I watched with curiosity as JP inserted the card into the lock, turned the stainless steel door handle and opened the door. He halted, allowing me to enter first. Once inside the dimly lit room, I paused, not sure what was happening. With a nod of his head he beckoned me to enter. I turned and stepped into the room.

Two lamps provided a dim glow in the background and as I began to absorb my surroundings I noticed her. With my eyes still adjusting to the dim lighting, I first saw her in silhouette. As I stood, motionless, speechless, holding my breath, I began to see more clearly. There, in perfect equine form, with the light glowing off her back, her long, dark mane tumbling over her neck, her legs, firm, steady, yet seemingly poised in anticipation, the long, black tail, slightly swaying, stood, for me, the perfection of power and grace. The leather bridle seemed dull against her gleaming skin and the bit, firmly set in her mouth, caused her to breathe in snorts. Being on display, clearly excited the animal, yet she was still, poised around me, a complete stranger to her.

"Well, what do you think?" JP asked me.

"I... I... well; I'm not sure what to think."

"You like?" he said, gesturing at the creature before us.

"Oh yes, so beautiful, more than beautiful, stunning. It's just that I'm not sure what to think of you."

"I surprise you?" he smiled...

He surprised me, completely. It began several weeks earlier when he spotted the book Topping from Below on the corner of my desk. I had been reading it at lunch and left it on my desk, so I'd remember to bring it home that evening. While I knew the content of the book was racy for the conservative workplace I occupied, the cover of the book was non-descript and I figured none of my co-workers would be familiar with the title. I had several bookcases full of other books, so it was not out of the ordinary for me to read at lunch, or carry a book home and back again.

"Interesting book," JP said, picking it up.

Thinking he was talking of the somewhat different size of the book (the book was as wide as a normal paperback book, but was nearly twice as tall) I replied, "Yes, it's hell getting it to fit on the bookcase."

"Are you sure you want to just leave it out, for anyone to see?" He looked at me with a sly smile. "I mean you may want to cover it up."

"I didn't figure anyone here would have any idea what it was about."

"Well, that's the damn truth. This is a pretty uptight bunch." Then he stared directly into my eyes. "I do know what it is about. Hell some of my friends call it the bible. I don't know if I would, but I do find the book interesting. Just what do you know of the book?"

"As you can see, I've just started it, but I have an idea what it's about. Someone recommended it to me." Not completely comfortable with where we were headed, I tried to twist the direction of the conversation: "I'd recently read The Story of "O" and wanted to keep reading on the subject."

JP moved several rolls of drawings out of the chair on the other side of my desk and sat down. I shifted some in my chair, wondering where we were going here.

"Who recommended the book to you, if you don't mind my asking?"

"A friend," and when he raised an eyebrow I continued, "a friend on the internet, she recommended the book."


"Yes, recommended." What was he asking me? I was too uncomfortable at that time to explain, I was actually directed to read the book. My online "friend" was, I guess you could say was training me and Topping from Below was required reading.

"Online... Have you done anything in real life?"

"No, everything online." I didn't want to get into the whole story, the long distance internet relationship, not really knowing anyone nearby, the wife not into the kinky stuff, etc.

"Look, if you ever want to get into anything real, let me know." He winked, and then stood up and left.

Over the next week or so, JP would occasionally peek in, each time only asking, "How's the book going?" Regardless of my answer, all he would do is nod, smile slyly, and head to his office.

After a few more days, when he came into my office he noticed the book wasn't on the desk, "Ah, finished the book I see. What does she have you reading now?"


"Your internet friend. What are you reading now?"

I shuffled some papers and uncovered my current reading material.

"Different Loving, I would have thought you would start with that one."

Puzzled, I replied, "No, this was the order: Reage, Reese and then Braume"

"A more literary course, I guess. Hey, have you had lunch yet?"

I shook my head, no.

"Cover up that book and come with me. I'd like to show you something."

Apprehensively, I covered up my book and followed him to the elevator. As we rode down the elevator and during the short walk to his car, we talked about work, some of our completion schedules and some of our estimates. Until he stopped at a gas station and asked, "You want anything to drink?" I figured we were heading to a construction site somewhere.

"Just a water, that's all."

When he returned carrying my water and his beer, I knew we weren't headed for a construction site. A moment later, he pulled into the driveway of a hotel. As he got out of the car, I hesitated, remaining in my seat.

"Come on, I have someone I'd like you to meet."

I climbed out of the car and followed him to the desk. He got a key to a room and headed to the elevator. I followed him, my head spinning, wondering exactly what I was about to see.

We got off on the third floor and he led me to the room...

Still stunned, I replied to him, "Yes, you do surprise me."

Sitting down in a chair at the far side of the room, he encouraged me, "Go on, take a closer look."

I slowly walked around her and sat on the couch. She kneeled on all fours on the coffee table. Although the room was cool, I could see beads of sweat on her forehead and I noticed her arms shaking slightly. "How long has she been kneeling here?"

"I called her about an hour and a half ago and told her to get ready. I imagine she's been like this about an hour."

"An hour." I moved closer to her. I could now take in her fragrance, a perfume or something, not overpowering, but distinctly enticing. I could hear her breathing, slightly labored with the effort of maintaining that magnificent equine pose and with breathing around the steel bit in her mouth. The bridle was a delicately crafted device, well fitted to her head and face. The straps were tight against her skin, but were not marking it. Her black hair, passed around the straps and fell across her neck, mane-like.

Separate from the bridle, a leather harness was fitted around her shoulders and splayed around her breasts, and wound around her thighs leaving her back nearly completely bare. Her small breasts hung downward in a wide, shallow cone. Her nipples were dark and erect. Her back arched only slightly, reminding me of the thoroughbreds I had seen in the paddocks at a race track. Her skin still glowed in the light.

She proudly swayed a long black tail that was attached to a dildo she held tight within her. Her lips swelled around the base and I wondered what she felt, with each swish of her tail. I knelt beside her, breathing the fragrance, feeling her heat, my head and hands millimeters away from her. I felt the tightening in my pants, as I throbbed with desire.

Staring at her, so yielding, venerable, shaking at the extended strain, I felt odd. I thought to myself, "I want her." But then realized that wasn't what I wanted. As sensuous as she was, as much as her fragrance hypnotized me, and as much as I wanted... hell, I needed release, I didn't want her; I didn't want to take her. With this incredible creature kneeling before me, all I could think of was that I wanted to be her. I wanted to wear the bridle, feel the steel bit pinch my lips. I wanted to feel the harness tight over my thighs, to feel the tail penetrate me.

I wanted to be the pony, posing for her. I wanted her to tighten the straps, to see me hard with need, hanging down. I wanted her to take the whip to me, to proudly stand over me as I strained, kneeling on the table. I wanted to be her ponyboy...

JP's voice broke me from my trance.

"What?" I whispered.

"You can touch her if you like. Here, here's the whip, hit her a few times."

"No, I can't whip her."

"You sure? She likes it you know."

"I know," thinking of what I would have wanted, kneeling there, "but I just can't." Though I couldn't bring myself to use the whip, I gently ran my hand along her back, following the slight curve. Her skin, so soft, glowed beneath my touch. I found one of the harness straps and ran my fingers along it, touching her on each side of the leather. I followed it around her flank, felt her wriggle a bit as I apparently tickled her. Now touching her stomach, I lingered a bit on the firm muscles there. I felt them tremble, not sure if it was from my touch, or her continued effort to maintain her pose. I slid my hand up her stomach, over the crossing straps and found her breasts. Though small, and obviously firm, they hung gently into my cupping hands. Her hard nipples passing between my fingers, I gently squeezed each breast.

I noticed her breathing increasing with my touch. Convincing myself it was due to my touch and not her physical strain, I removed my hands from her breasts and ever so gently placed my right hand on her rump. Again the firm curve of her ass was incredible. I could feel the hard, strength of her muscle there, but the skin, was so soft. And softer still was her inner thigh as I moved my hand toward the dildo and her tail. Moving the tail slightly, I could see her clench, to keep a firm hold. Then I moved my fingers to the base of the dildo, tracing her lips as I followed it, turning upward, now away from her opening finding her clit.

As I touched it, I felt her flinch a bit. Then, I noticed that she seemed to regain her composure. I licked my fingers for lubrication and then returned to her, softly stroking in a circular motion. I rested my head on her ass and could feel her trembling, moving in rhythm with my circling fingers. She moaned, ever so quietly. As I continued, her trembling increased, her breathing hastened and her moans were louder. Though caught in the moment, I was still amazed at her, after enduring nearly two hours kneeling on the table, then feeling my touch, and obviously, at least to me, enjoying the touch, she still maintained her pose, that perfect equine stature.

After a few more moments of touching her, I backed away. I felt myself throbbing and I wanted desperately to grab her, feel my cock against her and spill my white all over her glowing body. But that would not happen. Steeled by her stamina, I sat back on the couch and caught my breath. I looked up at JP, the JP I had completely forgotten about those moments I touched her. He smiled.

"I think she needs to feel a bit more discipline," he said, holding the whip. He walked over to her, leaned forward and whispered something in her ear. Then stepping back, he lightly swung the whip, gently hitting her. She moaned, arching her back, wanting more. He swung harder this time, and again. I saw the pink lines now burning on her ass. He hit her harder and harder, three more times. When he stopped, I could see the red glow over her buttocks and her trembling now was nearly uncontrollable.

He spoke to her. "Come down off the table and give us a ride."

She complied, easing herself off the table, onto the carpeted floor. As she kneeled I was reluctant to sit on her, but at JP's urging, I eased myself onto her, keeping my feet on the ground limiting the weight she had to carry. We moved tentatively across the room, and then I immediately stood up. Without hesitation, JP sat on her, riding her around the room several times. While he weighed less than I did, he did not try to lighten her load as he rode. She carried his full weight with each pass around the room. JP then stood up and moved to a chair. I sat down next to him as she knelt before us.

She trembled, not only from fatigue, but desire. I could see it in her eyes as she gazed at JP, pleading. In spite of the bit, she moaned, "Please."

"Stand up," JP ordered. Trembling and shaking, she rose. "Very good, now make yourself come," he instructed.

Immediately her hand moved to her clit, her fingers expertly circling it. She no longer fought the sensation, this was no longer my gentle, fumbling, she massaged her clit with an intensity that shocked me. She was no longer the pristine mare, stoically posing; she was an animal in rut. Pure desire fueled her movement, her breathing, her moaning, until she pressed herself forward, arching her back, rhythmically thrusting onto her fingers, her hand. With one final thrust she came, nearly stumbling. She moaned, trying to catch her breath as she stood, trembling.

I felt myself trembling in the chair, unable to move, I remained seated as JP stood up, grabbed a towel and went to her. He carefully wiped around her mouth, where the bit had caused her to drool a little. Looking down, I noticed her tail was damp at its base, where her juice had run down. I noticed that the harness held the dildo firmly in place, in spite of how wet she now was.

After the quiet bit of tenderness JP snapped, "Back in place," and she quickly returned to the table and assumed her pose. Stealthily adjusting my erection so it wasn't so obvious, I slowly stood up.

I wanted to say something to her, something about her strength, her beauty and her fragrance. I wanted to tell her how I envied her, but all I could say was, "Beautiful, so beautiful."

JP opened the door and led me outside. Heading to the elevator he whispered to me, "Perhaps you have read about it, but that was a ponygirl, not just one in a book or online, but for real."

I just shook my head. I had read about ponygirls and ponyboys. I had seen the apparatus at fetish web sites and had even seen pictures, but... "I never knew, I never knew," was all I could say.