The pub wasn't that busy yet and Eve was able to get a drink easily whilst securing a stool at the bar. It put her in prime position for anyone coming in and gave her the opportunity to display her smooth shapely legs in the short skirt. She'd dressed smartly, with the intention of attracting attention. But annoyingly she also realised she had competition.

Along the bar a childish squeal came from a group of teenage girls stood in a huddle at the far end. She couldn't help but compare herself to the scantily clad young women. Like her they were on the hunt for young talent. Her body and face held up well against them but she couldn't escape the fact that they were a quarter of a century younger than she was.

For a moment she wondered if this was folly, but then she remembered the three lads she'd spent the night with a little over a month earlier. They'd have been just the kind of young men that should be chatting these sorts of girls up, but it'd been her they'd chosen. It'd been her that they'd persisted at until she'd finally succumbed to their perseverance.

Throughout the intervening weeks Eve had found it hard to believe she'd fucked three young lads in one night. All of them the age of her own daughter and at least one of them a virgin.

But that night had awakened a desire in her. A desire that again needed satisfying. At forty-five she should have been looking for a divorcee, someone looking to settle down in a second marriage. But instead her thoughts had been obsessed with younger men. Lads that would describe her as a MILF, a 'Mum I'd Like To Fuck'.

Every day since that night had been spent reliving it, fantasising about doing it again, and discretely observing young men she saw in the street. Her body yearned for youthful cock. Tonight she'd decided she would try and satisfy its demands again.

Eve didn't even know what kind of youth she wanted. Strong and confident or quiet and virginal. Maybe she'd try both at some point. But she'd know which when she saw him. And she did. As soon as he entered her hormones supercharged.

Young, So very young. Eighteen or nineteen she guessed. But he was big and muscular with an even, pretty face and short blonde hair. Eve trembled at the sight of him and clamped her legs tight as she imagined the lad between her thighs. He was the one. That she didn't doubt, but now she had to catch his attention and keep it.

The lads eyes took in the bar, hesitating on the group of giggling girls. They'd seen him as well and Eve thought the battle lost. But then luck struck.

As she crossed her legs forcing the skirt up even higher he looked her way. With a flutter of her heart she saw him stare straight at her thighs before looking up into her eyes. She smiled on autopilot with an evident warmth that he didn't miss.

It was supposed to be every young man's fantasy to have an older woman. She hoped that it was true of this one.

Her heart leapt as if trying to escape through her rib cage as he came over and took the empty stool next to her. Eve eyed him as trying to appear indifferent to her he ordered a beer. He was gorgeous. Fit. Muscles stretched the fabric of his denims and pale shirt.

"You work out?" She heard herself ask.

He turned to look at her. Bright eyes that studied her fast reddening face before dipping to the tight blouse that held her ample tits. A month ago she'd have reacted in disgust at anyone, especially someone this young openly gawping at her chest. Now it excited her. She could already feel the dampness of want leaking into her panties and hardening nipples pushing at the material of her thin bra.

"Yeah." He said looking up again.

"I work at the gym down on Newland Street."

"The expensive one." She knew it. Passed it loads of times.

"That's the one.

The name's Ben.

What's yours?"


"So what, you out with your husband or...?"

Checking she was alone. She knew she had him.

"No. No husband. Not any more.

No, just stopped off for a drink before home." She lied with a nonchalance and took a sip of her drink.

This wasn't a casual passing. She was here with just one purpose. And she gave that away when her eyes dipped to his crotch before she could stop herself.


I mean, I'm glad you haven't got a husband who's suddenly gonna appear and chase me away." He smirked and took a sip from his drink.

"I was hoping you wouldn't want chasing away."

"I don't.

You look... good." He nodded approval at her

"Thank you.

So, you out for the night? On the way to a club?"

He pulled a face of indecision.

"Sort of.

Was supposed to meet up with some mates but their car broke down so it's just me. Thought I'd grab a drink and go home."

Eve couldn't believe her luck. She leaned in closer, smelling shower gel and aftershave.

"That's a shame. But perhaps you could keep me company for a while."


"Unless of course you'd rather try your luck with those girls over there." She indicated the group with her glass confident their attention was now elsewhere.

To her satisfaction he barely looked at them, preferring to keep his eyes on her.

"No. I'm fine here Eve." He smiled.

An hour of idle chat followed along with accidental touches that weren't accidents. Then saving her from taking the plunge herself, Ben got braver.

"You wanna come back to my place? It's a share with my flat mate. He'll be there with his girl, but I have my own room."

Eve's grin was just a little too large she thought, screwing her lips back down as she averted her eyes. Her stomach churned with excitement and just a little apprehension.

"Yeah. I'd like that.

You don't mind that I'm... older?" She tested.

Ben looked her up and down again seeing shapely legs, a fairly flat stomach and large tits that he judged were still firm.

"No. No problem when you look like you do."

Eve stood and took him by the hand.

"Let's go then.

How old are you anyway?"


But don't think I'm just a kid."

She leaned in and with a stretch managed to plant an alluring peck on his cheek as he pushed the door open.

"I don't think that at all."

She quivered with anticipation and the cooler outside air betrayed a fresh dampness between her legs.

His place was in an old converted Victorian terrace house. Each floor adapted to student Lets. Bens was on the ground floor and the sound of a TV greeted her as she stepped through the flat door.

"Hi." Eve acknowledged the young couple on the sofa, as she followed Ben through the living space. On the TV an old movie played as they cuddled.

The girl caught her attention. A pretty petite blonde with big blue eyes. She could feel them on her back as she slipped through the doorway of Ben's bedroom and closed it behind her.

Ben was on her in an instant. His bulk crushing her back against the door with a thud as a hand gripped her jaw, pulling her mouth up to reach his. She opened her lips at the first touch welcoming his exploring tongue as she reached round and gripped his bum. It was firm, solid even. Like the rest of him, toned by years of working out. She felt weak in his arms. At his mercy.

And he was big, dwarfing her small frame with a muscular bulk. She could feel his strength and his youthful exuberance. She wanted it. No doubts this time, no kidding herself that she should go home after a fumble. Just an overriding need to have his cock inside her. She could already feel it's bulge pushing against her stomach while his tongue wrapped around her own and saliva coated their lips.

She breathed in deeply, savouring his masculine scent as she let his hands slide over her body, caressing her hips then up to her breasts. Sharp intakes of breath elicited from every touch as tingles of excitement surged through her.

Finally she eased him back with a firm push and slid down to her knees, pulling at his trouser belt. She could feel the rush of adrenaline in her blood, desperate to see her prize. Bens hands were helping in an instant, opening the fastenings until his swelling member pushed against his boxer shorts, inches from Eve's face.

She didn't waste time, instead pulling them down releasing a monster. It bounced free, hitting her on the cheek. Eve laughed as wide eyes looked at it with hunger. Huge, thick and long with a slight curvature upwards.

"Definitely no kid." She whispered in approval.

Seconds later she closed her mouth around it and licked its head. The musky taste and smell was pleasant to her senses and she drew him in deeper until her whole mouth was filled.

Ben groaned and brought his hands down, sliding gently between material and flesh to grip her tits. He squeezed, kneading firm pliable flesh as he began to fuck her mouth.

Eve's head was pushed back against the wood of the door and she took his thick shaft eagerly as it slid in and out and back in again, reaching into the depths of her throat. She drew breaths through her nose as she became pressed, trapped against the wood, unable to escape the shaft in her mouth. No choice but to take it.

For a moment she wondered how much the couple in the living room could hear, but then she dismissed her worries. They'd been as clearly intent on fucking as she and Ben were. This would just be background, like a porn movie playing on a computer. The thought of being heard just excited her more.

She gagged as his cock hit the back of her throat again, this time releasing the first dribbles of pre-cum. It's viscous texture laced with a hint of saltiness drove her into a frantic action on his shaft. Sucking and licking it's entire length as it hardened even further. She savoured it's taste and texture. Warm skin lubricated with pre-cum and tainted by a pleasantly bitter saline flavour. It was nectar to her taste buds.

Ben stretched up standing tall with his cock pointing stiffly forward enjoying the tantalising sensations that engulfed his meat. His hands played with her long hair, twisting it to hold her head firmly. He let Eve work him with her lips and a hand. Her other squeezed his ball bag, rolling his oval marbles between her fingers. Ben just took it, enjoying the touch of a mature woman for the first time. One as old as his own mother yet still attractive.

He just stared down, Absorbing the sight of her pretty mouth around his cock, her dark hair falling around her face. Her body was shapely, large tits and wide hips without being fat. He wanted her naked. He wanted to caress her soft flesh. He wanted to fuck her and fill her with his seed.

Finally with excitement and desire reaching a crescendo he pulled away.


You're really something." He said smiling.

Eve remained sitting on the floor as she pulled away her top and unclipped her bra, keen to have his youthful eyes admire her body.

"So are you. That's some body you have."

"Takes a lot of work.

Yours though. Well you're a natural.

I mean. Just look at you."

Eve blushed. Excited that her body could impress a young man. She put her hands to her tits and squeezed her own nipples to ease the growing ache. She let her fleshy mounds bounce gently back into place.

Ben tore his clothes away keeping his eyes on her all the while. Finally naked he stood still staring at her tits. Glorious firm white mounds topped by pert ruby nipples perfectly centred with large areoles. So perfecr that his cock actually hurt at seeing them.

Eve was gawping at her own vision of a marvel. Unclothed she could see his muscular frame. Every line sculptured like an Adonis and a cock with it dampness gleaming in the light of the room.

"Amazing tits." He whispered, crouching down to grasp them like a schoolboy who'd just unwrapped his Christmas presents.

"No way you're forty-five."

Eve gasped as strong hands squeezed her flesh before his mouth found her nipples. She watched the top of his head in a daze as he milked her with his lips before nipping at the aching teat. He tugged, stretching the pliable flesh until she cried with pleasure.

"Harder." She pleaded.

He responded with a near bite.


Pain engulfed her breast, momentarily numbing the expanding ache between her legs. She moaned as he continued pulling at her, stretching her dark engorged nipple to the limits of its elasticity.

Juices flooded her pussy, seeping out to soak her underwear. She could smell her own sex as surely as she had tasted his.

Then suddenly he stopped and pulled her to her feet. Powerful hands gripped her waist and spun her around as though she were a doll. Her skirt and panties were pulled down in one swift movement and she stepped out of them.

With an approving smile he gripped her wrist and pulled her into the room directly under the bright light. Eve had always had sex in the dark with her ex-husband, always hidden in the shadows. A boring man with no imagination.

Now here she was fully exposed, with every line, curve and fold of flesh illuminated under the bright light. She didn't care. All she wanted was her flower stretched and his rod filling her velvet tunnel. She looked across at the bed expecting to fuck there amongst the softness of its linen but instead he turned her to a large rug with thick pile that lay in front of a disused fireplace.

As she was manhandled by the strong lad down onto all fours she finally realised he really was no naive inexperienced kid. He had no nervousness or apprehension. He was powerful and in control. She would be fucked forcibly. His size would overwhelm her and she would yield to him. This would be a new experience. Submission. A ravage.

Eve steadied herself, spreading her hands as her arse was positioned like a target, pointed up into the air by Ben. Moments later his face was buried in her pussy from behind. His tongue pressed at her slit before sliding up to her arsehole and back down again. Eve twitched in shock at the touch of his flexible muscle.

"Jesus Christ." She mumbled as his wet tongue circled her arse again.

Next it was seeking out her pleasure button, expertly separating the fleshy sheath that protected it. He flicked at the red swollen nub sending shivers up her spine. Eve gasped. Both his eagerness and power dominated her and she gripped the rug tightly between her fingers. The sensation was glorious. A kittle frightening even.

Then he was behind her with his cock pushing between her labia. Hands encircled her thighs and fingers gripped her flesh tightly all the way round to the edges of her vulva. Excitement charged through her body, numbing her ability to think straight. Then his cock found its way in and pushed relentlessly until it filled her tunnel.

"Fuck me." She pleaded not fully realising what was coming.

Ben went at her like a steam train. Hammering into her pussy with lightening speed. Eve was bounced back and forth with a force that made her swinging tits ache. Her ears rang with the slap of flesh against flesh and his fast frantic grunts.

Eve tried to respond, but quickly lost any ability to participate. Instead just becoming a target for his lance. Held in place by powerful hands wrapped around her thighs she had no choice but to accept it. She stared forward concentrating on her rapid breaths as waves of excitement overwhelmed her. She was a passenger in her own fucking as he demonstrated a stamina unbelievable for his age.

"Uhh, uhh, uhh."

Every breath was forced out in a grunt by the pummelling coming from behind.

Heat rose in her rapidly agitated tunnel while her fluids ran copiously, mixing with his lubricating pre-cum. Her heart pounded and a lightheadedness swept over her.


Then came the rising tingle from the tiny swollen nub that lay just a few tantalising millimetres from the tips of his encompassing fingers.


There was fear in her voice. Fear of how her own body would respond.

Her orgasm came with a whoosh, stealing her strength. Her arms gave way and her face fell onto the rug. Hard nipples now dragged back and forth against the pile adding yet more stimulation to her heightened senses.


His pummelling was pneumatic. She would have asked if he was man or machine but it took all her might just to breathe.

Eve screamed, all sense of decorum deserting her along with any concern that the other couple would clearly hear her. Animal instinct took over as her body bucked. Still he pumped at her with no sign of ejaculation. Just a hard rod driving deep inside her tunnel with a mechanical precision while her muscle wall gripped it with a virgin tightness she thought had been lost long ago.

Eve's eyes watered as she completely collapsed with spasms that convulsed her body. She hung like a limp toy impaled on his cock.

Ben stopped with a suddenness as she lay exhausted, gasping air. But he wasn't done. Big hands manhandled her back onto her already weak knees. She could still feel his hardness deep inside. Her mind reeled at the thought that it was about to begin again. This was nothing like any sex she'd experienced before and she wondered if she could take it.

Her shudders slowed and she looked down at her own tits as they hung beneath her, gently wobbling like firm jellies. Her engorged nipples pointing downwards brushing lightly against the rug. She prepared for another round.

But then she felt his cock slide out of her. The sticky wet head coated with their mixed fluids moved upwards leaving a purposeful trail that cooled her skin and pressed gently at the dark patch of her arse ring as if asking for permission.

Eve tensed in shock. This wasn't something she had expected or ever truly considered other than in dark fantasies.

"Oh God." A pitiful mumble.

She should scream 'No'. Tell him to stop. But at this moment she tingled with excitement. The thought of having her back passage violated suddenly drove her hormones into overdrive.

Without thinking she pushed back and he took it as approval.

Eve's gasp turned to a guttural cry as hands gripped her hips and pulled her onto his rigid shaft. Tight muscles parted at the pressure and the head slipped inside with a pop.

Slowly he impaled her as tears filled her eyes. She straightened her back trying to ease his onslaught. Pain and pleasure mixing in one as her insides filled with his young, eager tool.

"Fucking hell." She spluttered as it seemed to go on forever.

"I've never done this before." It was almost a beg.

"Relax. Don't fight it." He said quietly.

For a moment she panicked, as she realised he might go at her arse as he had her pussy. She feared her insides would split even before he began as his cock continued to force its way up through her. Then with relief she felt his hips contact with her arse cheeks and she knew it was finally in. She let the breath she hadn't realised she was holding escape from her lips.

Eve locked her elbows and spread her knees slightly, preparing for the inevitable onslaught, fearful she'd be torn apart. A moment later he started his rhythmic fucking. Out, then in, drawing more gasps from Eve. Each stroke stretched her taught muscles easing the next.

It hurt. God it hurt. But at the same time a jolt of joy fired like a bolt up her spine. An involuntary animal grunt escaped her lips with each thrust.

Eve had only fantasised about this, never really believing she would be brave enough to actually let someone do it to her. Certainly her ex-husband would never have contemplated such a thing. But here she was, impaled on Ben's thick hard cock as it shafted her arse, filling her abdomen beyond anything she'd ever experienced. It felt as though it would rip its way back into her love tunnel and for a moment she wondered how she would explain it at the hospital.

To her relief Ben started slowly, drawing back then sliding in again. Every stoke loosened her, stretching her to accommodate him a little easier.