive." He pauses and then asks, "Is it okay if I come in?"

My voice is frozen. What should I say? He looks so perfect with his strong, lean body and impressive male equipment. This night is not like me. But the sex with Greg was so hot. Who will ever know? Cindy certainly won't tell. Should I or shouldn't I? I bite my lip and pull the sheet down to expose my breasts.

He says cheerfully, "Alright, I'll take that as a yes." He walks to towards the bed. "You look like a girl that would like to learn a few new tricks." A thrill of adrenaline shoots through my body as he peels back the sheet and looks my naked body over hungrily. I fight not to cover my sex with my hands. His eyes are too intense so I look down at the bed and wait. He walks on his knees to me and I look up enough to see his penis is now semi-hard.

"I saw you looking over at Cindy sucking my cock. I bet your mouth was watering at the thought of it." He walks on his knees close to me. My heavens, he wants oral. I've only done that once back in high school. "Here, kiss it." He lifts my chin and nudges my lips with the head. I pucker and kiss it. "Very good. Now hold it." I grasp the shaft and I can feel it thicken and lengthen. There are many inches above my fist. This one is very long. My legs instinctively cross as my pussy comes alive. I kiss around the head. "That's right sweetie, kiss my cock all over. That's the one that will make your pussy very happy." His dirty talk turns me on, and I kiss up and down the shaft. The musky male odor of his crotch is like a sexy cologne. Unasked, I wrap my lips around the circumcised head. The shaft becomes granite hard and the head swells in my mouth. He moans loudly, "Oh fuck yes." His hand goes to the back of my head and he pushes his manhood over my tongue to the back of my mouth. I panic about it going too far but he quickly pulls back and then in again. "Now, it's just you." I know what he wants and bob my head to use my mouth to pleasure his cock. He reaches down and fondles my breasts. I stroke the skin on his shaft like I've done with many boyfriends, but never while sucking it. "Hold my balls, love." I reach up my other hand and cup his cleanly shaven ball-sack. My god this is so naughty.

He sits down beside me leaning back on the headboard. What's up? He shots an arm behind my back and says firmly, "Straddle me." His cock is like a flag pole as I swing a leg over his facing him high on my knees that are spread outside his legs. I let out a sigh as his hand goes to my crotch. His middle finger traces the slit of my pussy from front to back. My head swoons from the sheer pleasure of his touch. He gropes my sex on and in everywhere. I put both hands on the wall and lean my breasts to his face to offer them to his mouth. Sweet mercy, he obliges and sucks my nipple deliciously. I'm in horny woman heaven. I can hear Cindy's moans in the other bedroom.

Hands go to my hips and my crotch is guided down to his manhood. One hand goes to his cock and I can feel him lodging the head in my vagina. A thrill of lust and panic hits me as now both hands on my hips pull down and impale me on his weapon. My god, I'm completely filled. Was that my loud moan bouncing off the walls? Fuck, that feels so fucking great. We are locked and still. My breathing slows and I open my eyes. He has a shit-ass grin on his face. He says, "You like?" I nod a happy yes and kiss his lips. The small movement to kiss him shifted his erection against my clit with an explosion of sensation. I've never had sex like this. Will he fuck me from below? He puts his arms across the back of the headboard and smiles at me knowingly. A small movement by me sends another thrill through my pussy. A bigger movement sends an erotic wave to my brain. Holy shit, I lean forward and lift my hips and then back down. I look into his smiling, conceited face and realize he wants me to fuck myself on his cock as he watches. My lust is too hot to stop. I let out a girlish, whimpering sigh as I rotate my pussy around his manhood in a complete frenzy. In a lust fog, I see him staring at my breasts that are jiggling lewdly as I bounce and swirl my crotch. I can feel a huge orgasm building. Sweet mercy, he pushed me off. I was so close to that orgasm. What the hell?

He gets on his knees with his big, erect cock glistening wet from my juices and barks, "Get on all fours." He wants to fuck me doggy-style. I've never done that. It seemed too animal-like. But my pussy is demanding satisfaction. I eagerly go to my hands and knees with my ass towards him. Oh my god, he will see my anus. I put a hand behind me to cover it. He pushes it away and say, "I like to look at your asshole when I'm fucking you." I can feel a hot blush on my face as I bring my hand down. "Put your face on the bed." Now, I'm totally embarrassed as my ass-cheeks spread and reveal my anus. "That's what I'm talking about." I wait as he checks out my private parts. Oh yes, his fingers are stroking my pussy. A sigh from me reveals my desire. His knees go between mine and I spread them to accommodate his actions. I can feel the length of his erection resting on the crack at the top of my ass. One hand goes to the small of my back and the other I feel is notching his manly cock in the entrance to my vagina. The engorged head lodges tightly.

In a frantic almost masculine low voice, I beg, "Yes, do me!" I whip my head and long hair as he plunges balls-deep into my center. I grunt like an animal with every hard thrust of his cock. It's a magic carpet ride of pure lust. His hands grip my waist as he plunges to the hilt over and over. Soon, one long, continuous orgasm washes over me as half-words and animal sounds leave my throat. He laughs at my lack of composure and soon stiffens to cum deep inside me. We fall onto the bed exhausted and completely satisfied. As I lay there, I wonder if I've become a tart like Cindy.